Ed Helms to appear on WWE Raw tonight?

UPDATE: Piven’s Twitter page now confirms it’s Ken Jeong …

Entourage’s Jeremy Piven is scheduled to host the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) show Raw tonight.

On his Twitter page yesterday, Piven tweeted: “With me tomorrow night on Raw is a gentleman u know from ‘The hangover’ and he also has a day job.”

There is speculation that his guest host will either be The Office’s Ed Helms or Ken Jeong (who’s also appeared on The Office, in Season 2’s ‘Email Surveillance’).

WWE Raw airs on USA at 9pm/8pm CT.

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  1. Of course it’s Ed Helms, they are both starring in a new movie together. How could people think it would be anyone else?

  2. This is almost too awesome…I don’t watch wrestling at all but I may have to tonight to see if Ed Helms shows up!!

  3. it’s ken jeong – “also has a day job” ken jeong is a doctor and plus he posted a message on his facebook earlier telling people to tune in tonight.
    Ken Jeong is also in the movie with Piven btw.

  4. el scotto,

    Having Ed on there would have been so EPIC! WWE and the Office are my top two fandoms. :)

  5. Pro-wrestling was my first big fandom (although I was in fourth grade for the Attitude era, so my parents only let me watch WCW) and now I am a big fan of both TNA and Smackdown.

    I got all excited just thinking about Ed Helms on Raw! His personality alone would have created some great moments. Not that Dr. Ken won’t be great… but it could have been Ed!

  6. It’s tool bad Rainn Wilson wasn’t into wrestling.

    Rainn + Satino Morella = most awesome comedic scenes ever. Haha.

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