Blogging from the WGA picket line

Update: live blogging from the picket line continues today at 10:30am PT; check back often! (And if you have a message for any of the writers, please post a comment. I will try to show the writers your notes on my phone while we’re walking!)

I’m going to try to report live from today’s picket line via Utterz, which lets me blog on-the-go right from my cell phone. Newest updates will appear first.

Everything I post will end up in the widget below. Just click the Play button!

Tip: Go to my Utterz page to see the full-sized versions of the photos.


  1. Nice idea with the pedometer. I wonder if any of the picketers have lost weight from walking so much. Hmm…

  2. Tanster, props to you for walking with the writers, and thanks so much for making us a part of it. Can’t wait to hear updates.

  3. I wish I could be at the picket lines with you and the writers BUT unfortunately I have to be here in my job. Blah. Please convey the sentiment that we support the writers and what they’re fighting for 100%. And thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. i love how michael schur is basically the only writer who shaved instead of growing a strike beard. i miss mose so much.

    [from tanster: i showed your comment to mike while we were walking, and he laughed. :) ]

  5. This is so great tanster! Thanks for the updates and for representing all of us Tallyheads in support of the writers! Keep it up and let’s hope they all can get back to work soon.

  6. Great Job!!!

    Ask the writers to come on for OfficeTally chat!

    Two Thumbs Down to Corporate Greed

  7. I think I could speak for all of the TallyHeads when I say thank you. A lot of us are just talking the talk when it comes to this strike, but you’re literally walking the walk. So thank you.

    I hope you’re wearing comfortable kicks.

  8. Is anyone else having trouble listening to these? It won’t seem to work on my computer. When I click play nothing happens.

  9. The Office is gone. It’s gone. I miss it so much. Ooooh I cry myself to sleep, The Office! True. I do miss it.

    Thanks for the update and a look into WGA Strike!

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