1. I must say, this has been the most surprising season. Each episode shocks me… except Ryan being the receptionist… you can ask my friends, I called that one.

  2. I think it’s a false alarm. I don’t really see Roy getting mad, you would think he’s moved on by now. Maybe he’ll just buy Jim a drink?

  3. it looks very promising…i always wanted a jim and roy show down, but i get the feeling they’re just gonna talk about sports…i could be wrong…

  4. ROY!!!! I’m sooo excited. kind of nervous though… he’ll say something to jim that will freak him out!

  5. speculation:

    i think that after andy runs into the door, michael and holly unlock the door, and forget to lock it again. thus, someone breaks in.

    i just wanted to focus away from roy being back, which is awesome, but michael and holly have done more for me in like 5 episodes, than jim and pam have done for me in 5 seasons

  6. ROY! Oh man. It’ll be good. I’m not worried at all cause Pam knows how much she loves Jim and how much Roy sucks… so this will be hella interesting.

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