Fandomicity — the video

The Office FandomicityMaggie (aka seat18b) has finally finished her film class project — a documentary about The Office fandom called FANDOMICITY — “a documentary made for the fans by the fans.”

I’ve watched the entire thing, and I must say, it is fan-freaking-tastic. (Who knew Office fans were so dang funny?)

Maggie adds, “All the cast and crew were made a copy over at the offices of The Office and everyone really liked it, which is really great.”

And yeah, Maggie got an A on her project. :)

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

P.S. A behind-the-scenes look at OfficeTally appears at the end of Part 3, around 5:48.


  1. Can’t wait to watch this! I’ll have to do it from home tonight, not from work. Looking forward to it.

    And congrats on the A!! (I used to love getting A’s.)

  2. Jennie, I’m at work, so I couldn’t watch it all – but tonight, I’m catching up on Office Tally “behind the scenes”!!

  3. I’m only part way through it, but this is great! Congrats on the ‘A,’ Maggie – you deserved it! I loved the montage of Jim faces – so funny! I’ll have to watch the rest later . . . can’t wait! It’s such a spot-on representation of us hardcore, crazy, obsessed fans! Michael Scott would be proud.

  4. The whole thing is FANtastic! (Get it?)

    Personally, the best part was the homemade Dwight t-shirt. Great graphic, great color scheme.

    I must have it. (TWSS)

  5. By the way seat18b…your youtube fanvids are great too. I love the “It’s Getting Hot in Here Scranton Style One.”

  6. Whoa, another Maggie? I like never see other people with my name.

    ANYWAY. I didn’t think I’d have time to watch this all today, but I couldn’t stop! Haha, this was really, really well done. I loved the Jim faces [of course!] and all of the music.

    Congratulations on the A! :D

  7. Aww this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to a bunch of The Office fans talking about what they love about the show and the fandom.

  8. Well done. Topical. :D

    In light of part three I would also like to add a big thanks to our own little tanster for all that she does for us here. If I could email you a bag of nifty gifties I would.

  9. i’m still going thru them but its really funny. altho. in segment 2, when the dunderhead eric says that ryan is too short for him..i was expecting to see bj’s psa about how 5’9 isn’t short. it’s average :)

  10. I *puffy pink heart* it! Like everyone else, the Jim faces were awesome! Congrats on the A!

  11. aww [email protected] you have my friends name (if your middle name was joy…then i would get creeped out)! but i think it was such a great idea for a documentary and i can’t wait to see what you come up with next! YAY :D

  12. Maggie – awesome job and congrats on the A!

    And special thanks to tanster for all the hard work and hours you put in to keeping up one of my favorite websites!

  13. Great Job! I watched the whole thing and it was FANtastic. :)
    Also, Tanster, thanks for all your hard work! I had no idea it took up so much time.

  14. Does anyone know where to find the Pam Pong song, I thought it was awesome…


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