Introducing OfficeTally shirts!

The OfficeBy popular request, I am excited to offer OfficeTally shirts for sale!

To keep things simple, I am offering only three shirt styles — standard tee ($16.99), woman’s tee ($16.99), and junior’s tee ($18.99).

Each shirt says “” on the front, with a variety of slogans on the back.

Every sale helps pay for the ever-growing costs of running OfficeTally. Thank you for helping to keep OT online!

Link: OfficeTally Store

“Back of shirt” slogans

P.S. If you are buying a shirt to wear to the Office Convention, it took nine calendar days for my own order to arrive. So assuming you want to receive your shirt on Wednesday, Oct. 24, you should place your order probably no later than Tuesday, Oct. 16. Just to be on the safe side.


  1. Definitely want to buy one, but, is it possible to get a color other than black for the men’s shirts? I get too hot and sweaty in a black shirt. =-) Love the shirts!

  2. Love this, Jennie! I’ll definitely be putting an order in. Now I have to decide which one I want!

  3. Thanks Tanster. I’ll be ordering at least two! One for my 11 year old daughter and one for me. We are both huge Office (and fans!

  4. Tanster-How fitted is the woman’s tee?

    Lindsey, the official description for the woman’s tee is “100% preshrunk cotton tee. Narrower neck rib, tailored sleeves and a redesigned cut for a better ladies fit.”

    I normally wear a small tee, and ordered a medium woman’s tee just to see … it was too big.

    Hope that helps!

  5. I also ordered an XL junior tee — also too large.

    So if you normally wear a small tee, I would recommend a small for the woman’s tee and a large for the junior tee.

  6. For all of my Christmas shopping needs!

    Tanster, I hope these go over really well and you make a bunch of money. I’m sure site and server costs are through the roof! Support, people!

  7. I think Matt’s request is a valid one. ha ha

    Just bought my OTCR member shirt…. I am considering a “TWSS” one as well but I think I won’t be able to wear that in front of my students without some real questions coming up….

    Also is it strange that the fact that there’s now a “representin’ at the convention” tshirt makes me want to go to the convention just a bit more?

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