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Dunder Mifflin InfinityUpdate: VOTING: Vote for the top branch logo and your branch’s favorite Creed design by Sunday, Oct. 14, 8:59pm PT/11:59pm ET. TASKS: Create a branch video! OTHER STUFF: Check out DMI’s latest newsletter and new features, including Inbox, Co-Workers, Photos, Video, and Comments.

Comment policy: No posting of branch codes, branch promotions, or solicitations of employment, please. (Standard comment policy also in effect.)

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Oct. 11

Remember to vote for your branch’s logo by 1pm PT/4pm ET!

Oct. 5

TASK TWO — MAKE CREED YOUNG AGAIN: Think you can make Creed more hip? Check out this week’s design task and if you win, your design will be signed by Creed Bratton himself.

TASK ONE — VOTING COMING UP: DMI is almost ready for branch logo voting to begin. Stay tuned, and thanks to all of you who submitted logos!

Sept. 29

Task 1 has been posted, and your virtual desk is now ready for accessories!

NBC.com says that they “shot pretty much every cool set prop on people’s desks.” Nice.

Sept. 26

From the “What’s New” section on your DMI profile page: “ATT’N EMPLOYEES: Branch hiring confirmations have now been sent out. Yes, this is the email you’ve been waiting for!”

Sept. 24

A Dunder Mifflin Employee Manual has been added to the site, and it’s got lots of interesting little tidbits …

Link: Dunder Mifflin Employee Manual

Sept. 21

Dunder Mifflin Infinity has added 15 new branches to the game: Bakersfield, Oakland, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee, Canton, Youngstown, Decatur, Peoria, Kalamazoo, Ypsilanti, Springfield, Rochester, Schenectady, Odessa, and Waco.

Manager for many of the branches have now been chosen (but not yet notified).

Sept. 20

If you’ve signed up for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, you should have received an email tonight from DMI’s Director, Ryan Howard.

Go read it. You’ll be moved.

Link: Your life is about to change

Sept. 14

Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) is a game in which players become employees of a particular branch. Branches then compete against each other online for Schrute Bucks and prizes throughout the season.

I was lucky enough to get a personalized tour of the site, and I can tell you an incredible amount of work, not to mention attention to detail, went into the creation of DMI.

Let the games begin!


  1. I have Schrutebucks, but not idea if people are signing up under me – I mean, they SAY they are, but I’ve gotten no notifications.

    As I posted before – there seems to be a duplication of branch codes, although the dupes I’ve seen have been for different branches. I emailed the Infinity team asking about this, but have received no reply.

  2. Tanster – Do we know if 15 is the maximum number of employees at a branch? Or if, once the branch has an established regional manager, we will be able to add additional employees? NAers are currently trying to figure out if we need to start another group and I can’t find a place on the Dunder Mifflin website to actually ask a question where I can expect a response.

    Any idea?

  3. Claire: Does it matter if you are in the UK? When I filled in my details as coming from the UK it still let me sign up!

  4. Question: Is there a maximum number of employees per branch?

    Minimum number of employees: 15. There is no maximum number of employees.

    Employees should be able to join any branch now, but there currently is a glitch with some branches not appearing in the drop-down list. NBC is aware of it and working on a fix. If you don’t see your branch listed, try again a little later.

  5. How do I get Schrute bucks?!
    I want to be in the TN, Chattanooga branch, but only as an employee. If anyone sees a code – will you post it?
    I’m so excited!

  6. Question: How are employees hired?

    Emily, the way I think it works is this:

    If you apply as an employee of a branch and enter a branch hiring code that a prospective manager has given you, then you’re automatically hired for that branch IF that manager is hired.

    If you apply as an employee of a branch and DO NOT enter a branch hiring code, then once a branch manager is hired, they can accept or reject your application.

  7. How do we get manager codes now since we cannot find/post them on here?
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get approved?

  8. Thanks tanster! i just discovered that it let me apply! Which is awesome, because normally NBC hate us Brits. Yay! I’ve just gone for normal employee though as I don’t have 15 friends who like The Office (although I can now say I converted 6 people to it which is good going – and surely i should get Shrute bucks for that!) x

  9. Thanks Tanster! Do you think it’s possible that some people won’t get approved, or selected?

  10. Question: I know I earned Schrutebucks, but they aren’t showing up on my page.

    Stacy, NBC is aware of that issue, too. You do have Schrutebucks — they just aren’t displaying properly right now.

  11. So if you get rejected by a branch manager then what do you do? I wonder if the RM also assigns the positions

  12. Question: What happens if my EMPLOYEE application is rejected?

    If a branch manager turns down your application, you can then re-apply to another branch. Click the “Re-Apply” link from your profile page.

  13. If you apply as a manager and are not awarded the job does your application automatically transfer to a standard employee or do you need to reapply?

  14. Posting again to comply with new comment policy. :)

    Does anyone have more details? It says that Branch Managers will get to approve applicants, does this mean it’s possible you might not get to participate at all? Is there a max number of people in a branch?

  15. Are any of you getting a “communications error” when you try to sign up for DMI? :( I’m really excited about it but I’ve tried two different browsers and it doesn’t want to let me join…

  16. phyllis*farm, I think you do stay on as a regular employee. I had applied for Regional Manager of my branch, but was beat to it. I still have my Dunder Mifflin employee account, though. :) So hopefully it won’t be taken away from me.

  17. Christy (post #7), I have the same “communication error” message when I try to sign up. Have you succeeded registering?

  18. How do you know if you’ve been hired? I didn’t enter a branch hiring code, but I’ve got a little homepage with my number of SchruteBucks and a place where “my desk” will be soon … does this mean I’m hired or is this just a placeholder page?

    Cool site, regardless…

  19. Question: What happens if my BRANCH MANAGER application is rejected?

    Your application changes to one of an employee, and is then presented to whoever become the branch manager for acceptance or rejection.

  20. I have a question.
    I see that employees can apply to all states now, but regional managers are limited to what appears to be the states that have not already been claimed. Do we know if that does in fact represent the current list of available branches?

  21. Question: Which branches are available for employment?

    Heather, yes, I believe that is true.

    If you apply as a MANAGER, the drop-down list will only show branches that do not have managers assigned to them already.

    If you apply as an EMPLOYEE, ALL branches should appear in the drop-down list. (NBC now says that bug has been fixed.)

  22. I have a question too – I didn’t have the DVD promo code when I first signed up. Anyone know if I try to reapply but to the same branch again with the promo code will that mess anything up?

  23. I’m still uber confused. I don’t know if someone beat me to the branch manager or not. Carla, how do you know that someone beat you to it? I thought it wasn’t announced yet. And that we were all trying to recruit the most people to be selected. Is that not the goal? Then, if you’re not selected (in a week or so) you can join as a regular employee.

    I’m still hoping that there’s an unlimited number of people per branch. It would really suck to not get to participate. But the fact that a selected Regional Manager can “turn you down” is worrysome. What if you can’t get into a branch?

  24. Noelle, no luck yet. I tried in Firefox and Safari. Not sure what’s going on. With everyone else having fun, I feel like Toby. :(

  25. So I signed up as a employee. What are we supposed to do? It doesnt look like anything works? It seems like the website isn’t finished yet, kind of incomplete if you ask me.

  26. Like Christy and Noelle I too can’t seem to get registered. I keep getting error messages. Not good. Not good at all….

  27. In case anyone else was wondering – I went ahead and tried to reapply for the same branch now with putting the DVD promo code and it just says I already applied for that branch. Oh well – Hopefully I’ll still end up getting hired in any case!

  28. I bought the Season 3 DVD gift set from Best Buy & have no idea where to find the promo code. Help!


  29. I’m also wondering where to find the code on my dvd set. I have the Nifty Gifty set from Target.

    This is fun!

  30. Hey, for anyone having trouble, I finally succeeded using Internet Explorer on a PC (I was using a Mac before). No idea why this worked but you might try it if you were on a Mac before. Now I am signed up as brosb4hos. :)

  31. Shouldn’t it say Phyllis Vance, not Phyllis Lapin, under favorite character?

  32. To become a regional manager, do you have to have 15 employees sign up under your code? I signed up earlier for the SC branch and now when I go to re-apply(I didn’t click submit), the SC branch isn’t located. Who got the SC branch?

  33. This is a silly question,but…
    Does it matter what Branch you try to join? I mean should it really be “local”, I already applied to the Clearwater,FL branch, but in reality, I’m closer to Dothan,AL. Does it really affect anything?

  34. I felt like the promo code was the question about what brand of pudding did Kevin use in “Kevin Cooks Stuff in The Office”, but I’ve been wrong many many times before. Yeah, I also am really worried about not getting “hired” thats gonna blow if I can’t participate.

  35. I put the promotional as the numbers on the bar code, I don’t know if thats it but it let me use it.

  36. For the promo code: There was a number on my proof of purchase inside the DVD case. Those little rectangle things you can tear out. It seemed to work.

  37. Uhm… anyone know why Kamloops is up there under Canada but yet Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto aren’t? …weird

  38. Hey big haircut, your in the IL branch too right?

    Are you able to navigate through all the buttons yet, are you able to view our “branch” information?

    I’m just wondering how to see who else is in your branch.

  39. Officeisms1978 – i still haven’t been able to use all the buttons yet. I am curious to see who I will be working with in lovely Schaumburg.

  40. Thank you Christy for the tip! Unfortunately, I tried registering on three different computers (all of them PC) and still, no luck.

    Daoust, please let me know if you succeed signing up.

  41. officeisms1978, yeah I can’t click on anything yet, I’m just assuming that I got into the Schaumburg branch, it’s the only one I applied to.
    I think it will all work out later. I wish we could see who else was in our branch!
    Jackson, did you apply for manager?

  42. Oh and once this all get rolling, my name on dundermifflin infinity is moomintroll since someone already nabbed big haircut :( hope to see you guys at work in Schaumburg!

  43. bighaircut: yup I applied for manager – been spamming the code everywhere I can to get people to sign up to help me become regional manager. We’ll see what happens though.

  44. Oh, and just reading back now to older comments…There are two types of codes: Branch Hiring Codes that managers get to hire people directly into their branch, and the Promo Code from the DVD site. Hope that clears things up.

  45. I’m really confused. Where do you find the code? Can you change positions if you sign up as manager? What’s the difference between manager and employee? Can someone please explain this to me, how this works?

  46. Did anyone else just get 1000 schrute bucks? I didn’t enter the code, but there it is. It’s sitting there helping me earn an extra 5 minutes for lunch.

  47. I signed up, and i was waiting for my confirmation email, but it never came. Ive clicked resend information like 5 times, but it still wont come.

  48. Kevin:
    I have had that problem repeatedly. I tried my home email account, I opened a Gmail account, finally I had to use my work account and it came through. As I am a schoolteacher using that account is probably not really cool but it was the only one that worked! I couldn’t pass this up it looks to fun. You will know if it works because it will come through with in 5 min. Good luck!

  49. My profile keeps changing for some unknown reason. I think it is because I copied and pasted a code from the comments on this post before it was deleted. Now my picture and office favs are changing. Is anyone else having this problem?

  50. I signed up for the Schaumburg branch – still a bit unsure of it all, since it seems like the Web site isn’t all set up. No special code, so hoping I get selected for that branch! I’m seeing some IL folk in this thread, whoohoo!

  51. As far as I can tell, the code for extra schrutebucks and the promo code are the same thing. I entered it and got the bucks and they were there all day yesterday, but are now gone. Wonder if this means I was denied.

  52. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this–the “intranet” button on dundermifflinpaper.biz now links to the Infinity site.

    (I love when buttons that say “coming soon” actually mean it!)

  53. I emailed the help department at dundermifflininfinity.com about my missing Schrute Bucks and they emailed me back today saying they were well aware of the problem and were fixing it, so I’m sure that if you had Schrute Bucks when you signed up, you’ll get them back!

  54. I applied to be a reg. employee at the Flint, MI branch. Anyone running for regional manager there? How do you get chosen for regional manager?

  55. is anybody getting word back who applied as regional manager and has signed up the needed amount of dudes?

  56. Anyone getting a communication problem when registering? I’ve tried registering from a bunch of different computers in different locations and still can’t register!

  57. Stanley isn’t listed under Favorite Characters. So yeah, while Phyllis should be listed as Vance, Stanley should just plain out be… listed.

  58. You are not alone, Cousin Mose. I just emailed the “NBC Help” people to notify this problem. I will let you know what their reply is.

  59. anyone else get the email that said there was a problem w/ your application and you had to reapply and get a new manager code? because i did. and its making me sad.

  60. On the DMI personal page thing it says that big things are happening on September 21st. That’s today isn’t it? So there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of anything on my site. I just got one today though so maybe the big things have happened and I just don’t realize it.
    Is there anything we can do on the site? Or do we just have to wait until we are accepted or declined? When will that be by the way?
    Thanks! :)

  61. I got an email about these branches yesterday because there was an error with my account.

    Looks like they had way more people sign up then they thought they would.

  62. I am still going to stay true to the Schaumburg branch. Though I am torn now because there are more California branches. Still, Go Schaumburg!

    I want to earn Schrutebucks already!!

  63. The two new OH cities are really close together…a place like Dayton or Mansfield would have been nicer.

  64. Does anyone know whether or not everyone will get to participate somehow in the end? That would be sad if some people weren’t allowed to participate.

  65. does anyone else think there needs to be more PA branches then just Erie? I mean PA is big! I want a Pittsburgh one.

  66. Dunder Mifflin Infinity UPDATE: Sorry if its to big Tanster…

    Dunder Mifflin Infinity would like to announce it has chosen Regional Managers for the following branches:

    * CA – Bakersfield
    * CA – Oakland
    * CA – Upland
    * CO – Greeley
    * CT – Danbury
    * FL – Ft. Myers
    * OH – Canton
    * IL – Peoria
    * IL – Schaumburg
    * IN – Gary
    * MA – Chicopee
    * MD – Dundalk
    * MI – Kalamazoo
    * MI – Ypsilanti
    * MO – Independence
    * OR – Medford
    * PA – Erie
    * NY – Schenectady
    * TN – Chattanooga
    * TX – Denton
    * TX – Odessa
    * TX – Waco
    * UT – Ogden
    * WI – Racine

    Emails should be sent out soon

  67. The update also said this:

    If you have a Regional Manager application pending in the following locations, send out those hiring codes as we’re in the final selection process: Cheyenne, Duluth, Decatur, Flagstaff, High Point, Manchester, Rochester, Sarnia, Springfield, Yakima, and Youngstown.

  68. well, wow

    if i get this right there is 4 Illinois branches.

    Schaumburg – Original

  69. Question: Does anyone know if you can have more than one active application pending? I re-applied about 5 times, just to increase my chances of getting accepted somewhere, and it’s only occurring to me now that they might only review the most recent.

  70. 102-yep, I did something similar too, and now I’m regretting it. I guess for some reason I didn’t think the whole meaning of the term RE-apply. Now I’m afraid that I messed something up and I won’t get hired at all. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to participate.

  71. I am starting to get nervous. I applied at Greely, CO to be Regional Manager, and had a lot of friends/family join up, and I am pretty sure I got at least 15. The majority of people that I gave my hiring code to got that message from Ryan a few nights ago, but I have received no confirmation that I was hired as Regional Manager. Based on what I have read wouldn’t those people NOT have gotten the message from Ryan if I had not been chosen?

  72. I’m sure I’m over thinking this, but I did receive a letter from Ryan, but without thinking I re-applied (twice) to the other Florida branches. Did I mess up?

  73. RE: 107/SnavenShake

    I actually think that by not receiving any information about getting or not getting the Branch Regional Manager position is a good sign. I could be wrong, but I know there were a couple of people that were competing for the same branch and one of them would receive information saying that the branch they applied for was filled. The other person would not receive any information at all.

    I hope that helps.

  74. I’m super confused. Have people been getting letters saying they have been hired to a specific branch? All I have gotten was that letter from Ryan.

  75. I got a letter a couple days ago saying there was an error with my regional manager application. They then told me because of this to apply to the new branches which they hadn’t announce publicly yet. So far I’ve heard nothing whether I got the RM position or if I am even in the branch. I really think they didn’t expect so many people to join. They should have let us create our own branches where we wanted. If we got 15 or more people in the branch then it would be a real branch. That way everyone who applies would get a job.

  76. BlueJeanBaby,

    Thanks, I needed that confidence booster. I haven’t really been this excited about anything in awhile, and I really wanted the position, so let’s hope. :)

  77. Does anyone know if this site has anything to do with the upcoming episode of the same name? Maybe on October fourth the site will be fully up and running?
    I hope I get accepted by then!

  78. I really don’t think they would exclude people from joining, do you? That wouldn’t be very fun. I’m sure there’s a system here, they’re just waiting to divulge all the details to get us more excited. Has worked so far!

  79. That is just funny Heather. My brother called me a geek, but I think my husband is actually as curious as I am.

    I don’t know if I was “hired” yet, but I got the letter, and my page changed, but that was it. No official notification regarding which branch.

  80. Is “IHaveA_Dundie” still reading? I was having account problems with my picture and favorites switching. I was under the username “MissTerious” and was baffled, until I coincidentally met online a woman with the same username who was having the same problem. We identified each other, but there was a third person who was posting a picture of a woman in front of a jetty or something.

    Whoever Jetty Girl is gets to keep the name. I canceled my account for another one and the second person (with the picture of a puppy) was told to change hers. She and I ended up both applying to the Medford-OR branch because we have formed an alliance.

  81. I’ve just applied for Regional Manager for Saint-Jean-de-Richelieu in Quebec. All French speaking fans of the US Office or redheaded purse saleswomen are warmly welcomed.

  82. Has anyone gotten notification that they have been hired since Friday’s memo on DMI.com? I’m getting anxious…

  83. I’m confused… my branch isn’t listed on the “we’ve hired for these branches” memo, and it’s not on the “get more people to sign up!” list either. I applied as manager for the Clearwater, FL Branch. It’s still listed under “re-apply” as a possible location for branch manager, so I wonder if that means it hasn’t been chosen yet. There were quite a few people who signed up for Clearwater, so unless they all switched to another branch we should be up and running by now.

  84. I applied for branch manager of Woonsocket, RI and never heard anything. A friend who applied with my hiring code was notified she was hired. Is that a bad sign? should I apply wherever now and abandon my dream of managing?

  85. The page has been updated and now there’s an employee manual. This is going to be so much fun! I do hope that everyone will get to participate.

  86. Is it weird that I’m really nervous that I’m not going to get hired into the Schnectady, NY branch?

  87. I wonder what those of us who signed up for one of the branches that don’t have managers yet, but is also not on that “making final selections list” should do? I wonder if that means not enough people signed up for the other branches. But then why would they open more. Hopefully it just means that they haven’t made it through all the MANAGER applications but us regular employees are for sure in. I’m just so anxious, I signed up for Schaumburg but haven’t heard anything. :(

  88. Does anyone know where to find the promo code on the S3 DVD set? The application is asking for it with an offer of bonus Schrute Bucks….


  89. I put in an application for the Roanoke branch and haven’t heard anything yet, although I think enough people applied with the hiring code. I did see the options to “Add this employee, Reject this employee, Flag this employee” under my picture on the Infinity page this afternoon, but then I clicked on the “What’s New” link and was forced to log out. When I logged back in, it was back to the usual screen . . . so, I’m not sure what that means.

    If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow and Roanoke still doesn’t show up on any of the official lists, I’ll see if I can get a response from NBC. I definitely want to play!

  90. FYI for people still wondering about the hiring process:

    Once a Regional Manager signs up at least 15 members, they are eligible to become the Regional Manager, provided they were the first to submit their employees for consideration.

    If you apply as an employee of a branch and enter a branch hiring code that a prospective manager has given you, then you’re automatically hired for that branch IF that manager is hired.

    If you apply as an employee of a branch and DO NOT enter a branch hiring code, then once a branch manager is hired, they can accept or reject your application.

    Once you’re hired into a branch, you may stay there or leave at anytime by clicking on the “Re-Apply” button from your Employee Profile.

  91. Where is everyone finding these hiring codes? I never could find the extra Schrute Bucks from my DVD set either.

  92. I just got an E-mail from DMI!


    You are now in the final hiring stage for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Your Regional Manager has now received your application and will be sending you an approval or denial notice shortly.

    The Dunder Mifflin Infinity Team

    P.S.: Employee applications have exceeded our expectations and some of the branches have become quite large. If you’d rather not be in a larger branch, feel free to re-apply for a smaller one. We’ll be releasing branch size statistics in the next 24 hours so you make a more informed decision.

  93. Rayne – no email here yet either. And, believe me – I keep checking. I don’t think they’ve actually gone out yet . . . either that or there is another technical glitch.

  94. I didn’t get an email either!..:( I wonder if managers are still approving applications. But I put in a hiring code? So now I don’t know if I should try to reapply or not. I wish they would explain this a little better. I want to play!!

    If anyone knows a little more info, or is someone who was hired, anybody, any info at all will help.

  95. So what does that mean if we didn’t get an email? Does someone know that? My status still says TEMP.

  96. No e-mail for me and at least 15 twenty over people I applied with, everyone but one a regular employee.

  97. I got an email! I’m now a founding member of the Chicopee, MA branch (whatever that means). But the link to the group isn’t working at the moment, so that kind of sucks. It’ll work soon, though. I’m sure of that.

  98. Minutes afer my post – I got my email about the Duluth branch. I really hope I get hired – I look forward to working with all of you in the future!

  99. People in my branch got emails, but I didn’t yet. If I log in to my profile though it shows which branch I’m in. When I click on the branch button the link doesn’t work. I emailed the support email but haven’t heard anything yet.

  100. This whole process is one big mess. Nobody really knows what is going on, and the e-mails from Ryan are pretty vague. Do you guys think that is by design, since Ryan taking over the company on the show will probably result in one big mess too?

  101. I think they made this a little too complicated. I think I have nearly 20 people signed up for my branch, but I haven’t gotten anything. And if NBC doesn’t get it right. I’m giving up…

  102. I think this may all be on purpose. The Page Not Show message looks homemade. Not a real error message. Maybe it’s a waiting system for us all? I would advise patience.

  103. I just got an email that I am a founding employee of the MA-Chicopee Branch, GMMR’s branch. It tells me to report to work and it gives me a link.

    Hmmm, I wonder what I have to do? Maybe Jim will stop by for a visit :)

  104. All the people I gave hiring codes to got emails saying a regional manager has not been chosen, even though it said one was on the site. I want to be regional manager. This is dumb.

  105. I got an e-mail from the Denton, TX branch saying my application is pending because a regional manager hasn’t been hired. I re-applied for the Waco, TX branch and got an e-mail saying it may take 5-10 days to be hired!! Why couldn’t I have been more patient???

  106. Just talked briefly with NBC.com — they’re aware of the bugs. Also, it may take awhile for all the confirmation emails to be sent out. Hang tight!

  107. I have not yet gotten my e-mail either. I’m sure there is just some sort of problem getting the e-mails out. There were problems during the sign-up stages as well. I’m guessing they weren’t ready for the number of people that were actually going to do this so there are some errors because of it.

  108. Got an email, but not a regional manager one – says that my manager is reviewing my application. Guess that means I’m a regular employee then. I know I had over 15 people with my code . . . but, whatever as long as I get to play. :)

  109. Officeisms1978: I was wondering the same thing but according to their manual…

    If you apply as an employee of a branch and enter a branch hiring code that a prospective manager has given you, then you’re automatically hired for that branch IF that manager is hired.

  110. I know the link for the MA-Chicopee branch isn’t working but I can’t tell if it’s just this branch or others as well. I guess I’ll keep checking back. I’m ready for the games to begin. I’m hoping we, the online players, can overthrow Ryan Bailey Howard.

  111. For those who haven’t received an email, check to make sure your branch isn’t one not opened yet… “We would ask that all pending employees (i.e. those awaiting manager approval) and employees whose branches have not yet opened to please be patient. For those unopened branches, listed below, we are still accepting Regional Manager applications… We expect to confirm the remaining Regional Managers in the next 48 hours so if your application was rejected at another branch, and you would like to manage one of the above branches, please re-apply and send out your new codes asap. Old codes will not be valid for this second hiring round.”

    So, looks like all branches will open by tomorrow’s premiere, they just trying to get at least one person with 15 at each of the remaining branches. I would not re-apply anywhere unless you are re-applying to be a manager at one of the remaining branches. They won’t leave anyone out…

  112. I finally got an email saying I was in the final hiring process for Fort Meyers. I could’ve sworn I signed up for Tallahassee, but as long as I get to play. :)

  113. I got an e-mail saying I was not given the position as Regional Manager in Peoria, IL. I don’t know whether to re-apply as a regional manager again or just go with this branch, if I’m hired.

  114. Wisewithworms: I tried to reapply and I am still getting the error message saying that I can’t have more than one application in at a time.

    Is anyone who is trying to get a new RM hiring code having the same problem?

  115. I guess my only question is, have Regional Manager’s been notified??? or is this e-mail just a blanket e-mail to employees and RMs?

  116. Regional Manager confirmation emails start this way:

    “Congratulations! You are now the founding Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Infinity Branch. If you sent Branch Hiring Codes to prospective employees, you will find them already listed in your Employee Directory. Other employees will have to be approved, which you can do on your branch page.”

  117. Congratulations! You are now in the final hiring stage for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Kalamazoo-MI Branch. Your Regional Manager has now received your application and will be sending you an approval or denial notice shortly. Should you choose not to wait for this notice to arrive, you have the option of returning to the Employee Application page and choosing another branch (use the Re-Apply button in the navigation menu). To return to the Employee Application page, login to your profile and click on “Re-Apply.”

    P.S.: Employee applications have exceeded our expectations and some of the branches have become quite large. If you’d rather not be in a larger branch, feel free to re-apply for a smaller one. We’ll be releasing branch size statistics in the next 24 hours so you make a more informed decision.

    Just got that e-mail. Question. I tried to apply last for Fort Myers, FL. And it’s only accepting my k-zoo one… any idea as to what is going on here? I KNOW for a fact that FL was the last one I submitted.

  118. Passaic, NJ needs a regional manager. I don’t have that kind of time commitment, but if anyone wants it, step up.

  119. I don’t even remember which branch I applied for because there wasn’t one in my area. But I’m a temp and I didn’t get any such email that everyone else has gotten. Someone please hire me!! :-P

  120. Dunder Mifflin CA-Bakersfield Branch – REGIONAL MANAGER

    Yes!I got it!!!

    Although the links they gave me don’t seem to work at the moment. Oh well.

    So yeah, emails are going out.

  121. Totally weak… I didn’t get the branch in Duluth, MN. But I will honor my state and go with that branch.

  122. I received the same email, too. I applied for Oakland. You know, something tells me that it’s going to be more difficult to get a job at Dunder Mifflin Infinity than in real life in the Bay Area.

  123. Did anybody get the bonus Schrute Bucks? I put in (what I believe to be) the correct promo code, but I’ve just got my Sb $1000 signing bonus.

  124. I received an e-mail stating:

    You are now in the final hiring stage for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Gary-IN
    Branch. Your Regional Manager has now received your application and will be
    sending you an approval or denial notice shortly. Should you choose not to wait
    for this notice to arrive, you have the option of returning to the Employee
    Application page and choosing another branch (use the Re-Apply button in the
    navigation menu)

    The Dunder Mifflin Infinity Team

    blah blah blah

    …but when I logged in it said I was a temp. Also, I didn’t like my name so I applied under a different e-mail at the same branch and I received an e-mail on that branch that said I was hired. But I didn’t hire myself. I’m so confused.

  125. Woohoo! Kamloops, BC branch is up and running! Any of my fellow branchmates on here? I can’t wait to get started..

  126. I applied for the Norman, OK branch and in the email they sent, it says that they haven’t chosen an RM yet…(i still think that there isnt a big hussle from the OK crowd to apply)…

    Anywho have any ideas for me???

  127. Well, the employees page is now working (and I see you on there, jcaveman!) But I don’t think forums are.. it lets you write, and claims it’s posting, but then the comments aren’t showing up. Maybe the RM needs to moderate them? Is anyone else having any luck?

  128. hahaha another member of the kamloops branch here!
    i am soo excited, it’s much bigger han i thought it was going to be :D

  129. Thanks, Tanster. I guess we’ll have to just keep trying. I was just reading the employee manual- I’m interested to see what the tasks are like. Especially the writing ones.. Maybe we’ll get to write fun essays or something!

    And lunarpark- yay, welcome!:)

  130. So there are a bunch of usernames in Roanoke like asedfj;sldkfj …these don’t seem like real employees. Any RM’s want to explain how I could actually get hired?

  131. Dumblond- Did you get a rejection letter? If not, just wait, your RM is probably in the midst of accepting a lot of people, it might take a few minutes.

    As for usernames, your RM probably made up a bunch of fake ones just to get the RM job. Ours has about 17 emails all under her name, so she obviously did the same thing.

  132. Hello, Regional Manager of the ROCHESTER branch here. I checked my email and there was nothing, but I checked the DMI website and it said that i was the regional manager. Then like an hour later i got the email. so I don’t know.

  133. Question…I applied for a Regional Manager position and did not get it, but says I can apply for another branch. When I do it tells me I can only apply for one branch at a time. Is anyone else having this issue?

  134. DumBlonde- Okay, that’s weird..Maybe it’s a spammer? Are all the usernames weird like that? Maybe you should report them? Sucky. ):

  135. So, I apparently didn’t get the Roanoke manager job. And seems like most of my friends are being rejected. I’m really disappointed. I emailed NBC to ask what’s up, because I know more than 15 people said they entered my hiring code, but no word yet.

    Anyone interested in trying to go for one of the open branches? I don’t care if I’m manager or not, I just want to play for someone cool. And, preferably on the same branch as some of my friends that have been rejected from Roanoke. :(

  136. Has anyone applied for the Clearwater, FL Regional manager position?? I would do it, but I know I wouldn’t get 15 people.

  137. JW – you can only apply for one branch at a time and it only retains your most recent application.

  138. Anyone from the Schaumburg, IL branch heard anything? I’m starting to think I should have applied elsewhere. :(

  139. Tracy — I was also rejected from Roanoke. I think the RM is keeping it “friends only.” I flagged the users with the strange names. None of them have favorite characters or quotes or photos so I think they are fake accounts. It looks like Roanoke has a rogue RM!

  140. officeism1978……I also applied to Schaumburg, and I havent heard anything yet either, but there is like over 50 employees already, so I dont know

  141. This is rejection email I received today, however, when I attempt to re-apply for another location I get the message: “The branch manager can only apply to one branch at a time.”
    Doesn’t make sense…read below.
    Dear Employee,

    Your application for Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Duluth-MN Branch has not been accepted. We would like to congratulate you, however, on your hiring into the Duluth-MN Branch as a regular employee. If this is acceptable to you, you may now report to work at the following link:

    Should you wish to re-apply for a different branch (either as Regional Manager again or as regular employee), please login to your Employee Profile and click on “Re-Apply.”

  142. Ok, DumBlonde & mathias – I emailed NBC to see what the heck is up with Roanoke. Hopefully it will be straighted out . . .

    If not, I say we all move to another branch and destroy Roanoke. ;)

  143. I’ve decided that I’m too worked up about this to wait. ;)

    I’m applying for the rm position of the Macon, GA branch. I just hate that this guy is rejecting everyone for no good reason – he’s rejecting some serious Office fans!

    I know I can’t post the hiring code here, and I respect OT’s wishes. I will post it on the NBC message boards. There’s a Dunder Mifflin Infinity thread over there. Love to have anyone who has been rejected apply! My user name is Dakota2898.

  144. While I have yet to receive a rejection letter yet, I’m pretty sure it will be soon. I checked out the upland branch and it’s employees. It just seems fishy to me. Not one employee has filled in the favorites section, and a couple of the profile pics have similar pics. It seems to me that real fans are being shut out.

  145. I didn’t receive a letter yet. :-(

    When I click on “My branch” it says:

    You’ve reached this page because you are trying to access a branch that is not yet open, or your application to an existing branch is still pending approval. Once you are confirmed in a branch, the “My Branch” link will take you to your new Branch page.

    If you have any questions about Dunder Mifflin Infinity and how this site works, please consult our Employee Manual.

    Thanks for your patience and we look forward to having you on board!

  146. I am hoping that all the stuff about people creating fake accounts just to become an RM isn’t true. If it is then that is just sad. Considering how you wont be winning any money or anything like that. I have a feeling that some people might not make this game fun if all these shenanigans are going on

  147. Tracy — I applied to Macon. My roommate is waiting to hear from Roanoke, once she’s rejected she’ll apply to Macon as well.

  148. I’m hiring pretty much people who filled out the favorite section. If they left everything blank I rejected them.

    I’m assuming other regional managers would do the same, as I don’t want anyone on my team who doesn’t really care about The Office.

  149. This is crap. I got one of those Application error messages, so I don’t get anything cool. BOo.

  150. Tracy – I’ve applied under your code. If hired I promise to demonstrate the competiveness of Dwight, the enthusiasm of Stanley and the awesomeness way with words as Michael (but I’ll do it in a skirt cause I’m a girl and all I’ve listed were guys).

  151. Can we get a RM roll call list?

    I am curious to know who the Danbury one is and what branches aren’t friends only.

  152. Wooo- Dunder Mifflin Erie!! I’m so excited :D

    Although one of the sad things about moving to Scotland is that I’ll have to try and find another way to watch the premiere…stupid nbc and itunes.

  153. I’m still waiting to be accepted in the Duluth, MN branch, as are a couple of my friends. I hope I get hired, cause I’m awesome! My screen name is KrisMiss and I put in a cool photo of Phyllis and filled out my favorites and everything.

    Anyone know who’s in charge of Duluth?

  154. I am waiting on Duluth too. I looked at who was employed there already and most of the employees have no pic or quote or even favorite character and episode! I feel a little nervous and rejected!

  155. My sister and I applied for the Yakima, WA branch, and we’re hoping for the best! Man, this looks like so much fun – I can’t wait until it really gets started!

  156. Tracy – I’ve been in the same situation when it comes to Roanoke. I joined that branch because I really live in VA, but now I’ve reapplied to the branch that you will potentially (and hopefully) run.

  157. Vinegar – I’m a Virginia gal too, which was why I wanted to play for Roanoke at first.

    I’m so excited to see people on here applying for Macon – I really want this to work out for everyone! Can’t wait to work with you guys (fingers crossed!).

  158. I’m also waiting on Duluth. I’m confused on how this works because I typed in a code for that branch because someone had posted it. Doesn’t that mean I am hired if I had the code?

  159. I gave up on waiting, I was getting no where fast, so I signed up as potential regional manager of Clearwater,FL. I can be found at the NBC boards. Good luck to everyone, I hope everyone that wants to play can.

  160. i was rejected from roanoke, too – i was so excited to have a branch nearby, plus i had a ton of people sign up for me, and it seems like the rm that was chosen is a leeeeetle shady. i re-applied for denton, just because it reminds me of the rocky horror picture show. hopefully their rm is cooler!

  161. Tracy, I just got a letter saying my application to “%branchcity%” branch was not accepted. What does this mean?

  162. OK, so I am SUPER confused. Does this mean that if I don’t have an email in my inbox RIGHT NOW, I didn’t get accepted to my branch???

    Oh, and I wanted give everyone a heads up: If you find that your picture and other info on your profile keeps changing, that is because someone else has your exact DMI username, except they have all uppercase or all lowercase letters. This happened to me, and NBC had to ask the other person sharing my profile to pick a new username because I signed up first. Frustrating! I can’t believe all of the bugs they still need to work out!

  163. Please try not to get over worked about this. Some people may still be at school or at work. When it becomes night on the west coast, then more concern can be shown :)

    I know I had a lot of people to go through and still do. I decided to only hire around 50 people until more details about what we actually do start to come out. I did go through and get rid of the people who had the favorite section blank though…

  164. I’m having trouble hiring people. When I press accept the following page will say done but be completely blank. Is anyone else having this problem?

  165. Vinegar – not sure. Sounds like a tech glitch. Maybe try again for Macon with the hiring code? If it keeps up, I’d email NBC.

  166. I am distraught.

    I spent hours trying to wrangle up 15 members for Greeley, CO. We all got the Ryan Howard e-mail saying we were prospective employees, everybody who had applied for my branch. Now it is saying they haven’t chosen a regional manager yet, and I am just freaking out.

  167. big haircut…..

    Will you let me know on here where you go? I know were both in IL. It would be nice to join one with a fellow Officetally person.

    I don’t know what to do right now.

  168. I tried applying again and it said I had already applied to the branch using that code. Hopefully, this means my application is still there.

  169. I am waiting to hear about Schaumburg, officeisms1978, I am not listed as an employee. There are like 53 people already, most without pictures. I might try and apply to another branch if I don’t hear by tomorrow.

  170. Vinegar – Hey, I got that same email and it was from the Roanoke branch saying that they rejected me so if you were waiting on another branch than that might be what happened…I’ve re-applied for the Macon branch hopefully that’ll be a better fit, hope this helps!

  171. big haircut and officeism1978…….

    I, like you two, am still waiting to hear from the Schuamburg branch about my job in well……

    Anyway, as a backup plan. I will be applying to Tracy’s Macon,Ga branch.

    Who knew a fake job could be so stressful

  172. From [email protected]
    “No one has the possibility of being rejected outright for membership in a branch yet. The approve/deny pending employees ability has not yet been released to the Regional Managers. Just to dispel that rumor going around. So all the users signed up for Roanoke who didn’t have a code or came in with someone else’s code, are just in the pending mode until we launch that module, which will be shortly.”

  173. Tracy, couldn’t find your code on the boards, they’re all different! I’m just gonna apply without it, my DMI name is moomintroll. (I’m the one holding the I love Jim mug!) ha ha!

  174. All are welcome in Macon! I should have the required 15 people sign up with the hiring code by now, but it is posted (a few times, lol) on the NBC message board thread. My name there is Dakota2898.

    I’m excited – can’t wait to get the official word and start playing!

  175. I’m also one of the ones still waiting to hear news… I got an email saying that the branch at Denton, TX hasn’t got a RM yet and as soon as they do i’ll know… so if there’s any potential RM’s out there go Denton!!

    Just as an aside I’m from New Zealand so have no idea where Denton is or anything about it… just that my sister lives in San Antonio so i thought being in the same state would be nice.

    My stress levels over this are almost at Threat Level: Midnight though. Sigh.

  176. Whoops, wasnt paying attention. I really hope you get it Tracy. I think we will definitely have a dawesome branch, and without fake profiles to boot haha

  177. Hey y’all — I wouldn’t take it too personally if your application is denied. I have like 200+ pending employees, with 30+ already in the branch, and a friend who is another RM has over 400+. While I would hate for someone who wants to play to not get a chance, it could be pretty unwieldy to have too many folks in a branch. In our cases, we have a group of folks we know from another Office fan community we want to play with, nothing more to the selection process than that.

    NBC is supposed to be releasing info soon on how many folks are in which branches, so the huge (and probably unexpected) demand can be spread around a little better and everyone will get to play.

    While I’m not going to deny anyone yet, I’m hoping that once this info is released, folks will find their way into smaller branches and there won’t be any hard feelings, but given the confusion surrounding the game so far, I may be hoping for too much. So if you get rejected or denied from a branch and want to play, please re-apply to another branch.

  178. If anyone is on the fence, I applied to Tracy’s, and by the looks of the nbc boards, she should have the required 15, I hope it works out, because it seems like a nice group that just wants to play and have fun. :)

  179. My roommate just joined Macon as well with Tracy’s code.
    HR says they spotted 2 fake screen names in Roanoke!

  180. from [email protected]

    “we don’t want one clique-ish manager to affect the fun of everyone else. Thanks for your flexibility with this rollout. We have such great stuff in store for everyone this year!”

    So excited!

  181. DumBlonde’s roommate here. Waiting to hear back from Macon. I finally gave up on Roanoke. They officially suck. I say we systematically take them down.

  182. o.k Tracy, I found your code and applied again with it. Yay. Officeisms 1978, I just went ahead and applied there Macon GA), so you should too.. keeps us all together!

  183. Well, I’m still pending in Springfield, MO. Anyone else apply there? I thought maybe there wouldn’t be too many.

  184. I got hired into the Owensboro, KY branch. 189 employess so far. Our Regional Manager is godrockzzz. Is that anyone from here?

  185. Absolutely I will, officeisms1978! I’m still holding out for Schaumburg, since it’s closest, but that doesn’t really matter I suppose. Us Office Tally Ilinoians must stick together.

  186. Officeisms 1978, do you want to apply to Tracy’s Macon GA branch?
    Tracy will you have us? :)

  187. good move big haircut…..even though I left Georgia recently I am ready to come back and represent for Macon. It is actually a pretty good city to have a fictional paper company if I do say so myself.

    By the way guys…….The premiere is tomorrow!! How exciting

  188. Tracy – Well I’m crossing my fingers you get the RM job. I’m just ready to play! Btw, my DMI name is ItsMe.

  189. I’m trying to get in, but no one is accepting. I know that people are getting obscene amount of applicants, but I wish that they would open more branches to let people in

  190. Damian, yeah I’m excited, never been to Georgia..and it’ll be a long commute! But it’ll be nice to play with people who really want to play. I’m guessing Schaumburg has a bunch of people waiting I’m too impatient.

  191. Ugh, I am still waiting! This is so much worse than waiting for a real job. I applied to Greenville. I think they have 19 employess so far! I just want to be accepted. I totally know the steps required to become the number 2 in the branch, for I am always one step ahead like a carpenter who makes stairs. Should I give up and reapply?

  192. Wow, my application was denied. I see someone here saying not to take it personally, but it’s hard not to. To get *rejected* from a game that is essentially a big *ad* feels pretty darn crappy. I’m having one of those “it’s just the internet, walk away from the computer for a while” moments, because I actually felt hurt when I read the rejection.

    It certainly didn’t make me want to play.

  193. A. Nonymous, if it is not too personal, how were you notified that you were not hired? Don’t give up. There is a job out there for you. You are a good person. Don’t be discouraged.

  194. Toledo? Anyone?

    It’s nighttime on the West Coast now. I got nuthin’.
    If we have no news at all, no acceptance, no rejection, what does that mean?

  195. I got rejected as a regional manager, but they offered me a regular employee position. That email went like this:

    “Your application for Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, xxx Branch has not been accepted. We would like to congratulate you, however, on your hiring into the xxx Branch as a regular employee. If this is acceptable to you, you may now report to work at the following link:”

    I also have a few pending regular employee apps in.

    This is fun! I can’t wait for it to really get going!

  196. bagel_bites, if you haven’t heard anything that probably means your RM is slacking a bit.

    I know that I’ve been at it for like 3 hours already trying to figure out who I want to accept and who I want to deny.

    Once they have approved or rejected your app you’ll get an email.

  197. Wow. I just got rejected as an employee of the Peoria, IL branch. I’m actually hurt. Not only did my entire state get ignored for a branch (South Dakota), but I didn’t even get picked.

    Any midwesterner’s want me? I’ve got a steel trap of a mind, uncanny obsession skills and hours to burn at work…

    I mean, I bought a $250 corporate pass for the Convention. That shows dedication.

  198. Wow, finally through all those applications. Narrowed it down to my select few.

    See you all on the battlefield!

  199. Update for All Regional Managers:

    Sept. 27, 2:00 AM ET
    It has come to our attention that some of you have been establishing very exclusive branches. This is not to your advantage. There is no reason to deny employees from joining your branch. Once the program is up and running, you’ll have the opportunity to figure out which employees are pulling their weight and which ones are not. Inactive members will not affect your branch ranking. For now, please accept everyone who applied to your branch so that everyone has the chance to participate in Dunder Mifflin Infinity. It’s for the good of the company.

  200. There’s a new message up on DMI, basically telling regional managers to hire everyone… That’s good news for those of us who are waiting to hear, no?

  201. Boots586: I got an email that said: Your application for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, [branch name] has not been accepted. Applying for a different branch (either as Regional Manager or again as regular employee) is an easy step: please login to your Employee Profile and click on “Re-Apply.”

    I removed the branch name, since I can see its RM has posted here several times.

  202. aronoe619, Eman

    COOOL! im still pending. Thats weird i havent gotten any acceptance letter or anything.

    Does that mean i got rejected??

  203. So… they told us to go through our applications and pick people… and now someone whined about getting their feelings hurt…. and I have to just let everyone in?

    I spent like, 3 hours pouring over the 900+ applications to determine who I wanted to work for me.

    What’s the actual point of having RMs then? So we can push a button? I don’t like where this is going. I don’t want to manage a branch with 1000 people in it.

  204. I Originally applied as RM of the Norman, OK branch and then got the error message and re-applied for Kalamazoo branch. This morning I got an email saying that I had not got the position but that I was hired as a regular. I had pretty much given up any hope of being a RM at the point until I read this in one of the DMI updates, “NOTE: If you originally applied as Regional Manager for any of the unopened branches, and received an “Error Detected” email from us last week, AND believe you had 15 or more employees signed up with your code, please contact us at [email protected] asap so we can re-evaluate your application.”

    I emailed them and and after re-looking at my application and verifying all of the hiring codes they responded saying that I’ve been awarded the branch.

    So there is still hope, especially for people who got error messages at branches that still don’t have RM’s.

    I look forward to working with my employees and competing against the other branches.

  205. Hey bambibabe – I noticed the lack of a South Dakota branch too. Half of my family lives there. :) My friends were all rejected from Roanoke, so I’m applying to the Macon, GA branch. Not quite in the Midwest, but what can you do? The hiring code is on the NBC boards (my DMI name is Dakota2898).

    To everyone else who is applying for Macon – thanks for all the support! Fingers crossed that NBC gets us up and running tonight and it works out this time (there will be no rejections!). I get that the regional managers are in charge of their branches, but it’s an awful feeling to be rejected for anything and this is supposed to be a FUN game.

    I’ll let you all know if I hear anything from NBC regarding Macon. Have a great Office Thursday!

  206. Yeah I got schruted on the acceptance to Youngstown…turns out these people are going to ruin it for a lot of people. They must not have read NBC’s note to accept all applicants, I am off to another city instead. I think NBC should just fire those Managers who have done what they said not to do and solve the problem real quick. Any branches that actually want people?
    Terrific…must I say more :)

  207. I like big haircut am also too impatient about Schaumburg. I reapplied to Tracy’s Macon, GA branch. At least I’ll be working with other Office Tally people. Now I await some approval.

    My name on there is JacksonVane

    (creative i know)

  208. Is the Macon GA branch not open yet? It’s not coming up when I type in the site. I’m also tired of waiting for Schaumburg.

  209. The “exclusivity”email was likely a shot a Roanoke. That particular branch failed to hire a lot of people (I think they have about 30 members) and managed to hire a few screen names like
    jfhasdjkfhjklasd. It felt weird to be told there was no room for you to participate when clearly there was room for fake profiles. So some of us complained while at the same time applying to other branches.

  210. Sounds like everyone would have a better chance if they applied for a Regional Manager position because those that get rejected for that seem to automatically get accepted as a regular employee. Just a hunch!

  211. officeisms1978, I just went ahead and joined the Macon GA branch. I posted a couple pages back..you should join if you haven’t already, there’s a ton of people who were going to be in Schaumburg who applied there instead.

  212. Anyone still waiting to hear about Denton, TX: I got my letter from HR this morning saying, “Congratulations on being the winning Regional Manager of the Denton Branch! Look for your branch’s grand opening tomorrow (Thursday). Thanks for your patience!” Needless to say, I’m obsessively refreshing my DMI page until I can start approving applications! I’m actually off work today too, so this is probably the best day ever.

    Katy (160) – If you really did want Denton instead of Waco, feel free to re-re-apply!

    kinkydork (245) – I’ll be cooler. I promise.

    Dominika (265) – Don’t be stressed anymore! I’ll confirm you as soon as I can. Denton’s about 4-5 hours north of your sister. (P.S. Sooo jealous that you’re in NZ!)

    bambibabe (291) – I’m not quite in the midwest, but you sound like an awesome potential employee! I’d love to have you!

    dougie (304) – Your qualifications are impressive. Come on down!

  213. Ok, this is really confusing — the original FAQ said pretty much the opposite of ‘just accept everyone who applies.’

    “Is it more advantageous to have more employees in my branch?
    A lot of weekly tasks will require submission to Corporate, and employees from each branch will have to collectively decide which employee’s submission they think best represents the talent within their branch. Having too many employees may make this process a lengthy one, but on the other hand you will have more submissions to choose from.


    The most important statistic is that of Outstanding Branch Returns, which is calculated by averaging the total number of SchruteBucks of each active employee.”


    While I don’t want anyone who wants to play to feel slighted, I’m not sure that simply accepting everyone is the right thing to do either.

    I feel like they are changing the rules mid-game — which is no big deal, until they change them back.

  214. I finally got approved for Schaumburg today. Looks like I’ll be a part of that branch now. Let’s see what happens now!

  215. leapdaybride, I applied for Denton, TX. My profile photo is me smiling holding my I Love Jim mug.


  216. Anyone else waiting on the Rochester branch? Still no final email for me… I’ve been checking my email like every 10 minutes all day!

  217. LisaHoo, I completely agree.

    I went through and picked 100 or so people from the applications I received thinking that would be a good size for a branch, and leaving enough room for people who might want to join later.

    What they are doing is totally contrary to what the FAQ says. I know it hurts to be rejected, but it is a reality that everyone was fully aware could happen BEFORE they applied. Forcing us to accept all applicants would ruin this game and bog down the entire system.

    Over half of my applications were just names. No picture, no “Office Favs”, nothing. I don’t think I want people in my branch who couldn’t take the 5 seconds to at least pick an episode and a favorite character, then upload a picture. What does this say about their willingness to follow through on other things?

  218. Hey big haircut and Tracy,

    It looks like I did get hired at the Schaumburg branch, but nothing seems to be working, and I’m still listed as a temp. If it doesn’t get straightened out, or just so I can be with some people I recognize, I might still switch to Macon.

    I’m so excited for tonight everyone!!!

  219. Hmm the branch I applied to is one of the ones that still haven’t had a RM appointed. Hopefully it gets done soon!

  220. Still nothing! I’m confused. My profile still says “temp”. Does this mean my application ended up in the circular file? Should I just re-apply? I’m almost afraid to do so in case I just end up running in circles.

  221. If you haven’t read the employee manual – it states that EVERYBODY starts as a temp (except the RM). You have to earn Shrute bucks to promote to anything else (there is a promotion chart listed).

    Is anybody a member of two branches? My profile says that I’m in the Owensboro, KY branch, but I’m also listed on the employee list of the Medford, OR branch. I got hiring notices from both places…weird.

  222. I still haven’t heard a confirmation or denial from the branch I applied to! I am taking that as a bad sign. Should I switch or wait it out? I honestly want to just play!

  223. I got hired at Schaumburg but the employee count is really high (781) so after the branch stats come out, I might go to a smaller branch…must’ve been a pain to be the RM for this branch.

  224. noizyfish — you shouldn’t be a member of two different branches. I sent an email to NBC because one of my employee had the same problem.

    From DMI HR: “We currently have an issue where users may be duplicated in our system i.e. an old application for a different branch was not deleted. A fix is in the works and should be resolved today. If you are still not able to approve them tomorrow please let us know. Thanks for the feedback.”

    You should probably send feedback (bottom of the DMI page) with your issue to DMI HR/IT.

  225. Where can you view branch stats? No-one is hiring me. I’ve been applied to three different branches at various points.

  226. Hey Rachel I SO hear you on the Schaumburg branch, I had no idea there would be so many. I think I might join the Macon,GA one with some of the other fellow Officetally people who are from IL as well.

  227. Natalie… are you from IL/Chicago? Because so far everyone who applies to Schaumburg has been getting in. Also some of us IL people might be shifting over to the Macon,GA since the IL ones seem to be so large.

    -sarah (officeisms1978)

  228. To whoever asked about Schnectady, the guy who got RM of that branch posted elsewhere that he’s having MAJOR delays between approving applicants and them actually showing up as being employees of his branch. Hang in there.

    On a related note, I applied to be RM at the Topeka, KS branch and didn’t get it. I too got the email saying congratulations on being automatically hired as a regular employee of that branch. However I have yet to see myself listed on the website as an employee. I don’t get it. Anybody else who applied for RM positions having the same issue?

  229. I, too, am waiting to hear from the folks in the Duluth branch. Please hire me! I noticed that the employee count went from 20-something to 50-something this morning, so I know they’re in the process of hiring people. But why not me? I have skillz!

  230. Tracy,
    Any word on if you got RM for Macon, GA? I actually live in Macona and am so ready to get hired! I used your hiring code when I applied. (I also posted on the NBC boards as BeerMeStrength2). My DMI name is BeerMe. Hoping to hear from you sooooon!!!!!!!!

  231. officeisms1978-

    Yeah, I’m from IL. I re-applied with the Schaumburg branch. Hopefully, they’ll hire me.

  232. For anyone who is still having issues with DMI, or wants to talk about the game or branches, there is a new LJ group/community called “dminfinity” (linked my name to it). Just wanted to throw that out there. If you want to find me to chat, my username is lurkingvariable.

  233. Does anyone know how I can see the branch size statistics? I am still desperately awaiting any form of news on the Rochester branch!

  234. No official word on Macon yet – thanks for everyone who applied with my code. Let’s be patient and wait this out; I know the branch is no longer listed as available, so we have to be getting close!

  235. Voltaire and bananaremoval —

    In my “hired” letter, they said they will be releasing branch statistics within 24 hours:

    P.S.: Employee applications have exceeded our expectations and some of the branches have become quite large. If you’d rather not be in a larger branch, feel free to re-apply for a smaller one. We’ll be releasing branch size statistics in the next 24 hours so you can make a more informed decision.

  236. YAY! I’m now a proud employee of the Fargo, ND branch! Not my first choice, which was Omaha, since I live there an all…but I grew up in South Dakota, so North Dakota is close enough! :)

  237. What’s up with Decatur and Peoria? They both have something like 22 employees and the Schaumburg one has over 800.

  238. Is anyone besides me noticing that this is a poorly planned and even more poorly implemented website?

    I mean… have stuff working before you roll it out. That’s what they pay people for.

  239. Thanks leapdaybride!! Can’t wait to join you in Denton… and hopefully me being from NZ will be in some way benefitial in the future. I’m SO excited… oh and my username there is also Dominika. So creative i know.

  240. Officeisms1978, did you hear from Schaumburg ever? I guess I didn’t get in or something, but I applied to the Macon GA branch anyway, with Tracy’s code, so when she gets it I’ll be o.k. You should join, I think it would be more fun to play with fewer people.

  241. Any other Rochester employees? :]

    I can’t wait to see what kinds of thing we’ll be doing!

  242. Darndest thing. I applied to two different branches, Danbury and Independence. Both hired me, and I accepted the link for Danbury. I saw that it put me on the list for Danbury, but now when I sign in, my branch comes up as Independence! Maybe I’ll just apply to Macon and settle this whole business. ;)

  243. Rejected from High Point! I tried to apply to a branch that I didn’t think would have a lot of applicants. And because it’s the closest branch to me. Oh well. Guess I’ll just re-apply elsewhere…

  244. Does anyone have any idea when ANYTHING on the site is going to work?

    I would have hoped that they would have the features that have been “coming soon” implemented by the time the new season starts. Or maybe the branch forums. Or maybe I could hire people and they’d actually be in my branch.

    In any case, who else is super excited for the premier tonight?!

  245. Some RM has to give me a chance. I applied to High Point, and I got a rejection letter, and I actually live in NC. I’m trying for Kalamazoo now, so if the RM sees this, please hire me.

    Just because you’re an RM doesn’t mean you rule the world. Michael Scott doesn’t think he does.

  246. Just a head’s up – a friend of mine was playing around to see what branches were left on the dropdown menu to manage and they’ve added new branches again. Quite a few apparently.

    As for Macon, still no word but I’m sticking with it and holding out hope. :)

  247. NBC has posted a warning to RMs, asking them to please accept all applications they get, so at least they know what’s going on and are taking action.

    Also, it says something in your ‘what’s new’ thing about “prizes! See what’s on deck!” .. I’ve hunted around but can’t find anything. Exciting though! Maybe in the morning there’ll be more…

  248. Ooooh, here you go (from the ‘what’s new’ page):

    Sept. 28, 12:00 AM ET

    STAY TUNED – We have exciting new developments coming up for all our employees, including the unveiling of your very own “Virtual Desk” where all the best Dunder Mifflin office supplies and gadgets will be on sale. And PRIZES! Just to give you an idea of what’s in store, our first week prize is an autographed article of clothing worn by a cast member from “Fun Run”! And don’t forget those SchruteBucks for all participants!

  249. Alright. I’m glad they opened more branches.

    Now I don’t have to hire 900 people into mine and this can work like it’s supposed to.

  250. So this enrollment period has been miserable. Gee what a fun game. I applied to 4 different branches from day 1, never heard from anyone, and I guess I can’t play. I have been in groups over 15 and still never heard from anyone. So what is this? An elite game?

  251. I reapplied to Rockford, IL from Macon, GA. Sorry Tracy. I live in IL so I’d like to work in one of their branches now that there’s a new one with hopefully not so many people in it.

  252. Is anyone having trouble replying to peoples requests to add you to their contacts list? I got an e-mail from someone asking me to confirm if I wanted to be added to theirs but when I click on the link I just get a blank pop up box that says “View Pending Requests” But the box is blank.

  253. Is anyone else having trouble with the branch forums? Nobody in my group is able to reply to any of the messages posted. I’m wondering if this is a company-wide problem or if I need to report it.

    Palm (367) – I know that the system’s completely bogged down and the approval process is taking forever (at least it did for my branch), so it may be that your name just hasn’t made it through yet. However, if you’re just eager to get into any branch right away, feel free to apply to Denton, TX. I just finished approving my last applicants (I’m taking everyone) and can now approve new people almost instantly.

  254. I can’t get the reply button to work in the forum. But I can post new topics. That’s about the only thing that works. Other than continuously changing your favs.

  255. How are you posting in the forums, I can’t get it to work. One of my employees got it to work, but I can’t reply and ask how he did it…lol

  256. So, I’m not the only one where the site’s not working correctly? I’m the RM of the Reno, NV branch, and I swear I saw our first task was assigned last night, but now all of that is missing.

    What’s going on?

  257. Thanks Stephanie! I’m excited to get the Macon branch started!

    Of course, I can’t access the branch yet (figures, right?) but NBC is aware of the problem. Anyone still waiting to hear from Macon, hang tight. And if anyone wants to join, you’re still welcome (of course). Once I get in, everyone will be accepted. So far it looks like we’re going to have an awesome group – other branches, beware! ;)

  258. Perhaps the malfunctioning site features are part of the “game” — simulating working in a real office?

  259. UPDATE:

    TASK ONE – CREATE YOUR BRANCH LOGO: Your first task has been assigned. Design you own branch logo and vote on the best! Click here to start. Submission deadline is Monday 6 PM PT/9 PM ET.

    Yeah, the site is really slow for me. They should have waited to launch it.

  260. Tracy (Dakota), I’m in Macon, but I don’t have access to the blog features. I’m Voltaire there, too.

    I already created my first logo, but when I went back to view it, the transparency was messed up. I’ll keep checking to make sure it eventually gets back to what I want.

    This sounds pretty fun. I think they’ll get the features of the site ironed out.

  261. When I click the “Save and submit” button for my logo it doesn’t go anywhere. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  262. Am I the only one not hired yet?!?

    My account says I’m still pending! And I’m still waiting to hear from NBC tech support :(

  263. Whoa, I think we have crashed the site! Where’s that IT guy when you need him?

    ^^ Looks like we crashed the site….. Pam! stop downloading porn!!

  264. Fingers crossed that the creators of the game are frequenting OfficeTally.com to see the issues that participants are facing. There are very few things working correctly on the site. I wrote them today and asked if they could create some kind of forum to log issues or report what is/isn’t working.

    I have hundreds of employees to approve but the site keeps crashing on me so I have to approve each person one by one (and even that sometimes crashes).

    For a game I was so excited about I’m really disappointed. But I have faith that it will get better.

    [from tanster: nbc.com does read the comments here every day. they do acknowledge the site problems and have been working overtime to solve them. because they say “the fans deserve something awesome.” indeed.]

  265. I was so looking forward to paying this game but all the troubles they are having with the site is making it hard to stay excited. I wish they had waited to launch and tried to work out more of the bugs.

  266. Whoa, I think we have crashed the site! Where’s that IT guy when you need him? Restoring his car?

  267. #382

    My page didn’t change either. When I saved my logo the little light thing where it says canvas changed from yellow to green and when I checked my profile, it said I earned 50 more Schrute bucks. So maybe yours did that too.

  268. So… what happened to the special “Virtual Desk” office thing that RMs were supposed to get? I have the same broken regular desk as everyone else.

  269. Are all the branches opened now? If not is there a list of opened branches anywhere, cause I’m still pending and don’t know if it’s because I was rejected or if the branch is just no opened.

  270. Well the website itself works but i’m having a few problems and I just e-mailed NBC about it.

    I lost my $100 bonus. And…

    I applied for numerous branches before understanding that only your last application counts. I went back to re-apply for the branch I truly want. It gave me an error message saying that I have already applied for that branch with that branch code. Wouldn’t let me do it. I checked my e-mail that same day and I had a message saying that I was awaiting acceptance into another branch. :( I SHOULD be able to “re-apply” at any time. But, I guess not.

  271. I was able to create a logo, but I don’t know where it went to. It must have gone somewhere because I had more Schrute bucks in my account.

    I haven’t had any horrible issues with the site. I think the IT guy has been working overtime. “He…is a good guy. Not a terrorist.”

  272. Is anybody else having the problem of being at a Branch that they didn’t get hired for? Mine says Tennessee (which I never applied for), but I’m an employee of the Rhode Island branch. When I re-apply it says I already did, and if I go to post in my forums for the branch it says I don’t have permission (to do anything actually).

    Just curious if this has happened to anybody else.

  273. Still waiting on word from Binghamton… Anyone else in the Binghamton branch? I’m trying to decide if I should reapply. But I did splurge and buy a stapler for my desk…

  274. I hope that it is saving the logo’s correctly. Everytime I hit save, and then I go back to see it, the writing is the wrong size and has moved and the transparencies are wrong. Hopefully it hasn’t saved those versions because my entries are gonna be lame if so.

  275. Just submitted my logo and have treated myself to a phone, coffee cup and desk chair. I don’t seem to be having any problems with the site but it would have been useful if there was some kind of acknowledgement screen after you submitted a logo so you know it’s gone through and don’t just keep pressing ‘Save and Submit’ over and over again like I did. Eventually I worked out it had gone through by referring to my Sb$ total. Also, I bought and placed my desk chair but it seems to have disappeared – anyone else come across this?

  276. Thistle, I had the same problem with the chair as well. It seems like it disappears. When it is placed on the screen, it gets placed so far down, that it is almost off the screen. You need to drag it up a little. When I moved it, the chair was in the bottom righthand side of where your chair is supposed to go. At least that’s how I fixed it. I hope it helps!

  277. When I click Tasks all I get is a pop-up that says “Coming Soon!” and under My Branch is just a bunch of broken images…. How do I fix this?

  278. I submitted my logo but I can’t find where they are being displayed. How do I look at the logos that have been submitted for my branch?

  279. How do we view the logos everyone is submitting? I guess maybe we can’t until after the deadline.

  280. I haven’t been having any problems with the logo, desk, etc. And you can’t view the logos until voting begins in your branch. Otherwise people could copy others’ designs! You can keep changing your submission until the deadline but whatever is the last one you save is the one that is entered.
    I’m good with mine now and will try to leave it alone. :)
    This is a very fun site, though. Very good idea by the Office folks/NBC.

  281. Stacey — I lost my $100 bonus, but I’m sure it’ll eventually be fixed.

    Alaina — thanks for the chair tip! I kinda freaked out at first when my chair was nowhere to be found.

    My desk is kinda lame right now…a chair, a phone and a sticky pad…but I don’t want to be a temp forever!

  282. If anyone lost their $100 bonus, it should be back by now (hopefully) cause I just checked DMI and I got mine back (as well as my chair)

  283. Am I the only person that’s having trouble making the logo? I have a good idea I think but after about five minutes the thing starts messing up. It won’t let me add shapes etc.

  284. Alaina – Thanks for the tip but I can’t seem to get my desk back! There’s not even a corner of it poking out anywhere. I know it’s a small problem in the scheme of things but my legs are getting sore and how will I be able to compete in any intra-officec chair races?

    Whoadude – How did you manage to get your chair back? Who did you e-mail? Thanks.

  285. I just set mine up last night, this looks like it might befun although I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to spend on it. Can anyone give me any info on the 100 SB bonus? I bought the Best Buy welcome aboard season 3 set. I just made my logo and saved it but when I click on it again it’s different from what I had it saved as, hopefully NBC will fix these little glitches.

  286. My logo used to be saved incorrectly, but that problem has now been fixed. There’s hope for those of you who still have mistakes added afterwards.

    Also, I still don’t have access to post in my branch’s forums, despite being listed as a member and being able to view everyone else.

  287. Thistle – if you look in the bottom right corner, you’ll see (a small) part of your chair and just click and drag to wherever you want it…at least that’s where mine was

  288. Will there be a list of sites with employee numbers? I signed up at my local site and ended up with 800 people from a podcast group. The branch now has almost 1000 employees. Are all branches that large?

  289. MrRyanBaker – I’m also seeing the regular desk. Doesn’t the employee manual say that RMs get Michael’s office? Also, my employee profile lists me as a temp instead of RM. I’ve thought about emailing them about it, but then I figured they have much, much bigger issues to work out. I do hope it’s fixed soon though.

  290. I thought this would have been a lot more fun then it is, I was really looking forward to being Regional Manager, but it was so unorganized, I didn’t get it, and employees don’t get any cool benefits. The task was horrible, the program for creating the logo was miserable…etc.

  291. Kathlee,
    I had problems making the logo too. It kept deleting what I already had, etc. So mines not very good. I got too frustrated to mess with it after a while.

  292. I agree with the recent comments about this being a disappointment so far. Nothing works right. I like the idea of the task but the program is complicated and full of bugs. I gave up after a while.

  293. Whoadude – Thanks for the tip again but it’s just not there – not even a peep of it. I’ve e-mailed them since it seems to be a recurring problem but I’m not hopeful of it reappearing :o( Guess I’ll just have to stand.

  294. rachel – yes I also keep getting that error. I’ve been trying to sign up since Friday but that error is still appearing every time I try.

  295. man…I have still not even been accepted into my branch. Is anyone else having that problem? Does anyone know if anything can be done? Cuz a friend was accepted into the same branch and already made his logo…so I know it’s not a problem with the actual branch….

  296. I dunno, for all that people are complaining about it, I think if you use it just for fun, then that’s what DMI will become. I’ve bought all sorts of fun little things for my desk already.

    And as for the logo, it wasn’t particularly easy to pull off, but after looking at some other people’s submissions, I realize it wasn’t TOO bad.

  297. ally, I’m still waiting on acceptance to Binghamton… I signed up the first day, and still – nothing… I obsessively check my e-mail!

  298. Greg – I’ve got the normal desk and I can’t see any of the Manager Exclusives or Limited Edition items (so I’m buying nothing until that gets fixed). And my title still says temp. I feel like painting an “I assure you, I’m RM!” icon.

  299. That’s odd that your tittle still says temp. Mine does say RM. Like you, I’m holding off on any purchases.

  300. Has anyone had any luck contacting support? I’m still being shown in two branches and can’t access the branch that I actually want to participate in, which is Racine…Racine rocks!

    I see Schaumburg information on my profile, but I’m listed at Racine in the employee list, how crazy is that? I’ve gotten no response from the feedback messages I’ve sent. Any other suggestions from anyone?

  301. My logo isn’t saving correctly … hope it gets submitted right because it doesn’t look good when not saved correctly.

    Good luck to everyone who entered! :D

  302. Finally finished with a logo that actually saved correctly. I wish I could’ve added more, but I kept it simple.

  303. Are any of the RM’s able to create a poll? Just curious to see if any branch is going to be able to submit a logo by the deadline. lol

  304. I’m still waiting to be accepted into the Long Beach branch. I didnt think it would take this long.

  305. Hmm… I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or intentional but I notice that everytime I upload a new profile photo, I get 5 SBs…

  306. A friend of mine just signed up for the same branch I’m in, and found in the Employee Manual where it said that you can still do tasks and earn Schrutebucks if you haven’t been accepted to the branch. She has made a logo, but when she went to log back in, she tried logging in again, and the site told her that she couldn’t do anything until she was accepted? Has this happened to anyone else?

  307. Just finished hiring about 600 new employees to the Long Beach Branch. The site lags like crazy.

  308. Yeah each time you submit a photo you get 5 SBs, they should do something about that cause it’s easy to have thousands of SBs like that!

    And about task 2, is it just me or is the painting tool isn’t working? They ask to select the color, but what after?

  309. the choices for the creed makeover are way to limited.
    and the hair color change-thingy doesn’t work

  310. The 5 ShruteBucks that you get each time you alter your profile (pictures, changing your favorites, etc) caps at 100 ShruteBucks.

  311. I got my email that I was accepted for transfer to the Long Beach branch, but whenever I log in it tells me I’m still in the Upland Branch. I tried to do the 2nd task, but nothing is working. In fact, the entire site is kinda skimpy.

  312. I love that Kelly has clearly crossed the line from overly enthusiastic, shallow ditz to mentally ill scorned woman.

  313. Colleen, FYI: Nothing against that branch or anything, I’m sure they must be overloaded, but I never received notification from them either, so I re-applied somewhere else and heard right away.

  314. 444 – The same thing has happened to me. I originally applied for the Omaha branch and was denied. I then reapplied to the Fargo branch and was hired. Today Omaha changed their mind or something and I was hired. But for some reason, my profile still lists that I’m a member of the Fargo branch. Plus when I click on “My Branch”, it takes me to the Fargo branch.

    I’ve emailed DMI HR and told them about the problem. Hopefully they are working on a fix.

  315. Big improvement over last week. The hour-long this week felt like one, cohesive story, instead of two different episodes back to back.

    I loved it 100% up until Michael & Dwight’s 2nd ambush of their former client. It did indeed feel over the top.

    Otherwise? Classic Office with fun new directions. The joy of the show has always been in those funny little moments the characters share interacting with one another.

    Jim & Pam turn my heart into jello every time they’re on screen together. I especially loved the “Is the magic over?” interchange.

    Jim & Pam are even better together than they were apart.

    Oh, and Jim’s talking head right after Ryan’s nose dive was spectacular! The underlying jealousy that Ryan has for Jim has been established since Email Surveillance back in season 2. I like how they’re building that up to some kind of modest-scale-good-versus-evil confrontation this season.

    Go Michael Schur!

  316. I just got assigned to the Canton, OH branch! Which is terrible, because I’ve been working in Macon, GA for about two weeks. I’ve e-mailed tech support. This is crazy.

  317. I am also having a problem with being in the wrong branch. I am now listed under the greely, co branch even though i was hired in the macon, ga branch long ago and made a logo for that branch.

  318. Is DMI not working for anybody? Everytime I load it, it either displays some error message or just a white screen.

  319. Just another person that has switched branches mysteriously. I was in Oakland, now am showing up in Upland (where I first signed up before they added more branches), but tried re-applying to Oakland and it said that I had already applied. My interest in the DMI site is increasingly waning.

  320. I sure wish there was some way that we could fire employees. Is anyone else having trouble with disruptive employees being obscene and unnecessarily harsh towards the branch?

  321. The failure of the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website only mirrors the hiccups of any corporate “transformation”. They launch these initiatives with bravado and fanfare, desperately repeating how the company needs to change in order to be competitive. It’s exciting at first and the employees are energized. Then we all settle in, struggle through the first few months of failure and then return to the old way of doing things, which has now been re-branded and marketed under a new catch-phrase. So, we drink the kool-aid, we struggle as scripted, and now await the quiet retiring of Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Just like in the real world. Very cagey. Brilliant, actually.

  322. Does anyone else find amusement in 1)getting switched out of your branch after submitting a logo and then 2)going to vote for your “new” branch logo, only to find that none of the logos are for that branch?

    Not even Michael could have predicted this :)

  323. How did everyone’s logo turn out? Mine does not appear the way I originally submitted it at all. Oh well, it was fun to make, too bad it still somehow messed up. Good luck everybody.

  324. Helpful Tip! I found the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website appears and reacts better using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. However, it does seem to take a little longer to load.

  325. Looks like voting is not working anymore.

    I really don’t understand how this site is not fully operational by now…

  326. I continue to have problems getting hired at branches that I never applied to in the first place. I then have to reapply to the branch I want to be in. My branch manager must think I’m a complete doofus.

    I agree with 454…they need to fix these problems fast or I just might forget about the whole thing.

  327. When i click on the link to vote, the page says done, but nothing shows up…i’m in mozilla firefox and it’s just not working!! any suggestions?

  328. There is supposed to be a fix tomorrow for employees accidentally in two branches.

    Several of the logos to vote for in my Oakland branch were actually logos for other branches. I was surprised at how creative some of the logos were, but I liked most of the simpler logos more.

  329. Is it just me… or has the “voting for logos” disappeared already?

    Also, I am wondering whether or not those who did not follow the exact rules will be able to win. My favorite logo for my branch (before they disappeared) didn’t include the infinity symbol. I don’t want to waste my vote if it will be disqualified.

  330. Yeah my logo didn’t show up as I submitted, I changed it to my profile pic to show what it was supposed be, to make myself feel better.

  331. Stephanie C.– I had the same problem. And the logo that ended up being submitted was just my background graphic. So that is kind of frustrating.

    Also… muppet babies tatoo: I was going to vote for my favorite logo and then I realized it had the wrong city on it (not my branch). So I didn’t know what to do. It was the best (IMO) but I didn’t want to be helping out another branch.

    They really need to get all these glitches figured out.

  332. I logged in during a brief window of voting but I think they’ve removed the voting option again to try and sort out some of the logo issues with logos from other branches mixed in. Just to be safe, I would only vote for a logo that followed all the rules–no extra signage, city included, infinity symbol and company name only. I had a great quote I wanted to use for mine, but I didn’t think it would count.

  333. I’m still going through the entries. My logo didn’t appear as I had submitted it. I’m just glad I kept a copy for sentimental reasons. I’m sure these glitches will be fixed for future tasks.

  334. That’s too bad that there are so many bugs with DMI. I logged on the other day to complete task 2, but because the paint tool was not working at the time, I decided to do it later. The problem I was having is that the DMI home page where you log in was not loading for me. I finally logged on today and now the Creed task has ended. I guess I won’t get those Schrute bucks. I hope the bugs will be fixed soon.

  335. MrRyanBaker,

    I have no idea what would compel someone to post so rudely and without warning!. I think you are a wonderful RM, especially considering the limited scope of the DMI site thus far. I’m just hoping they give you an anger management option for disrespectful and disruptive employees, that kind of conduct just brings everyone down.

  336. I think the DMI website had a lot of potential to be really cool, but now it just seems kind of lame. I hope it gets better really soon!

  337. Yes, it’s really unfortunate how glitchy the site is. The concept is good though, so I hope they keep it running. As I thought about it, I think they were trying to be somewhat absurd when they named the website. Does anyone else think it’s really hard to type “dundermifflininfinity”? SO many n’s and i’s!

    “You should call it Dunder Mifflin Finity, you know, push the words together.” lol…

  338. I am glad to know that I am not the only one having problems. I made a creative logo for the Greenville SC branch, and somehow I was moved to the Chattanooga TN branch and the logo doesn’t make since for that town. I never have figured out how to change Creed’s hair color either. Good luck to everyone else, this was the last time I will bother logging in.

  339. I’m not giving up hope, overall the idea is really fun and once all the glitches are fixed it should be great. I think they just didn’t anticipate the volume of people who would be interested in it. Once they get enough people at NBC working on it, it should be fine. They didn’t have to make this at all, so we should all remember that before we get all grumpy! They could have made the tasks really boring like a multiple choice question or something, at least they tried to be creative. Hopefully I’ll be back in Racine soon! (Where my logo matches my branch)

  340. How have people been able to see their logos? I haven’t been able to view mine or anyone else’s since I submitted it…

  341. Where in the world can you view the logos? I can’t even find a link to view them let alone vote on them.

  342. The logos were up for just a little bit, I saw them up around 6pm PST, but not much later the link to vote was gone. My logo was messed up in the voting as well, I’d worked kind of a long time in it too :/ Then I saw that I got ninja moved to another branch today(one I had originally applied to before they added more). I really hope they fix all the issues with this site, it’s become a pain :(

  343. The logos are up for voting between Tuesday 1PM PT and Thursday 1PM PT. Go to the private view of your profile. There is a link under the “What’s New” box.

  344. Well, my logo is still kinda messed up. The centering is off on the word Macon. Oh well….

  345. I work for Denton, but a lot of the Logos I can vote for are for Waco. What is that all about?

  346. Glad voting is finally up.

    Even though I’ve also unfortunately been moved to a new branch yesterday… I liked Kamloops :(

    Anyway, my “regional manager” sucks, she created like 10 different accounts just to have more chances to win the tasks.

  347. My logo is up there on page #4

    It’s simple, professional and worth checking out.

  348. voting is up, but there still seems to be problems/bugs (other company logos are present).

  349. Frenchy: that is pretty bad and probably against the “rules” – I would complain!

  350. Hey Frenchie #484,

    If your regional manager did that, I think you should report him/her to corporate because that doesn’t seem right for the boss in charge to make all kinds of accounts in different names to try to win everything. It is against the spirit having fun with the game. Maybe your assistant to the regional manager needs to get promoted. Or transfer to another branch without such a tool running it.

    Or if you know the names of the accounts, you can publicize it on the forum so people know not to vote for those logos.

  351. I think logos for other branches are showing up because people made the logo for their original branch and then reapplied to your branch.

  352. So… quick poll. Are you voting for the best logo regardless of what branch city it states? Or are you limiting your vote to your specific city even if it isn’t the best logo?

  353. 489: Even better. You were in your 1st branch and made a logo. You were transferrred to a 2nd branch…and then a THIRD branch. You’re supposed to be voting for the 3rd branch, but you are presented w/ the logo voting options for the 2nd branch…and those options include the logo you made for the 1st branch. :)

  354. 492 – Haha, that’s one big mix up.

    491 – I think the logo from your branch with the most votes becomes your branch logo, so you’d probably want to vote for one with your branch name on it or no branch name. Or else things might get confusing. :)

  355. I am trying to like this DMI site! It gets harder and harder, though (that’s what she said). My logo was an absolute disaster. Only two of the 7 or more layers showed up, so there was no “Dunder Mifflin”, no infinity symbol, no branch text. Stinks not to be considered for the final cool prize. Hope Task 2 works better.

  356. #487 & #488: Yeah you’re right I should complain, but it would be useless. If the “corporate” uploaded the logos of 10 people with the same nicknames (I won’t give her name(s) here, but it’s quite easy to figure out when you see it since it’s the same nickname with “…2007”, “…2008” etc. at the end), that’s their fault.

    Anyway have you noticed you can vote for your own logo? And it works cause I can’t vote again after voting for mine.

  357. I thought that my logo had saved correctly, but when I saw it on the website just now, it is just a blank blue screen. I spent so much time making the paper clips spell out MA! Darn it!

  358. About how long on average does it take to get accepted to a branch. I applied last week sometime and still haven’t heard anything. Also, are you notified by email when you are accepted?

  359. #499: It all depends of your “manager”. Some will take weeks to hire you, others will do it the same day you apply. But a week is quite long, try to re-apply in another branch.

    And yes, you’re notified by mail once you’re hired.

  360. Man, I should have made my handle so it began with an A. That way everyone would see my logo first. Instead, my logo is on page 5, which for some reason, is the only page that won’t load up.

  361. I spent like 4 hours creating my logo which showed up as a blank white square. Hooray, NBC!

  362. Anyone else think it’s unfair that they’re having logo voting while many of us are still locked out of our proper branches? Like anyone from Clearwater really wants my Tallahassee Logo…. Bravo on fairness NBC webmasters…

  363. FishRockette, the best thing to do is to use the Feedback link at the bottom of the DMI page. I guarantee that NBC.com will be responsive. :)

  364. RE: 502/Ken

    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I wrote the HR department a nice little letter. Still haven’t heard back from them, though.

  365. tanster, I already did that. They’ve posted a small announcement about it, but they still did the voting… Whatever…

  366. Has anyone been promoted? I just passed $1300 SchruteBucks but I’m still listed as a temp.

  367. For everyone that had blank logos show up. Did you hit “save and submit” when you were done with your logos?

    Don’t know if that was mentioned before. :-(

  368. Oooh, I’m excited for tomorrow’s logo voting!! Good luck to everyone!

    P.S. – They really redid the website, didn’t they? I’m liking the new look, but it’s really different.

  369. Holy Wow!! DMI has just updated their website homepage…. I have to say nicely done! :)

  370. Yeah, the new homepage is really nice!

    By the way, people like #508, where do you get the SB’s? Like, on the homepage it says someone has 1,400 SB’s, but we haven’t even totally finished a task yet, what do you do to earn them? Do you buy two season 3 DVDs? lol, thanks.

  371. “TASK 1 GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize for Best Overall logo will win Angela’s Sprinkles t-shirt from “Fun Run”, autographed by Angela Kinsey.”

    –> I-want-that. Really.

  372. Has anyone tried to upload photos to your profiles yet? I don’t seem to have that option. :(

  373. Yeah! I’m the winner of my branch.

    So close and yet so far…

    Anyway, I promise I’ll post a photo of me with Angela’s tee if I win!

  374. final voting is up! and i must say that my branch’s decision on the winner is quite disappointing.

  375. Yeah, my branch’s pick for the top logo is kind of disappointing as well … was hoping for something a bit more exciting.

    Good luck everyone!

  376. Frenchy- ooh, you’re totally in my branch. Yeah, I must say, I’m not too disappointed about our RM being gone. I found it amusing that she even tried to deny that all 15 accounts were hers.. anyway, yeah, your logo rocks and I totally hope you win for us! I’m telling everyone who’ll listen to vote for you!

  377. Frenchy – I have 1400 SB. I had the DVD code and participated in all the tasks. Also, I frequently update my profile to get the extra 100SB every week. The homepage actually has me listed in the top ten SB leaders this week! How dorky am I to be super happy over that?

  378. Any other RM’s not showing RM next to title on their page. It still says I’m RM in other places, and I can do all the RM things. Also my desk is a temp desk when I click on it, but the RM desk when in the preview view.

    Guess all the bugs aren’t worked out yet

  379. Has the site been down this weekend or is it just me? I can’t get in at all. It just says “Server not Found”.

  380. I have been getting the “server not found” message too. So much for submitting a video…

  381. I’ve had the server not found message too, but more often I get part of the home page and a message that says, “Done, but with errors.” I can’t log in.

  382. Hmm…does anyone know how to tell if your design for Creed was in the top 5? My SchruteBucks went up randomly and I’m trying to figure out what I did — that’s the only thing I can think of but I can’t find confirmation.

  383. I’m just hoping I’m not getting left out if other people can get on and access the site.

  384. I think the site is working, but some branches aren’t hiring people as fast as others… I was able to apply and get hired quickly in Pompano Beach

  385. I have not been able to post a reply in my Schaumburg forum since Friday, Oct. 26th. I keep getting Internal Error message.

    I cannot find any directions anywhere on how to vote for the Schrute Farms reviews. They must be somewhere because I see the votes going up, but how to vote? Who knows? And I can’t ask because I can’t post anything. Very frustrating…..

  386. I am relieved to see I am not alone in unsuccessfully trying to log on to DMI! I haven’t been able to even FIND the site (Server Not Found message) since the week of the Schrute Farms contest. Before that, it worked great, and I thought it was a blast, so it’s really disapointing! I have e-mailed NBC twice, asking what’s up, but they will not reply.

  387. Everytime I try to go to DMI I get an “internet explorer cannot find the page” message. It seems others have this problem too? Can someone enlighten us? I need something to do while i’m bored at work.

  388. Hey, Everyone!

    Sometime today Dunder Mifflin Infinity 2.0 is supposed to begin. I can get onto the website again! Hopefully it works this season…

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