Jen Celotta answers ‘Goodbye, Toby’ questions

Here is the final Q&A of the season, which answers your Goodbye, Toby questions.

The wonderful Jennifer Celotta, who co-wrote ‘Goodbye, Toby’ with Paul Lieberstein, presides over this Q&A, with guest contributors sprinkled throughout. Enjoy!

Q. Was it really hot the day you filmed the outdoor party scenes? Everyone looked really sweaty. Michael’s singing and dancing was hilarious. How many takes did Steve do, and was everyone else cracking up? | Jaz

Jen: It was pretty hot when we shot those day scenes and then at night the temperature dropped and we all had hand warmers in our pockets.

I think Steve did three takes of “Goodbye Toby” and he really let loose on the last one — he also did some Michael Scott-style break dancing and started a conga line — I believe the full version of his song is being cut together, possibly for the Season 4 DVD, but don’t quote me on that.

Q. Who were the other “band” members? Members of the crew? Casted musicians? Friends who jam with Craig? | MNFan

Jen: The other band members were friends of Craig’s that he plays with and they were great. I especially liked Craig’s vocals on the Norah Jones song “Don’t Know Why.”

from tanster: here’s a band introduction from Craig Robinson —

Craig: Yes, that is my band. The bass player is my brother Chris Rob, the drummer is Asa Watkins, and the guitar player is David Sampson, also known as Sampsonic.

from tanster: a hello from Chris Rob (bass) …

Chris: I got the gig because I perform in Craig’s band, who incidentally is my brother. We rock the house every time, just like on the Office!

This was my first time on a television sitcom, but not on a TV show. While touring with John Legend, I was on many talk shows, including Oprah, Ellen, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Tonight Show.

Working with Steve was crazy, it’s very difficult to keep a straight face while doing the take … there was some footage I was praying they would put in the show of him dancing, but they didn’t! I think he’s like a new Steve Martin, he’s great.

from tanster: and a hello from David Sampson (guitar) …

David: Craig held auditions. There were thousands of applicants lined up around Staples Center. He was looking for a hot chick, but I had the best chemistry with the band.

Steve is totally loose. He is all about the improv. We did a few takes and each one was totally hilarious and different. One take, he took my guitar and ripped an Eddie Van Halen style guitar solo! It was just too out of character for Michael, so they cut it.

I had a great time filming that episode. The crew and cast were all super friendly and professional.