The Office: Goodbye, Toby, 4.18-19

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The Office

Writers: Paul Lieberstein and Jen Celotta
Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): It’s Toby’s goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin and Michael demands a huge celebration. Angela refuses, and Michael turns to Phyllis to take over the party planning committee. Dwight and Meredith haze the new HR woman, Holly (Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan). One-hour long.

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The Office Goodbye Toby quotes

Pam: Oh my goodness, you sound sexy.

Jim: Oh, and I forwarded his desk phone to mine.

Jim: Oh hello, Mutter. Good news. I have married. Tell Vater.

Michael: Just a matter of hours now until His Horribleness has left the building.

Michael: Toby is going away forever, and we need to do something very, very special. In some cultures, when somebody leaves, like New Orleans culture, they have a parade, and they have a band, and people party in the streets…

Pam: You want us to throw Toby a New Orleans funeral?

Michael: If the devil were to explode, and evil were gone forever, what sort of party would you have?

Michael: And then I had an awakening. Michael, buy a motorcycle.

Michael: I want an anti-gravity machine.

Pam: So how much anti-gravity potion do you want?

Angela: I don’t want your foot money.

Holly: I love the view.

Pam: I don’t know why I doubted it. Because I’m so clearly awesome.

Jim: That part’s gonna suck, but it’ll be great.

Pam: And that is the first time I’ve ever used the word “perfect” in here.

Michael: Just have a thought! Have an original thought!

Michael: I will agree that her head is weird.

Michael: We need to sell her an elevator pass.

Operator: Antidepressant? I could put you through to someone on that.
Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: Spoiler alert — I’m going to win.

Michael: He tortured me with his awfulness.

Michael: I believe the department is a breeding ground for monsters.

Michael: Is Holly our extraterrestrial? Maybe. Or maybe she’s just an awesome woman from this planet.

Creed: Really, what do I do here. I should have written it down.

Michael: Are you real, or are you a Hollygram?

Toby: Does anyone have a camera here?!

Michael: The two levels being ‘Welcome to Scranton’ and ‘I love you.’

Michael: It was ‘love at first see with my ears.’

Jim: I’m going to propose tonight. Holy crap!

Holly: This is a button.

Kevin: I am totally going to bang Holly!

Holly: Pass curvy metal piece you will.

Holly: Oh … so you can’t make my orgy?

Michael: I can take either side of the bed at this point.

Michael: My name is Captain Bruisin’.

Michael: Have you seen the baler?

Toby: I made it this far, right? What’s the point?

Oscar: The real crime, I think, was the beard.

Michael: Holly is sweet and simple. Like a lady baker.

Michael: I’m pretty sure she’s baked on a professional level.

Michael: There is a raccoon in the car, Dwight!

Michael: Holly is the best thing that has happened to this company since World War II.

Dwight: It’s not rabid.

Michael: Sometimes I don’t know how to react when a girl touches me.

Michael: You never touched my Propecia or Accutane, did you?

Michael: You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?

Jan: But honestly, I need to make this one count.

Jan: I usually use a foam noodle instead of a partner.

Michael: I love sex, and I want to have kids.

Andy: Into the mike, sweetie.
Angela: I said okay.

Kelly: Can I be your bridesmaid?

Andy: Mr. Andrew Bernard. It’s got a nice ring to it.

Meredith: Pam, your smile is weird.

Holly: I should go. I gotta buckle him in.

Michael: I am going to be kind of a daddy.

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  1. I just watched the part where Michael met Holly. I loved it! It was funny.

    “Just have an original thought for once.”

  2. I’m worried about Pam and Jim will do the long distance thing. But her talking about kids is awesome. Kevin is so cute. I’m not sure about Holly yet.

  3. I’m pretty sure the 3 months that Pam will be gone will be most of the summer break. This is super amazing.

  4. oh my!!! i hope Jim and Pam get engaged!! I won’t be able to wait til next season!!!!!

  5. Oh I so called it! I knew that picture where everyone was surrounded by Jim’s desk was them watching Ryan get arrested.

  6. Aww, Michael is kind of cute! In a really, painfully awkward way.

    “She is really sweet and simple, like a lady baker.”

    OMG, what am I going to do ALL summer without this show? Watch American Gladiators?!

  7. this episode might be setting michael up for one of the worst tragedies of the series if jan shows up pregnant

  8. Ryan is getting what he deserves!! Good luck buying smack in prison. I love that Pam is excited.

  9. i hate so much about the things that the west coast chooses to be…for example, having to wait three hours more than you east coasters to watch this show.

  10. Wait, so does this mean Ryan is the one written off the show and Toby is going to stay after all?!?!?!

  11. Toby is so going to surprisingly propose to Pam and ruin the Jim proposal.

  12. I can’t believe Jan is pregnant. Wasn’t he on snip and not snap? WOW! Just when I thought he had found someone who actually got him, in Holly. Wow didn’t see that coming.

  13. oh my word! oh my word! oh my word! Prego Jan!!! Ahhhhhh! As is she wasn’t hormonal enough. She is going to be super crazy.

  14. Oh my gosh. This finale is heavy!! Ryan arrested, Michael’s new love interest, Jan pregnant, Jim proposing?? Oh my gosh.

  15. Amy, smack is heroin. Ryan is a fan of blow, or cocaine. He will also not be able to find *that* in prison.

  16. Wow, this minute 30-45 slot has it all! I can’t take it!

    PS. Great prank in cold open

  17. I think Toby is staying on the show and Ryan is the character written off.

    Great finale.

  18. A depressing end to a depressing season!!
    Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! – is all I could think for most of this episode.

  19. Ok, seriously???!!! Seriously???!!! WTF? 3 more minutes, better be good.

    I REALLY shouldn’t drink this much when I watch a show. I think I become way too attached…and I am freaking my dog out a little.

  20. R.J. It was just a joke. If you pay attention to the news you’ll notice prisoners get lots of drugs in jail.

  21. As if, as if, as IF we now have to wait til September to get a Jim/Pam fix. Oh Andy, I will smite thee!

    What a great episode.

  22. I’m so upset that they’re stringing it along like this. It’s not funny, and it doesn’t make any sense. I will not be watching next season.

  23. Ack! Great episode – but why did Jim say that his and Pam’s first kiss was at the office? Wasn’t it at the Dundies? Or was there a kiss before that we didn’t see?

  24. It’s over :*( And with an anti-climactic Jam moment…But Dwight and Angela…!

  25. The finale was a really, really strong ending to a subpar season. My only complaint with the episode (and others this season) is that Michael no longer has an outdated song as his ring-tone.

  26. There is no hope. I have to go like five months without the office with the memory of this episode? such a down note. it’s like empire strikes back.

  27. So, I made some predictions before the episode and wrote them down. They were:
    1. There wouldn’t be a proposal.
    2. Jan would turn out to be pregnant or gay.
    3. Toby would end up staying at DM.
    4. Dwangela would re-emerge.

    75% ain’t bad…

  28. WOW

    no JAM engagement? the pregnancy? Dwight and angela having sex in the office? Craziness.

  29. Regards to Jim/Pam I think it was the right choice for them not to have a “happy” season ending. Seasons 2 and 3 had happy endings for them, and I like that in a real life situation they always don’t have these happy endings.


    But where’s the Jam love??? Poor Jim! He was so sweet and tried so hard.

    This was an AWESOME episode. I loved the whole thing! I just wish that Andy (poor Andy! OMG!) hadn’t ruined Jim’s big proposal!


  31. Oh my god.
    Slightly disappointed at the lack of a Jim/Pam cliffhanger, but the ending half replaced it.

    I’m on a Dunder-Mifflin/partyplanning/runner’s high!

  33. Tremendous episode. I loved Michael and Holly…trust Jan to hurt Michael in the worst way possible. Make him feel like he has to be involved with something he’s wanted forever but not in the way he could ever have hoped. I also loved Kevin’s storyline, and the tag…WOW. Poor Pam and Jim. A very funny but very painful episode. Great way to end the season.

  34. That might have been the worst episode to date. This isn’t “Lost,” give us comedy, not drama.

  35. AHHHHH!!! OMG! Dwight, Angela! Wow! But what about Ryan, Jim and Pam, Toby?

  36. OMG…
    1. I’m glad that Ryan is arrested and I LOVED Kelly’s talking head about it
    2. Michael was so sweet but it broke my heart when he found out the baby wasn’t his.
    3. Darn it, Andy! Way to ruin everything! ARGH-I WANTED MY JAM ENGAGEMENT!
    4. Whoa, Angela was whoring it out!

    I still need to recover from this episode…

  37. It’s totally Michael’s baby. Jan isn’t even that crazy to go to a sperm bank…she just doesn’t want Michael to be part of raising the kid so she lied.

  38. wow is all I have to say. There was so many things and the last scene oh my god.

  39. So good! I LOVED this episode!
    -Hooray for Jim for not taking anymore of Ryan idiocy
    -Poooooooor Jim…I think we all suspected something like that coming…sigh…things are never easy or straight forward for these two :(
    -Hooray for Pam getting into the Pratt Institute!!
    -Last clip, WHHHAAAAAAT???? cra.zy.

  40. Too many Michael Scott moments (i.e. everything gets screwed up)), but otherwise hilarious and definitely a giant cliffhanger!

    Angela and Dwight- wow. Definitely did not see that coming. Nor Andy proposing, for that matter.

    One last thing- all the actors were AMAZING in this episode! (More so than usual, that is)

  41. What does Jim say after he gets off the phone with Dwight’s “mother”?

  42. Wow ! Talk about conflicted emotions! Dwight – Angela/Michael-Jan -Holly/ Pam-Jim!!! What a rollercoaster :)

  43. Way to ruin the proposal Andy—and this whole entire time I was vicariously living through Pam for the past 4 years, and I wasn’t proposed to…

    miscommunication :(

    wow, I am way too far into this show for my own good…

    I liked the Kevin plot, and I knew it was going to be Jan…but I didn’t expect that last minute with Dwight/Angela, but I love that Phyllis was the one to walk in on them…total perfection.

  44. So good! I LOVED this episode!
    -Hooray for Jim for not taking anymore of Ryan idiocy
    -Poooooooor Jim…I think we all suspected something like that coming…sigh…things are never easy or straight forward for these two :(
    -Hilarious running joke with Kevin and Holly. Classic. I hope Holly will be around for Season 5.
    -Hooray for Pam getting into the Pratt Institute!!
    -Last clip, WHHHAAAAAAT???? cra.zy.

  45. The finale FELT like The Office again.
    So much great couple stuff!
    Love the Michael/Holly drama, looks like she’s the Jim to his Pam, now!
    And the very last scene–AWESOME. Especially after Andy steals the show.
    Writers: ya done good.

  46. Okay…cliffhangers:

    1. Will Michael be the (sort-of) dad to Jan’s baby?
    2. What will happen to Angela’s engagement now that she and Dwight are back to doing the nasty?
    3. Is Pam doubting Jim? When will they get engaged?
    4. Is Toby really leaving? Or is Ryan the castmember who won’t be returning?
    5. Will the new HR chick still be around in the fall?
    6. Were there clues about the office spin-off?

    what else..what else…?

  47. Also:
    I don’t want to come back in to next season to have them engaged or married. That would be the worst ever.

  48. ouch. this was one of the worst Office episodes thus far. not that the writing was bad or anything, it just hurt to watch. I was prancing through the house with excitement during every commercial break…and then the ending. just yuck.

  49. That was a great episode, and I’m thrilled to see the Angela and Dwight reunion, but I can’t help but feel very disappointed that I was left hanging about JAM. :(

  50. OMG That last scene made the ENTIRE episode, everything else was guessed.

    Woah Angela!!!!

  51. Two things…
    1) This proves the show can still have season two greatness and humor

    The Dwangela shot at the end was priceless. BEST SEASON FINALE EVER.

  52. i KNEW the engagement would involve Angela. i can’t believe her and dwight were making out after the party!!!!!

  53. Am I the only one who thought that at the very end they would cut to Jim proposing in the office after everyone had gone home ? I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t go through with it …

  54. I feel so torn about this episode — and this season for that matter…. Ugh. I guess the writers did their job and are keeping us in suspense all summer/guaranteeing we’ll come back next season.

    What I miss about The Office was the comedy that came out of the mundane, boring, subtleties of everyday life, not these over-the-top gestures. I don’t know — I love this show, but I can’t help but feel that the reason I fell in love with it in the first place (the fact that the absurdity of it all was so very real and there was so much to identify with) has been forgotten. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to next season. We’ll see.

  55. This episode was amazing! I had guessed a lot of the stuff, but honestly, I was still shocked and amazed by the writers’ incredibleness! So does this mean Andy will find out and move to the spinoff? And poor Jim and Pam! But at least we know that when he does ask, she’ll say yes. And Kevin was brilliant, as always!

  56. This episode was wonderful…they always are. However, I am going to admit that I cried and cried when Jim did not propose. Hmm, what does this mean? More angst to come next season? Why do those writers toy with my emotions? Yay for Pam on the Pratt Institute! I wonder if this means NY for Jim too, maybe in corporate? I love the Office, but this episode made me very sad. Not just for my JAM, but also for Michael and especially Andy. He is being cheated on the night of his engagement. I am looking forward to seeing how Phyllis handles her “dirt” on Goody-Goody Angela! Thanks again, Tanster! Please let us know your thoughts on this episode!

  57. I guarantee this:

    Jan and Michael get close in season 5 and it is revealed to be Hunter’s baby from the one night stand alluded to in “Dinner Party!”

  58. I am SOOO sad about Jim and Pam. Why does Andy have to do that?!!! I loved how Angela said ok when he proposed.

  59. It was an interesting episode…. I really don’t think I would have liked it that much if it wasn’t for that last scene. So, we are left to guess! Who is the spinoff based on? Toby, Ryan, maybe Andy leaves after finding out that Angela cheated on him… I want to know!!!!!!!

  60. Six degrees of Dwight Shrute…

    This is easy. Ryan is VP. Ryan is in jail. Corporate needs a new VP. Corporate is in New York. Pam will be in New York. Jim is with Pam. Jim is in New York. Jim is the new VP.

  61. They’re just building up for a really awesome Season 5 JAM engagement. :)

  62. Easily the best of season four! Quite a bit of drama but still extremely hilarious. I was kind of glad that Jim didn’t propose, it would have been too expected. I’m also strangely thrilled about Jan being pregnant. Overall, fantastic episode!

  63. Oh My God.

    Andy, you ruined it, but seriously, the spin off better be in your hands. Phyllis hates angela and she totally is ratting her out. Meaning: Dwangela! and Andy will most likely take on another office.
    Ryan: Good riddance.
    Toby: I felt for him.
    Jim: Your time will come in season 5
    Michael: Please god let him get with Holly

  64. The lack of proposal ruined the episode. It was a funny episode, but, I really think they messed this one up.

  65. Words can’t describe my love for Michael/Holly. I loved Jan, but I’m so irritated now! MICHAEL/HOLLY! NOW!

  66. I don’t know why, but the finale left me empty. I guess I had hyped up the Jim and Pam engagement so much, that it overshadowed all the other amazing plot twists. I have to say though, it was a very good episode, but just not quite there.

  67. Owww, my head hurts!! whyyyyy! why did they do this to us. just when everything was awesome and amazing they had to turn it all around. I must say that I am loving the Holly/Michael chemistry and the Ryan getting his comeuppance. whyyyy did Andy have to do that. why are the writers so mean to us? oh well, will just have to wait till next season to get our answers. Did I mention Dwight is a badass? that scene was hot ;) that’s what she said…

  68. I’m disappointed as well. Would be even more so if not for the last 3 seconds! Also, I hate Andy again. Don’t ruin JAM!

  69. JAM fans will be nursing broken hearts over the lack of engagement for a long time, but otherwise this episode was fabulous. So many of the plot lines were engaging and funny. Now if only Jim can get his act together next season…

  70. are we going to see the proposal or will Jim propose over the 3 month break?

  71. Wow! Easily my favorite ep of the season! Complete from classic feeling cold open to the ending(?) lol, and all the “stuff” in between! Congrats on a great ep, recapturing a lot of the original charm of the S1 and S2 eps and creating/building on new stuff for next season! Loved it!!!!

  72. I feel like one of the few Jam fans who still loved this episode even without their proposal. Sure, I was bummed and wanted to smack Andy, but the overall awesomeness totally made up for it!
    Holly is a sweetie (Michael/Holly FTW!), I love Kevin so much, and as long as Jam doesn’t end, I’m more than stoked for Season 5. :)

  73. Tried to come on before the episode aired on the west coast and it looked like the site had crashed! Made me even more excited.

    Couple of things

    a)Don’t like Holly. Maybe I’m just sad that there’s a woman out there who kind of understands Michael.

    b)Creed’s scene was pointless and irritating! That shouldn’t have even been a deleted scene. The writers could have done a funny racial joke with Stanley and Michael instead. Or have Holly meet Angela for the 1st time.

    c)Did anyone else want to choke Andy ? Just when the dream was about to come true.

    d)The whole thing with Kevin being “special needs” was hilarious. More hazing would have been ideal! Love how Meredith is always around the rabid creatures.

    PS: Tanster, I emailed you a couple weeks ago asking if they had filmed at a particular neighborhood supermarket. (there were rumors on my street). That was confirmed in today’s finale. I’m so sad…that market is LITERALLY a block from my house.

  74. What a letdown. A very sad finale. Well-acted, but, overall, depressing. Amy Ryan was great. Holly is definitely Michael’s soul mate. Several things felt implausible: Andy proposing to Angela?? Andy proposing to Angela at the exact moment Jim was about to propose to Pam??? Why did Pam act like Toby had never groped her leg??? Kevin just happens to run into Jan at the store?? Pam thinks Toby’s cute??? This episode defied all logic. They did not keep it real.

  75. I love, love, love Michael and Holly. I am pulling my hair out about Jan right now, as well as gnashing my teeth at Andy. I wanted Jim to propose so badly! Stupid Andy, making Jim spend all that money on fireworks for nothing. But still, the best moment ever was seeing Angela and Dwight making out. Hooray for Dwangela again! And hooray for Ryan’s getting arrested. That was my second favorite part of the episode.
    I’m not concerned about Pam being in New York. The summer break is like 3 months long. I’m confident she’ll be back in time for Season 5. I just hope they don’t keep prolonging the engagement.

  76. well done you guys. i don’t mind the fact that we didn’t get a JAM proposal. i think it would have been too much

  77. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    loved it!
    best OMG moment was revealing Jan’s ‘state’ right before commercial break
    and Andy’s bad timing that ruined what could’ve been the sweetest proposal ever!
    “who do you think you are?”
    “What gives you the right?”

  78. Well, since we didn’t get to see Jim propose, odds are it will happen over summer when we won’t get to see it.

  79. btw, great performance by Kevin! and kudos to Dwight for totally fooling Holly about Kevin, didn’t know he had it in him to do such a hilarious prank…and KEVIN “I’m going to bang her!” ! hilarious

  80. One more quick comment: too bad Kevin didn’t make his Kool-aid face for Holly! That whole story line was hilarious!

  81. Is it possible that the spin-off is JAM in NYC ?
    With the VP position open, and Pam moving for the internship … hmmm …

  82. So they finally make a hilarious episode this season and now I have to wait until September for another one. Boy, that makes me mad.

  83. That was an awesome finale! I just absolutely loved it, and was surprised more times than I can count. The “slow Kevin” stuff was priceless. Amy Ryan was just amazing as Holly. As soon as Michael finds the perfect girl, here comes Jan, pregnant. Auugghh! The missed proposal opportunity really was funny–I loved Andy ruining a perfect moment, especially when he pulls the keyboards off the stand with the mic cord. Besides, Jim’s kiss on the side of Pam’s head was pretty much the sweetest thing I’ve seen on TV in a long time. And now there’s something to look forward to next season!

  84. This episode was too awesome for words. I’m too overwhelmed to comment on anything about it right now, but I’m going to try anyway. 200 words is not enough!
    Holly is definitely a welcome presence in my book. I love how Holly treated Kevin, it was just so GD hilarious!
    Toby will be missed…but at least his last episode went out with a bang!
    I was pretty ticked off at Andy for ruining the anticipated JAM moment, but Dwangela made me feel sorry for the poor guy.
    I wish we could’ve seen more of Dwight and Meredith interactions, they totally cut the scene that Rainn showed on his Leno interview! Hopefully the deleted scenes will make up for that.

    Also, my speculation about the spin-off: “Prison Ryan” anyone?! With occasional conjugal visits from Michael…Or is that going too far?

  85. What a great episode! So many awesome moments.

    I was loving the dynamic between Michael and Holly. She’s so adorable(I’m smitten). Everything was going fine until Jan shows up and Michael goes right back to her.

    Kevin and Creed were hilarious in this episode. Also, I was glad to see Mose again.

    I was hoping for Jim to propose but Andy ruined that. Hopefully Jim comes up with a even better proposal plan, maybe one that takes place in NY.

    Big props to Jim for not taking any crap from Ryan. I was glad to see Ryan get his comeuppance.

    Dwight and Angela getting it on in the office!!!

    I can’t wait for next season. Let it be September already

  86. Not all that thrilled with the finale…loved the Dwight/Angela scene at the end. Is it just me, or did they look like normal people ….?

  87. I remember saying about half way through “Has Andy had one line yet?” who knew he would steal what would have been the biggest moment of the season. Oh well we have something to look forward to. It is not like JAM broke up.
    I loved the Kevin being “special” and Jim leaving the voicemails for Ryan was great

  88. They’ve done it again. I don’t even know what to say.
    What am I supposed to do for the next four months? I guess I’ll just speculate. Or maybe try to find a life.

  89. I try not to mindlessly lavish praise on every Office episode just because it’s my favorite show, but this just can’t be helped. A masterpiece finale from the Greg Daniels and Co.

    But what stole the show: Holly!! Her whole storyline was amazing. Connecting with Michael through Yoda impersonations and thinking Kevin was mentally handicapped, I felt an almost Pam-esque crush growing on her.

    I am, of course, heartbroken as a JAM fan, but not because Jim didn’t propose, but only because Pam was so sad about it! She almost made me cry.

    My only criticism: what’s with Pam giving so much props to Toby? Thinks he’s cute? I know she said that in “The Fire,” but what are you writers playing at, bringing that up now?

  90. I need some major help after this finale because I’m super worried about the direction of the show. I’ve been a strong backer of the writers, but I won’t sit through a Pam-Jim-Toby love triangle. I’m not gonna do it. And it really seems to be happening. What’s with Pam saying that she thinks Toby is “cute”? So groping her in front of the entire office is cute? Come to think of it, we never got any reference to that scene, which seemed like a pretty big deal at the time. And, though I didn’t think it possible at the time, what if the Finer Things club was an early attempt by the writers to make it look like Pam and Toby are more similar than Pam and Jim? Come on! If Pam even remotely considers Toby over Jim, it will be SO artificial and a sitcomy gimmick that I thought The Office writers were above. Here’s to hoping I’m overreacting.

  91. Forgot to mention

    Oscar’s line – “the real crime, I think, was the beard”

    and Pam’s reaction to not getting proposed to. I think that is the saddest I’ve seen her since season 3. I thought she was going to cry. She seemed so excited and then it all went downhill.

  92. Someone brought up a good point, why was Pam acting so nice towards Toby? it’s as if she completely forgot he was molesting her leg…and then to mention that she thinks he’s cute? The writers are driving me crazy!

  93. I had a gut feeling that there would be no proposal from Jim. It seems he is always a little bit too late for a lot of the important stuff, mainly with Pam. But I did like that he stood up to Ryan. He is growing each episode. I really wanted to see evidence of a engagement. Each year, they have thrown a little bit more on. Season 2 had The Kiss. S3 had The First Date. And all S4 really did was leaving us knowing what we knew the first episode back from the strike, and that was Jim’s goal is to propose. I know that there was a strike, but I am disappointed.

    And the whole Pam thinking Toby is cute scares me a little bit. Is this true for anyone else?

    My favorite part of the finale was the Kevin subplot. It was hilarious.

    It also made me really sad to think that Michael may be getting back with Jan to raise this kid. Holly is basically his soul mate. He finally got it right for once.

    And it is still not super clear as to who is leaving for the spin off…

  94. I think I saw this episode already…WHEN IT WAS CALLED BOOZE CRUISE. WTH? So Jim’s “interrupted” again when he’s going to say something monumental to Pam? Come on Office writers — I expect better from you.

  95. Yeah, I bet Pam will be so upset that she’s gonna go with Toby to Costa Rica.

    My take on what Pam was saying about Toby is: she was just saying really nice things about Toby because he’s leaving. It doesn’t need to be more than that!

    And yeah, Pam expecting a proposal and not getting it just sucked big time. Jim just has to figure out a way to make it more romantic, which I’m sure he will.

  96. Jim is going to take Ryan’s corporate job and be with Pam in New York. Well done. Sorry to spoil it for all you office fans.

  97. This was the best episode they have had in a long time. I was going to make a list of all of my favorite parts but it would be easier to just say that I loved absolutely everything about the episode. Every joke and every story line was perfect. Obviously, I, like everybody else, would have like to have seen a JAM engagement but I am okay without it because I trust that it will happen eventually and the writers will handle it perfectly.

    My only problem is that they used stuff in the promos that wasn’t in the episode like the clip Rainn showed on Leno and the clip of Michael dancing on the floor from the promo. I was really looking forward to Michael breaking out his old booze cruise moves.

  98. Best act breaks ever! I totally smiled through the commercials. And Pam deserves a much better proposal than fireworks on Michael’s vindictively happy day! I expect more from Jim, so she should be happy it wasn’t then. What I wanted more than ANYTHING was for Pam to propose to Jim! It may be a little Friendsy, but her surprising him would be AWESOME!

  99. Pam gets groped by Toby, then acts like it never happened? She gives him a present? She says she thinks he’s cute? Dueling proposals? What is this crap? Up until now, I have trusted the writers. That ends now.

  100. Amazing episode!!! Even though I am a huge Jam fan, I am sort of glad that Jim didn’t propose during the fireworks. I always imagined him doing something more original and spectacular. However I did really want a proposal and was shouting “No!!!” in my head to Andy as he started to propose. I just really really hope that we get to see it in Season 5 (are you listening writers?) Other than that I loved “Special Kevin” and Creed’s little bit “That’s not it. But I’m getting close.” I love him and I’m glad the writers have been giving him some classic lines the past few episodes. Loved Amy Ryan as Holly, props to Jim for helping Michael control his impulses. Cannot wait until the next season!!!

  101. This is going to be a weird question but what are the consequences for Dunder Mifflin because of Ryan’s fraud, SEC investigations, IRS investigations? Should the employees worry about their jobs?

  102. My predictions were true! And I was feeling that the JAM engagement wasn’t going to happen. I’ve watched enough season finales to know it never goes the way you think it will, especially when it is talked up so much. STUPID ANDY!!! Oh, it was heartbreaking…

    At least we still have a proposal to look forward to at some point. JAM are in for a few bumps next season but love will prevail for our beloved couple. But yay for Pam! And yay for Jim telling off Ryan!

    DWANGELA! Although I desperately wanted a JAM proposal, I like that the cliffhangers were more focused on other characters for a change. There will be some great new storylines as a result.

    I don’t buy Jan’s sperm bank story. It’s Michael’s or maybe even Hunters…

    THE BEST was KEVIN!!! He didn’t have to act ANY differently and Holly totally thought he was “special!”

    Michael with Holly was TOO CUTE. Love this new Michael. Hope to see more of him next season and Jim coaching him through the ways of love.

    Fabuous job writers!
    Okay guys, we’re in for a long 4 months…

  103. They should do webisodes again . . . make up for some writer’s strike time.

  104. I understand it. I do. But WHY? I will be nursing a broken heart all summer long. Oh JAM…

    This heartbreak aside, I LOVED the episode. It was serious perfection. Looks like the spin-off will be Ryan in jail? Nice.

  105. The parking lot is officially cursed, yes/yes?

    I did love it, but those last ten minutes were sort of a downer. I wish, as far as the Jim/Pam storyline goes, we’d ended on Jim saying something like “well tonight wasn’t my night, but it’s coming soon” instead of on Pam almost crying.

    Dwangela sex in the office right after she got engaged to Andy? Brilliant. I cannot wait to see how Phyllis uses this one…

    Steve Carell mentioned writing an episode with jury duty. That’s totally gonna be Ryan’s trial, right?

  106. I’m so disappointed that Jim did not propose. It seemed like the steady closeness of their relationship was a nice balance to the dysfunction of other Office workers. For me, the whole concept falls apart if Jim & Pam also become dysfunctional. Writers — you manipulated some of your loyal fans! Michael & Jan — should be so over! Pam & Tobey – shun! Goodbye Toby – a downer for me.

  107. It wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it. Plus, if we weren’t able to get an engagement from Jim and Pam, at least we got some inner office sex with Dwight and Angela. It’ll be awesome to see how that plays out next season.

    Even though I’m crushed this season is over, I’m really excited to see how next season plays out with everyone; Holly and Michael, Michael and Jan, Jim and Pam, Ryan, Dwight and Angela, Angela and Andy… it’ll be interesting.

  108. Pam’s admission that she thinks Toby was cute was the writers again poking fun at sad-sack Toby. That’s all.

  109. I knew JAM wouldn’t be the engagement. They haven’t had their hardships as a couple yet, we haven’t seen enough of them dating. Andy and Angela obviously will not last, so like most television shows we have to wait some more.

    Dwight and Angela made the episode. lol

  110. I also wanted to chime in on some who were saying that the parking lot wasn’t the most spectacular place to propose to Pam. I was thinking the same thing. I wanted it to happen and I could see the romantic theme, but at the same time I didn’t think it was private or special enough for them. Like it would have fit better if they were on the roof since that’s always been their “escape” from the craziness that is the office. The fireworks were a great thought, but I kept thinking, “Is he really going to do this in front of all the office weirdos? Why would he include them? They’ve always been so private in everything, why would that be different for this monumental thing???” So although it was gut-wrenchingly sad, and I can’t believe I have to wait 4 months for the story to continue, I’m almost glad it didn’t happen. I know they’ll be something better in store…

  111. I am on record as saying Season 4 has been pretty bland, but the finale was terrific. Totally felt like old-school s1 and s2 The Office, at least most of the time.

    The Kevin storyline was classic.

    Amy Ryan was great.

    But Carell *owned* this episode. Just an amazing acting job by that man. Amazing.

    I particularly liked the Jim/Michael scenes where Jim was trying to guide Michael’s pursuit of Holly. Reminded me of the hotel room, the booze cruise, the bench by Pam’s desk – every tender Jim/Michael moment has been great.


  112. Oh man, how can this show be so heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time?

    Like many others, I had a feeling that the JAM proposal wouldn’t happen, and I would have been disappointed if it had, but it still wrenched my heart to see it play out the way it did.

    Is season 5 here yet???

  113. Plenty of great curveballs from the writers. I was convinced cops would show up for Jim before the proposal–Ryan would bogusly implicate him; to “take him down with him” after the tough talk….but NOOOOOO ;-)

    Michael + Holly = “MOLLY”? I think the writers finally got a handle on the relationship phase of JAM…it seemed so aimless early in the season.

    “HR is a breeding ground for monsters”….I yelled out “YESSSSSSS”! So true for many companies.

    Looking forward to next Fall…best show on TV.

  114. I thought it was a great episode. I loved JAM even without the proposal, with their entire scene in the breakroom. Kevin’s plotline was terrific, I’m really glad we saw more of him this season. Everyone had really good lines- Angela trying to sabotage Phyllis, Creed forgetting his job, Oscars remarks on Ryan, Andy bringing his parents…

    The ending was perfect. I’ve been waiting for that to happen since Dunder Mifflin Infinity.

    I’d love to see more of Holly! She was a great addition to this episode. And I wish Pam wasn’t so sad.

  115. Long time reader, first time commenter!

    1)I love this show. Every episode.

    2)I am a hopeless Jam fan. Needless to say, my tiny
    Jam lovin’ heart is broken!:(

    3)I think Pam feels bad for Toby. He is in love with
    someone that is in love with someone else.
    Sound familiar?

    4)Mose running away….beyond funny.

    5)Creed was priceless! He was great last week too.

    6)One thing that has bothered me for weeks was a
    JKras quote I read, that basically said (about a
    Jam engagement)that he thought Pam was going to
    have too much going on in her life for that.
    Something like that anyway.

    7)You guys are awesome! first because you make me
    feel normal (my friends don’t watch, and think i’m
    crazy)and because I was bummed until I read all of
    your comments, and thank goodness someone’s glass
    is half full!

    Tanster… you rock!

  116. Oops! I also forgot to add that I agree with #172 its_a_date:

    You are right. We haven’t seen enough of JAM’s dating period- especially because of the strike. I know that they’ve technically been together a year but to us it just seems like we were a little cheated from seeing things unfold. Even though it made sense realistically, a proposal almost seemed too soon from a viewer standpoint. I’m looking forward to seeing them develop in their “pre-engagement/romantic” period for a little longer-even though I’m sure some ups and downs are in their future. Let’s not rush things, folks!

    Okay, that is my last comment. I promise. (Sorry Tanster!)

  117. So much going on, can’t begin to get the thoughts out, just as many of the people on OT.

    Firstly, the Kevin bit: HILARIOUS! And it was kept up through the whole episode, making it 10x even better!

    Secondly, the JAM scene, interrupted by the idiot Andy, was very aggravating!
    Andy’s scene was funny, with Daryl’s keyboard, his parents, Angela’s reaction to his proposal, six years, Kelly wanting to be a bridesmaid, and Mr. Andrew Bernard… all of it was priceless.

    However, it was not used in the right time. The writers knew this would be a hit, but miscalculated the amount of fans waiting for that JAM proposal and were distraught it didn’t happen.
    We all know that it will be further interrupted with Pam’s art school classes.

    Finally, a run through of my favorite moments:
    new orleans funeral, shoe money, quabity assuance, holly’s mix tape, jim standing up to ryan, ryan going to jail, fixing the chair, reference to baler, “who do you think you are, what gives you the right,” “i’ll kill you,” “i’m just worried about my friend,” MOSE!, JAN Preggers!, and last hank the security guard!

  118. One thing I’m sure of-we missed out on so much JAM goodness from the strike and what with the Office being in real time over the summer-we are OWED that proposal. As in, we deserve to see it happen and it had better be damn good.

    Overall, pretty bland, like most of this season. Holly and Michael-hello, soap-opera Office. What HR rep who seems as mature and intelligent as Holly immediately walks into her new job and hits on her boss? It’s just not done.

    Kevin and Dwangela, though- woo hoo, so worth waiting for.

  119. Tan-monster! School the kids here about The Fire… when the gals are talking about who they would do Pam said: “Oscar’s kinda cute….Oooo Toby!” :) As for the finale, I LOVED it! I can’t even count how many times I was laughing out loud! We got everything in that episode: hilarious talking heads, sweet Michael, Office antics, etc. I gotta tell ya, the writers of this show always leave me satisfied and smiling!

  120. Oh and p.s. why is everyone hating on Andy? The poor guy is going to get his heart broken next season! :(

  121. I would have been perfectly happy with season 4 to just let Jim and Pam be for awhile. But with all the build up in the last few episodes with them and a possible engagment, the expectation was obviously there and what do we get in the end? IMO, a very unfunny, sitcommy contrivance. Yuck. And boo for making Pam so sad!

    However, some highlights:
    -Holly and Michael

  122. Like many, I have had my disappointment over seasons 3 & 4, but this finale more than made up for it.

    It struck just the right tone, everyone was in fine form, lots of unexpected plot twists, great character development, and wicked funny interpersonal stuff.

    Holly is a great character – she’s got the touchy-feely HR technique, and she’ll be a good foil for Michael. He’s already stifled one “that’s what she said” thanks to her influence.

    I will miss Toby. In a sense, he is smart to leave before his character degenerates any further.

  123. I’m glad Jim didn’t propose. The timing wasn’t right, clearly. That just gives us something to look forward to. If you want this show perfectly window-dressed and predictable, watch Friends. This is a real show, kids, and life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it.

  124. I think my heart just broke a little bit seeing Pam’s face at the end…Especially after seeing that incredibly sweet moment where Jim kisses her on the forehead!

    ALSO, did anyone else think it was creepy of Toby to be staring at photos of him and Pam on his digital camera?

  125. This is going to be a weird question but what are the consequences for Dunder Mifflin

  126. Best episode ever. I am still freaking out about it. Why do we have to wait another 3 months for even more amazing-ness??

    Also, I am so going to love Holly and I really wish Jan would leave Michael alone. She doesn’t even care about him, and he deserves so much better. But the absolute best part was the last 5 seconds. AH!

  127. People are saying that they didn’t like Jim’s attempted proposal. It was a shout-out to the Client… the fireworks, the same folding chairs, hell, they even showed a close-up of Dwight and Kevin (who lit fireworks during that episode). Obviously, Jim viewed that as his first date with Pam, and he was reenacting the scene.

  128. Andy brought his parents… it causes me endless giggles to think he brings his parents everywhere he thinks he MIGHT be about to propose.

  129. Okay, this episode was a little hard on my nerves so I’ll try to post this as “normal” as possible, haha.

    While I didn’t expect the JAM proposal to happen, getting so close and it being crushed then broke my heart a tiny little bit. And poor Pam. If only she knew…. :(

    I really want to hate Andy right now, but then, he didn’t know Jim was going to propose… and he’s definitely getting his heart broken next season. It’s just supposed to be Angela and Dwight… which leads me to…

    The end: priceless. I did NOT expect that to happen. If somebody asked me “what’s the last thing you’d expect?”, I’d probably have said “a Dwangela hookup”… but YAY for them.

    I loved Jim in this episode. How he stood up against Ryan… too awesome.

    I kinda like Holly. Hope she sticks around. Her dynamic with Michael is really good.

    I didn’t expect Jan to be pregnant either, until Kevin called from the supermarket, then I kinda knew what was going to happen. I am convinced the baby is Michael’s, though.

    Overall, really really good episode. The next 4 months are going to be sad… :(

  130. The lack of a JAM proposal was made up for in the ending Dwangela scene. Made the entire episode for me. Along with Kevin’s storyline. Priceless!

  131. The parking lot WAS the perfect place for Jim to propose to Pam! Did you see her face light up when she saw the fireworks? And I bet the whole ‘parking lot fair’ theme came from Jim, because when he approached her, she seemed at a loss as to what to plan for the party. That whole ‘going away party’ was planned by Jim for Pam, and then Andy RUINED it!

    But Jim should have proposed anyway. Pam was expecting it. I only hope she doesn’t feel he didn’t propose because he didn’t want to. She HAS to understand that Jim felt Andy stole his thunder, right?

    But then again, this IS a woman who ignored attentive Jim and was going to marry dismissive Roy.

  132. and Toby-Pam-Jim ARE NOT going to be a love triangle! Puh-lease! Pam’s just being nice because it’s his last day. Yeah, they are acting like nothing happened, because that’s what people do in offices!

  133. I loved it.

    It really was The Empire Strikes Back of The Office.

    Especially with the Yoda reference.

  134. I loved the episode and even though I was disappointed – especially for Pam – that there was no Jim & Pam engagement, it made sense in the episode and leaves lots of possibilities for S5. My one plea to the writers is please do not make S5 Jim & Pam break up but will they find their way back together? Let them work through this together.

  135. This is sooo two seasons ago. But in the first season, Kevin says he’s in a Steve Miller cover band, then his band only plays The Police. Did he change bands?

    Sorry, I have always wanted to ask.

  136. What an awesome, awesome episode. Superb acting by everyone, and the cold open was one of the best ever!
    I was totally expecting Jim to propose, not Andy, so big kudos to the writers for that twist. That’s one of the things that makes this show so great; the writers’ ability to surprise you.

  137. I was devastated by the lack of a proposal last night but now I think I’m ok. The Kevin stuff last night was amazing and I actually really like Holly. Andy was beyond frustrating and the Dwangela at the end was priceless. Can’t wait for next season!

  138. Overall, I liked this episode, but I thought there was too much going on. Also, I was disappointed by the Jam thing, but obviously they wanted to make it a cliffhanger, and at least now I can assume that Pam will say yes!

  139. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not better than “The Job” or “Casino Night”.

    Things I loved:
    – Holly, I like her character, especially how she ‘gets’ Michael
    – Phyllis pushing Angela’s books off the desk
    – Pam is going to art school
    – Kevin…the funniest part the episode
    – Ryan’s off to prison, loved Kelly’s reaction
    – MOSE!
    – Toby’s exit interview
    – The Dwangela cliffhanger, poor Phyllis

    Things I didn’t love:
    – Jan is preggers, sounds like a good idea but I felt it wasn’t executed right. It had the potential to be pretty funny but it came off as dark and sad.
    – Michael going back to Jan, I’m not surprised by this but hopefully next season he can stand up for himself. Holly is good for him and I would like to see them together. Plus Jan’s kid isn’t even Michael’s…or is it?
    -Jim and Pam didn’t get engaged, not surprising but disappointing. They’ll probably be engaged in the season 5 premiere and we’ll hear about it in the talking heads.
    – Why did Angela agree to marry Andy, she obviously doesn’t want to.

    For me it was a 8.2/10

  140. I haven’t seen anyone mention Michael’s great line, “That’s what she……..I mean….A lot of companies are doing that nowadays.”

    He actually stopped himself!

  141. I am a huge JAM fan and I am so disappointed with this episode. The secrecy and hype just lured fans in to be even MORE let down.

    The writers are awesome, no doubt about it. I just hope they don’t do this to us again. :-)

  142. Did I dream that Pam said Toby was cute or was that real?

    I hate the writers for making me wait! Everything was great, but I just wanted to give Pam a hug when she said “I really thought he was gonna propose tonight.” Anyone else?

    I was literally freaking out when I saw Jan! I was like jabbering on and on!

    Tanster, you rule! Thanks for putting up this site.

  143. How messed up is Jan’s baby going to be? If she did it when she was still with Michael (or it is Michael’s) well, we all saw how much she drank the night of the dinner party? Man, Michael needs to stay away from her! His inherent niceness and need for completion as a family is his downfall with her! I hope Holly does pursue him. How would that be for a change? Someone pursuing him.

  144. So I had some laughs, but left disappointed. Stupid Andy Bernard! At least Ryan is out of there. I will have to take that as a consolation prize to no JAM proposal.

  145. Just chiming in with my two cents: I loved the episode (I’ll echo #180 Mose’s Secret Lover: I love every episode, too.)

    I haven’t rewatched yet but here’s what I liked: Holly’s reaction shots were great, Kevin’s line about his intentions with Holly killed me, Dwight’s admission that it was his own fault with Angela was lovely–and then the payoff at the tag! WOW! And I’m just a tiny bit disappointed Andy stole Jim’s thunder, but Andy was great.

    Can’t wait for season 5. Thanks for all you do for us Tanster. Everybody: have a great summer!

  146. I liked that the cliffhanger was unexpectedly not about Jim/Pam like both ‘Casino Night’ and ‘The Job.’ We instead got TWO cliffhangers in one– Michael/Jan AND Angela/Dwight.

  147. I realize the Jim, Pam relationship has been great this year, but I’m annoyed at the way they played this out tonight. I am happier when the Jim and Pam relationship is upbeat. I’m not happy about this, going into the summer. I LOVE this show, but this was a DOWNER!

  148. Loved this episode, I hope Holly is going to be a regular for season 5.

  149. Does anyone else feel for Pam? She was expecting the proposal and it didn’t come. It sucked for both of them that Andy stole that moment from them. However, I am glad that that wasn’t their proposal because it didn’t feel like a JAM moment. I think they need something a little more special a little more them. Maybe he could put the ring in her yogurt or something…”Mixed Berry” haha!

    Anyway I don’t understand why Angela said yes to Andy. I am happy to see her with Dwight at the end, but she still has that engagement ring on her finger and you can tell she can’t stand Andy. I don’t like that she said yes to him.

    I can’t wait for next season, I just feel like we’re back to the writer’s strike again. No more OFFICE =(

  150. I wasn’t expecting Jim to propose (my initial speculation was that Pam would get an internship in New York and he would decide to wait until she returned)

    But the more they put it *right there* in front of me, the more I hoped it would happen. And then they just snatched it away! LOL

    So even though I had set myself up to be happy without one, I ended up incredibly bummed out.

    Great finale though. So many great moments and now I have something to look forward to in Season 5! (Not that I wouldn’t anyway, but waiting on that kick ass proposal is the biggest incentive).

  151. Okay, after a night’s sleep and some serious thought…this is what I have come up with. Please tell me your thoughts, fellow tallyheads. I think that Season 5 will bring:

    1. Pam meeting a new artist guy friend in New York. Jim becomes jealous and maybe says something inappropriate like he knows how easily she falls for friends or something like that? Hardship ensues and we get the proposal NEXT season finale.
    2. Andy finds out about Dwangela near the Super Bowl, leaves and heads up the spin-off.
    3. Michael and Holly become the new JAM. Although, I always loved Jan and Michael.
    4. Jim is offered Ryan’s old job, straining the Jim and Pam relationship.

    So many thoughts bouncing around in my head. It is going to take me all summer to heal from this season finale. Thank you!

  152. Even though I was frustrated at Andy’s timing and the interrupted proposal that’s been four-years in the making, it was actually the best way to handle things. It would have been anti-climatic to have the proposal during the finale — we were expecting it.
    Also, Pam only has to go to NYC for three months. They could stay in real time and by the time we come back for Season 5 she would either be finishing up or already back in Scranton. Just a thought.
    I really did love this episode. Despite our beloved JAM, this is still an ensemble show and the other members totally got to shine this week. :-)

  153. Just by the by, it’s spelt “Mutter” and “Vater” – the German words for mother and father – not “Mater” and “Fater.” ;)
    Thanks for all the quotes!

  154. #184 – Perhaps Jim doesn’t consider the Chili’s kiss their first kiss because Pam was drunk at the time. Drunken kisses that may or may not be remembered later don’t count IMO.

  155. I enjoyed this episode. Especially Ryan the dink getting arrested. But when Michael talked on the phone about getting back together with Jan, I screamed “NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!”

  156. I was disappointed. All of the drama was over the top for me. It felt like a soap opera. There was an arrest, pregnancy, engagement, affair, foiled engagement, exit interview, and new love interest all in one show. I don’t think any of these really received significant story development.

    I did like Holly and her inteactions with Michael and Kevin. The Yoda scene was hilarious. Phyllis was fun to watch too.

  157. It is totally fun to be part of a crowd that rushes to this site, enough to crash it as soon as the episode closed. I know we’ve all got lives, but how are we gonna make it through the summer? Great, great episode.

    Thinking ahead (and not having read every post yet…) the two possible places for art school were NYC and Philly; I know Pam is going to NYC, but what about Philly Jim?

  158. Thank you Jim for putting the “Jim will never propose in the office” rumours to rest! Can’t believe my heart started pounding when he reached in his pocket! I’m guessing Andy is going have to deal with some pretty aggressive pranking next season – not to mention an unfaithful fiance… I kept thinking about how pissed Jim would be having spent all that money on the perfect night only to have it ruined! Poor Pam! The look on her face in the pictures with Toby is heartbreaking.

  159. The Office has done it once again. The kiss in Season 2. The date in Season 3. And now the non-proposal in Season 4. Pam thought the relationship was solid and that being in New York wouldn’t be a problem. But she seemed so shaken at the end, and now she might NOT know where she stands.

    Though we didn’t get that great JAM moment, there were so many other great things. The cold open. The introduction of Holly. Phyllis putting together a great party. Jan is pregnant. Dwight and Angela. This was the best episode of a season that could have easily been decimated by the strike. The writers did a great job.

    The ice cream sundae is still as delicious even without the cherry on top.

  160. I agree with some of the others, I prefer that Pam and Jim did not get engaged. If nothing else, it gives us something to hang onto for next season.

  161. I am so glad there was not a serious JAM cliffhanger!!!!! That always kills me over the summer. Smart to do a Dwangela one, though. Can’t wait for September!!!

  162. Jim and Pam have had their angst. There doesn’t need to be any hardship. It’s been 4 years!!!!

  163. My favorite parts – Michael was very endearing. I loved the exit interview, in which he was thwarted in his attempts to say what he really wanted to Toby. He was even compelled to give Toby his watch. That was very funny.
    I also loved the parts with Kevin. He is hilarious and I’ve always wished that he got more air time. I loved the Jim/Dwight prank scene. We can never get enough of those pranks!!! My all time favorite is the nickels in the phone trick.
    Finally, the deleted scene with Meredith and Dwight in the kitchen made me laugh out loud. That was truly hilarious. There were many, many more scenes in the finale that I really liked.
    Great work, ALL of you!!! Have a great summer!

  164. I really loved this episode. I have to agree with some of the comments here though – the timing did seem off for some of the scenes (IMO – Angela & Dwight, the proposal from Andy, Jim’s non proposal, etc.) But it still awesome. I LOVED Ryan getting arrested – and I think I even said in one of the comments that it was his mug shot they were all standing around looking at. Almost right! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

  165. I don’t know about this episode. Yeah Holly was a fun new addition and Kevin was hilarious, but I just felt like it kind of fizzled out at the end. Isn’t The Office know for its really exciting season finales? This one just seemed kind of dull.

    And watching Pam almost cry broke my heart. That was depressing.

  166. Oh, and I have one thing to say to Angela – “Don’t be whorish!” (anyone who was at the Convention will remember her saying this). :)

  167. Very disappointed (at the time, angry) at the ending. If we come back in S5 and they have gotten engaged over the summer, it will be a huge snub on the viewers. The Andy-Angela thing has always felt forced and not realistic to me, and that they ended the show with that instead of what we fans have been waiting so, so long for is just very…disappointing.

    Otherwise, hilarious episode. Probably one of the best.

  168. Kevin is special. HI-larious. I spit diet coke across my couch when Holly said “How much money do you have?” and he opened his hand to show her. SOOO darned funny.

    JAM will have to wait. But I swear, if we get cheated out of MORE monumental events with JAM I will be ticked!!!

  169. An amazing episode. Why wasn’t the whole season this good? I think since Toby’s leaving, Paul should totally drop the acting and spend all his time writing. Paul and Paul/Jen episodes are awesome.

    I wish Jan would disappear like Roy did. She’s despicable.

  170. Did anyone see the very last moment of the show after Phyllis steps off of the elevator? Our DVR player shut off. We assumed we missed something.

    It was a great show. I was bummed that Jim and Pam didn’t get engaged. I think it was pretty predictable though. I knew there would be an interruption before they even showed Andy at the mic. Lots of funny moments though. The Kevin bit was really funny!

  171. Does anyone else think Jan’s lying about the baby being a result of a sperm donor? Why would a woman, yes she’s sort of ‘advanced’ in age go to a sperm bank while she’s still dating someone? It either has to be Michael’s or even Hunter’s, but I do think she’s lying.

  172. Loved the episode but there were just 2 things I was thinking as far as continuity goes: Jim and Pam’s “first” kiss was at the Dundies…not outside the building. And if Jan had gotten pregnant from a sperm bank during her’s and Michael’s relationship, then why was she chugging wine at their dinner party? Granted, she might not have known, but that still struck me as odd.

    LOVE Amy Ryan…she did a great job. And I loved the whole Kevin is slow thing…so funny! Good for Dwangela…and Jam better get married next season! :)

  173. First of all, being from NOLA…it’s not a ‘New Orleans funeral’. It is a JAZZ FUNERAL!

    I’m glad they put off the JAM proposal b/c it needs to be way more special than the office parking lot. Even if it is decorated by the new party planner ROCK STAR, PHYLLIS!

  174. Loved the episode. Absolutely no complaints. If there is one thing The Office does right, it is finales.

  175. I thought the episode was FANTASTIC…

    …(but I feel so bad for Jim and Pam!!)

    But seriously. Great episode. The Kevin thing was genius. The fact that Holly seems perfect to Michael was just the last thing I expected. The Yoda thing? I was just like OMG. NO WAY. And Dwight and Angela? LOVE. IT.

  176. One thing I wanted to say was how much I enjoyed Phyllis in this episode – her reaction to Michael asking her to run the party (yesssss) and to directory assistance offering to put her through to anti-depressants. Just wonderful. She is one very talented lady.

  177. I think the writers got this so RIGHT! It was unbelievably touching in all these unexpected ways, and hilarious in many others. My favorite line has to be “You cheated on me? After I specifically asked you not to?” And Dwight’s simple line “It was my fault” had me choking back tears. I also like that the writers didn’t give in and have a Jam proposal! They must have known the fans would mutiny but it was such a real situation.

    And of course, the tag. All the story arcs had left me a little sad, but when that perfect, hilarious tag came in I was giddy all over again. Wow this show is so good. I’ve never been so pleased to have my emotions toyed with like that.

  178. I loved Kevin’s bit. And I also am glad Jim didn’t propose.. although Pam obviously was upset when she thought it was him (which it was originally) who would propose. And Andy’s an idiot. She obviously doesn’t like him (ice cream smear on the car)Oh and now we know what Pam will do over the summer hiatus.

  179. Perhaps Michael donated to the sperm bank under false pretenses long ago?…….

  180. Poor Jimmy! I was so proud of him for making that call to Ryan, and he must have been feeling pretty good before Andy swept in. However, he must have forgotten that as far as JAM is concerned, that parking lot is cursed.

    Can you imagine how crushed Toby would have been if Pam got engaged at his goodbye party? Kind of like a reversed Booze Cruise situation.

    One more thing: the Kevin storyline was brilliant!

  181. I was pretty happy with the finale overall. Glad Jim grew a pair but he needs to cut his hair (that rhymed). Was bittersweet about no proposal (stupid Andy) but hopefully we’ll get more goodness next year so it’ll be really worth it. the last scene and cold open were awesome. Love Amy Ryan. Hope she’s back.

  182. I totally forgot about the Mose scene. I loved that. I’m also looking forward to a really great proposal scene next year.

  183. Loved the episode! The last episodes always seem to be great…Casino Night, Beach Games, and this one.

    I would like to thank Paul and Jen for putting in a fantastic Jim vs. Dwight prank in…I’ve been waiting all season for one! I know people think the overall feeling of the show is different due to romantic relationships: JAM, Angela/Andy/Dwight, Michael/Jan. I, however, feel the biggest difference was that Jim and Dwight tension wasn’t there and well, that just didn’t feel right to me.

    p.s. loooved Kevin!

  184. I really, really, really wanted to like this episode but to be honest I can’t help feel disappointed that there wasn’t a JAM proposal. I think it was just wishful thinking and just sort of expected we’d get one in the finale – and as awful as this sounds, I think it ruined it for me. They had some amazing jokes in there that still crack me up a day later. I can’t believe now we have to wait until September to see them again. The torture!

  185. I get how many people are disappointed by not showing jim proposing. I agree, that this Show isn’t “Lost”, but it’s not “Young and the Restless” either, in which every single bit is calculable.

    Had they given you all the things you wanted to see there really was no sense in making a fifth season.

    Jim speaking German was funny!

  186. Stanley dancing in front of Darryl’s keyboard !!!!!
    Hilarious – laughing through the tears I was crying for Pam

  187. This was the first good Office episode in a long, long time!

    1. Michael and Holly is the new Jim and Pam. Two people obviously meant for each other who connect at work but are kept apart by circumstances (Jan’s pregnancy). It’s brilliant! I’m almost rooting more for Michael than I did for Jim, since we know how hard things have been for him.

    2. Holly! Please tell me she’s going to be a become a regular character. She’s great!

    3. I am sooo happy that the proposal didn’t happen. Way too obvious. The Office just isn’t The Office without the Jim/Pam angst. It’s been way too long since we had some of that. (And I love to see the JAMmers squirm.)

    4.By the way, people are freaking about Pam saying Toby is cute are REALLY overreacting. They aren’t setting up a love triangle people! They’re just making Toby’s situation all the more tragic–that maybe sometime years ago he might have had a sliver of a chance.

  188. I was very disappointed that Jim & Pam didn’t get engaged – but really, it does make sense. It will put some tension & suspense back into that relationship that has been sailing pretty smoothly this season.

    Also, am I the only one who thought maybe the office building was going to catch fire & burn down (wasn’t “fire” listed in one of the spoilers as a potential plot point?).

    I LOVED Amy Ryan. I hope she stays.

  189. The endearing quality that The Office has always had is its unpredictability. I found that the twists last night were slightly predictable. Oh no. For a show that amazes us weekly with its twists and turns, last night’s show weakly (pun intended) tried to surprise us. Totally enjoyed Kevin as a “slow person”. THAT was genius !

  190. Agreed. The Kevin storyline had me in tears.

    so… Pam goes to Pratt in Brooklyn and Jim takes Ryan’s job in Manhattan?

  191. This finale was just about perfection! Sorry we broke OT last night Tanster, I guess we were all just a bit excited?! Overall, though my immediate reaction was nooooo, to the non-Jam proposal, how they went about this is golden and hilarious. So as long as they don’t cheat us out of seeing the proposal (roof top, roof top) I will be fine. Also… Dwangela!!! And oh how much Phyllis is going to love this blackmail.

    Also did anyone read the live blog with Paul, is Toby really gone for good? I’m so sad if he is!!!

  192. I’m not sure if anyone said this or not, but why did Jim say their first kiss was outside! It wasn’t outside, it was like right behind him (when he said that), by his desk. I mean, he told her he loved her outside yes …

    I loved the episode, and I didn’t actually expect them to get engaged so I was okay with it …

    But that line threw me off. How did no one who works there pick up on it?

  193. I’m not sure if anyone has already gone here, but I have to say – the thing I am most left in angst about is the fact that Pam is LEAVING and we will miss:
    – Her telling Michael, which will be a HUGE deal to him
    – Her going away party
    – Seeing who her replacement will be

    She’s certainly not going to come back after she completes the program. It was like they threw that in in the beginning, focused everyone on the proposal and then never brought it up again. I am just left with so many questions. It almost makes me wonder if they already know she isn’t actually going to go through with it or something. It just doesn’t make sense that they let it go so easily. I didn’t expect a proposal, but I kinda expected her telling Michael that she was quitting. I guess he already had too much going on in this episode, though…. Anyway…just my ramblings. EXCELLENT EPISODE!

  194. Well, I think the reason they didn’t do the jim proposal that way was because if you really think about it, that would have been such a lame proposal! Think about it…we’ve been waiting for YEARS for that moment to happen. Would we all really want that kind of proposal? I think it may happen in NY…something amazing like that!

  195. #175–“I gotta tell ya, the writers of this show always leave me satisfied and smiling! ”


  196. Best episode post strike. I wish this whole season was this good. Best line of the night “This is a button.” That was the greatest, I had to rewind that about 5 times. I love that Dwight was able to get one over on the new HR Rep. Looking forward to next season. Thanks for the great website Tanster!

  197. I was really sad about the way Jim and Pam’s story ended this season, it kind of put a damper on the whole episode. But, then I remember everything else that happened and I can’t help but feel that this was one of the best episodes yet. The Kevin and Holly story was great “that’s a button” (and I never thought about HOW slowly Kevin actually speaks!)
    I loved that Michael became kind of normal around Holly, how they balanced each other out. Oscar’s line about Ryan’s beard being the true crime was excellent. All around a wonderful episode. And don’t even get me started on Dwangela! Wow! Angela’s a hussy!
    Please let Holly be a regular cast member, I loved her more than I’ve ever loved a new character, there was none of that “uh oh, a NEW person on my favorite show” feeling. Keep Jan away! We want Holly!

  198. Wow. I think this episode accomplished what it set out to do: provide a wee bit of closure, but leave many doors wide open for Season Five. September can’t come soon enough.

    A few thoughts:
    -I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch an episode again without viewing Kevin, well, differently.
    -Oscar provided the laugh out loud line of the night: “The real crime, I think, was the beard.”
    -Michael abruptly stopping his TWSS moment was so adorably funny.

    Really enjoyed it all. And my heart was racing along with Jim’s with the shot of him nervously cradling the ring case.

    Oh, and one last thing. “I call it ‘the perfect storm.'” Never said “perfect” in the office before, huh, Pam? You liar. ;)

  199. I did like the episode a lot, especially the tag! Who’s the office mattress now Angela? But, I gotta say, I felt I was slightly led on and am a little disappointed JAM didn’t get engaged. There was just so much build up only to have nothing happen. I hope they don’t grow apart with Pam’s months away and that they get engaged relatively quickly next season (and that were allowed to see it). Otherwise, it will just be too long to wait for a lot of fans who have been patient thus far.

    My guess is that Andy is being geared towards the spinoff. Would you want to stay in an office where someone had cheated on you with Dwight? I do think it’d be hilarious if Phyllis blackmailed Angela for a while about it. Angela would be forced to hand over all party planning duties to Phyllis even though she said she would never let Phyllis plan another party. And then maybe she’d finally snap and the whole Andy-Dwangela triangle would be revealed.

    And what’s going to happen to Ryan?

  200. Even though it sort of got lost in this episodes, Creed meeting Holly and subsequent talking head was hilarious!

  201. I thought the finale was great! I have NEVER while watching a tv show or movie gotten up out of my seat and/or yelled at the television so much as during this episode! I can’t say I’m happy that Michael’s going back to Jan – althought I am glad Jan is back. I’m actually not too upset with the whole no Jim/Pam engagement. I kept saying to myself that I didn’t want them to propose this season, I felt it was too predictable and cliche, as many other shows use something like a proposal in their finales. Although, toward the end of the show I was so ready for Jim to propose. But they’ll get together, you know it.

    And I highly doubt they’ll announce the proposal via talking heads next season. Remember, Jim and Pam will be apart all summer long while Pam’s in NYC. Jim wouldn’t propose while Pam is 2 hours away. It (hopefully) will be done on camera next season.

  202. Although I was truly disappointed for Jam, I’m glad the non-engagement happened. First of all, this episode showed me that Pam wants to be proposed to- asap. Some of her expressions from when they were talking engagement before had me nervous for Jim. Secondly, I think Jim can do better- although his heart was in the right place. I’ve always envisioned him proposing to her on the flower-filled terrace of their possible new home- make her childhood dream come true. At any rate, I have complete faith in the writers in regards to Jam- I just don’t want to wait 4 months to see what happens next.
    Loved Holly. Hated Jan. Want to kick Michael in the gluteus maximus for not seeing what Jan is doing, and what he’s missing in Holly. Amy Ryan- please stick around! You rock.

  203. Oh I totally agree with luvrgrrl’s comments… the time wasn’t right for a proposal. As a viewer, I’d LOVE to be surprised by it, not have fifty million “Here it comes!” neon signs pointing the way. This episode was perfect.

  204. A Little Stitious, I agree completely with #207. That was a fantastic line! This Michael was the sweet trying so hard to be good Michael… until Jan came along! SO like real life when someone else throws a wrench in your nicely laid plans.

    I wasn’t upset at the lack of the correct engagement. Jim wants it to be perfect. Besides, there were so many great moments! Special Needs Kevin was hilarious!

    One last thing: RP McMurphy brings up a good point in #204 about Pam going to NY for three months. The minute Ryan lost his job and I stopped laughing about the scene already being on You Tube, I thought that Jim will be offered Ryan’s job. Pam in New York and Jim offered a job in New York? A job which from which he withdrew his name for consideration last time because Pam was in Scranton? Interesting.

  205. #242 — If you are serious, I highly recommend you get on-line ( and watch the final moment. Yes, you did miss something.

  206. I keep telling myself it’s just a tv show so that I won’t feel disappointed about JAM not getting engaged, it’s working a litte bit. I do like Holly’s new character and I’m curious how she’s gonna fit in with the office. Will it be like 2 Michael Scotts or will she take his rude humor down a notch? We will see. BTW, has anyone come up with a Michael+Holly name or is it too soon? Micholly? Hollycael? Wow those were horrible.

    And darn Andy the thunder stealer!!! But it’s ok because… it’s just a tv show… it’s just a tv show… it’s just a tv show… but it’s my favorite tv show, ever!!! Season 5 here we come.

  207. I bet the spin-off is about Jim and Pam in NYC. Pam goes to Pratt, and Dunder-Mifflin re-offers Jim the NYC job now that Ryan is out.

  208. I am surprised at all the hate this episode is getting. I thought it was brilliant and I absolutely loved it! It’s not like Jim and Pam broke up and I find the thought that we were “owed” an engagement a bit disconcerting. I realize I am in the minority with that thought.

    I laughed incredibly hard throughout this episode and isn’t that why we watch the show in the first place? Excellent job, Paul and Jen :)

  209. Alright….. comments back up. Let’s do this. :)

    First off…. Tanster you are amazing. I cannot imagine what you went through last night getting everything up and then having the website overload… We appreciate all you do for us SO much.

    I am not trying to kiss up, but I think everyone should give a round of applause for the mods in the OTCR cause they were working it last night. (and yes.. I fully expect every one of you to be clapping at your computers right now)

    ::unfolds notes:: Here are my thoughts about last night.

    1) Although it was agonizing I’m really okay with the lack of proposal from Jim last night. I am upset at the sight of Pam crying over it. And I’m not liking that her teary eyed photo will be with Toby, with him thinking she’s crying over him leaving.

    2) AWESOME cold open. one of the best so far – entire series.

    3) Andy asking for Angela’s “tiny hand” cracked me up

    4) I want to hear “Total eclipse of the Fart”.

    5) Funniest moment for me personally was when Andy pulled the mic cord and knocked Darryl’s keyboard over. That “damnit” killed me.

  210. The pam and jim ending was awful. I guess the writers haven’t learned anything about what the viewers want. It was unbelievable that Jim would just let the whole thing drop. So much for keeping it real. I think I’m going to be so “over” the office.

  211. #242, did your DVR really shut off before the mad, hot Dwangela love? I’m soooo sorry.

  212. I keep coming back to the interview where J. Fischer said maybe Jim and Pam are catalysts for each other to find what they want in life, and it isn’t necessarily each other.

    I can’t help but think Pam’s eyes will be opened when she attends the Pratt Institute. Maybe the break room scene symbolizes this transition.

  213. I cannot see how any fan could be disappointed with that episode. It was everything good about The Office. I can’t wait for the summer webisode!!

  214. I don’t necessarily think that we will find out who is gonna be in the spinoff until an episode mid-season. Think about it, somebody could leave at the Christmas episode (or thereabouts) and start up the new show in February. Right now it could still be anyone in the spinoff.
    Also, that reminds me, if any writers are reading this, you should totally write a Christmas episode and put it on the DVD as the “lost christmas episode” or something. I think it would make all of our lives complete with a season 4 x-mas party!

  215. #291 if this is true… I GIVE UP! If the writers go this way, way too many people will be devastated! I mean we don’t need to get this deep and emotional on this show, just let the happy, destined to be together couple be happy! I don’t think I could handle it if they went this route, it pissed me off when Jenna said that’s what she wanted.

  216. Best episode of the season. Funny, touching, real character development. (I’m looking at you Michael!) And it’s so sad that it’s tainted by the cheap trick of the writers to drop the Jim/Pam story. I guess I should expect the opening of season 5 to be, “Yeah, Jim and I broke up this summer.” I really thought more of these writers. I’m so conflicted about ‘Goodbye, Toby.’ Brilliant yet heart-wrenching in the NOT good way.

  217. I love how in the tag Dwight is shirtless (and maybe more) but Angela appears fully-clothed. :)

  218. 6) Mose and Meredith with the raccoon was both ironic and hilarious. I was so excited to see Mose for some reason…

    7) Kelly plans to visit Ryan in jail. Hilarious. Karma totally kicked Ryan’s butt – I’m so happy about that. Fraud. perfect. (that’s the first time I’ve used that word!)

    8) Holly is awesome. I absolutely love her. When she started with the Yoda and yelled “acting” and “that is the story of me on the floor.. i’m selling the movie rights.” Just amazing.

    9) Kevin as special needs was hilarious. And the fact that Michael kept taking the compliments blindly from Holly for hiring him …. lol priceless.

    10) Most deliciously awkward moment : Toby yelling for a camera. Toby in general kinda won me back for a minute, but I was still upset at him from the last few episodes, so I was kinda happy to see him go. His exit interview was great. “Who do you think you are. I’m Toby. Correct.” lol

    To sum up….this episode is SO in my top 10 ever. And September is WAY too far away.

    (Creed does what again? Quabbadiy Ashwitz? best job ever.)

  219. I loved this episode right up until the end. I really wanted that predictable cliche for Jam.

  220. I’m really surprised people aren’t very happy with this episode…it was one of my all time favorites. I laughed through the entire thing! Also, put yourself in Jim’s position-would you have proposed after Andy? No. That would’ve been kind of “copy-cat” of him. They obviously both want to get engaged, so I’m sure they’ll be okay with a little communication. Also, i LOVED the Kevin storyline!

  221. Why would Pam be upset about Jim not proposing that night? She obviously saw Andy’s proposal and she’s knows it would’ve been tacky for Jim to propose too. She knows Jim would rather wait until it’s right. She should know better.

  222. A great ending for a great season. I really enjoyed Season 4, start to finish! Shame about the strike-plot-jumps, but definitely wins out for me over Season 3.

    Cheers, Office writers!

  223. Love, love, loved it right until the end. The interrupted proposal felt so cliche; I’ve seen it like a thousand times. And it just made me hate Andy even more.

    But on another level, I’m kind of glad that he didn’t propose there. It would’ve been cute, yes, but I was looking for something a bit more ass-kicking. Maybe casino night replay? I don’t know.

    As for next season, they’ve set up for a Pam homecoming. Is she just gone for the summer months? I really hope so!

  224. A few people have mentioned that maybe it’s Hunter’s baby and I think they’re right on.
    “That One Night” was probably written for her!!!
    “You took me by the hand….made me a man….”
    Makes sense considering she’s older than him.
    JUICY!!! Can’t wait to see if it’s true!

  225. I really don’t understand the hate this episode is getting for the non-Jam proposal. They set it up, and they let us down–it was a tease, and come on, it would have been way too predictable if they let us have it. Also, Jim was not going to propose when Andy stole his thunder. I was upset for him, and I was upset that Pam was tearing up, but it’s not like they’ve broken up or anything. The proposal is coming, and I think when it does, we’ll all be surprised and delighted.

    I really think this episode is the best of the season–it was brilliant with all its twists. I loved the Michael storyline, and I really almost cried when he decided to go with Jan to LaMaze…but that’s Michael. He’ll take one step forward and two steps back. I think the episode is setting us up for some really interesting character development next season. I really hope Holly/Amy Ryan stays on the show. Great character. And God, I’ve never laughed so hard at anything like I laughed at Special Needs Kevin!

    Phyllis threw the best DM party ever. And now she has the best dirt ever. Brilliant!

  226. Is anyone else wondering what is going to happen to Pam’s position as a receptionist. I mean the whole 3 months thing makes sense because she will only be gone for the summer hiatus. But they will need someone there for those 3 months. And is she even coming back after school or going on to bigger and better?

  227. #283 (Jim Halpert) Thank you so much! You are absolutely right! I sure did miss something. I can’t wait to show my husband when he gets home!

    I was so bummed for Dwight. I feel better.

  228. I really liked this episode but I don’t think that it was better than last season’s finale, but it is in my top 3 for season 4. The Michael, Jim and Pam storylines have me a bit worried. I don’t have that ‘happy/excited’ feeling that I did after “The Job”. I hope Michael realizes that Jan isn’t right for him. Not sure what is going on with Jam, the writers probably have us worried for nothing. The Dwangela cliffhanger was awesome, though! And Kevin was easily the best part of the episode.

  229. I haven’t read all your replies, but several of you seem disappointed.. That really shows how different we all are. This was, for me, at least a top 3 episode in the whole series. It was so hilariously funny and had so much development. LOVED Holly. I think her and Michael was fantastic together. Great actress that Amy Ryan.

    Some of the awesomeness in this episode:
    – Michael criticizing Dwight for hating Holly without a reason, when he clearly has no reason himself.
    – The cold open was one of my all time faves.
    – Creed trying to remember what his job is about.
    – Every conversation with Holly and Kevin. “This is a button. You drive your own car?”

    Some of you seem to be disappointed because of the lack of a Jam engagement. Well, would it be romantic if Jim proposed right after Andy? No, it would have been depressing. I like the idea of waiting for next season. They’re clearly still very much in love. No need to stress it. The Andy/Dwangela twist will be so good you guys!

    The writers amaze me so much. I can’t wait for next season! “Goodbye, Toby”: 10/10!

  230. So disappointing… not only about the interrupted JAM proposal, but all in all I thought it was very anti-climatic. I expected more from the Ryan storyline. All year they’ve been building up his demise and all we got was a quick clip of him getting arrested. I just wanted to see more fall-out from that. I felt so bad for Michael when he found out the baby wasn’t his. Jan went to a sperm bank?! What?! A very weird turn, in my opinion. Funny episode, but a downer in the end.

    I really hope Pam going away doesn’t have any negative consequences for JAM. I feel like that whole breakroom scene was foreshadowing.

    But I like Holly a lot. I wonder if next season Michael will have to choose between being happy with her or being “kind of a daddy” with Jan.

  231. maybe Jim will get Ryan’s job, so he can be in NY with Pam….
    but then that would be boring..

  232. I don’t think it’s Hunter’s baby. I really think she went to the sperm bank, she even said, in a nice way that she didn’t want to screw this one up and wanted to make it count, hence her choosing the donor.

    I also think Toby is gone.

  233. Just a few thoughts:

    –Good riddance Ryan. But who does Jim know at corporate that he would know about the video? I find it hard to believe that he would just stumble upon it accidentally.

    –From what we saw on her first day, Holly appears to be the woman Michael has been waiting for. She’s just his type, looks-wise, and she shares his sense of humor. If he can just continue to follow Jim’s advice, and stay away from Jan, I think he’s finally going to get his Ms. Right!

    –I thought the parking lot, with the fireworks and music and all, was the perfect place for Jim to propose. Their relationship developed there; it’s where they fell in love. Makes perfect sense. And it was obvious Pam knew it was coming as soon as she saw the fireworks. And she didn’t seem disappointed. That it, until Jim didn’t actually pop the question.

    –Pam is going away to school for three months? What does this mean for her job? It wasn’t clear that this was a DM internship (at least not to me). Can she take a three month leave? Or does she have to quit?

  234. Wow. So I have not laughed like that in a pretty long time. All that the episode had been built up to for me was just right, if not better than what I had expected.
    1.Michael + Holly = the awesome. Let’s keep that going
    2. Mentally challenged Kevin… Why didn’t I think of that? PRICELESS!!
    3. Jim not proposing to Pam… Not gonna lie, glad it happened. Makes for more story for next season! Wow. I bet I’m one of the only people on here that said that… Please, no one shoot me.
    4. The baker line. My friend and I just graduated from culinary school, and we are both bakers. After the commercial came on, we both immediately called each other and were like, THEY WROTE THAT LINE FOR US!!! it was great.
    All in all, great finale to a short but hilarious season. Keep up the good work in the webisodes and next season!!!

  235. Re: Pam being upset about the nongagement

    I think she was so enamored with the thought of getting engaged she was basically driving with blinders on. Anything short of it not happening was going to bum her out. It’s like having something you really want in your hands and then taken away from you.

    As for where this ends up, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they take a cue from the British show. Perhaps something happens between the two while she’s away and they rush into a breakup neither truly wants. Pam leaves Dunder Mifflin to pursue her art and Jim floats aimlessly. Somehow they’re reconnected, Jim drops to a knee and says, “I should have done this a year ago…”

  236. My hope for this series is that it ends happily for everyone at the end of Season 5. I think television shows need to provide a realistic arc for their characters, while satisfying their viewers. So many shows go on past the point where they are interesting, simply because they are cash cows for the networks.

    Regarding this episode, I think the writers may be pushing viewers past the point of tolerance by not advancing the Jim/Pam engagement. I thought the treatment of the Ryan, Michael and Jan characters was good and appropriate. Loved Kevin (!) and the introduction of Holly.

  237. this episode was pertty good. toby is ‘kinda cute.’ kevin’s going to ‘totally bang holly.’ michael learns the suble art of flirting. kelly’s going to visit ryan in jail. love, love, love creed’s one liners. angela’s took the slow train from philly. can’t wait for season 5.

  238. This finale really hit me in the grief-bone:

    -Jan’s absurd pregnancy
    -Toby’s creepiness to the end
    -Pam calling Toby ‘cute’
    -ho-hum tag with Dwight and Angela…BORING
    -the ‘Friends’ plot device used to stop the Jim proposal

    For shame Office writers, for shame.

  239. What an amazing episode! Writing was spot-on, and I’m not sure which made me laugh more…the fact that Kevin acting just like Kevin was passable as someone with special needs or Creed forgetting his job. I usually cringe at descriptions like “laugh out loud funny”, but this episode was.

    Great job writing team!

  240. Well, after the initial disappointment of no JAM proposal and watching the episode again, I have to say it was actually really, really good. There was a ton of character development but it was still hilariously funny.
    1) Ryan getting what’s coming to him was great. And I cheered for Jim when he finally stood up to Ryan
    2) Phyllis stepping up to be the head of the Party Planning Committee and actually doing a great job. Fantastic!
    3) Pam’s line about being “so clearly awesome” was great. She finally believes in herself and that’s largely due to Jim.
    4) The new and improved Michael Scott (not being over-eager) although I didn’t like him censoring his TWSS line. Those lines are my favorite thing about his character!
    5) LOVE Holly’s character. I think she’s going to fit in very well in the office.

    Although I hated Andy stealing the proposal moment, something more depressing for me was Michael calling Jan at the end. He’s pulling a “season two Pam” and falling into what’s comfortable just so he’s not alone. I sincerely hope they don’t put Michael and Jan back together. That can only mean bad things for Michael.

  241. Holly stole my heart. She IS like a baker…but funnier. I think Holly/Michael will be the new JAM for us. You really want them to get together, cus they’re so perfect for each other–but it drags on…and we wonder if they’ll ever be happy. I am not for Jan and Michael getting back together. T was really sad about that.

  242. “BTW, has anyone come up with a Michael+Holly name or is it too soon? Micholly? Hollycael? Wow those were horrible.”

    Dude… Molly.

  243. One more point to make (I ran out of room in my last post):

    So, yeah, it sucks that Jim didn’t get to propose to Pam in what (I thought) was the perfect scenario, and when she was really expecting it. I felt bad for Pam because she really wanted him to propose, and now she’s having all these doubts.

    So, now three months (or more) is going to go by without cameras. Is Jim really going to wait 3+ months to propose? And if he does, isn’t that just going to bring up really bad memories for Pam, considering all she went through with Roy? I really don’t think this is a good development. The way I see it, either we come back in 3 months and we get news of their engagement through a talking head, or their relationship is in turmoil because of the distance (Pam in NY, Jim in PA) and what Pam perceives as a lack of commitment from Jim.

    Thoughts anyone?

  244. Anyone else notice that the parallels between Dwight & Angela to Frank & Hot Lips keep getting stronger and stronger?

  245. #267 Elena –

    I think when he said “our first kiss happened right outside there”, he was talking about right outside of Michael’s office at his desk.

  246. I loved this!! Office always gets laughs from me, but last night I felt like I was laughing through the entire episode.

    I was a tiny bit disappointed that Jim didn’t get to propose, but the whole scene with Andy/Angela/Dwight was intense, imo. And the clip at the end? Wow! Next season can’t get here fast enough!

    As far as Jan being pregnant… I immediately thought that the kid is Hunter’s. But after the short interview clip with her, I had the impression that the baby IS Michael’s, and Jan simply doesn’t want him involved.

    All the Holly/Kevin scenes had me ROFL. Seriously. The writers are friggin’ brilliant. I can’t wait for more!

  247. WOW, the way they set us up for that JAM engagement…I was convinced. It felt so magical, I was really rooting for Jim, and then….ANDY!!! It was perfect and hilarious. EVERYTHING else was laugh out loud funny! Holly with her chair completely taken apart, SO Michael! I loved this ep.

  248. Wow! I really didn’t think there would be a JAM engagement. I’m glad they’re going to give it more time.

    Jim saying their first kiss was in the parking lot–I think he means first “real” kiss where they both meant it. Chili’s was a drunken moment.

    Pam saying Toby’s cute–she’s just that nice, people! He’s leaving, so she can say nice things about him. I don’t think she would say anything to him about groping her leg, especially knowing he’s leaving.

    Ryan-HAHA sucker!!

    Kevin-that was the funniest part of the show.

    I didn’t expect an Andy proposal, but it was funny. Why’s everyone hating Andy? He didn’t know Jim was going to propose. He didn’t do it on purpose. And Angela’s gonna rip his heart out next season.

    Anyone know who the webisodes will feature?

  249. Can anyone tell me why Jan would come back to Scranton to raise a child? She only lived there for Michael’s sake. She originally came from NY and her sister lives in Arizona.
    So if Michael’s not the father of her baby, why bother coming back to Scranton?
    On a sidenote, I totally loved last night’s episode!

  250. I’d also like to say how much I enjoyed Amy’s performance. I was really worried about the introduction of a new character, and I had a suspicion that they would replace mild-mannered Toby with some spit-and-vinegar HR lady from hell, just to screw even further with Michael’s life. Holly was a pleasant surprise! I think her character is going to blend quite well with the rest of our favorite Office crew.

  251. The part with Dwight saying it was his own fault was so sad and moving. Such great acting.

  252. I understand everyone’s disappointment with the engagement, but seriously, it’s not worth going into a state of depression. It’s not like we’re the viewers of Grey’s Anatomy and have had to deal with the Mer-Der fiasco for four seasons.

    Jim and Pam have been officially together for 14 episodes. Now, if this season had been the original 30+ episodes, I would be disappointed, but for 14, I think they made a pretty killer season with an awesome finale. I come out of a season finale wanting more, and The Office writers achieved that last night.

    Major kudos!

  253. I was thinking about it, and it’s kind of like the break between seasons two and three. All through season two, we got built up that Pam was going to leave Roy for Jim and got our hopes up and all of that after Jim and Pam kissed and then what happened? Pam said “I can’t”, Jim moved away and we had to wait the whole season three for something good to happen with these two. Should any of us be surprised? Not really. This is television and they have definitely done a sufficient job keeping us interested after that heartbreaker.

    I also died a little inside when Michael went back to Jan. I hate the way she chooses to be.

  254. I haven’t had a chance to read everyone’s post, so I’m sure I’m repeating things here. I really liked the finale last night – I ended up watching it 3 times before the night was over!

    I realize there is little chance that Amy Ryan is joining the show, but I really liked her as part of the ensemble and it would be interesting to see her be attracted to Michael while he tries to build a relationship with Jan and her baby.

    I am so happy Dwangela is back together, even though Andy will be brokenhearted… knowing him though, I’m sure he’ll bounce back soon enough! And though I’m sad Jim and Pam didn’t get engaged yet, I’m sure it will be coming sometime soon next season…

    Also sad that Toby is gone but I bet we haven’t necessarily seen the last of him… he may just drop in again someday! At least we know Paul isn’t leaving the show. Great job to Paul and Jen for ending this shortened season in a wonderful way! And of course, I now cannot wait for the season 5 premiere!

  255. Also, did anyone else notice the pitch went way flat on one note a few bars into the theme song?

  256. Steve Carell was great in this episode! I absolutely loved the face he gave Toby during his exit interview when he was asked about what should be changed at Dunder Mifflin, and how he managed to keep it out of Holly’s view. Priceless!

  257. I think Jim will be offered Ryan’s position in, which will put both Jim and Pam in NY. I don’t know where that will leave them, but i definitely see this as a plausible scenario

  258. Very interesting episode in my opinion.

    I feel very bad for Michael. I just wish his character can find true happiness instead of being manipulated the way he is.

    I look foward to next season. I want to see what kind of relationship develops with Michael and Holly. It could be very interesting.

    Kevin’s storyline was hilarious.

    I think the character of Molly will be a refreshing addition.

  259. You guys, it was good! I’m so happy. Everything went so well. Overall, I was a lil’ disappointed in this season, but… This was good. I like Holly. I hope she stays. I really like her and Michael together. I was happy for him. Jim gave him good advice. Jim and Pam are growing up! They are realzing their dreams.

    Oscar wins for best line. Beard… Oscar… He’s cool. I’ll miss Toby, though.


    Okay. I’m done.

  260. Sorry to say this ep was a real bummer for me. No proposal made me feel manipulated so NBC can increase their revenue stream. Pam left feeling so sad — boo! Pam & Toby – yuck! Michael & Jan — so over!! Dwight & Angela – wow! For me there isn’t much to look forward to but more angst — the season was beginning to lighten up but now it ends on a downer. Oh well — it’s a tv show — back to my life.

  261. I know I’m repeating everything that has been said. I was crushed that Jim didn’t get a chance to propose. Foreshadowing by Michael when he said Jim was too slow.

    Jan/Michael, no Jim/Pam engagement, and Dwight saying it was his fault made for a really depressing end to the episode. The tag helped make it better though!

  262. Jan with fake boobs and a baby from the sperm bank.

    Ryan doing coke and in jail on fraud charges.

    Angela and Dwight doin’ the wild thing in the office.

    Toby gone.

    Pam leaving.

    Jim walking around every episode with an engagement ring so we wonder “Is this the day?”

    Do we really need such over the top plot devices to keep these characters interesting? Please bring back a show next that resembles the old Office.

  263. Overall I thought this was the best episode of the season BY FAR. Oscar’s beard line was classic and I died watching Holly treat Kevin as a retarded person. My one question though: Why would Pam go to Pratt School of Design for three months and then just go back to being a receptionist ad Dunder Mifflin? I know she’s in love with Jim but this has been her dream and Jim might have to make some quick decisions when the new season starts.

  264. I have to agree with #334. This episode has some HILARIOUS moments (Kevin’s storyline, Angela saying “ok” to the proposal), but it just feels like the writers are dragging out the Jim/Pam proposal just like Ross/Rachel on Friends. I realize that you need a cliffhanger for the next season, but I just felt like that was the worst season finale in the series.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching next season from start to finish. Therefore Office writers: job well done.

  265. Jim and Pam should have been on the roof during the fireworks, and Jim would have been able to propose and avoid Andy’s proposal.

  266. So after a disappointing, subpar season they end with a hilarious, memorable finale. And now I must wait four months to see what happens. That really bums me out.

    I think this is how most of my friends would sum up the finale. Brilliant and hilarious for 40 minutes. Bummer for the last 20 minutes. I think I agree.

    By the way, Jenna Fischer does the best sad face ever.

  267. so i have to say i loved the episode, holly was great… kevin hilarious, but the one thing i was disappointed about, was that michael no longer has a hilarious embarrassing ringtone… i miss my humps! lol i was sad to hear a regular ring from his phone…

  268. That was by far the worst season finale of the worst season of The Office so far. The writer’s strike totally took everybody off their stride and this season suffered mightily for it. I can only hope that NBC has the decency to offer the DVDs at a reduced price because of the fewer number of episodes.

    Still, it could have been worse. Kevin and Holly were hilarious. And Andy stealing Jim’s thunder was a surprise. But the whole thing felt rushed, like a term paper the writers put off while they goofed off for two months.

  269. It is clear that all the “Jim’s gonna propose” stuff was a ratings ploy. Nothing but cheap manipulation of people to get them to watch The Office post-strike. The Andy proposal to Angela just as Jim’s about to show the ring to Pam was sit-commy crap. Season 5 is gonna bring back the JAM angst of Season 3, complete with a break-up. Shame on the show-runner and writers for pulling this Sitcom 101 crap of “let’s drag things out for as long as possible.” Goodbye, Toby was the worst Office finale ever.

  270. This episode was a big disappointment for me. I thought that Pam getting into school in NY and Jim and Pam becoming engaged was a perfect way to send them off into the sunset (starring in their own spinoff of course!). This would have made room for some great new characters in the office and would have given more screen time to jim and pam, two beloved characters that could really carry their own show.

    While the bit with kevin and holly was hilarious, I have to say that the rest of the finale bummed me out. So, what now? Are Jim and Pam going to go through a never-ending courtship, much like Pam and Roy went through a never-ending engagement? Please no! And to tell you the truth, I really don’t care about Dwight and Angela anymore. It was a fun side story, but it’s run its course.

  271. Okay, writers. It’s been a disappointing season until the finale where I finally laughed consistently. You’ve opened the doors for some really good plots. Let’s see what you have in store next.

  272. I liked it but was upset that:
    Michael ended uo not pursuing Holly because of Jan
    Andy ruining Jim’s proposal-but glad he did in a way because Pam was expecting a proposal and it’s better Jim waits it out and really surprises her.

    The best part was Kevin’s subplot, brilliant!

    Anyone else think Phyllis is going to blackmail Angela now because of her and Dwight doing the freaky deaky? That would be awesome, then Phyllis can be the head of the Party Planning Committee and Angela can’t do anything because Phyllis will use the secret against her!

  273. What does everyone think about Michael and Holly? I doubt that Holly is joining the cast. I’m sure that in the premiere for season 5, there will be a talking head explaining that Holly has left for vague reasons and then we will see Michael trying to be a father (and failing miserably) all throughout the year. That doesn’t sound appealing to me at all. Even though he is an oaf, I care about Michael, and I’m tired of seeing him subject himself to more of Jan’s abuse. I know that the show can’t exist without conflict, but I fear that in the next season, it’s just going to be more of the same.

  274. Ok, so if Jan got preggers while she and Michael were still together, wasn’t she still doing an awful lot of drinking then? Can’t be good for the baby, right??

  275. “I do the numbers.”

    How could Holly NOT think Kevin was slow?

    I never really thought of Kevin’s speech and manner comparable to being mentally retarded. HAH!

  276. My favorite scene was the exit interview.

    “Who do you think you are?”
    “What gives you the right?”
    “I will kill you.”


  277. Well, that was the worst season since the first, but it ended decently. I’m a little bothered that Jan is still around (the baby should have been Hunter’s) and I feel bad for Andy. Ah well, time to move on from the disaster that was Season 4. Too bad Jim and Pam aren’t just friends, that’s what made the show so good before.

  278. that was by far the funniest episode of the season. Michael singing the goodbye Toby song, had me on the ground rolling. I love the new dynamic between holly and Michael. on the flip side I was so bummed when Jim didn’t propose to Pam, and what was up with Pam saying that Toby is cute…. REALLY??

  279. Three things:

    LOVE Holly! Michael has found his soulmate – she speaks Yoda!

    Damn you Andy! You ruined the moment I’ve been waiting for for four years! Now I’m REALLY glad that Dwangela is back on! (When Andy finds out about them, he’s going back to anger mgmnt!)

    Kevin storyline – Brilliant!!! “I do the numbers”

    After the strike, we were at least owed the engagement… don’t do this to me NBC!

  280. Oh, one more thing, now I don’t know who does a better sad face. John/Jim or Jenna/Pam.

  281. This one finally felt like a return to form, really liked the cold open prank. I must be one of the few who thought Kevin’s storyline was kind of lame.

    The final scene was a real letdown. I figured Dwight and Angela would get back together eventually, so it was like, “so what”. I was hoping for something that packed more of an emotional punch like S2 and 3. Would have been nice if Jim and Pam had still gotten engaged in the final scene.

    I’m not worried about any of the characters, no huge cliffhangers that will have me in suspense all summer. That’s fine, it just felt like the show ended on a flat note. And Michael, seriously? That’s just sad. Amy Ryan was fantastic, I hope she will be around next season.

  282. I knew something would go wrong with Jim’s proposal, and it’s a great cliffhanger in my opinion. Come on, how boring would a happy ending be?

    My prediction for next season is that since Pam is going away for 3 months, they’ll need a replacement for her, and that her replacement will start a relationship with Jim, and that will put a rut in Jam’s engagement. I also think that Michael and Holly will continue to flirt, and that the truth about Dwight and Angela will finally come out.

  283. Dear Greg Daniels & Company,

    Thank you for last night’s season finale. My little JAM heart was broken to pieces, but it was done so beautifully, that I’m ok. I know you guys can’t keep them apart forever. I have the utmost faith that you will resolve this engagement flub beautifully in the S5 Premiere. Otherwise, you will receive lots of hate mail from me with harsh insults like “Poopy-head” and “Monkey Brains.” I don’t want it to come to that.

    A faithful fan,

    P.S. Thank you so much for Holly. And Kevin. And Dwangela office sex.

  284. Kevin’s story line was hands-down the best thing this season since Andy Bernard’s bleeding nipples.

  285. 343 | jonessoda
    I know, I noticed that from last week’s episode and was so disappointed! Maybe Jan scrapped that from his budget.

  286. I’m exhausted! That was quite simply the finest piece of television I’ve ever seen. Like so many of you I was jumping out of my seat every couple of minutes and screaming at the tv.

    Love Holly (really hate Jan now). Holly has to stay and become a regular. She is totally going to kick Jan’s butt and go for Michael – she really does complete him. And she will so let him get away with the TWSS’s – I think she’ll actually encourage it.

    Kevin – priceless and ‘special’ as always

    Phyllis – feel the wrath!

    Dwangela – yeah!

    Summer’s going to be sooo long.

  287. When Holly and Kevin are headed off for the diner and Michael and Holly alternately look back at each other… I got goosebumps. The new JAM… Far more socially awkward, but JAM nonetheless!

  288. LOVED this episode!!!! Maybe better than last year’s season finale, in terms of it being a more complete episode as a whole… Last year I felt they tried to jampack too much plot in. This year things flowed better!

    Some thoughts…

    1. What if KAREN comes back to fill Ryan’s job??? Oooh, the JAM twist and turn possibilities!

    2. I think Jan was lying about using a sperm bank. You guys, she didn’t want a baby when she was with Michael! She would not have gone out and deliberately chosen to get pregnant! Either the baby is Hunter’s and she’s lying about the sperm bank to rope Michael back into paying for everything, or the baby really is Michael’s and she doesn’t want him to go crazy over it.

  289. When Jim and Pam were in the breakroom he said three months wasn’t that long. So by September she’ll be back in Scranton. And like some others, I believe this is Michael’s baby. I’ve never seen Amy Ryan in anything before…she was so endearing.

  290. Okay, so at first I was so mad that Jim didn’t get to propose to Pam, but then when I saw Dwight & Angela I felt so much better. Serves Andy right for interrupting my JAM proposal!

  291. I think that when Jim and Pam inevitably get married, instead of saying “I do” they should say “Absolutely I do.” :)

  292. MAJOR FAILURE LAST NIGHT!! (No, not the episode…) NBC wouldn’t come in on my TV!!! (OF EVERY CHANNEL AND NIGHT TO CRAP OUT ON ME!) AHH!! I just watched it online (thank you thank you thank you) and i really loved it.

    Oh, and I totally feel for Toby’s awkwardness. I don’t think he came off as a creep at all to me. I think he realized that he was running out of time with Pam so he began to get a little bit desperate. I did the same thing wandering the football field the last day of high school to get my crush (who i never talked to) to sign my yearbook. Hahaha

  293. #286

    I’m with you all the way!!

    I’m done reading these comments because….JAM is going to be fine and I’m sick of all the speculating otherwise. Obviously. the writers decided to give us a little cliffhanger. If they would have just given the proposal it would have been too easy! Way too easy!

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever.

  294. I was thinking during school today and I have decided that it’s highly unlikely we are going to see a JAM proposal on screen. Now that Pam is going away and Angela has already cheated on her fiance I think that Jim won’t wait the three months over the hiatus to propose. Which makes me sad and happy at the same time. I’m still hoping for an elopement. :)

  295. The whole thing with Holly thinking Kevin is “slow” was hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing about that.

    I was thinking the kid is probabably Michael’s but Jan won’t tell him yet. It will probably slip out later.

    Lastly, I think the Jim/Pam proposal set up was too forced. It reminded me of “Booze Cruise” where Jim was about to profess his love for Pam and then Roy sets the wedding date and pulls the rug right out from under him. I would have preferred something a little more original. But overall, I loved the ep. Can’t wait for Season 5!

  296. To everyone who thinks that this season was not very good: It’s just different than the amazing Season 2. The laughs are more obvious, but why is that a bad thing? It’s still funny, just in a different way. The problem with continuing the show the way it was in Season 2 is that you can run out of storylines very quickly and the show would become very dull in my opinion. I’m glad they are spicing things up because it keeps the show interesting as well as hilarious!

    Also, you can’t expect something great to happen with JAM at the end of every season. It made for a great episode because they didn’t. And I was completely expecting Toby to interrupt the proposal, not Andy.

  297. Jan should leave! She needs to move on so Michael can get away from her. Nothing but a leech on Michael’s life and wallet.

  298. This episode does it’s job: Makes you say, “What the HECK is going to happen?”
    But, why wouldn’t Jim have led Pam to the roof? Especially with the fireworks? I guess it’s silly to ask…so Andy could undoubtedly interrupt them on the ground. sigh.

  299. To those who consider the finale an over-the-top situation… Is it really any more over-the-top than a booze cruise, the Dwight/Michael throwdown at the dojo or Michael burning his foot on his Foreman Grill? The latter is one of the most celebrated episodes of the show and to call it over-the-top is understating it.

    I loved the episode. The character development seemed to worked well. The engagement stall was brilliant — Clearly Jim is trying to get the moment perfect. I’m not in love with the Jan thing, but the Dwight/Angela tag was near-perfect (again, how much more hyperbolic is it than the Dwangela makeout at the party?).

  300. anyone else take into consideration what corporate fraud is going to do to Dunder Mifflin stock, when the company is already struggling and the sales revenues are inflated? Ouch. And is Ryan out of the picture for good?
    The writers, in my mind, are diabolical geniuses. They really had me going with all the proposal buildup. I’m not going to lie– it was cliche, but I was mid-squeal when andy interrupted.
    The Kevin storyline is the funniest thing I’ve seen on television this season.

  301. This may have been the best episode yet, and that’s hard to beat! Thanks for an awesome season of updates Tanster!

  302. I just re-watched it and OMG Michael singing Supertramp is the greatest thing ever!

  303. Just wanted to say that the “Dundies” kiss didn’t count. I’ve always believed that Pam is still unaware that she ever kissed Jim and Jim knows this which is why he their first meaningful, mutual kiss was “Casino Night.”

    Good observation to whoever (whomever? haha) said that the attempted proposal was a bit of a call back to “The Client.” But I still stand my ground that although the night WAS VERY romantic with the fireworks and music, (“Just My Imagination…” sweet) I think something more private when he actually popped the question would have been more fitting. Which is why the roof would have made sense, even if it’s predictable. Remember this is the couple who kept their DATING secret from the office for months! I was surprised that Jim would propose around the others.

    When Pam said 3 months for art school, I thought, “Good job writers! Perfect time to send Pam to school without losing Pam!” Summer!

    It’s still unclear whether we’re losing Toby or Ryan???

    And I don’t see a Toby-Jim-Pam triangle on the horizon. I saw Pam’s TH about Toby being a funny trick to rub salt in Toby’s wounds and nothing more.

  304. What about the message Jim left Ryan? I mean once the authorities start doing their investigation of the company, what will they think of the voicemails he left?

  305. Anyone else think Jim will try for Ryan’s old job since Pam will be going to school in NY?

  306. Loved this episode! I can now get through the summer knowing that JAM will be going strong.
    My favorites are:
    – Jim’s talk with Michael about how he IS romantic. I wanted to eat up every word he was saying.
    -Holly is like a female Toby, yet Michael is attracted to her and respects her.
    -Michael smitten with Holly, and the light bulb moment when she said “Lovitz”.
    -Michael’s questions to Toby in the conference room. “Who do you think you are?” and “What gives you the right?”
    -Everything with Kevin and Holly. Has Rain Man been mentioned already?
    -Lastly, Jim’s support of Pam going to graphic design school. They are solid. Go JAM!

    My heart breaks for Michael with Jan’s baby bombshell. He has always wanted a wife and kids. Maybe Holly will be his Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  307. Pam’s totally going to come back from New York all artsy and free-spirited, good for her for going and good for Jim for encouraging her. I was upset when Jam didn’t get engaged, but now they have a whole other season to keep me telling my apathetic friends, “I’m so excited for Thursday, Jam is SO getting engaged!” and them rolling their eyes at me.

  308. I wonder what will happen now that Ryan’s out of the picture in New York…

    I’d love to see Jim get a higher standing job but I just can’t see him taking on the corporate position. He has the experience to do well but, as shown this season, has problems in positions of authority.

  309. this is my guess:
    obviously, nobody’s going to want to see Pam gone for that long, and the writers probably are on top of that.
    So here’s my guesses:
    Look at the webisodes. Has anyone done the math?
    Pam said that the classes will take three months. What’s the July (webisodes!)- September gap?
    Three months.
    So, presumably, Jim’s not taking Ryan’s job, under this theory.
    The question remaining is: who’s the head in the new spinoff, and what’s the premise?
    It seems hard to believe, after what she saw, Phyllis probably can’t keep that secret from Andy for too long.
    Now, regarding Andy’s past, this very well MAY start some huge overreaction which sends him back to anger management. This may be the spinoff. Or, Andy is the new Ryan. I doubt it, but it’s possible.
    If they do the obvious thing: Jim takes the corporate job and goes with Pam to NYC, the next season will suck.
    Anyone agree?

  310. All i have to say is lucky angela! – not the engagement of course. – the other part.

    and there is no way that the spin-off would be jim/pam, they are the two main people, there would hardly be anything left if they took them two out, cause the storyline is usually focused on them.

  311. So, as I was rewatching the finale today, I noticed that during the scene where Kevin is buying something from the vending machine, he cracks. It’s right after Holly points out the button. You can see him trying to fight smiling/laughing.

  312. My spin-off conspiracy theory: Angela drags out the engagement with Andy while continuing to cheat with Dwight. When Andy finally catches them (I’m guessing doing it on a church pew) he leaves and goes to whatever the spin-off holds for him.

    And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll say it’s because the writers saw me figure it out here and changed it. :-)

  313. One thing:

    The Kevin/Holly story-line was the funniest thing in the history of this amazing show. I was dying of laughter.

    That is all.

  314. does anyone know if amy ryan is coming back next season? she was GREAT! i, like michael, fell in love with her last night. especially when she was fixing the chair…it’s a parallel to “the chair model” episode…i wouldn’t know, but i just wanted to sound cool.

    the best episode of the season!

  315. I just want to say that I thought Amy Ryan did a fantastic job and I hope she becomes a regular. What an incredible talent she is, and she’s beautiful too.

  316. During the fireworks, did anyone catch the brilliant bit of acting from Paul (yes Paul, you CAN act!!). Everyone else is blissfully watching the fireworks, “oooing” and “awwing” and cut to Toby: the greatest non-verbal “Meh” ever…sums up everything we love and hate about Mr. Flenderson.

  317. Had it not been for the Kevin/Holly storyline, I would have voted the finale a “1.” Because of the brilliant Kevin/Holly material, it salvaged a “5.” Predictable. Manipulative. Too many out-of-character moments. Hoping Season 5 is a return to form.

  318. I think the Kevin storyline in the finale is great because it puts people w/ special needs on an even keel w/ everyone. We all have our quirks! Good job writers!

  319. Adored the season finale. adore holly. mad at michael for going back to jan, or sort of going back, i guess. jam is solid. jim’s face when he said, “I’m going to propose tonight. holy crap!” was so priceless. and he IS romantic! and I think the roof would be very fitting and private and romantic. the fireworks and everything would be such a sweet call back to “the client.”

  320. Why is everyone so worried about JAM! Pam says in the talking heads that she wouldn’t be going to NY if her relationship with Jim wasn’t so solid. “So the timing is perfect!” says Pam. It’s great they support each other. How unselfish. That’s real love!

  321. Well, that’s it – The Office is now officially like every other sitcom out there. It used to be a unique and refreshing satire on office life. Now the only thing driving it are sensationalized romantic plotlines. At this rate, by the end of Season 5, Jim will be with Phyllis, Angela will be with Oscar, and Michael will be with Stanley’s now 18 year-old daughter, who just happens to be the new HR rep. Not to mention only 1 out of 10 episodes will actually take place in the office.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always like The Office. It’s just lost what made it special.

  322. That was beautiful, funny, and touching. Can’t wait for September. I’m happy Michael found his soul mate. Amy Ryan was great. I’m sure she’ll be back.

  323. I agree with Uhkneesuh. The writers are drawing out the JAM storyline way too long. In order to create the illusion that this show really is a documentary, they’re going to have to be a bit more realistic. I really hope Pam doesn’t meet someone new at artschool and we’ll have to deal with another Jim, Pam, and someone else love triangle. I think Jim and Pam should just stay happy and the writers can screw around with the other characters.

    I really like Amy Ryan as Holly, but I wasn’t really sure if she actually liked Michael or just trying to get on everyone’s good side. The end definitely made it seem like she did like him. Michael deserves someone sane after Jan..who is PREGNANT!!! That was very surprising.

    I’m so glad Toby is gone… as much as I love the Michael/Toby storyline, Toby is a CREEP. Also, glad that Ryan got fired. I really want to see Kelly visit him in prison!

  324. I think this was definitely the best episode of Season 4. It was perfect in every way! It felt so comfortable and at the same time….wow that tag was a shock. I’m sad for Jim but it keeps that great tension going. I LOVED it

    “this is a button” haha!

  325. My tummy hurts when I think of a spinoff. I thought last night had some serious magic and I am nervous to see that interrupted in anyway. SO glad for another hiatus for Jim and Pam…thanks writers for keeping it real! Seeing Michael settle was hysterically heartbreaking-I didn’t even know such a thing could exist! Bravo Steven Carrell on a FABULOUS performance.

  326. One more point with the previous post – Think back to the end of Season 2. If you were told then that within a year and a half of episodes Kelly and Daryl would be together, Michael and Jan will have moved in together, split, Michael falls in love with the new HR rep, finds out that Jan is pregnant (with someone else’s baby) and go back to her, Jim and Pam will almost be engaged, Angela will leave Dwight, be engaged to Andy, then cheat on him, how would you have reacted? Who would have believed that then?

    When writers get lazy they resort to using romances and sex to make up for a lack of substance. It’s the easiest way to keep people interested. Remember the days of Diversity Training? The Injury? Performance Review? The writers didn’t need to depend on cliched and sensationalized romances back then.

    I hate to say it, but The Office writers got lazy a long time ago. And I only say this because I love what The Office used to be.

  327. This was my least favorite episode in the show’s history.

    The Ryan pushing Jim out storyline had no ending… Jim makes a pointless phone call out in the hallway, and a dramatic incident such as Ryan getting arrested takes up 10 seconds of the show… what?

    Not only that, but Ryan wouldn’t have been arrested before he had been fired. It’s a ridiculous premise.

    Nevermind that there were too many storylines:

    – Jim’s proposal
    – Toby leaving and Michael’s reaction
    – Michael has a new love interest
    – Andy’s proposal
    – Dwight and Angela in the office
    – Ryan gets arrested
    – Jan’s pregnant
    – Pam’s going to art school

    Seriously guys, I know you had a shortened season, but pick a couple of lines and write about them. This show was a cut and paste nightmare.

    And nice way to leave the audience pissed off for the entire summer on nearly every one of those storylines.

  328. I’ve read a few comments that say that Jim and Pam will break up while she is in New York, but I really don’t see why the writers would do that… Pam has obviously thought about the future a lot so I really can’t see them breaking up.

    Also, Jim and Pam are too important in the show for the spin off to be about them. If they left the office would have lost 2 of the 4 main characters, which wouldn’t really work with the show.

    Anyway… it was an awesome episode :)

  329. #396…yes, Michael singing Supertramp was AWESOME!

    This episode was okay, but this season, to me, has been a letdown. Too many episodes focused on life outside the office or on relationships. The Jim / Pam thing was okay when it was subtle and maybe got a scene or two per episode. Who cares that much about them getting engaged? I watch the show to laugh at funny stuff, not pine over the fictional love life of fictional television characters…

    Seasons 1 & 2 made me laugh. Season 3 was pretty good. Season 4 – not so much…

    The show needs to focus more on “The Office” and people who are funny, like Dwight & Creed & Meredith & Kevin. Jim is okay when he’s playing pranks on Dwight.

    But enough of this Jim / Pam focal point…they’re not endearing anymore.

  330. As for the character of Ryan…Season 4 Ryan does not seem like a logical progression for the character established in the first 3 seasons. His promotion and subsequent storyline ruined what used to be an entertaining character:

    – the “why am I here?” attitude
    – the “why am I with Kelly?” boyfriend
    – Michael’s man-crush
    – his position as Michael’s personal lackey
    – his ambivalence toward his job & coworkers
    – he never said much
    – he was sometimes negative toward his situation and his coworkers, but that was because he didn’t want to get to know them or stay at the company long. He wasn’t a talkative, malicious twit like we saw as this season progressed.


    Look all the way on the left. I’m guessing he’s in the deleted scenes!

  332. yay!! dwight don’t give up!!

    i loved michael in this episode, though i wish he would have chosen holly over sort-of children.

    also, i’m surprisingly not upset about jim not proposing. i want it to happen soon, but i felt the writers did the right thing. it would’ve been weird at an office party.

    i hope we still get to see toby and ryan. i doubt we’ll see toby though. :(

    great episode!

  333. For me the two big things in the episode weren’t Jim and Pam’s possible engagement, but Pam getting into art school and Jim finally standing up to Ryan albeit on voicemail.

  334. Favorite quotes:
    Michael:”There’s so many presents in my car I don’t know which is which.”

    Phyllis:”Party planning is like a high. A runner’s high.”

    It is very striking to me how romantic the men are in this office! Andy carried an engagement ring in his pocket for 6 years. Michael wants to tell Holly he loves her after he hears her voice. Jim and Dwight are in way over their heads! WOW!!

    I think Jan’s baby is Michael’s. Jan is so independent, she wants to be in control. That’s her motivation behind the lies. She wants people to believe she was in complete control of her decision to have a baby, when in fact, she really wasn’t. But that’s what she wants people to think.

  335. #417 +1
    #423 +1

    Couldn’t agree more, Toby From HR — well said!

  336. #406, I SAW THAT! I just rewatched it online and saw Kevin (Brian) almost break in that scene. I could definitely see why. Her “This is a button” comment was priceless.

  337. Re: #373 “My prediction for next season is that since Pam is going away for 3 months, they’ll need a replacement for her, and that her replacement will start a relationship with Jim, and that will put a rut in Jam’s engagement.”

    Perhaps you should watch the first three seasons again?

  338. Loved the finale!

    Just wanted to say a few things — first of all I’m so happy for Pam and Jim, what with the design school for Pam and Jim sticking up for himself to Ryan, great writing on those points.

    Secondly, I’m not surprised there wasn’t a JAM proposal – it’s something to look forward to for season five. Also, I don’t think that the writer’s would deny us seeing him actually pop the question, so I think they’re definitely going to show it to us in season five rather than just saying “hey we got engaged over the summer.”

    Also — 330 Andy: I LOVE “Molly.” Can we make that official please?

  339. Also, I sort of agree with Toby from HR. The humor of the show is not as subtle as it used to be. Instead of laughing at the mundane, everyday office life, I see more forced jokes. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show and ALWAYS will, but nothing has quite lived up to Season 2.

    The Kevin/Holly material from last night, however, was awesome. I definitely saw Season 2 shining through on that.

  340. i have stopped being shocked when people don’t like an episode that i thought was AMAZING like this one but i have to say i am a little surprised that people seem to dislike it simply because there was no jam engagement. we did get that he is going to propose and that she is eager and we also got pam talking about how solid things are with jim (ie. the disappointment about no engagement at that moment will not do any damage) and jim saying that they are really happy.
    i also have to point out that most of the jam fears people have expressed this season have come to be nothing:
    worry that pam won’t say yes – the finale showed that isn’t true
    worry they will break up – no
    worry that jim will be fired – not going to happen
    worry that jim didn’t tell pam what was going on with ryan – clearly she was aware given her reaction when he phoned ryan after the arrest.
    so maybe we don’t need to assume the worst now either?

  341. I’m sure someone has mentioned this, one of my favorite moments was when Michael and Holly are talking right before Kevin calls from the store and Stanley is busting a move in the background.

    I still love Andy, the poor guy is going to get dumped soon.

  342. This season was about the maturation of the characters, so it won’t be like season 2. They tried bringing the characters out of office and show different sides of them so that we can better understand who they are, see their strengths and weaknesses. There is only so many stories you can do that are strictly in the office. Personally I find it a good sign that the writers are growing the characters now, it shows a bright future for our favorite show!

  343. LOVED it! loved it loved it loved it! LOVED IT! Go JAM! Poor Michael. Dirty little minx Angela. Shirtless Dwight. Clueless Andy. Horny Kevin. Doompety Dawesome episode.

    Spinoff concept…Ryan in minimum security prison…??

  344. Darn, Flonkerton Rules! (#442) That just popped into my head about the possible spin-off. Highly unlikely, but Ryan being “da belle of da ball” in white-collar prison could be funny…

    BUT of course there’d be no JAM so no one would watch.

  345. #434–LittleKidLover–“Also, I don’t think that the writer’s would deny us seeing him actually pop the question, so I think they’re definitely going to show it to us in season five rather than just saying “hey we got engaged over the summer.” ”

    I don’t know…we were denied seeing Jim and Pam officially start dating. We saw Jim say, “It’s a date”, but we didn’t see the date (which I really wanted to see!), nor the first three months of their “official” relationship. Also, if Jim decides to change his mind about proposing at work, which I think is likely (I mean, Toby’s party, with the carnival atmosphere, music, and fireworks was about as “kick your ass” as he is ever going to manage to pull off at the office), we’re probably not going to see it, whether it takes place during the summer or later.

    I really hope you are right, but I believe anything is possible, including an off-camera proposal.

  346. i feel like i watched a totally different episode than some people. it was so brilliant and i thought it was very subtle. the people in this office have relationships with each other. most of these relationships were started in season 2! there was constant jim and pam angst in season 2, i remember feeling so sad after episodes. the fight ended on a down note for them, conflict resolution, the secret?? what was the over-the-top moment in this episode? maybe the tag but then i thought that followed one of the most moving and real moments in the history of the office:
    dwight: “well, its my own fault” we have never seen such a real moment from him before and i thought it was amazing.
    and how was the interruption by andy so out there? clearly the moment was set up for an engagement and he sensed that but was too thick to catch on as to why. and it was reminiscent of the roy moment in booze cruise (from season 2!!) oh well, i loved it.

  347. What a great episode. Kudos to the writers. This was the best one of the season. Funny moments balanced with sweet. Amy Ryan was fantastic as Holly and I really hope she’ll be an integral part of Season 5. The Kevin storyline was the funniest of the season, as was the cold open. I have to admit disappointment about no JAM engagement, but I believe that the writers will make it happen, hopefully EARLY in Season 5. I don’t know if I can take much more waiting…4 years is plenty.

    Curious to see how the Ryan issue unfolds. Does anyone else think that Jim turned him in? I got that impression, but my husband says I’m crazy.

  348. #440–Adam–I think it’s actually a “Seyko”. That certificate of authenticity was the first prop I noticed when I started watching the show, and one of my first clues into the mind of Michael. I love that it is still hanging on the wall in his office. I wonder if he’ll take it down now that he’s no longer the proud owner of said watch?!

  349. i LOVED this episode. one of the best this season in my opinion. the office is suppose to be “real life”, not everything is perfect or goes as planned! i think the writers would have sold themselves out if they would have written in the engagement as most people were expecting it. they did a great job at this episode and i will DEFINITELY be back for season 5!!!

  350. Has anyone else noticed that Michael acts very much like Kelly when it comes to love and relationships?
    They also remind me of one another by what they say without regard to other peoples feelings. There is no brain/mouth filter on either of them. Maybe they should hook up.

  351. Did anyone else recognize that Ryan was in the office when they were looking at him being taken away on youtube. He is on the left side of the screen after the commerical.

  352. I love the moment after Michael says he’ll make Holly a mix when Oscar turns around. Oh, Oscar is brilliant in this episode.

  353. While I do think Pam is a bit disappointed with Jim about not proposal, there is no way she’d be ignorant and not consider the possibility that Jim’s thunder inadvertently stolen by Andy, considering that they both just witnessed the proposal.

  354. I loved the episode, but did anyone else feel like we never really said “goodbye” to Toby. I mean… where was his final talking head, when did he get in the car and leave, and why, oh why, did he not say something to Pam? None of this had to be big, but I was hoping for one of the three. Prior to Toby becoming a creeper, he was one of my favorite characters, and to see his departure overshadowed by other major developments sort of bummed me out. The problem is that Lieberstein (Toby) wrote it, so I am not sure who to be upset at? Maybe it will be in the deleted scenes…

  355. I want to hug Jim everytime I watch his scene with Michael.

    “You’re not a romantic.”
    “Actually, I think I am.” Awwww. :)

  356. Have we found out exactly why Michael hates Toby yet? Did I miss something?

  357. Question-When did Jim & Pam have their first kiss right outside the office? Fact-their first kiss was at Chili’s during the Dundies. To the best of my memory, anyway.

  358. I understand why people want to see the JAM engagement but really, what is there to see? Jim is asking, Pam is saying yes. it’s going to be cute, but that’s it.

  359. Amy Ryan was awesome as Holly, I hope we see more of her character in Season 5. Her interaction with Kevin was LOL funny.

    I was hoping for a more upbeat ending and I came away feeling really bad for Jim, since knucklehead Andy stole his thunder and proposed to Angela. Maybe Jim proposed to Pam at his apartment later in the evening since he was already psyched up for it. Now THAT would be a great opener for Season 5!

    Question: what are Michael and Holly referencing when they are on the floor with the chair and saying “ACTING!”?

  360. #454-They were referencing a character Jon Lovitz did on SNL…”Acting!”

    #457-Since Pam was drunk, I don’t think Jim counts the kiss at The Dundies. He considers the kiss at his desk in Casino Night to be their first kiss. I think when he said “outside” he meant outside Michael’s office.

  361. JAM could go to New Orleans for a JAZZ FUNERAL and have Jim splash a “PAM WILL YOU MARRY ME” up on the electric billboard in the Superdome!!!

  362. #446… I thought that Jim turned Ryan in as well! My husband also thought I was crazy…

  363. Loved the Dwangela ending. However, was very disappointed about no JAM engagement and worried about Pam’s reaction. Thinking those photos with Toby may cause trouble.

  364. How does Pam plan on attending art school? Does she plan to quit DM? You don’t get summer vacation from your job!

  365. #463–That’s what I was wondering, too. Personal leave, maybe? Or perhaps it’s a DM internship? It didn’t sound like that, though. And I doubt a receptionist is going to be granted a sabbatical!

  366. BEST episode yet of the Office. I was laughing alot. I suspected something odd was going on with Angela. A couple questions that have me wondering plotlines for next season: Kevin and Holly a new love interest? Did Jan really cheat on Michael, or did she really go to a sperm bank? Andy’s eventual reaction to the Dwangela affair? How much trouble financially is DMI in with Ryan’s major arrest? Will Pam and Jim still be in Scranton even after Pam’s graphic design courses over the summer?

  367. “I love the moment after Michael says he’ll make Holly a mix when Oscar turns around. Oh, Oscar is brilliant in this episode.”

    451 | officehottie

    i loved that part too! the looks oscar gives are so hilarious.

    and madlovefordwangela (449) good call on the michael/kelly similarities. michael is like a 13 year-old-girl sometimes, just like kelly is!

  368. Just for the record, my vote is for “MOLLY” as the Michael + Holly official name. Plus, Kate also mentioned that in the TV Guide blog. And “HICHAEL” just doesn’t work…

  369. #114…Amy…thought the exact thing! I literally went ” Ohmygod she’s having Hunter’s baby!”

    So glad it crossed someone else’s mind…

  370. A receptionist is probably not going to be granted a sabbatical. That is, unless said receptionist works for Michael Scott. I’m pretty sure he would figure out a way for her to come back so as not to break up his “family”.

  371. #383

    Absolutely they should. That would be great.

    Oh, and I also hope that Holly will be back next year.

  372. I thought the episode was decent at best; it definitely wasn’t one of the better season finales for TO, IMO. I really liked Holly but I found her scenes with Michael to be awkward and that Yoda scene was just cringe-worthy.

    Pregnant-by-sperm-bank Jan was way over the top. Dwight and Angela- UGH. Just…no. The only thing good about that scene is that Phyllis has great blackmail leverage to hold over Dwangela.

    LOVED, loved Pam getting into art school, Ryan getting arrested and Holly’s scenes with “special” Kevin. The rest – meh.

  373. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! LOVED THE EPISODE!!! I am crying because the season is over. The only question I have for the writers is “why didn’t you write Angela’s real pregnancy into the season???”

  374. I LOVED this episode.

    #440 and #447 – I could see Pam taking the certificate of authenticity off of Michael’s wall and giving it to Toby. Also I agree with dying star that we may not see the engagement, but hear about how awesome it was in a talking head.

    To the writers: if you have Pam meet some new guy at design school to provide more angst, I will stop watching this show, burn all of my DVDs, and pretend that it never happened.

    I’m still hoping for a deleted scene that explains how Pam can leave her job for the summer. I don’t think she and Jim can be the basis for the spin-off, as they are the “normal” filter for the office.

    I think over the summer we should have a discussion thread about why Angela said yes to Andy, and how the make-out session came about between her and Dwight. Had something else happened last week that we didn’t see? Did Dwight congratulate her on her engagement and break down? I’m so curious.

    Thanks for everything Tanster!

  375. Sorry, one more thing. I think it is completely believable (and an awesome twist) that Jan would go to a sperm bank and find a hyper-intelligent donor. She may have loved Michael, but she clearly never thought highly of him. I do wonder, if they had stayed together, would she have let him think the baby was his?

  376. Well, that was a brilliant episode, top notch stuff from cold open to the tag.

    I have always believed it’s still too soon for the engagement. I want it to be a surprise, not telegraphed, not even the camera crew knowing about it. Like:

    Jim: This is a great tuna sandwich.
    Pam: I know, they’re getting better all of a…
    Jim: Will you marry me?

    But only, y’know, more awesome. I’m sure the writers would know what to do.

  377. Who will get Ryan’s position at corporate? Jim? Too bad Rashida is doing another show or they could promote her.

  378. Since when does Michael have a regular ringtone on his phone, not a cheesy pop song? Loved this episode!

  379. Has anyone else been singing “Goodbye, Toby” since Thursday? I can’t get it out of my head.

  380. Fave line:
    You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?

    I don’t know why I love that line.

    I agree with 445- tuna tuna tuna

    I feel like most people watched a different episode than me. This was a perfect episode! Just because Jim didn’t propose to Pam doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to. And just because Andy interrupted the proposal doesn’t mean that JAM is over. AND just because Andy proposed to Angela, that doesn’t mean Angela and Dwight don’t love each other. The Angela/Dwight story is kind of turning out to be a Pam/Jim story, if you know what I mean…and all those tension lovers and Dwangela fans will be happy.

  381. i really loved this episode – it was funny and sad and slightly jaw-dropping all at the same time. i felt so incredibly sad for michael over the whole jan pregnancy thing. when he made that call to her that he would go to “malaze” class with her, it broke my heart. he really is just a big goof trying to do the right thing even when he gets treated like garbage. the kevin storyline made me roar – i loved it. poor andy – another sad point. don’t get me wrong… i wanted to punch his face through the t.v. when he busted up on stage and ruined my vicarious JAM moment, but he’ll be the one with the broken heart in the end. and JAM. i’m terribly disappointed it didn’t happen and if the writers mess this up because of stupid insecurities, i might snap but clearly the timing wasn’t right. sigh. can’t wait for season 5.

  382. Alright so at first, I was a little disappointed with the way the JAM situation ended. I felt so sorry for Pam! And for Jim, of course. Overall, this was the best episode yet. Carrel’s acting was excellent, Kevin’s subplot was hilarious, for the first time EVER I felt sorry for Dwight, I mean, wonderful job on the finale. I can’t wait for the new season to see how everything develops and hopefully we get our JAM engagement. Also, it is going to be great seeing what happens with Jan/Michael and how Phyllis deals with the dirt she has on Dwangela.

  383. I just watched this episode for the second time. I loved everything about it…everything! In particular, I loved how Michael felt when Holly showed him affection…so touching. I also loved how he called her a nice monster like ET (leave it to Michael to refer to ET as a monster). I also loved Amy Ryan’s performance…brilliant casting! Trust me, Molly fans, Michael and Holly will be a couple by the end of next season…it’s meant to be! Speaking of which, can’t next season start in June!

  384. I’m pretty sure Michael would let Pam take the three months for her dream job. You can tell that Michael has a huge heart.

  385. Mixed feelings about this ep.

    Loved, loved: Amy Ryan (she fits in great), Holly and Michael, Michael’s vulnerability/humanity, Special Needs Kevin.

    Not so much: Too drama-y for my favorite comedy. Jan (hello?), (yet more) gratuitous JAM angst, Andy/Angela, Angela/Dwight (OK, I can deal with this one).

  386. I was thinking and I’m wondering if Phyllis is dead. Think about it for a second. If you watch the deleted scenes Phyllis was under a lot of stress. When she catches Angela and Dwight together, all you can hear is a box dropping. She may have had a heart attack. Furthermore, Angela said, “This will be the last party you ever throw.” So, answer me: Is Phyllis Vance dead?

  387. Maybe since Pam will be gone for the summer, a summer intern could fill in as the receptionist? It’ll definitely work out.

    I hope we miss the proposal because it happened in the summer. I can’t stand the thought of Pam-Angst all summer long. So in my mind, they got engaged that night after they left the party. (I have to think that way for my sanity.)

  388. Did Andy actually put the ring on Angela’s finger? Does that have any significance?

    I heart this show.
    Maybe too much ;)

  389. I am sad to see Toby go, and I hope that in the future we’ll get to see something good happen to him! But I still loved this episode! There is so much to look forward to in Season 5, a new corporate opening, still looking for a JAM engagement, more dwangela, Holly, Michael being a “sorta daddy”, it is going to be a very long summer!

  390. Like everyone I loved this episode. Cousin Mose is brilliant and his work with Dwight in putting the non-rabid raccoon in Holly’s vehicle was one of my favorite moments…but nothing got me laughing like Cousin Mose running off and staring at the action behind the fence.

  391. omg, i don’t know what to think! i totally thought this was an AMAZING episode, but i was pissed about what happened!

    But now we can still look forward to a JAM engagement, Michael and Holly(i don’t know why, but i definitely saw a spark there, and REALLY want them to be together), and whatever happens with the DwightAngelaAndy love triangle….

    Michael can be so dumb sometimes! Jan totally dissed him, but he’s still going to her class, and he was too stupid to realize Holly was asking him out, ugh

    The thing with kevin was SO good! he really does seem retarded! :)

  392. oh, and by the way. whoever Lolly is, i COMPLETELY agree with everything you said. I think we are all thinking the same things…you got it spot on :)

  393. I love the part where Toby screams “Does anyone have a camera??!!”. It was so out of character for him, but I will miss him. Loved Toby!!!

  394. I love Steve Carell in this episode, amazing acting! He stole every scene.

  395. HOLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLLLLY. The office is back. I have been dying for an episode like this since the 3rd season. There was actual COMEDY and EVEN DRAMA!!!!! I loved it. Every second of it and I want to say that the writers have finally gotten back in their groove.

  396. When Jim tells Michael that he and Pam had there first kiss outside, I think he means outside of Michael’s office.

    Also, the kiss at Chilli’s so does not count.
    -she was drunk
    -it was more friendly than passionate
    -he did not really appear to kiss her back
    Anyone with me on this one?

  397. #448 Angela is wearing the engagement ring in the last scene, you can see it reflect the light.

  398. #450 I can’t stop the video in time to catch it, if anyone could get a still shot to see if it is really Ryan/BJ there, that would be great!

  399. one thing that i don’t get is that if jan REALLY went to the sperm bank, then why the heck did she drink so much in the dinner party episode? she would have had to have gone to the sperm bank before that episode (sometime around the deposition episode). so i think jan really did cheat on michael, and she made the story about the sperm bank up.

    i’m probably over analyzing this, but i really would like michael to be happy with holly. she’s perfect for him. and like michael said about jan, “she doesn’t make me happy” (women’s appreciation).

  400. #497–Mose’ Secret Lover

    I’m with ya! The kiss in Chili’s was not a shared kiss. Pam kissed Jim in a moment of drunken inhibition. Jim just stood there in shock!

    However, when Jim said their first kiss was “right outside”, and he pointed towards the door to the office, not behind him, where his desk is, it sure came across as if he meant “outside of the building”, or at least “outside of the office”. But, I can forgive that and assume he meant “outside Michael’s office”.

  401. I don’t think they would put Ryan in there. Why would they risk getting a glimpse of him? Although they could edit it out, I still don’t see the point of it.

    Also Jim obviously wouldn’t propose right after Andy. He probably wanted to save it for another special day. :)

  402. I am convinced Jim will propose on the rooftop. CONVINCED. And how adorable was Michael when he was trying to take it slow with Holly? As HR rep, I was kinda surprised that Holly was flirting so much with Michael. I guess I’m just used to the whole Jan forbidden love because we work together thing.

  403. A few thoughts:

    -Overall a very funny episode with Creed, Kevin etc. and Oscar, “Personally, I thought the REAL crime was the beard” and Jim and Michael’s exchange in his office.
    -I don’t see JAM trouble because I don’t see either one cheating on the other, which to me would be the most obvious problem. They just haven’t characterized them that way. Although Pam’s comments did set a definite tone, this could be to throw us off.
    -As for Pam leaving/ coming back. I am picturing a hilarious talking head where Jim explains that in the 3 months Pam was away Michael drove away 3 different temp receptionists and 1 transfer from corporate. This would explain her getting her job back so easily if she does actually have to quit. And I think it would set up a great premiere where Michael in all his excitement throws a “Welcome Back Pam!” party. Kind of the anti-Toby party from this finale. Also would provide Jim with another opportunity to propose (on the roof please!)

  404. I absolutely love this show. I don’t think any other show has made me so passionate about television. Every second was a delight to watch. I have to admit that at the beginning of this season I thought the quality of the show diminished a little (especially the over the top silliness of Michael), but since coming back from the strike and the finale as the culmination really brought back my unadulterated love for everything “The Office”.

  405. pop1013, i totally agree with you….Jim will propose on the ‘welcome back pam’ party and life will be good…

  406. Where was Stanley in this episode? Did they explain his absence somewhere that I overlooked?

  407. 507- Stanley was in fact in this episode, albeit a very small role. You see Toby introducing Holly to him right before Michael and Dwight’s conversation and you can see him dancing pretty crazily in the background in the scene where Michael gets the phone call from Kevin.

  408. Those of you who think that pam and jim are going to make it are living in a dream world. The writers are going into angst mode and will drag that puppy out all next season. It was too good to be true. My friends at the University of Michigan even had a party for the finale and 90% of us left very let down and disappointed. Most of the girls were angry and like myself are considering not watching next season.

  409. Jim proposed that night after the party and that’s the only scenario I will accept. There is no way he would have allowed Pam to go to bed disappointed and sad that night. Nor would he string her along for the whole summer.

  410. i don’t think i am living in a dream world. i think i have a pretty realistic view on things! i don’t think the writers are dragging us into angst world. i think that all season they have delivered a normal, healthy relationship without fabricated drama and ups and downs. they didn’t drag out the “will they won’t they” before that either. pam broke off her engagement after jim kissed her. he moves back and a few months later he asks her out to dinner. so why now, all of a sudden, would the writers treat the relationship completely differently and start creating angst and issues just for the sake of it?

  411. I have just one thing to say about Angela and Dwight…

    “Look who took the slow train from Philly.”

  412. This show had some very funny moments. When the new HR lady thought Kevin had some “problems” was really great. But I was very very disappointed that stupid Andy stole Jim’s moment with Pam. I really am upset that he did not give the ring to Pam. I can’t believe the writers did this to us again!!! Angela and Dwight was a surprise for Phyllis and us too.{But a very good surprise} I also felt really bad when Jan told Michael the baby was not his. I am hoping the writers change their minds about this next season and Jan admits that the baby is his.

  413. Has anyone considered the possbility that Pam did not in fact get into the art school? All she said was that she read “congratulations” and skimmed down and saw her name on the list…and that’s it.


  414. Now that I have thought about it more, I’d be kind of disappointed if Jim proposed to Pam at Toby’s party. It was just so… predictable. I’d rather he do it completely unexpectedly and blow us all away.

  415. was amy ryan just a guest star or is there any word on if she’s joining full-time or recurring next year? i would love it if she does.

  416. I just had a crazy revelation! I’m thinking that Holly is an under cover investigator, because of Ryan’s “mishap.” He did temp there, and that could be why she is trying to be nice to Michael. This would easily write her character off of the show, since Amy Ryan is up and coming.One question is how they knew of the opening of Toby’s job, but MARK MY WORDS!!! Thoughts anyone?

  417. To all who say good times are ahead for JAM think about this: It makes no sense at all for the writers to write a non-proposal in favor of creating one off-camera and off-script over the summer. Why would any writer, The Office or not, choose to disappoint a lot of their core fans then turn around and take the very moment they were hoping for and not give it to them? It is reasonable to think trouble lies ahead folks.

  418. This season was lacking and they tried to make up for it with this last episode. It was an entertaining finale but too many things happened out of nowhere way too quickly. all of those things should have been spread out throughout the regular season.

  419. Anyone notice Kevin broke character when Holly (Amy Ryan) said “That’s a button”. Thought that was pretty damn funny.

  420. #510 Sounds like typical U of M to me… Just some more crying, this was a great episode full of humor and drama. The kevin line couldn’t have been any better!!!

  421. I just had a thought… I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but I will be thoroughly disappointed if Jim & Pam become engaged during the summer. Like when Pam called off the wedding, we didn’t get to see it. I hope we get to see it, and I hope they do it so we’re just as surprised as Pam is!

  422. wouldn’t it be weird if we find out that Michael donated sperm to the sperm bank a while ago because he wanted to be a father, and Jan, for some freak of fate, ended up with that sperm?

    either that or it’s Hunter’s

    or it’s michael’s and Jan lied.

  423. I hope it’s Michael’s. I felt so bad for him when she said “you’re not the dad.” or maybe she meant, you’re the father, but you’re not the “dad”?


    I could totally see him throwing a baby shower for himself, reuniting his parents and Jan’s whole family, freaking her out and Jan is forced to reconcile with her family even though she sued them long ago. Then (major cliche) Jan goes into labour and has the baby boy, names it Michael, and admits it’s his kid.


  424. the forwarding of dwight’s phone made me concerned. it wasn’t funny, it was something they’ve done 50 times over and wasn’t even done in an interesting way. i think this season has been off, it’s not nearly up to par with seasons 2 or 3. and what is with toby all of the sudden being a TOTAL CREEP?

  425. I told my friend about three weeks ago Jim’s proposal to Pam would be turned down or there wouldn’t be one. A standard proposal-acceptance doesn’t go with the mood that’s been set in the show.

  426. I thought this was the best of season 4, which for the most part had been dumbed down to climb in the ratings. I hope we see more episodes like this in season 5 since the show has probably plateaued

  427. I think that next season will open with the day that Pam returns to the office, and end with Jim proposing that night. He couldn’t propose right after Andy, that would’ve been lame, even though that makes me SO mad. I mean, Andy was carrying that ring around for 6 years for any old girl who he happens to be dating and like at the time. Jim bought his ring specifically for Pam. grr…

    As for Jan’s pregnancy, I definitely think that she lied to us and to Michael and went to the sperm bank after they had broken up in order to get him back. Remember, her stomach wasn’t huge, so it wasn’t big enough if she had gotten it while they were dating; Michael had been staying at Dwight’s for months after they had broken up. I’m kinda disappointed about Holly, though. They would’ve been good together.

    I’ll miss the show so much!

  428. What about DWANGELA??? People are so fixated on the Jim/Pam proposal fiasco. Dwight and Angela had sex in the office! Am I the only one intrigued and happy by this turn of events? Definitely my favorite part of the episode!

  429. No, FunRun Participant, i think its CRAZY! woah!! angela, change of pace for you, young lady! what happened to devout, DISCIPLINED, christian woman? hmm? where does this leave andy? where does this leave DWIGHT?

  430. guys, JAM’s first kiss was on Casino Night, right? I mean that was….where? In the office, though. I will have to go watch and see where they were in the building.

  431. I think their first kiss was at the dundies, when Pam got drunk and kissed Jim.

  432. Hi FunRun Participant, I actually find the Dwangela relationship far more interesting than Jam. I mean Jim and Pam are supposed to be together, Dwight and Angela are meant to be together. I don’t know if there’s a difference, but there should be.

  433. Picture this: JAM gets engaged after the party. Jim gets the new corporate job in New York after Ryan’s departure. JAM lives together engaged and planning the rest of their lives together in fabulous New York, and Pam gets a great job at some swanky outfit doing graphic design. Only rarely do JAM come into contact with the group from Scranton, 2 hours away. Oh, and here’s the big twist – No one watches.

  434. I think Season 5 will be full of JAM angst and obstacles. The only reason the show runner and writers got everyone’s hopes up for a JAM engagement was to get people to watch the show post-strike. The last 15 minutes of Goodbye, Toby were full of tired sitcom cliches and preposterous coincidences. We expect better from The Office. It’s too bad, because the first 45 minutes of the episode were very good. The Holly/Michael and Holly/Kevin interactions were great. Michael’s performance of Goodbye, Toby was hilariously brilliant. The ending was very bad and a huge letdown.

  435. actually, beeslyrules, in an npr interview with b.j. novak he said that including the story line about jim wanting to propose in chair model was a late rewrite. he said that the writers were talking about jim and pam and felt that given their whole situation jim would probably be getting ready to propose. so that storyline is based on the realistic arc of their story together and what the writers felt would genuinely happen between these people, not some ploy to get viewers to watch after the strike. they didn’t need a ploy, if you read any comments from that time here on office tally you will see that fans all over couldn’t wait to start watching again.

  436. #539: My theory is that the show used a JAM proposal to bring in more CASUAL viewers post-strike. The loyal, rabid fans would be there regardless. As far as it being a realistic arc of JAM’s story together, what is so realistic about Andy busting out a ring for Angela at the exact moment when Jim is about to propose to Pam? The lack of a JAM engagement payoff at the end of Goodbye Toby and the ridiculous way in which the proposal was derailed make it seem like a ratings-driven ploy.

  437. I, for one, enjoyed the episode and thought it was perfect. I was not unhappy at the lack of a JAM proposal, as I am sure that will happen next season. I think it would have taken the focus away from the happenings in the rest of the episode – namely the Dwangela storyline, the Jan pregnancy and the Holly/Michael interaction. I personally thought that this was the best episode of the season. Classic office. Good job cast, crew and writers!

  438. I just hope a full version of the song “Goodbye Toby” is on the dvd.

  439. well i take b.j. novak’s word for it. i figure andy interrupting is about as realistic as roy getting on the mike to re-propose to pam at the exact moment that jim summons up the courage to tell pam how he feels (booze cruise). i think those 2 scenes have in common the idea that the atmosphere was perfect and inspiring and romantic and 2 people (one of whom is totally obtuse) felt inspired in the same way. this is a television show, things will always be a little orchestrated and i think we have to accept that.

  440. also, casual viewers are less invested in the characters and therefore care less about whether or not there is an engagement.

  441. Dwight’s ringtone!
    For a Swede it’s amazing to suddenly hear “Sweden’s most famous folktune” on this show. It’s called “Gardebylaten”( The Gardeby tune) Hear the original here

    There can be only three reasons Dwight has that ringtone: 1. It’s a Sony/Ericsson phone where it’s included and someone thought it would be like something Dwight would have having no idea it’s Swedish and not German. 2. Someone on the crew is Swedish/of Swedish descent and it’s an injoke. 3. Dwight is a world folkmusic connoisseur.
    I believe in number 3. :)

  442. I really want to hear beers in heaven… check out my Office Finale review on

  443. #537, Picture this – haha, that’s very, very, very true. And sort of sad when you think about the greatness of the other characters.

  444. #526: Remember, Michael has had a vasectomy. I don’t think it’s his. I’m leaning toward Jan lying to him about the sperm bank, and really cheated on him with Hunter. xD “That one night…”

  445. 537: Picture This- You have an excellent point! I don’t think JAM should get engaged for a while. No one would watch a show that was predictable! DWANGELA is who we should be focusing on! Oh, and the Holly/Michael/Jan thing. That should be interesting. Phyllis is going to be blackmailing Angela so much and does Holly even know about Jan? With all of this other stuff happening, JAM can wait a while and enjoy just being a normal, not-engaged couple. We have had enough JAMness for now. Let’s focus on the interesting things!

  446. wait.

    Jan appeared to be between 4 and 5 months pregnant right? It was 2 months since Michael last saw Jan, correct? So she was like, 2 or 3 months at the dinner party, right? But she would KNOW she was pregnant because she was the one who went and got the sperm bank…right?

    But if she KNEW she was pregnant, WHY WAS SHE DRINKING the wine that Pam brought?

    if it was an expected pregnancy because of the sperm bank, she would know, + wouldn’t drink it. That makes me think it’s Michael’s, because it wasn’t expected. Vasectomies don’t always work, or maybe Michael just DIDN’T get the vasectomy in the first place because he wanted to have kids. Or maybe she got pregnant when the vasectomy was reversed. Could be HUNTER’S and she just wants to cover it up. (THAT ONE NIGHT)

    But the sperm bank story CAN’T be true. I bet the truth will come out at the premiere…and I wonder what it is.

  447. 552 – Awesome Blossom, I agree with you 100%. I just rewatched the episode (for the 100th time :-)) and it definitely seemed like Jan was not expecting to see Michael and had to come up with something to say.

  448. OMG!! Watching the season finale episode I think I just realized something!!! In the beginning, if the cell phone Dwight has is a Nextel i850 then that’s TOTALLY MY PHONE!!!

    The nerdom continues….

  449. I think that when we come back, Jim should have already proposed to Pam. To me, it makes no sense that he would ALMOST propose, and then wait for three+ months before trying again. It is either he has already proposed, or he doesn’t propose at all. I actually hope that they focuse MORE on JAM in season 5, because in seasons 1-3, they were the main story, and then in season 4 they were barely developed. I know more about Ram than I do Jam. And that is not cool.

  450. Awesome Blossom-

    The strike messed up the timeline but the Dinner Party actually happened before Christmas. And if Jan was four months pregnant when Goodbye, Toby aired then she would have gotten pregnant about January.

  451. This episode was not that great… really the only good thing about this season was jim and pam being together. There were some funny things , but nothing really that good. In my opinion , the best season so far was season 2. The Office is too mainstream now, and I just think from season 2 it went down hill. I will watch it next season , but never again do I think that i will have that feeling in my chest that is abs. love for this show.

  452. One of the best quotes actually is:
    Pam: “Oh my goodness, you sound sexy”
    Jim: “Oh thanks! I’ve been working out”


  453. When it was a pilot show being tested for viewership when it first aired, not being shown on a prime Thursday Night slot or comedy night.

    That’s about the only time I think one could argue it as non-mainstream, if even then…

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