1. Does anyone know if Jenna attended the Bravo A-list awards? She was nominated, and it’s airing tonight.

  2. I never got into Ferguson, not sure why. I’m a Conan man myself. It looks like Jenna’s making the run around on late night shows for The Promotion. Anyone know if she’s gonna stop by Conan’s?

  3. YAY! Craig is my favorite too!! I always love when the people from The Office go on Craig, it’s always so funny; Angela was cute on there back when she was still preggers! :)

  4. One of our Canadian newspapers called this a “must see” for tonight – along with Brian and Kate on Last Comic Standing. Good call!

  5. Craig is the best. If people have about 10 minutes watch the youtube video where Craig talks about fighting his alcahol addiction. It is really great to see Craig go from such a low to now having a great life.

    Also looking forward to Jenna tonight.

  6. I REALLY want to know where zombie poop comes from! I hope that either Jenna or Craig brings it up again…

  7. Love the unscriptedness of Craig’s interviews. You never know where it’s going to go and the guests generally looked enthused. Plus, maybe Jenna wears the dress she told Letterman was too revealing. ;)

  8. I love that Jenna had a great time in my hometown, but it leaves me to ponder… WHERE THE HECK WAS I?!!

    ah well… can’t wait to see her tonight.

  9. Great interview. Jenna looked amazing and Craig interacts so well with her.

    Glad to see she’s doing so well and making a great recovery.

  10. I thought this was a great interview. So often on these late night talk shows, it’s so obvious that they prepared the questions and what they’re going to talk about beforehand, but this just seemed to really flow like a natural conversation – so much that they almost forgot to talk about the movie!

    I was a little disappointed with the Promotion clip. It was like it was building up to something funny but they cut it off too soon.

    Jenna’s hair’s getting so long! And she looked very pretty.

  11. That was one of my favorite Jenna interviews ever! She was so witty and had such great rapport with Craig. She looked amazing! I really liked the Macy’s dress. Her hair looks longer – I wonder if she had hair extensions . . . it was very “ethereal” looking . . . so pretty. “Chocolate boobies and pickles.” Too funny!

  12. She is just so adorable! I really wish she was my friend in real-life! (Wait, she’s not?!)

  13. Jenna is never putting on airs – I love that about her! She’ll go on t.v. and talk about craft fairs and chocolate boobies and be utterly charming and funny.

  14. That was the funniest interview I’ve seen in a loooooong time — this totally made my day. I’m so glad Jenna is still a proud midwesterner — us midwestern gals have to stick together! Crafts fair rock…

  15. Every interview with Jenna makes her seem even cooler! Craft fairs! come on, you can’t get any cooler than that. – but chocolate boobies, i really have no idea what that’s about.

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