1. I go to his old High School, the one B.J. Novak went to as well. I was hanging out in the theater office Monday (as I always do), when a Leno representative called asking for info on John and B.J.’s HS shenanigans. It was pretty sweet.

  2. djf, that is really cool! I’m way too excited to hear John explain himself to Leno. =D

  3. Yay! A teeny little clip from “Dinner Party.” :)

    John is always so charming and funny in interviews. It was worth staying up late!

  4. Mr. Krasinski was simply amazing tonight! He was absolutely and adorably self-deprecating and charming.

    Also, did his expressions tonight hit a whole new level of cute or what?

    I LOVED his re-tell of the musical guest jonesing for pot.

  5. What Dinner Party clip do you speak of? I tivoed through the show just to John, and didn’t see any clip.

    ps I loved seeing the Ed on Conan again. I hope he sings in Dinner Party! I’ve really missed the Andy music.

  6. Ha! Joe Thornton…gotta rep the bay

    I knew there was a Dukin in San Jose when I was younger…there was one on Capitol, its changed tho

    i did find this on the interwebs

    According to The Boston Herald (7/21/2002), “Dunkin’ expanded in California in the 1980s, with about 15 stores around the state at one time. But it never got the critical mass it hoped for and bailed out a few years ago.”

    btw, the dunkin is now sunny’s donuts

  7. He is getting to be a big star – he was the first guest! Actually, it was a great show and he interacted with Joe Torre as well.

  8. Did anyone else feel like John was being genuinely funny and telling good jokes in parts, and the audience was unresponsive? Sometimes a small laugh, sometimes nothing at all (like when John makes the comment about Jay’s cars in the film)? It annoyed me! I thought he was great, especially that story of him working on Conan. The Leatherheads clip looked good! Was there a Dinner Party clip?! I didn’t see it…

  9. The Dinner Party clip happened right before the show went to commercial prior to John coming out as a guest. It was not announced – if you blinked, you would’ve missed it. There was no audio – just about 6 seconds of video showing Jim and Pam being welcomed by Jan and Michael at the door.

  10. Dunkin’ Donuts: Hardcore nostalgia for Boston!

    Despite the charmingly blue-collar ambience, in stark contrast to Starbucks, the scent of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is nevertheless nauseating. I will never understand how people can chug that swill.

    Leno’s jibe at John’s desire to open a franchise as “job insurance” was not lost on John….see the fleeting look of humility on his face!

    John: If you are reading this -and I suspect you are – I know someone who opened a franchise in Istanbul — if it can be done there, there may be a chance for LA!

  11. Watching the Rashida-on-Ferguson clip then this makes me really appreciate Craig’s freeform unscripted style. I can’t stand the horrible transitions of “So, uh, John, you, ya know…um…worked for Conan, right?”

    Did love John’s appearance though and especially loved how his smarter-than-most humor came across; especially when it bombed with the audience and he acknowledged said bombing. I would grab a beer with the guy in a heartbeat.

  12. Susie – I totally agree with you!! I don’t think the audience was prepared for his level of funny. It’s a shame b/c he’s truly talented and an excellent story teller.

  13. This was SO great! I watched it last night and loved every minute of it. When the little Dinner Party clip started, I thought it was like a backstage glimpse of JK getting ready, like some shows have. Then I got confused when I saw that Jenna was with him and I almost cried when I realized it was from the next episode!

    And I agree Suzie – the audience didn’t laugh nearly as much as I did. There were very long patches of silence.

  14. What could be better? How about John Krasiniski serving me Dunkin’ Donuts–the best coffee in the world? JKras and glazed donutty goodness…mmmmmm…

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