Rashida Jones in Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine talks to Rashida Jones in their April issue:

I rode the same school bus as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian,” recalls Rashida Jones, dressed in post-Pilates sweats and scarfing a vegetarian feast at a West Hollywood tearoom. But unlike her classmates, Jones, 32, is known for more than partying, paparazzi, and porn. She plays piano and a little guitar, graduated from Harvard with a degree in comparative religion, and has sung on two of Maroon 5’s hit albums. She also sits on the board of Peace Games, a charity that teaches kids to resolve conflicts non-violently.

Link: A Conversation with Rashida Jones


  1. After the John K picture bonanza around here, I’m sure the guys will appreciate this! And I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a total girl crush on Ms. Jones.

  2. Rode the school bus with Paris Hilton? Yeah, I’m thinking that happened, like, once.

  3. It was funny how out of all of the races she identified with not one of them was Italian :P, and she played a Italian girl named Karen in Freaks and Geeks too!

  4. Rashida is the total package. gorgeous, intelligent, artistic, and has a great sense of humor. she’s the perfect women!

  5. #5, I was thinking the same thing. I’m sorry, but I highly doubt Paris Hilton rode a school bus. I didn’t even ride a bus to school and I’m by no means a Hilton.

  6. “But unlike her classmates, Jones, 32, is known for more than partying, paparazzi, and porn.” Okay.. So she’s know for MORE than partying, paparazzi, and porn. I only knew about the porn..

    (JK, obviously)

  7. I absolutely adore her. Being biracial myself, having a Black father and a Caucasian mother, she is a total role model for me. She makes it okay to not have a singular race to identify with. Simply, she is made of awesomeness! Thanks for giving us mulattos a voice! You go, girl!

  8. #5 & #10 – Rashida’s parents, Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, aren’t exactly regular Joes, though right? So if Rashida rode the bus, I’m sure Paris did too. And maybe Rashida was just talking about riding the bus on school trips and stuff like that. I didn’t take the school bus either but I did on school trips. I think mainly she was just discussing the fact that she went to school with Paris.

  9. I am sorry, I go to the school where Rashida and Paris went, and I can tell you that the majority of students ride the bus. A very small percentage, including myself, actually go by car.

    Go Griffins!

  10. Isn’t there about a 5 year age difference between Rashida and Paris Hilton? What grades does that school cover? They couldn’t have been in high school together or taken field trips together.

  11. Janet,

    The school is Kindergarten through 12th grade, so Paris and Rashida were definitely there at the same time.

  12. wow I had no idea her parents were popular! And quincy jones! I thought she’s just some regular girl. How did John Krasinski manage to date her? JOhn is cute and all but he’s more of a regular guy-next-door. Unless he belongs in that social circle too?

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