1. The fact that there’s the Beet Farm involved scares me, just a bit.

    haha, I hope it’s good. Can’t wait!

  2. Yes! We’re getting more Mike Schur as Mose!

    And what’s with Rainns’ scruff? Hmmm…

  3. Both episodes look promising. Could Dwight be trying to compete with Ryan with that 9 o’clock shadow?

  4. These pictures are amazing, I just wish that they had a picture of Jim and Pam holding hands or something you know! But o well, they are still the best!


  5. i wonder if Dwight’s scuff is not that he is trying to be like Ryan… but maybe he is letting himself go… like some people do after… dare i say it… a break up! Angela is pretty pissed… it would be a big turn to see Dwight mourning his lost relationship.

  6. I’m guessing my Dwight’s scruff and by other things in the picture that there will soon be an small speedbump for Dwight and Angela. There also seems to be some flirting going on in some pictures of Andy and Angela together.

  7. Thank you, thank you…THANK YOU…for finding those pictures. That was DAWESOME.

    Loved Money #5…just amazing.

    And Cousin Mose is back…this just keeps getting better and BETTER! :)

  8. If you look closely, Pam isn’t wearing her butterfly necklace anymore. She’s wearing her pony one from last season.

  9. I can’t stop laughing at the plates of bacon and bowl of eggs picture. It looks like these are going to be some good episodes.

  10. I agree, Dwight’s scruff is definitely the result of some Dwangela disharmony. I hope Andy makes a move, because I would love to see Dwight fight for his monkey’s affections. Dwight and Andy getting along is not as much fun as Dwight and Andy at odds.

  11. wait…so if jim and pam are together at dwights farm, so does that mean that he finds out about pb&j???

  12. I loved pic 5 for Money. In my imagination it seems like Jim and Pam were going in for a kiss or something and got “rudely interrupted” by Dwight in that one. And you gotta love pic 8. Mose is back! woot!
    And what is that blue thing in pic. 1 of Launch Party?

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