1. Oh my god, the Bed and Breakfast looks even better than I could have imagined. Amazing.

  2. The fact that there’s the Beet Farm involved scares me, just a bit.

    haha, I hope it’s good. Can’t wait!

  3. Yes! We’re getting more Mike Schur as Mose!

    And what’s with Rainns’ scruff? Hmmm…

  4. Both episodes look promising. Could Dwight be trying to compete with Ryan with that 9 o’clock shadow?

  5. These pictures are amazing, I just wish that they had a picture of Jim and Pam holding hands or something you know! But o well, they are still the best!


  6. i wonder if Dwight’s scuff is not that he is trying to be like Ryan… but maybe he is letting himself go… like some people do after… dare i say it… a break up! Angela is pretty pissed… it would be a big turn to see Dwight mourning his lost relationship.

  7. I’m guessing my Dwight’s scruff and by other things in the picture that there will soon be an small speedbump for Dwight and Angela. There also seems to be some flirting going on in some pictures of Andy and Angela together.

  8. Thank you, thank you…THANK YOU…for finding those pictures. That was DAWESOME.

    Loved Money #5…just amazing.

    And Cousin Mose is back…this just keeps getting better and BETTER! :)

  9. If you look closely, Pam isn’t wearing her butterfly necklace anymore. She’s wearing her pony one from last season.

  10. I can’t stop laughing at the plates of bacon and bowl of eggs picture. It looks like these are going to be some good episodes.

  11. I agree, Dwight’s scruff is definitely the result of some Dwangela disharmony. I hope Andy makes a move, because I would love to see Dwight fight for his monkey’s affections. Dwight and Andy getting along is not as much fun as Dwight and Andy at odds.

  12. wait…so if jim and pam are together at dwights farm, so does that mean that he finds out about pb&j???

  13. Okay, but after this, let’s just set some episodes in the office for awhile. Please…

  14. I loved pic 5 for Money. In my imagination it seems like Jim and Pam were going in for a kiss or something and got “rudely interrupted” by Dwight in that one. And you gotta love pic 8. Mose is back! woot!
    And what is that blue thing in pic. 1 of Launch Party?

  15. Is it possible to be just as excited now as I was for the premiere? Jim and Pam are too cute, I can’t get enough of them together! These episodes are going to be great!

  16. That’s some questionable interaction with Andy and Angela. Birth of…? Wow, I can’t think of a name for them…

  17. Poor Jim and Pam. That does not look like fun. How cute that they dressed up for dinner at Dwight’s farm.

  18. Is Mose taken Satan’s role? I don’t really care. I’m just happy to see him back! These look fantastic! I love Dwight’s scruff.

  19. Haha I love the idea of Dwight co-owning a bed and breakfast but with Mose and not Satan…lol

  20. Dwight looks like he’s starting to grow a beard. Rainn looks good in a beard, I think this is going to be cool.

  21. i REALLY wanna see pam and jim in dwight’s farm.
    ooo, does this mean that moze is coming back?!?

  22. HOLY CRAP. I am in love with the JAM scenes!

    I heart JKras and Jenna… those two are so adorable together!

    Yay for the Schrute beet farm ;)

  23. Hahahaha, do they have to work in the beet fields? And the giant bowl of eggs with all that bacon!? Dwight’s B&B is going to be aaaamazing.

    Also, Andy/Angela/Dwight? New triangle? And if the hair’s a sign of Dwight’s downfall, it is going to be awesome. I would SO LOVE to see Dwight have to fight to get Angela back and just completely lose it.

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHA omg why, WHY (???) are PB&J out at the beet bed and breakfast? I can’t wait to find out what ridiculous scenario draws them out to Schrute Farm. This is going to be amazing.

    Also: No beets were included in Pam and Jim’s enormous bacon and egg breakfast. Maybe Dwight doesn’t waste his beets on laborers.

  25. Is that Dwight-stubble I see ?!?! And Mose?!?!
    I seriously can. not. wait. for these episodes!
    And as for Jim as a farmer… Guh.
    That is all. :P

  26. I wonder if it’s like a kibbutz and they have to work for their food. Or it’s “Dwight Nation,” where only the strong survive in an effort to create government and stability in a world without rules or supervision.

  27. The pics of Jim and Pam at Dwight’s look like something out of an independent drama! Hah! You know, some people think The Office should spend more time actually at the office, but I for one love how we see more of these character’s personal lives as the series progresses. Bring on Schrute Farms! I am pumped for this episode like no other.

  28. AP, I totally feel you. That is exactly what I thought when I saw the first couple of pictures. It’s been so long since they’ve had an episode where the whole cast just stayed in the office for a day. The writers keep finding excuses to shoot all the characters in other places that it never really makes sense the cameras would follow them to (I got annoyed at the episode where they showed Jim’s party, I think that’s where it all started getting ridiculous). It’s just lazy.

  29. Look at Dwight in his little farmer outfit! lol I agree with Chick-a-dee, though. I’d like to see everyone back in the office for awhile. It just seems wierd when they’re all out and about.

  30. AP–I heard through the grapevine (don’t remember where) that Paul Lieberstein wrote “Money,” so that’s enough to give me blind faith in the episode. Three words: “The Job,” “Cocktails.”

  31. AP: Why don’t we just WATCH the episode before we jump to conclusions about how awful it’s going to be?

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it’s going to be tough to keep it interesting this season but so many people are condemning the show before it has even got underway, which is unfair.

    Let’s have faith in the writers and give them the benefit of the doubt to start with!

  32. I trust the writers completely. Because the way they’ve handled…well, everything…has pretty much been perfect/the very best way to handle it.

    Also, I think it’s only natural for the show to explore other areas outside of the office. Think about it in terms of the documentary. The camera crew’s been following these guys for three years. They’re going to start going after places they haven’t gone out before…they need new, different, fresh material. They’re going to explore their personal lives more and if that means venturing out to Shrute Farm and other homes, they’ll do it. It makes sense.

  33. They have been getting out of the confines of the office on a consistent basis since Season 2. Anyone complaining about Michael and Jan at Chili’s with the city manager? Jim and Michael at Hooters? Ryan and Dwight at Schrute Farm? Dwight at the sales conference making a speech? Come on, it’s about people who work in an office, but we are all more than just our jobs and most of us have some interaction with co-workers outside of work. Don’t limit the show’s possibilities by confining its physical parameters.

  34. I for one am extremely excited for these episodes. I just can’t wait to see what journey the writers take us through this season.

  35. Looks good. If these episodes are even half as funny as the utterly hilarious Fun Run I’ll be content.

  36. I am so excited for these episodes…I can’t decide if little tidbits like this make it easier to get to Thursday, or harder! (because I get too excited!!) Hmmmm… No matter what, I just can’t wait!!!

  37. i kind of agree with AP, and i consider myself a huge office fan. i do trust the writers, but i hate to think that this season will consist of far-fetched scenarios out of the office (cocktails was one of my least favorite eps).

    nevertheless, i am SUPER excited for the upcoming episodes –and i must add: ohhhhhhh jkras…i think i’m in love. and apparently 12.

  38. Well it can’t get much more farfetched than Dwight taking martial arts lessons with kids or delivering a Mussolini speech to a sales convention. Both in season 2. :)

  39. Re#26

    Yes, there seem to be something starting up between Andy and Angela. Remember the scene in Fun Run when Andy tried to comfort Angela about Sprinkles?

    I can see a number of scenes coming up where Angela is taking out her revenge on Dwight with Andy…A women scorned…

  40. I think the writers will do great with this! I agree with Stephanie, all of the episodes following up to this one have been hilarious. This one will too. I have faith in Greg Daniels :]

  41. Guys, if you ever watched the British version of the show, remember how often they would film outside the office? They shot several times in a club (not a bar, a club)! They shot scenes in restaraunts, characters’ homes, inside cars, you name it. They are trying to get the work and private lives of these characters covered to make them seem more real. It’s the same as real life, if you think about it. If your boss or a coworker has ever invited you to their home for a party or to go out after work for happy hour, it’s the same kind of idea. It’s kinda akward at first because you have never thought of your co-workers or boss as having a real life. Same thing here. Especially since some of our favorite characters don’t know the first thing about proper public behavior.

    Kudos to the writers for trying to stay true to the original show. The office can get boring if you stay cooped up in there too long. I applaud them for “keepin’ it real” and allowing us to see the characters interact in public…no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times.

  42. Good point, 58. And I’m sure a summary reading “Michael burns his foot on a home grilling device” seemed ridiculous too.
    I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  43. Look, I don’t necessarily mind them showing people outside of the office, as long as its realistic. Let me demonstrate what I mean:

    “Anyone complaining about Michael and Jan at Chili’s with the city manager?”

    No, that was fine, because it’s realistic that Michael and Jan would make a sales pitch at a restaurant–happens all the time.

    “Jim and Michael at Hooters?”

    Business people go to Hooters all the time for lunch.

    “Ryan and Dwight at Schrute Farm?”

    That was the first episode that I started questioning the outside the office stuff. Dwight’s farm was a funny idea when it was a throw away line, but when they actually showed it, it just seemed weird and not realistic at all.

    “Dwight at the sales conference making a speech?”

    Salespeople give speeches at sales conferences all the time.

    So I don’t have a problem with them leaving the office per se, I have a problem with them leaving the office and doing something totally unrelated to the scope of the documentary or something totally ridiculous (like going to Dwight’s beet farm which has now suddenly also become a B&B.)

  44. That’s exactly the point I was looking for soemone to make, drunkbiking. I mean, Rainn Wilson, in one of those EW videos said himself that, even though the show has such a “real” feel to it, it’s always based off these utterly ridiculous scenarios that would never actually happen. I mean, bats getting trapped in garbage bags over people’s heads, Michael getting handcuffed to a ship’s railing, Benihanna waitress coming to a Christmas party? The show’s glory comes from the characters acting realtively unphased/normal in the face of absurd situations.

    That being said, there is no telling at this point whether ‘Money’ will be good or bad. I’m just excited for the wait.

  45. Also, I wanted to respond to all of the people who says things along the line of:

    “Just have faith in the writers.”


    “This is a great show no matter what. Don’t be negative.”

    Look, the writers have done a great job creating a smart show that attracts intelligent fans. Because of that, they have to understand that the show will have people watching it with a critical eye and not just watching it blindly. It’s my love for the greatness of the show that leads me to post critical comments about it. I don’t go to message boards and post things about other shows, because I don’t really care if any other shows go down the tubes. And I’m old enough to know that you have to watch TV critically and not just put blind trust in its writers. There have been way too many shows that started brilliantly, but then were stretched too thin or watered down or changed or ruined by the very same writers.

  46. I think the storylines are a little more “farfetched” due to the fact these episodes are an hour long. I mean if they made these four hour long episodes strictly based in the office, then what type of storylines will the half hour episodes be able to use? I think the hour long is giving them a little more flexibility to work outside the office and experiment with a few things, so they are going to do it when they can. I bet things go more back to normal with the half hours episodes come about.

  47. People complain when the show strays too far from the office, but people would also complain if they stayed in the office and we never got to see personal aspects of Jim and Pam’s relationship.

    It looks like the writers are working to come up with creative ways to explore their relationship and also give the camera crew a reason to be there.

    If Jim and Pam just went to an ordinary B&B, the camera crew wouldn’t be allowed to go along, and they certainly would never be allowed just to be in one of their apartments after work.

    My prediction on the B&B is that the writers will set it up as Jim and Pam are just doing it because they figure it will be funny and the curiosity to see the beet farm in person is probably overwhelming. I doubt Jim is really planning to woo Pam with a romantic weekend at Dwight’s. If something romantic and cute happens for the cameras to catch it is a bonus.

  48. How about we all wait until the episodes air before we jump to conclusions?? If you claim to be an avid fan, please act like one and don’t doubt the writers. They’ve done an excellent excellent job, and I have faith in them.

  49. Dwight looks like the farmer version of Norman Bates…he is now a B&B owner, after all.

    Well…I guess he really CAN’T be Norman Bates. After all, Mother is buried out in the east field…

    or is she???

  50. Totally great way to start my morning. I can’t wait to see Mose! PB&J at the B&B will be completely awesome.

  51. Couldn’t Dwight’s stubble be from him staying up late competing with the computer to sell more paper?

  52. In general, if you look at the two episodes leading to “Money” and the episode afterwards, it seems like there’s a lot of “Office” stuff there. Plus, “Money” is an hour long episode. Just like “Fun Run,” half of it will probably be in the Office and the other half will be on the farm.

    Also, if you saw the promo pictures of “Product Recall” from last season, all of those pictures were from the high school, Jim-Andy plot. However, when the actual episode was aired, a lot of those were deleted. So, just because a majority of the promo pictures are of one plot, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s there.

    Besides, they haven’t edited “Money” yet.

  53. I agree when people say the episodes should be focused indoors but, hey, I think the documentary approach can include some bits of their personal lives, we’ve seen this in real documentaries. Michael wanting the crew around is totally ‘in character’, maybe Jim and Pam being okay with it is a little weird, cause they don’t seem to want that kind of invasion…
    But, all in all, I’m really anxious about the next episodes and storylines!

  54. The great thing about the Office is that the writers have this incredible talent for making far-fetched scenarios real and natural. If maybe still a little unlikely. A lot of the past episode plots sounds surreal and ridiculous, but the episodes themselves are well written and well acted, and it supersedes the ridiculousness.

  55. What’s with all of the doomsayers? I’m no emmy award winning writer, but I can easily imagine a scenario –that isn’t rediculous — that allows Pam and Jim to go to the Schrute B&B.

    For example: The documentary crew has come to Schrute Farms to check out Dwight’s newly opened B&B. Surely it is not far-fetched to assume that they would see the comedic value in this situation (even without Satan as a co-owner). Meanwhile, Jim and Pam have planned a romantic weekend and have no clue that the place they are going is Dwight’s B&B. They go to check in and find Dwight there and documentary cameras waiting. *Hilarity ensues*

    Who knows if this is how it will happen? I certainly look forward to finding out. All I can say is, I watch The Office because it makes me laugh. Why over-analyze?

  56. Oooohhhh. Dwight has stubble. Could Angela still be mad at him for Sprinkles? Time will tell.

    These were great fun! Thanks!

  57. So from these pics should we assume that Dwight now knows about Jim and Pam, or I wonder if the whole office knows already?
    Maybe Dwight found out about Jim and Pam’s relationship and since they know about him and Angela they’ve all decided to keep quiet and that’s when Dwight invites them to the farm/bed breakfast. lol. I can’t wait!

    I’ve decided to ignore all negative comments and just keep happy thoughts in my head. Yes, this show is about an office, but I know a lot of people, including myself that spend time with co-workers out of work, so it’s all still realistic in my book. Well as much as a beet farm/bed and breakfast can be. LOL. If it’s funny and entertaining and we get to see our favorite characters interacting in new ways, who cares?

  58. Samuel L. Chang, I completely agree. It amazes me people actually are complaining that we get to see these characters more outside of the Office. It is MORE contrived, IMO, if all we do is ever see them at Dunder Mifflin. It makes more sense to me that they actually get out of the office and go places and the camera crew follows. My point is that I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS and I am not going to complain, like, “how DARE they allow me to see more of their personal lives away from work??” I’m sorry, I think that’s kind of defeating the purpose of watching this show. I know *I* don’t watch this show to see the same 3 room office every week, I watch it for the characters and I will follow them anywhere.

  59. Little bit of trivia–Schrute Farms (used in “The Initiation” and the upcoming “Money”) is the same barn and farmhouse used in “Back to the Future” (where Michael J. Fox crashes the DeLorean into Old Man Peabody’s barn when he first goes to 1955).

    Just wanted to throw that out there! Can’t wait for these episodes!

  60. AP #44, maybe they do make it clear why Shrute Farms is now a bed and breakfast. Have you already seen the episode?
    I’d like to know where if you did! I too am a little weary of too much “outside office” stuff. But if you think about it logically, if this was a real documentary show that had been following these insane people around for three years, wouldn’t the crew want to film what they do outside the office? After the first few seasons the “documentary” has become less of a show about the inner workings of an office, and more of a sociological study of a group of people thrown together.

  61. A few observations:

    1. Is Dwight growing a beard?!
    2. Cousin Mose returns! “you must wrestle FEAR to the ground! lol…
    3. Who is the random kid in the conference room with Dwight?
    4. Andy and Angela with the ice swans… ??!? =D

    I don’t mind them leaving the office every once in a while. They need new places for new storylines, otherwise they run out of material. You can only cover so much of mundane office life.

  62. I should be more clear. The kid in the backgroud looks like he is delivering that stack of pizzas in the picture with him.

  63. Dwight’s facial hair could be his way of trying to get in with Ryan. Like, you’ve got facial hair, I’ve got facial hair.
    I’m just happy to see some cardigans!

  64. AP,

    I do see your point and I agree with it.

    However, I will say this as well: I think we need to think much broader.
    I think the original premise of “The Office” was to show the interactions (and changing relationships) between people who would, otherwise, never (at first thought) have anything to do with one another. The changing of the relationships and circumstances very much happens in real life. Change is very normal.

    The fundamentals are the same: Michael, the ignorant/naive boss who can’t keep his mouth shut; Jim, the “slacker” (as said by some); Dwight, the uptight, wanna-be leader. Ryan and Pam? With season 4, their real personalities are just now having the chance to blossom: Pam, the sweet, funloving dork is becoming more womanly and sexy; and Ryan? Well, we always knew he was a jerk…now he’s really going to demonstrate it.

    Ok, I’m going to cut this short (I’m sorry for being long-winded…I’m done.) but we also much remember that the show was bound to change in some way…just like life. We can’t expect 10 seasons of the same ole’ thing. It’s just not possible.

    Now, whether we like it or not is another story.

  65. omg, LOVE IT. ok, so…

    pic 10) my favorite because of the smile on pams face and it looks like shes reaching for jims hand

    pic 3) seriously, who IS that kid?

    and i do love the episodes where they stay in the office but i also love seeing them outside of the office, it makes it more realistic. especially now that the documentary has “grown” the characters have all developed and we get to see some of the outside-the-office interactions.

    we weren’t there for a LOT of major things, pam calling off the wedding, pam and jims first date, jans move into the condo, a lot of dwangela action, kelly and ryans first date, so every glimpse we get into the outside world is just great with me!

  66. Places gone outside the office in the untouchable season 2:

    Hockey rink

    Grocery store

    Salesman convention


    Booze cruise boat


    Michael’s condo

    Jim’s house

    Dwight’s dojo

    Chili’s (twice)

  67. Thank you for pointing out all the locations the office has been in the past! I understand everyone’s opinions about the fact that it may be outside the norm of the office to have so may different places. But like I said earlier, the episodes haven’t even aired yet, and I don’t think anyone has the right to judge them so early in the game.

    AP-You claimed you are an “older” viewer. Are you assuming that the rest of the fans are too young to be watching with a critical eye? I’m 23, and I watch with a very critical eye. I enjoy watching every single commentary, and I enjoy all the technical aspects that go into filming a single episode.

  68. Re 100\Large Tuna

    I wonder if that’s a pizza delivery boy. I wondered who he was until I saw the huge stack of pizza boxes. Now, why is he still there? Well, that’s an answer I can’t wait to find out.

  69. I am really excited to see why on earth Pam and Jim go to the beet farm. I love all the new relationship dynamics going on so far this season and can’t wait to see where they take the cast.

  70. Am I the only one that wants a Scranton, PA afghan (is that the dog or a blanket) for my couch ala pic 10?

  71. in the picture where jim and pam are..eating?..it looks like they had come from work. maybe they were forced to go there by michael? just a thought.

    anyway, i’ll be missing both of those episodes because i have volleyball games on both nights. bum. mer. er.

  72. I don’t care what anyone thinks……Dwight turning Schrute Farm into a B&B and JAM spending a little quality time there…..WOW, that sounds freaking hilarious. I am laughing just at the possibilities. I try not to overthink the Office, I just let it make me laugh.

  73. I have no problem with them outside of the office if it’s “office” related or shows the lives of the “office” workers. However that said, those Money pictures do look great and I’m really excited in see that episode. Oh who am I kidding…I’m really excited about EVERY episode.

    They could easily make it fit into an “office” situation…if Dwight is trying to make his farm an investment for his retirement. I have a feeling Dunder Mifflin doesn’t have the best retirement program.

  74. Just a thought on Dwight’s beard:

    Could be he was up for like 3 days in a row trying to defeat the world wide web. To me it doesn’t look very well trimmed, a little too scruffy and unkempt for him.

  75. 105- i heard that michael holds the pizza delivery boy hostage. greg daniels mentioned in ew that there would kidnapping, but funny!

  76. I’m running down to the local bottleshop and picking up a 6-pack of Steg 150 to watch during the show. It’s made in Wilkes-Barre!

  77. So, I noticed too that Jim and Pam are in two sets of clothes in the B&B pics…do you think they stay the night? Or just change for their bacon dinner? Heeheehee….

  78. E, #112:

    I’m pretty sure they stay the night! Yippee! I think that’s what the episode synopsis says, if I remember correctly.

  79. I wouldn’t normally say this but… Dwight is one hot farmer! Jim who?

    I’m so glad we are getting new episode on the regular now. But if you really think about it how many seasons of the same ol’ office pranks can you take. If every season was just like the last, the show wouldn’t grow. Or worst it would get boring.

    I for one like the new direction. So I say bring on the new episodes! :)

  80. SW- Ooh, you’re probably right.. why then, I wonder, is he sticking around with his pizza? And he looks pretty miserable.. Hmm..

  81. It looks like both Dunder Mifflin Infinity and Launch Party take place primarily in the office. So it’s a pretty normal season so far.

  82. they are too adorable. seriously seeing them together just makes me smile ear to ear.

    and yes, the synopsis said they are staying the night. some late night jam? lets hope!

  83. I hope they don’t have Jim & Pam sleeping together as a big part of the story arc. I want to see them have a careful, thoughtful relationship, not just start getting too physical which can sometimes mess up a relationship. My Jim and Pam must remain pure!! :)

  84. I LOVE the fact that we now get to explore other relationships! Dwangela kicks ass!! Who do you think the love triangle will be? Dwight/Angela/Andy?

  85. #72-ha! Norman Schrute for sure, Jim and Pam better watch out or they could be re-burried in an old oil drum

  86. I really like the fact that not every episode is in the office. How can you not want to see more of Mose and the beet farm? haha. Someone posted that the writers are “reaching” because the Dwight Farm ep looks ridiculous – ummmmm… DWIGHT is ridiculous. It’s completely fitting! :)
    And the JAM – truly the ship of champions ;)

  87. Ziggy – He probably looks so miserable because Dwight refuses to tip him like the sub delivery guy in Michael’s Birthday. Look at all those pizzas he has to carry, the kid deserves a tip.

    Dwight only tips his urologist because he can’t pulverize his own kidney stones.

  88. Chloe, #120-I completely agree with you! I want JAM (PP&J) to get it right and stay together for the long haul :)

  89. As a fellow northeasterner I have to mention that I love seeing Jim in what look like L.L. Bean “duck boots” (or some equivalent). These are a classic must-have for “mud season” in New England. But only Jim could make them look so cute. I love these characters in and out of the office. No complaints here…

  90. Hahaha, ok, I just can’t wait to see Dwight make Jim “work the beat fields till well after midnight”
    Poor Jim!! (pic 03) lol

  91. 119 – “Creed/Meredith/Oscar?” I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit…

  92. Could it be that Mose is making a comeback!? I was so excited when I saw him in the picture for Episode 4 “Money”. You can’t have the beet farm without Mose. Yay for Michael Schur!! :D

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