‘Livin’ the Dream’ now extended to 1 hour

NBC has announced that The Office episode Livin’ the Dream, scheduled to air May 2, is now extended to an hour!

Note that this episode starts earlier than usual — 8:30/7:30c.

I’ve confirmed this news with The Office’s longtime editor/director/producer Dave Rogers. And the episode numbers remain the same, i.e. the finale is still numbered 9.24-25.

Dave says this: “We knew the last two episodes would be hour-longs, and The Finale might even end up running longer, but we still had a lot of great storytelling to do leading up to them and ‘Livin’ The Dream’ was one that ultimately deserved to be an hour long episode as well! All I will say is that these final episodes are among our best ever and I can’t wait for the fans to see them!”

I feel like The Office doesn’t want to say goodbye… and neither do we fans!

Much like a two-way petting zoo. xo