The Office: Paper Airplane video clips

Here are a few clips of The Office episode, Paper Airplanes, airing April 25, 2013.

Sneak peek #1
[Video no longer available]

Sneak peek #2

And here’s a promo.

P.S. The song in the video is I Lived by One Republic. (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. WOW that promo gave me chills. Not sure why, something about the mixture of the “4 EPISODES LEFT” and the JAM hug (which looks suspect….considering Jim seems very into it and Pam seems…not so much) and the reality that this series is seriously about to end just got to me. Reminds me of the season 3 promos we used to get touting the heck out of Jim/Pam drama. Man, I’m gonna miss this show :(

  2. This promo really made the reality that this show is ending be real. The song mixed with everything gave me chills. Now I’m just going to go and try not to cry

  3. I watched that Jim/Pam hug three times. I don’t know why, but it made me so emotional, Jim looked so into it and Pam seemed to be in shock. What’s going to happen?! Going to watch it again and continue analyzing it until the next week’s episode. It’s so real now.

  4. This really made me cry! This show is really ending! I watched the JAM hug over 10x! I can’t wait to watch this episode!

  5. Wow, that hug did not look good. It appears that my fears will be realized…they will struggle the ENTIRE FINAL SEASON until the last episode….what a sad way to see our favorite couple spend the final season. Having issues? Great idea. Forcing it to last the entire season? Horrible idea.

  6. My guess from their expressions is Pam FINALLY expressed her fears (OR suggested separating)…and Jim is trying to console her but she isn’t too receptive at this time.

  7. Wow, I seriously CANNOT wait until Thursday!! What a great promo, with all of the flashbacks… So sad there’s only 4 left :(

  8. I’m literally scared to watch The Office every week; I cannot handle the Jim and Pam unhappiness.


  9. Jim and Pam have to work it out. The cast promised us a satisfying ending to the series. There is NO satisfying ending without JAM together and happy!!

  10. My guess is that Jim finally realized he could lose Pam and maybe she looks shocked because he tells her he’ll come back to Scranton, or she finally gave in and will move to Philly to be with him.

  11. That hug looked to me like Jim just told Pam something she didn’t want to hear. She looked kind of devastated…

  12. Actually, on second viewing, it looks like @12 is right and Jim just realised how unhappy Pam really is. I think she may just have been completely honest with him.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, the first part of that hug was in daytime, then when they switched to Pam, it was at night. Either way, it should be a good episode!

  14. Why isn’t Pam hugging back? WHY ISN’T PAM HUGGING BACK!? This promo is making me sad. It’s almost over.

  15. If anyone wants to know, the song used is I Lived by One Republic.

    [ from tanster: thanks so much! i was searching for that. :) ]

  16. My guess is that Jim will be working in Philadelphia full time, not part time anymore.

  17. You’re welcome! Now to comment on the footage part, for some reason the part that gave me the most chills was when Andy said, “I’m ready for my close-up.” I don’t know why, but there’s just something about it.

  18. I thought that Pam didn’t hug back because Jim just told her something she wasn’t expecting, she didn’t hug back purely because of shock/surprise…

  19. #21 – That’s a good point. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the other way around. What if Jim had quit or reduced his time in Philly to be with Pam more? Pam then might be upset that she has stopped Jim from living his dreams, and making him believe if he did that then their marriage would be fine – when in actual fact, it might not be. She might also be annoyed again because Jim never talked to her about this, mirroring Pam’s point about Jim making these decisions without telling her? This is quite an outside theory – but it would certainly explain why “Jim spends more time with Pam” in the next episode,”Livin’ the Dream” I haven’t got a clue – but the writers never fail to surprise me.

  20. I just listened to the whole song and if they picked that song because the lyrics relate to JAM….uh oh.

  21. That promo is messed up…Showing all those beautiful moments, then the “hug.”
    I watched all 10 Seasons of FRIENDS. They finally got Ross and Rachel back together and it was the last 10 minutes of the show…forever. I was upset about that for a “long tim.” I’m getting that same sinking feeling again…We get “Happy JAM” in the last episode, after watching them be miserable this whole season… Not how I wanted The Office to end.

  22. @brando Good catch on the day and night comment. I didn’t notice that at first. They do make it seem like one continuous shot though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  23. Did anyone notice Nellie dressed like a referee in the warehouse when Creed was taking a bow? Wonder what that’s about.

  24. Why isn’t Pam hugging back?? :( I swear, if there isn’t a happy ending for Jam, I will burn Utica to the ground, and every piece of copier paper will have the “F” word on it. The “F” word. You have 4 weeks. And typing that made me really realize that it’s almost over.

  25. I don’t think jim looks happy either… i think he looks worried… and she looks shocked. whoa, this made me feel bad :~ it was touching, but made me feel bad :(

  26. It could be that these hugs (it looks like one is in the day and one in the night as brando pointed out) are part of the skills they have learned in counseling that they are supposed to be trying out in this ep…but on the other hand Jim looks a little emotional, like it was impulsive. Hmmm…

  27. Everyone’s talking about the hug but….WHAT HAPPENED TO TOBY’S EYE??!?!

  28. I don’t think they’re day/night/separate hugs. If you look, it’s not nighttime, it’s just shade/the lighting; there’s still sunlight on Pam’s face.

    I agree with @29 — seems emotional from Jim’s part, and Pam looks confused or shocked. Hmm. I’m def. interested to see how this goes.

  29. @Allison: Your Utica threat made me laugh out loud. But I totally get what you’re saying.

  30. @26, in the description of the episode, it says that Dwight and Angela participate in an Office-wide paper airplane contest… my guess is Nellie is a ref, and Creed shows up and either bombs it or blows everyone away. ;o)

  31. Calm down, everybody, I am pretty sure we saw that “hug” at the beginning of season nine when Jim finally told Pam about his job in Philadelphia.

  32. @35 (Ben): No. We definitely didn’t.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s new footage.]

  33. Why does the promo say “Watch it LIVE, next Thursday”? Isn’t it taped, not live?

    Also, based on the JAM hug and the description of AARM, I think Jim is going to tell Pam he is going to spend more time in Scranton to work it out (the hug and Pam’s look), but in the end, she is going to realize he will only be really happy and fulfilled if he has his Philly job and she will relent and they will move to Philly.

  34. I too was thinking maybe Pam is pregnant again. Maybe the marriage counseling suggested that they should try and be a bit more intimate. It just reminded me of the emotions when they found out Pam was pregnant with Cici.

  35. I don’t think shocked is the right word to describe Pam’s expression and body language. To me she looks irritated, like she just doesn’t want Jim’s arms around her at that moment. She’s holding out her arms, deliberately not returning the embrace. Shock means you’re caught off-guard, and she doesn’t seem to be or the hug would be automatic even if unintended. And Jim’s expression looks like he only just realized something and feels very sorry about it. I won’t venture a guess yet as to what it could be. But this looks like only the beginning of a long road to resolution for the two of them.

    Like the rest of you, I hate that they’ve dragged it on for this long. Time is short and we need some big thread tie-offs for all of the characters. They don’t seem to be leaving themselves enough time.

  36. One more thing.. I’m so sick of Andy! This show is not about him, the only reason why he gets so much screen time is because of the successful Hangover movies. I’d much rather see satisfying endings for the members of the original cast, they are the ones who deserve all of the screen time. Forget Andy, Erin, Pete, Clark and Nellie. They need to fade into the background to make room for the true beloved characters who have been around for all 9 seasons.

  37. Oh my god it literally brought me to tears. I can’t believe this show is ending. It’s so hard to realize. On the hug, I thought it looked like to me that Pam was honest with Jim, and he accepted it, agreeing with her. She was so shocked she didn’t hug back instantaneously. I took it as a bright spot for them but we’ll have to wait and see.

  38. @Ben I’m pretty sure the old clips are shown in black and white all new clips are in color.

    I’m so worried about that hug!!

  39. @40 Janet, I believe it’s because Parks and Rec is supposed to be live after The Office.

  40. @jimothy You don’t need to like Andy, but you’re not the only one watching the show. Some of us like Andy and want to see how he moves on as much as we’d like to see how everyone else does. Every character on the office deserves a proper send-off.

  41. I’m really looking forward to Angela Kinsey’s performances in the final episodes. Thanks to the writing and her acting, that scene was sad, dire really, and convincing. I watched and thought, this time, Angela’s motivation for keeping things from Dwight is love, not pride.

  42. 39-Koos – I was thinking the same thing. When I came to OfficeTally and the episode list only had four weeks left on it, I realized that is all we have. Just four episodes. I really can’t believe it.

  43. That was soooo crazy to see that others have also suspected that Pam was pregnant. I honestly hope not, only because I’ll feel like it will be a cop out. Another reason for them to ignore their problems.

  44. @jimothy How can you compare Andy with Pete and Clark? He has been in 7 full seasons, over 150 episodes! He’s hardly a minor character.

  45. I’m going to side with Jimothy on this. Too much attention was given to Andy for my liking also. There are many other characters to give some side stories.

  46. Oh calm down! Yes, last season Andy got wayyy to much attention. But this season, the main focus has been on Dwight, Jim and Pam by a long shot.

  47. @ #48 and #52, I wasn’t trying to speak for everyone, simply expressing my own opinion. I no longer care much for Phyllis or Stanley but everyone else on the cast matters more to me than Andy does or ever did! I have no idea how he has remained in the Manager’s position for this long. But regardless it shouldn’t matter for the ending of the show, because when Michael left the producers made a statement that the show would no longer focus on the manager but turn into much more of an ensemble-cast piece than it had ever been before. Except for when he was away at sea, Andy’s stories have been in the forefront, and I say he’s had his time to goof around.. give us more of everyone (anyone!) else.

  48. Andy has been given another story-arc at the end of the final season, started quite a bit too late I might add. I say, fine, if they must get Andy into showbusiness (or his sorry version of it) they can tell us instead of showing us. There are other things that HAVE been built-up to over the past 8.5 seasons that we do need to see in order for all the threads to be properly tied up. Everything else can be included in a Producer’s Cut version of the finale, or in deleted scenes… or they can just be forgotten.

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