‘Livin’ the Dream’ now extended to 1 hour

NBC has announced that The Office episode Livin’ the Dream, scheduled to air May 2, is now extended to an hour!

Note that this episode starts earlier than usual — 8:30/7:30c.

I’ve confirmed this news with The Office’s longtime editor/director/producer Dave Rogers. And the episode numbers remain the same, i.e. the finale is still numbered 9.24-25.

Dave says this: “We knew the last two episodes would be hour-longs, and The Finale might even end up running longer, but we still had a lot of great storytelling to do leading up to them and ‘Livin’ The Dream’ was one that ultimately deserved to be an hour long episode as well! All I will say is that these final episodes are among our best ever and I can’t wait for the fans to see them!”

I feel like The Office doesn’t want to say goodbye… and neither do we fans!

Much like a two-way petting zoo. xo


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I bet this is how they’re going to be able to use all of that footage they so desperately want to air. Hopefully with the last three episodes being an hour long, we’ll get to see all the arcs end just the way in which the cast and writers want us to. Fingers crossed! I wonder if the petition had any impact on this?

  2. Actually, I asked about that, too, and I don’t think our petition had any effect on this particular episode.

    Greg still needs more time to fit in all the finale footage. We’ve got to help him get at least an hour and a half!

  3. MAYBE……if the petition doesn’t work and they won’t budge on more time, MAYBE….the next day when they make the episode available on line that they show the extended version.


  4. AWESOME, but still really hoping the finale gets at least another half hour.

    On a related note, is anyone else kind of annoyed that the week before the finale is technically two episodes? It ends the series on 201 episodes instead of 200. Can’t they just call it one?

  5. I love that they are expanding the last episodes of The Office. It shows that they love and truly care about their loyal fans. Back at ya!

  6. We had Moving On and A.A.R.M. extended by half an hour, and now Livin’ the Dream? Already an hour and a half extra? Each one a gift, basically another episode. Too perfect!

    Also, I have been reading online about a confirmed hour-long The Office retrospective airing before Finale. If it’s already been posted on here and I missed it, sorry!

  7. Hell, might as well go ‘head and make “Paper Airplane” an hour and get rid of the rerun of “Roy’s Wedding!” :)

  8. @Adam I agree. Make all the remaining episodes an hour and get in all the footage. I want to see as much of the last of JAM as possible. I hope Mr. Daniels meant what he said about the fans and giving them what they want. I want to see Jim and Pam in love again before the finale. I’m going through withdrawal.

  9. Very good, it will start right after Big Bang Theory ends. Should be a good episode.

  10. I know we’ve all done our share of network-bashing over the years, but I really do appreciate NBC extending the last shows of the series. (Yes, I just said thank you to a television network – crazy, I know!)

  11. One of my favorite Jim lines! hehe “You pet the animals, they pet you back…”

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