Mindy Kaling’s Office Party

aprilbegins over at the LiveJournal Office community has posted scans of a funny article about Mindy Kaling from the March issue of Venice Magazine.

An excerpt:

Because “The Office has such a sizeable ensemble, is it difficult to keep each character from getting lost or overshadowed?

The great thing about the show is none of these characters are alike; it’s like a zoo. We have every different animal in his or her own little cage, like a Stanley or a Meredith or a Dwight. You can poke each animal and they’ll make a sound and you write it down. I think the perfect kind of episode is one where we have a conference room scene and every character gets to say one thing that is very in character, one little hilarious remark. And I feel like I’ve done my job if I can service every character on the show.

(And did you guys know about Brenda? — I didn’t!)

Link: Mindy Kaling’s Office Party

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