1. From what I can see from the tiny pictures, it looks like there is no Karen next to Jim. I think we can assume this means that the end is near for them. :)

  2. I take it back. Looking at the pics from Justjared, you can see someone with dark hair behind Dwights head. Darn. Got my own hopes up.

  3. No, I think nomadshan is right. The blonde behind her is Stacey, but if you look behind her, Angela is wearing a blue hat and chatting with Roy.

  4. Roy is saying, “I like that hat, Angela. Want to see what it would look like hanging on my headboard?”

  5. Why aren’t all the DM folks sitting on the left? That would be normal since they all presumably know the bride better than the groom.

    Also, in the photo of Ryan, Kelly, and Meredith, there is a woman seated in the row behind them who looks somewhat familiar to me. Has she been on a past episode?

  6. if roy is sitting with angela, and dwight is alone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that dwangela is over because theyr’e just trying to keep their relationship secret

    i don’t see karen, though, so jaren might be over

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