New information about Season 4

Feb. 14, Associated Press

Rainn Wilson, a Writers Guild member and co-star of “The Office,” said he was hearing that everyone on the show will report back on March 10 to shoot six more episodes.

Link: Hollywood Punches Back in As Strike Ends

Feb. 13, New York Times

  • ‘The Office’ returns to the air April 10th.
  • The first episode that will be produced is ‘Dinner Party.’
  • A Christmas script was written before the strike, but will not be produced.
  • As showrunner Greg Daniels mentioned previously, a total of six new episodes will be produced for Season 4.
  • Handling the time lapse: “I’m tempted to just leap ahead to where we would have been,” Mr. Daniels said.

Link: No Pause Button: TV Studios and Writers Play Catch-Up After Strike

Update: NBC now confirms that The Office will return on Thursday, April 10th, 9-9:30pm ET.

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