New information about Season 4

Feb. 14, Associated Press

Rainn Wilson, a Writers Guild member and co-star of “The Office,” said he was hearing that everyone on the show will report back on March 10 to shoot six more episodes.

Link: Hollywood Punches Back in As Strike Ends

Feb. 13, New York Times

  • ‘The Office’ returns to the air April 10th.
  • The first episode that will be produced is ‘Dinner Party.’
  • A Christmas script was written before the strike, but will not be produced.
  • As showrunner Greg Daniels mentioned previously, a total of six new episodes will be produced for Season 4.
  • Handling the time lapse: “I’m tempted to just leap ahead to where we would have been,” Mr. Daniels said.

Link: No Pause Button: TV Studios and Writers Play Catch-Up After Strike

Update: NBC now confirms that The Office will return on Thursday, April 10th, 9-9:30pm ET.

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  1. So we’ll get continuous episodes until the finale? Most likely?

    It still kinda hurts that there wasn’t an Office Christmas this year. Heh. And it kills me that we’ll never see it. Maybe they’ll take elements of it for next year, who knows.

    But anyway, DINNER PARTY. I am so excited. My mood has lifted enormously since the news. My immune system seems to have perked up, too. ;)

  2. A time leap would be really odd, unless they did a catchup episode before dinner party. (Or an interview thing like they did for summer vacation)

    Maybe they could work it out that they had to stop filming the “documentary” because of legal issue with corporate. (Michael would of course blame Toby.)

  3. I was just thinking and wanted to see what other people thought, but do you guys think that Dinner Party will be filmed exactly how the script was before? Ignoring the time lapse completely? Or do you think there will be some explanation…like the camera crew took a vacation? Haha.

  4. Tanster, I would appreciate if you’d pass along word to Greg Daniels that I would not mind watching a Christmas episode in April.

  5. I wouldn’t mind watching the Christmas episode in April either. I can’t wait to see what they do to explain the time gap.

  6. It would be cool if they wrote the strike into the show- either with the Dunder Miffliners striking or saying that the documentary crew was striking. It could clear up the time lapse thing.
    Also, maybe a Christmas ep on the DVD would be cool bonus.

  7. I’d like to remind the Office staff that, per the documentary form, it makes perfect sense to have the Christmas episode way after Christmas. If the Office were a real documentary, it’d be expected.

    That said, I’m so excited for the show’s return.

  8. Can’t wait until April 10th! I was really pumped to hear all these stories about how funny Dinner Party was, so I can’t wait to see it! I hope that Christmas episode gets made some time, though.

  9. I think it’d be interesting to jump ahead to where everyone is now without trying to go over the time lapse. Although I wouldn’t mind a Christmas episode…

  10. I say no time lapse…Just keep on truckin! It would be great to give it to the Man one more time and have Xmas in May!

  11. The Christmas episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (a documentary!) is airing on Monday. Film the Christmas episode, Greg! Why waste the script? I don’t think anyone will mind a little Christmas cheer in April.

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