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Posted Monday (Jim takes a picture): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (car): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (Niagara joke): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (Jim’s parents): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (painting): [no longer available]

Posted Saturday:

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Posted Saturday:

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Posted Friday:

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Posted Friday:

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Posted Friday, shown during Jenna Fischer’s visit to Leno:

Posted Thursday after ‘The Promotion.’ OMG OMG OMG. [no longer available]

Posted Thursday during ‘Leno’:

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Another version of the ‘Happy Ending’ promo, with different music and ending:

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OMG! Look at that cake!

The original version of the ‘Happy Ending’ promo: [no longer available]

This is blatant lump-in-throat manipulation. :)

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Here’s the first promo for The Office’s Jim and Pam wedding episode, ‘Niagara’:


  1. I am a huge football fan but when I saw this, I totally forgot I was watching my favorite NFL team play football because I got so excited and the “fangirl” inside me started squealing!!! LOL! I can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting! Not as cheesy as I thought they would play it. I’m glad it didn’t include a phrase like “The moment we’ve all waited 6 years for” or something like that.

  3. Funny how the characters in season 1 looked like people stuck in an office, but in season 6 they look like actors working on a show about an office. I still love the office but the characters don’t seem real. Maybe I just got very used to them.

  4. Aw…NBC, you’re pretty cute sometimes. Keep them coming; my cheese-tolerance is definitely higher than usual for this.

  5. Got chills again. I feel like it’s someone I’ve known for years getting married. Hey NBC, prepare for a record breaking number of viewers October 8th.

  6. I just went to a wedding yesterday–my uncle’s– and I’m quite of embarrassed to say so, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Jim and Pam. I drove my sister insane, whispering, “Two weeeeeeeks” and dropping quotes everywhere. I don’t even want to know how many times I told her to “show us some of those famous Beesly dance moves”.
    Too many. Far, far too many.

  7. I totally agree, #5. After the show gained great popularity I think the characters became too self-aware. Except for Michael haha. Still…I can’t help squeeing about a Jam wedding!!

  8. Ok, I now know what it takes to reduce me to a pile of goosebump-covered goo…10 seconds of footage I’ve already seen, a little cheesy music in the background and two lines from a deep-voiced narrator.

    I am going to be a mess on October 8. Just a mess! *sigh*

  9. “From the first ring to this ring. Some people just belong together.”

    That was a beautiful voiceover. I’ve always thought NBC had the best voiceovers compared to ABC and CBS.

    October 8th is definitely going to be a night like no other. Can’t wait for it!

  10. I am a real life Pam, down to the called-off wedding to ending up engaged to my work bff and soul mate…I can’t wait to see their wedding! I just may steal some ideas for my nuptuals in April :)

  11. It only seems like yesterday that Pam was breaking Jim’s heart in “Casino Night.” How far they’ve come.

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