The Office wedding Q&A with Mindy Kaling

Q. I’m wondering how many ties were sacrificed when John and Jenna were filming the scene in the back of the church? | Molly

Mindy: I love that tie moment. This was 100% a Greg conceived idea (I’m telling you, he’s the third Ephron sister). We did about 7 takes of this.

Q. Stanley bringing his mistress to a company attended wedding was an interesting turn of events. How did that idea come into play? | Jaime Marie

Mindy: I thought it was edgy that Stanley brought his mistress. He said he was going to end the relationship and then he didn’t, and since everyone at work knew, he brought her on a little romantic getaway.

Stanley is kind of a cad!

Q. Why was Jim’s dad in a kilt? | NotABadDay

Mindy: Jim’s Dad is in a kilt because we thought it would be funny and interesting for Jim to have strong Scottish roots. Pretty layered dramaturgical work, huh? Impressed?

Q. I noticed Ryan and Kelly dancing together in the hotel, are they back on? | lindsay

Mindy: Sort of. BJ is my best friend and I like to do scenes together so we can chat, so sometimes Ryan and Kelly look de facto back-on because we like to hang out on set. Lazy, huh?

Probably Paul would want me to answer this in a much more articulated, motivated way, but he’ll never read this, he’s totally checked out til the New Year.

Q. What did Kelly give as a wedding present? And what would Kelly have been listening to through those headphones in Andy’s car? | Lindsey

Mindy: I could see Kelly giving them a gift certificate for couples pedicures at the Steamtown Mall. Maybe a rhinestone baby onesie? Something horrible like that?

In my mind, Kelly and Erin were listening to Lady Gaga on headphones but in actuality I think we were listening to some public domain Christian music or something.

Q. What happened to the actress that originally played Pam’s mom? Was there a reason why she was played by a different actress in this, and the upcoming episodes? The Office is usually so dead on with continuity that I was rather shocked to see Pam’s mom played by someone else. | BC

Mindy: The actress who originally played Pam’s Mom [from tanster: Shannon Cochran] was on tour doing August: Osage County.

Believe me, we were so worried about the re-casting of the part because of continuity and not wanting to lose cred with fans.

Ultimately, we had no choice but to recast it with the wonderful Linda Purl. The part of Pam’s Mom becomes bigger this season, post-wedding, and she’s just great.

Q. Did Ed Helms ever actually injure himself while performing his split dance move? | JMJ

Mindy: I just went on set and asked Dward (my new nickname for Ed, really cool, huh) and he looked at me blankly and said “Of course I didn’t hurt my scrotum, I’m an actor.” Well la-di-da, Dward.

Wasn’t he great though? He does a ton of dancing (and singing) in the upcoming webisodes Subtle Sexuality, so check that out.

Also, weirdly, did you know that Ed tore his penis open and talked about it on Leno many years ago? I had no idea. He just reminded me. Here’s the link. [from tanster: unfortunately, the video is no longer available. :( ]

Q. Whose idea was it to have Kevin walking around in Kleenex boxes? Yours, Greg’s, Brian’s or the director’s? | Zac

Mindy: The scene with Kevin in the hotel lobby with that fancy and irate hotel manager was born in the writers room. I remember Charlie Grandy in particular pitching on it with joy.

It is the kind of scene that is so gross and weird and off-story but so funny that I was glad it made it in the script. Kleenex was Greg I think — those were custom made.