The Office wedding fuels prison attack

From the Sheboygan Press:

Not everyone loves Jim and Pam. The popular characters from “The Office” sitcom on NBC were finally married on Thursday’s episode, but a criminal complaint filed Monday says one Sheboygan County Jail inmate wanted to watch something else so much she attacked another inmate.

Two inmates were watching “The Office” when [Shacoya] Crawley, 18, of Oshkosh, approached them and said she wanted to watch something else. When the inmates refused to hand over the remote, Crawley pulled the hair of a 33-year-old woman and struck her in the face.

Link: Sheboygan County inmate charged with attack over ‘The Office’


  1. I think I would be the one pulling hair and striking people if anyone tried changing the channel during the wedding.

  2. wow. I live in Sheboygan, WI and this doesn’t really surprise me! Although the Sheboygan Press would print anything.

  3. I can see the new ads now.

    Jim and Pam: Preferred by two out of three female prisoners!


    The Office: Our fans won’t set fire to your house!

  4. Whattha!! That’s awesome, and sad…..for the inmates who missed the ending. ha-ha

    And I thought I was a die hard fan.

  5. NICE. I’m surprised the inmates have control over changing the channels… I mean, they don’t even let you do that at my gym!

  6. I hope that girl learned her lesson, NEVER try and change the channel during The Office. haha. If someone would have tried to switch the channel while I was watching my favorite show, there would have been a throwdown and I’m not a violent person. haha

  7. I am proud that my home state of WI will battle to watch The Office. I have a DVR and I still get mad when people talk to me while The Office is on, and I can always rewind. I bet The Office fan will take the batteries out of the remote the next time!

  8. It wasn’t the Office fan who pulled her hair and struck her…it was the girl wanting to change the channel.

    Apparently it’s dislike of the Office that insights violence, not love of it.

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