1. So the hobbit is the dealer!

    Funny scene…but with how the final edit came together I can see how this would have been cut. Either way, I love how good a friend Michael is to Ryan regardless of the lack of reciprocation.

    Also, Michael is right. The Met would be an awesome place to live.

  2. Ok, Dwight ralphing on the back of his Dorkmobile was classic…could we have not had some Ryan spewing footage?

    And you thought Jim was taken down a peg!

  3. Love it. I KNEW Ryan was nursing a coke habit! Good episode, but better without this scene, I think.

  4. Dwight’s fascination with “the hobbit” is still cracking me up. Funny scene, but yeah I agree, I can see why it was cut.

  5. “I think his species might have a higher tolerance than ours.”

    Best one-liner this season. Cracks me up every time.

    I wonder how they’ll reveal his addiction to the team next episode.

  6. After three viewings, I’m still trying to figure out my feelings about this episode; however, I love Dwight in this one. His interesting takes on NYC night-life are amazing and I love his hobbit fascination!

  7. I agree with #1 — it’s okay, but I can see why they left the little guy’s lines on the floor. Not the greatest acting..

  8. Really? The coke dealer has no problem mentioning to a camera crew that he deals drugs? Really? Worst Hobbit ever.

  9. I kind of think given this scene and the one in Ryan’s apartment that Michael may have picked up that there was something seriously wrong with Ryan beyond dehydration, he may not have picked up on drugs but he knew something was wrong. Oddly enough it’ll probably be Michael who helps him get over his drug problem.

  10. i like this clip and thought it was good, but it was ultimately unneeded. i mean we already knew mr. hobbit was ryan’s dealer, right? pretty obvious.

  11. There’s something about that little guy. I felt like this episode should’ve debuted on Adult Swim. This has to be the weirdest episode to date. Little furry gnome-like drug dealers, amazon make-out sessions with Dwight and Toby Flenderson’s freakish monkey-climbing ability.

  12. Wow, Michael has never been to a museum. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to go on field trips in school. I guess I’m not really surprised by that, but I just love how much detail is put into each of the characters. So were they filming in NYC for this scene? Or did they find a building that looks like the Met?

  13. Now THAT was funny. And I have to agree with Dwight. The friend looked like a Hobbit. He definitely looked like he would fit in well in Mordor.

  14. A very strange episode indeed.

    Only funny thing about the deleted scene is Michael thinking Ryan lived at the Met.

  15. wow, this show is really going downhill. why does it have to move so fast? its like they forgot what made it funny in the first place. too bad.

  16. hahahahhahaha, he is friends with a hobbit!! love it!!

    i cannot wait to see what happens next week.

  17. this deleted scene was ‘Eh’
    i mean i thought it was funny but I’m glad they didn’t include it, the bedroom scene in the end was way better than this interaction :P

  18. And all I could think of at the end of that scene was, “Gustave Coubet?!? I have to go see that!”
    Maybe Pam would come with me . . .

  19. Yeah, ditch the hobbit.

    But I liked the part where Michael was trying to cheer Ryan up by listing all of things about his “great” life. Obviously, Ryan’s life isn’t so great, and Ryan knows it. Too bad Michael doesn’t see it. Wouldn’t it be funny if Ryan were to get fired and end up living with Michael, unemployed, in Scranton? Maybe instead of candles, Ryan can start making pine furniture?!

    Oh, and “friends with a hobbit”? Loved it!

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