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  1. My friends and I have been planning on attending the UCLA B.J. Novak gig since it was announced, which was like 3 weeks ago! The Office is really big here on campus, so I’m sure there’ll be a great turn out- I know I’m excited! XD

  2. Thanks for the article on the girl who makes out with Dwight! Judging by her picture, RW is a lucky guy!

  3. Wow John K, that is some fascinating facial hair. I’m ok with “Jim scruffy” but…

  4. holy crap, that steve carell article was so funny.
    “I talk about “human” things they enjoy and understand: midrange wines, movie trivia”
    that is the funniest thing i have read since the questions mindy kaling answered! thanks tanster.

  5. Okay, I can understand why Jenna is on the list but HILARY DUFF at number 7?!?! WHAT??

    WOW, John really scored a great movie to be in! SAM MENDES! that’s awesome :)

    Thanks for sharing those photos with us!
    did NOT know that someone had to carry that huge of a camera to film or hold a boom that large. i mean, do yall have to workout regularly to carry that stuff or just take a lot of advil?

    Lol, thanks tanster for sharing those shared pics with us :P

  7. I don’t like Oscar saying “The Dinner Party” is his favorite episode ever. It seems like a lot of the actors really liked that episode, and that disappoints me, as I want to have something to look forward to!

  8. Am I the only one who finds the facial hair on JKras extremely sexy? I normally hate any kind of body hair but on him I think I can make an exception! :)

  9. Hey Karen my friends and I are going too! Hope we all get in and I’m sure it’ll be great.

  10. JK can rock a beard, I don’t mind. I’ll take him any way I can get him. Which, unfortunately, will always be through the TV and the internet.

  11. 11, Ashley-

    You’re not alone. I find it very sexy too, though I doubt John could ever be unsexy. :P

  12. Here’s the follow-up article mentioned in the interview with “tall girl”. It’s mostly just an episode summary, but there’s a cute bit with her talking about the make-out scene about half-way down the page.

  13. Wow! And some people think posters on OfficeTally overanalyze the show. Take a look at that “Marx & Michael Scott” link. I was feeling guilty about the amount of time I spend watching and rewatching “The Office.” Now I don’t seem nearly so pathetic by comparison.

  14. well they misspelled john’s name but here is more scoop on that movie:

    Directed by Sam Mendes, “Farlanders,” is a comedy that tells the story of newly pregnant couple, Burt and Verona, and their journey across the country in search of a new home and friends. Mr. Mendes has produced numerous films, most notably the 1999 film “American Beauty,” which won five Oscars. Mr. Mendes also won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Awards for best director for the film. He also was the director of other films such as “Road to Perdition,” “Jarhead,” and the soon to be released “Revolutionary Road,” which was also partially shot in Connecticut.

    The lead roles in “Farlanders” will be played by John Krasinsky as Burt, and Maya Rudolph as Verona.

  15. Some of those behind-the-scenes photos are really beautiful (Beach Games)!

    I hope we get to see some more of these in the future!

    [from tanster: i agree, the ‘beach games’ photos were my favorites. the lighting was really pretty.]

  16. “Farlanders” looks great! :)

    And HOW did John’s hair grow out? I need tips for MY husband.

  17. I’m right up there in the ranks of “Krasinski is way hotter than Halpert” fandom… but I much prefer the preppie Brown graduate look, not grizzly adams, yikes… I volunteer for the wrap-party razor girl role ;-)

  18. Do we still not have a title of “scruffy John” movie? I think i prefer Mr. Carter Rutherford to this mountain man!

  19. NVM its called ‘farlanders’…next time i’ll read other comments before i post!

  20. I found the Marx and Michael Scott article very interesting, but then again, I don’t think it had to relate specifically to the The Office, you can see what the author is talking about in so many other shows. And yeah, I don’t know many of us flans that are interested or thinking about what he says when we watch the show. Then again, maybe we are on some sort of subconscious level. ::shrugs::

    What I don’t understand, is the sudden change in the article. It goes from talking about the thematic elements pertaining to class structure in the workplace to talking (and criticizing) the way the show is filmed. What? What does that really have to do with Marxism? (Though, I have to admit that I kinda agree with his current criticism of how the single-camera documentary may be falling apart).

    And what’s with the author misspelling Beesly? Pam Bislee? Really?

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