MySpace friend subscriptions

Since quite a few of ‘The Office’ cast have MySpace pages, I thought this was worth pointing out —

Did you know you can track whenever a MySpacer makes a change to their page?

Just create a MySpace page, add the person you want to follow to your friends list, and then subscribe to them from the Friend Subscriptions module on your home page.

For example, I subscribe to Jenna’s and Angela’s MySpace pages. They have both recently updated their pages, so my Friend Subscriptions section looks like this:

MySpace Friends

Just a cool little widget to follow our favorite Office MySpacers …


  1. This is the sole reason why I joined Myspace; so I could follow my favorite Office people! I’m not a stalker, just a super fan :)

  2. I’m not a MySpace person, but I’ve been meaning to ask about Hunter’s totally rockin song. Did That One Night come out on Itunes? It’s been stuck in my head for awhile now and I’d really just like to hear the entire thing.

  3. Yeah, it is cool – I subscribe to my favorite Office MySpacers too, including you, Tanster! ;) And I need to add that those baby shower pics on Angela’s site are adorable!

  4. Don’t forget to subscribe to their blogs, and be notified by email when they post new ones. That way you can give them kudos and be the first to leave a comment ;)

  5. #6 Lindsey–Same here! My MySpace page is all Office, all the time! All of my friends, with the exception of one, are Office-folk (and yes, I count tanster as “Office-folk!). Also not a stalker, just love to read the blogs!

  6. I love everyone’s myspace pages, I wish the other cast members would post as much as angela and jenna :) Angela put up some adorable baby shower pics on her page!

  7. I just read their blog updates and thought Angela’s shout out to Tanster was awesome –>

    “Oh and I’d like to give a little shout out to Jennie from (the best fansite ever). Jennie, it was so good to see you. Thanks for all you do for our show!”

    It really is “the best fansite ever” :-D

  8. those pics from angela’s baby shower are so cute!! and i have to add that the girl in the front in the one picture “office gals and friends” looks extremely like the girl from the quaker oats rice cakes commercials.

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