1. So the hobbit is the dealer!

    Funny scene…but with how the final edit came together I can see how this would have been cut. Either way, I love how good a friend Michael is to Ryan regardless of the lack of reciprocation.

    Also, Michael is right. The Met would be an awesome place to live.

  2. Ok, Dwight ralphing on the back of his Dorkmobile was classic…could we have not had some Ryan spewing footage?

    And you thought Jim was taken down a peg!

  3. Love it. I KNEW Ryan was nursing a coke habit! Good episode, but better without this scene, I think.

  4. Dwight’s fascination with “the hobbit” is still cracking me up. Funny scene, but yeah I agree, I can see why it was cut.

  5. “I think his species might have a higher tolerance than ours.”

    Best one-liner this season. Cracks me up every time.

    I wonder how they’ll reveal his addiction to the team next episode.

  6. After three viewings, I’m still trying to figure out my feelings about this episode; however, I love Dwight in this one. His interesting takes on NYC night-life are amazing and I love his hobbit fascination!

  7. I agree with #1 — it’s okay, but I can see why they left the little guy’s lines on the floor. Not the greatest acting..

  8. Really? The coke dealer has no problem mentioning to a camera crew that he deals drugs? Really? Worst Hobbit ever.

  9. I kind of think given this scene and the one in Ryan’s apartment that Michael may have picked up that there was something seriously wrong with Ryan beyond dehydration, he may not have picked up on drugs but he knew something was wrong. Oddly enough it’ll probably be Michael who helps him get over his drug problem.

  10. i like this clip and thought it was good, but it was ultimately unneeded. i mean we already knew mr. hobbit was ryan’s dealer, right? pretty obvious.

  11. There’s something about that little guy. I felt like this episode should’ve debuted on Adult Swim. This has to be the weirdest episode to date. Little furry gnome-like drug dealers, amazon make-out sessions with Dwight and Toby Flenderson’s freakish monkey-climbing ability.

  12. Wow, Michael has never been to a museum. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to go on field trips in school. I guess I’m not really surprised by that, but I just love how much detail is put into each of the characters. So were they filming in NYC for this scene? Or did they find a building that looks like the Met?

  13. Now THAT was funny. And I have to agree with Dwight. The friend looked like a Hobbit. He definitely looked like he would fit in well in Mordor.

  14. A very strange episode indeed.

    Only funny thing about the deleted scene is Michael thinking Ryan lived at the Met.

  15. wow, this show is really going downhill. why does it have to move so fast? its like they forgot what made it funny in the first place. too bad.

  16. hahahahhahaha, he is friends with a hobbit!! love it!!

    i cannot wait to see what happens next week.

  17. this deleted scene was ‘Eh’
    i mean i thought it was funny but I’m glad they didn’t include it, the bedroom scene in the end was way better than this interaction :P

  18. And all I could think of at the end of that scene was, “Gustave Coubet?!? I have to go see that!”
    Maybe Pam would come with me . . .

  19. Yeah, ditch the hobbit.

    But I liked the part where Michael was trying to cheer Ryan up by listing all of things about his “great” life. Obviously, Ryan’s life isn’t so great, and Ryan knows it. Too bad Michael doesn’t see it. Wouldn’t it be funny if Ryan were to get fired and end up living with Michael, unemployed, in Scranton? Maybe instead of candles, Ryan can start making pine furniture?!

    Oh, and “friends with a hobbit”? Loved it!

  20. Oooh I love it!

    “You’re friends with a hobbit…” (facial expression while nodding is priceless)

    I wish this show was an hour long :) I’m so addicted…

  21. “He threw up in the back of the taxi.”

    I love how Mindy writes for Dwight. His lines are so declarative and literal. A little like Captain Obvious, but ridiculous. I loved Dwight in Ben Franklin. Especially, “Text back: Kind of.”

  22. Two thoughts:

    1. All the deleted scenes (including ones not released to the Internet) better be worked into the official release of the episode to DVD (this pertains to all episodes).

    2. I bet you a million dollars that hobbit guy gets a part in the upcoming movie entitled . . . The Hobbit.

  23. What a fantastic detail: Stanley sipping a drink through the fence. Love it.

  24. Poor Jim :( I thought Mindy did such a good job though, of bringing back the storyline in “Survivor Man” where Jim is like Michael in certain situations. If you pay close attention to his reactions they are almost identical to those of Michael’s in certain episodes, and it is so funny. I also love Jim and Pam’s tiny little squabbles, they are so funny for some reason.

  25. Bleh on the second clip. Why are they trying to make Jim unlikeable? I know he was under pressure but still…WTH, don’t dump the responsibility off on Pam.

  26. Wow. On that 2nd clip why would Jim want to try and share the blame with Pam? Why wouldn’t he just take responsibility? They really made Jim a bit unlikeable in this episode..

  27. I like the second deleted scene a lot. Jim didn’t have a good episode at all. I didn’t mind him trying to take Pam down with him…it was almost endearing in a way. Pam doesn’t let him get away with it though, which is awesome.

  28. Poo. I don’t like it when everyone hates on Jim. And blaming your mistake on your girlfriend?? Not cool, man. However, 4 adults watching (I’m assuming) a movie on a single iPod? FUNNY.

  29. I disagree that they’re trying to make Jim unlikeable. He accidentally ended up in a bad situation and he’s making tons of bad decisions on how to get out. He’s still perfectly likeable.

  30. Re: the second clip –

    Wow, Jim has come a long way from “I would save the receptionist” to every man for himself at Michael’s dinner party and now to trying to drag Pam down with him on his sinking ship. What’s next – leaving her at a minor league hockey game??

  31. Wow Jim! Trying to throw Pam under the bus!?!

    This is the first time I have ever felt any dislike for Jim. Never thought I would say that! Grow up and be a man, Jim! Accept responsibility, apologize, and move on.

  32. If Stanley’s wife could bring him a drink, then why not bolt cutters?!? Then Jim can go and buy a new chain and lock, and replace it… sigh. Overthinking the logistics of this ep makes me like it less, which is a shame, because I do like it!

    Also, Jim? Don’t try and take the girlfriend down with you. You will regret it.

  33. Totally, totally agree with #34. It was so out of character for Jim to try to leave Pam at the Dinner Party, and so out of character for him to throw her under the bus in this episode. Not liking Jim in Dinner Party and Night out at all. I felt like the Jim of Chair Model was a totally different character.

  34. Glad scene #2 did not make it. I don’t understand the effort to put friction between Pam and Jim. We had been hoping for a “real” relationship, not the Office version of Sam and Diane or Ross and Rachel. At least in Dinner Party he tried to take her with him. Here he just tosses her under the bus.

  35. Gah. I could understand the changes in Jim’s personality if they weren’t the opposite of how he’d been written before. In earlier episodes like Health Insurance or Fun Run, he defended Pam against pressure from Dwight and Michael. He spoke up against Roy’s insensitivity. But faced with hostility from coworkers, his integrity and people skills are so low that he attempts to deflect blame onto her in the way that Michael would? It’s hard to recognize it as the same character, and it seems like a long time since we’ve seen him show any admirable qualities or have any success beyond seeming to be in love when there is no challenge. Loved the ipod tho!

  36. I think Jim felt like he could try to deflect some of the heat onto Pam because he feels so confident in their relationship. Sort of like a married couple. If it were a new, fragile relationship he couldn’t do that.

  37. I watched the end of deleted scene 2 again. The interaction between Jim and Pam seems to be more of one of those moments where Jim doesn’t realize exactly what he’s saying.

    Like in Survivor Man…

    Michael: Oh, you wanna go today?
    Jim: Can’t go today ’cause I’m donating blood.
    Michael: How often can you donate blood?
    Jim: [realizing what he’s said] Is there… a limit?

    So Jim’s realization of Pam’s “duty” to lock the Office when she leaves comes full circle, and he realizes it (“Is that? I didn’t real–ok sorry I…”).

    I see it as Jim’s frustration coming out from the group essentially blaming him for everything. He shouldn’t have tried to bring Pam down with him, but I don’t believe he did it on purpose. And Pam’s response seemed cool, and not angry in any way.

    Should he have said it? No. That’s probably why it was cut, so people wouldn’t draw the wrong conclusions (extending from Dinner Party).

  38. I thought that deleted scene was pretty hilarious, especially Krasinski’s awkward stuttering at the end. If my boyfriend’s dummy decision indirectly lead to people almost peeing their pants and fainting and he tried to share the blame with me, I’d probably react exactly the way Pam did- with a gentle “um, no.”

    Oh, and if Ryan goes to rehab, does that mean we won’t get to see him dance again?

  39. I am glad that didn’t make it, and I usually think a lot of the deleted scenes are better than the ones that made the episode! Poor Jim, just not his day. Not sure why Phyllis just didn’t call Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, to get them out. I would think that is just one of the many perks of being Mrs.Bob Vance.

  40. So maybe someone can explain to me how Jim doesn’t know Pam locks up the office at night? They have been walking out together for almost 6 years now and dating for almost a year and he never realized this was part of her job? Sorry, not buying the changes they’ve written for Jim.

  41. I miss the old Jim,who would never have done that to Pam…

    I don’t think they have to make him mean to move his character forward.

  42. They just keep hinting at how easy it would be for Jim to turn into Michael…it’s kind of sad and depressing.

  43. It’s funny to me, that in this deleted scene, Jim did something that is a bound to happen in a relationship at some point or another and everyone seems to think the writers have made him a jerk. He was under pressure and uncomfortable and in those situations, it is often much too easy for us to strike out at those they love the most because it is safe. We know we will be forgiven and all will be well. It is human nature. Yet, somehow, when Jim Halpert does it, he is thrown under the bus much like many are accusing him of doing to Pam. I did not like this episode, but I thought this deleted scene was both funny and apt.

  44. Jim is MUCH MORE likable as a guy who occasionally says and does things that are not noble, funny, or charming. These moments in this season in which he’s become Michael 2.0 have made him much more endearing, especially after watching him sorta glide above the rest of the office during much of Season 3.

    One of the worst parts of the writer’s strike was that they seemed to be setting up a plot arc for Jim this season that would mirror Pam’s arc in Season 3 — Jim finally growing up a bit. I hope they keep developing this part of his character.

  45. ha, ha #37. That is exactly what I was thinking. I get that some people think this Jim is “real”, but I just think he is a real jerk.

  46. If this is how Jim handles mishaps, I don’t think he’s ready to get married. Which is fine…I just hope we see him a bit more humble in the next episodes

  47. What are they doing to Jim? Jim is not Michael!! Not buying this ridiculous “character development” of Pam, Jim, Ryan, Toby OR Jan (what they did to her character was unforgivable.)

  48. Just wondering if anyone else thinks that Jim is kind of an as#hat? This is twice now we’ve seen him throw Pam under the bus. I don’t like that. And not for nothing but this mess was in no way, shape, or form Pam’s fault.

  49. yeah, not such a great episode. Ryan’s dancing was the best. didn’t like the toby/pam thing. but i agree with 44. that would make sense.

    oh, and halpert’s allowed to mess up every once in a while, but turning him into michael 2 times in one season?! just not cool.

  50. I don’t understand why everyone is lashing out against Jim. Everyone liked Jim’s idea until he made one error that inconvenienced them, and when it did they turned on him in an instant. I don’t see everyone reading waaaay into everyone else’s actions.

    Jim is human. He makes mistakes. We say things we don’t mean when we’re under pressure. He looked apologetic, and it doesn’t mean that he loves Pam any less.

  51. What next, a deleted scene of Jim cheating on Pam with Karen?
    37 | Elisabeth Fri. Apr. 25, 2008 at 8:22pm

    THAT is an over-reaction.

  52. I guess I don’t get the people that say this episode was Jim out of character. We don’t even really know his whole character. We know what they show us. Most of it has been the goofy, charming, wanting to be with the receptionist Jim. A lot of what defined Jim on the show was that he didn’t have what he wanted and now he does. I’m fine with that change, too. I like that the characters grow and evolve. That also means showing the bad side of things as well. Jim is not perfect. The thing that makes this show great is that it can show the imperfectness in people even though it’s in a exaggerated way.

    I like that they’ve gone back to making me feel awkward and uncomfortable. That is where the show started. I don’t want it to become mainstream and be a Ross and Rachel type of thing. I like the Jim/Pam relationship, but that is not the show. Make me laugh and squirm. So far….well done.

    Please God writers don’t give me a cliffhanger with Jim proposing to Pam. Please don’t….

  53. #42, I agree… I think everyone so far is forgetting that it’s well after 9:00 on a Friday night, everyone has been at work for twelve hours, and now they’re locked in. I know I’d be frustrated and irritable.

    Taking 100% of the blame is hard to do, so I think this scene shows that Jim just wanted some relief and looked to Pam without thinking.

  54. Um. Let’s just say I’m glad this is a deleted scene. I’m starting to hate Jim.

  55. i have to agree with junior (number 57), we cannot really say that this is “out of character” for jim. we really only know him so well; we mostly see him at work, we’ve never seen him with his family or seen any of his family. the characters aren’t changing but they are developing and we are seeing more aspects of these people. i think that is awesome.

  56. Like the rest of you, I was laying in bed last night after checking OT and pontificating on Jim and his whole “turning into Michael/a bad guy/kind of a loser” thing. The awkwardness is what turned me on to this show – what set it apart – but my adoration of Jim Halpert really gives me a hard time with his “transition”. So, I changed my perspective a bit. I put myself in Phyllis, Stanley and maybe even Oscar’s shoes.

    Here I am, working in this office where I deal with a boss like Michael Scott for 40+ hours a week. I’m used to Michael’s antics, but when Michael isn’t there, I’m left to be under the supervision of this floppy haired, sarcastic (charming though it may be) kid who spends 25% of his time scheming on Dwight, 25% of his time at Pam’s desk, and 45% of his time scheming on Dwight at Pam’s desk.

    He may have his brilliant, poignant moments, but at base, that is what Jim’s co-workers see of him most of the time. I think that’s what makes them turn on him so fast. It’s difficult to deal with that kind of thing.

  57. Deleted Scene #3= the best!

    “Do you even remember what color my eyes are?”

  58. I really liked deleted scene #3! It would have made a good alternate closing scene.
    “Ryan, what color are my eyes?”

  59. Michael: Do you ever miss us?

    Ryan: Not really.

    The hearts of millions of Ryan/Kelly fans just dropped.

    Actually, I think there’s only like five of us….

    Also, I think #3 is the most adorable scene ever.

  60. I know that Ryan was probably just trying to shut Michael up, but that was so sweet when Ryan told him that he was his friend.

  61. 64 hanakinstarbuck: Well, I’m most definitely in that group of five then! :D I adore Ryan and Kelly. I adore Ryan!
    I don’t live in the States, and it’s breaking my heart to read all these comments about how good deleted scene 3 is… could someone tell me what happens in it exactly? Even if you just gave me some quotes or something… :) (And in deleted scene 1 as well if it’s not too much trouble). I’d really, really appreciate it… it’s hard being an non-American Office fan, even more so when living in a country where The Office doesn’t air anymore because no one watches it! :D

  62. Re: 61
    Well-said! This is what I love about the writers, they make these characters real people. Jim is human and makes mistakes, just like everyone else. These mistakes don’t turn him into Michael, they turn him into a 3-dimensional person.

  63. michael: ryan…
    ryan: you’re my friend michael.

    lol. i’m kinda glad that they didn’t keep this scene in, cuz it probably would have been the closing scene, and my favorite scene of this episode was hank’s, “SON OF A B*TCH!”

  64. 69 Susie – Michael, Ryan, and Dwight are lying in bed, the lights are dimmed, and everyone’s talking quietly in groggy bedtime voices.

    In a quiet voice, Michael asks Ryan if he’s missed them. He says not really, New York is so great.

    A long pause. Then Michael asks Ryan if he remembers what color his eyes are. Dwight interjects hazel, and Michael says no, he asked RYAN, not him. Ryan says he was going to say hazel.

    Another long pause. Then Michael says Ryan’s name again, and Ryan says, “You’re my friend, Michael, okay?” Michael responds with a deep sign of pleasure.

    Fade to black.

  65. Um I wish they could have left the third one in!!!! I wish more than I wish I could have a pony for Christmas! (ie a LOT)

  66. Thanks so much Melody! I truly appreciate it. And from what I gather, Ryan and Michael have a heart-to-heart in front of the met in deleted scene 1.

    Scruffy Ryan looks very very good.

  67. #56 you said it! It’s even funnier that I can hear Ed’s voice in my head when I read that. :) Everyone needs to relax on Jim, I think he was just feeling the pressure and was looking to Pam for a little help/relief. As usual Pam puts him in his place, which I love!! It’s part of what can make for a great relationship, again, the human side, the non-perfection. And sorry GMMR, but I don’t think Jim is being an A*shat, lol.

  68. Rhiannon (#61) – very, very well said! I never thought of Jim that way. Huh. Now I get it . . . . :D (plus, you made me laugh!)

  69. This 3rd scene was absolute perfection! It had me grinning from ear to ear. Also, I think some mist found it’s way into my eye.

    When Ryan said, “New York is…so…great.” It sounded forced, like he was faking it. Poor, lonely, Ryan. Hopefully redemption is on its way.

    And as always, Dwight’s interjections are hilarious.

  70. Is there anyway we can possibly vote to have them put the third deleted scene in the episode?

  71. This third one is amazing to me, and I think B.J.’s better acting. The funny set up a la office = Michael’s very characteristic need to be reassured, Dwight’s at-the-ready just-the-facts,(I asked HIM, Dwight! lol) and Ryan’s answers have a great mix of confliction; about NY (an addict has to love the city of supply, yet he’s slipping) and Michael (he finally resigns to admit Michael is his friend, but it’s more that he’s under the influence and losing his grip than real friendship). I think it was a lot to pull off and he did it well.

    But what do I know? One of his best lines ever is “Yeah, let’s do it that way.” from Drug Testing, and I marveled at that line, and in the commentary he said there was no way to deliver that line wrong.

  72. What a great deleted scene! This makes me miss Ryan the Temp. I liked Temp Ryan but Corporate Ryan is a jerk. Plus, Temp Ryan didn’t have a major drug habit. Or did he? Didn’t he buy weed from Creed once?

  73. Oh that was so sweet! That scene with all of them on the bed felt so real. I kinda wanted to join them on Ryan’s bed. I’m small enough, I could fit.

    Excellent scene, I loved it!

  74. I LOVED the third one! I wish that didn’t get cut. That’s such a real scene and I especially loved Michael’s “Ryan…blah, blah, blah” because I know so many people who just ask you tons of stupid questions, over and over. And then Dwight chipping in about what color Michael’s eyes were, and then Ryan telling Michael they’re friends and him breathing in a sigh of relief. HILARIOUS!!

  75. I just love the third deleted scene.

    I love how they captured that, I’m not sure of the word for it, but I’m going to say, “ambience”, of a quiet conversation late at night. Somehow, we feel more comfortable saying things we wouldn’t say during the day (although I think Michael would probably have been okay asking those questions in the light of day!).

    I’ll bet Michael had sweet dreams that night!

  76. This was an incredibly endearing scene. I’m going to definitely agree that this was the best of the 3. I’m really anticipating the direction they are going to take this doped up Ryan + Michael as his shoulder to lean on dynamic.

    Also, Stacy (#78) and shut it (#70), Thanks for the big ups! I probably spend more time than a healthy person should “pontificating” on this show. It’s just so good! The writing still surprises me because there are so many facets to everything. Plus with that large of a cast, you get to see things (and people – *cough* Jim) from so many different angles. I can’t wait for Thursday!

  77. I love how Michael is like that one kid at the sleepover that would not shut-up, well after everyone else had gone to sleep. But, the kid wouldn’t shut-up because he is soooo excited to be with his friends.

  78. #56 you said it! It’s even funnier that I can hear Ed’s voice in my head when I read that. :)
    77 | officeisms1978

    ha! i didn’t know if anyone would get that reference. what is funny is that when i read that comment, i heard ed say that in MY head in response!

  79. ah man! they should have ended the episode with that third clip. so perfect!

  80. Wonderful third deleted scene. Incredibly sweet. Too bad they couldn’t make that the tag.

  81. Agreed. This third one needs to be the tag, or at least in there somewhere, because this is by far one of the best scenes of season 4.

  82. Didn’t Rainn Wilson look like Todd Packer in that scene? Or is it just me?

  83. Is it just me or do Ryan, Dwight, and Michael remind you of three little kids on a sleepover?

  84. Maybe Ryan will get canned for his drug problem and he’s the one who’s really getting off the show. Jim gets offered his job since he was a candidate last year? JAM tension?

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