Office Convention: Link-o-Rama

This post links to photos, videos, and audio from October’s glorious Office Convention.


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Previously post videos after the jump.

Sat. Oct 27: Ribbon cutting

Sat. Oct 27: Office Olympics

  • Best Week Ever video (includes ribbon cutting)

Sat. Oct 27: Cast Q&A

Sat. Oct 27: Scrantones afternoon concert

Sat. Oct 27: Lookalike contest

Sat. Oct 27: Scrantones evening concert

Sun. Oct 28: Bloggers’ Breakfast

Sun. Oct 28: Writers’ Block

Other Activities

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you.
    The convention was a blast and for those unaware who weren’t able to attend the bassist from the band Weezer was also there playing with the scrantones.
    Casino Night was my favorite of the weekend and if you do a search for office convention on youyube you can find craig doing a song to the music of creep by radiohead.
    I paid 250 bucks for a vip corporate pass and it was worth every penny.
    Oh and the Girlfriend says hello to the broncos fan

  2. OMG! Those videos and photos are amazing!!! Great job…
    Andrea and my “stuff” will upload as soon as we get back from traveling because how could we not travel the route a la Ryan/Jan/Michael/Jim/Dwight,etc to NYC. We have an appointment at DM corporate.

  3. Thanks Tanster! It was a thrill to meet you and thank you so much for the amazing work you do. Awesome awesome awesome conference ya’ll.

  4. Bless your heart, Jennie Tam, for opening my eyes to the world of Office blogging. I traveled three miles from Dunmore to be at the convention and the Bloggers’ Breakfast and really enjoyed it. Thanks for helping to keep this great show alive when it was on life support & thanks to all who came to the conference!

  5. Hey!

    I have a little recap of my experience at the convention on my blog. Just click on my name!
    I’ll spare you my pics since they are not the best, but i’ll try to find some from my camera.

  6. Just got back from the convention myself. I had a great time, but my only complaint was that I should have gotten the Assistant to the Regional Manager pass, because I got the Regional Manager one and we didn’t get anything that Assistants didn’t get. Next year I’m going to spring for the Corporate pass (if there is a convention next year). Other than that I had a wonderful time! Everyone was so nice and I can’t believe it’s already over :-(

  7. The Convention was amazing! I had no clue that I was going to be able to meet so many cast members.

    I was in the front row for blogger breakfast too :)

  8. I actually think it was great that John, Jenna, Steve, or Rainn didn’t go, because everyone else got to really be in the spotlight and they probably would have had to take a backseat to the big 4 had any of them shown up.

  9. I had a great time also this weekend. It was great to be around so many Office Fans. I do agree that there was no difference between the Asst. to the Regional Manager and the Regional Manager Pass. I was kind of annoyed that I spent $100.00 when I could of only spent $50 and got the same stuff.

  10. Craig singing Radiohead was amazing… probably the single best video from the convention, thus far.

  11. I wonder if the main four are as jealous of their castmates as I am of all you that got to go to the convention. Any word on why they couldn’t? I assume Steve couldn’t because of his movie, and maybe Jenna was concerned about her back still, but what about the boys? Did anyone who went hear anything?

    And I thought Paul Lieberstein was going to be there, but I haven’t seen him in any photos. I would have been heart-broken without my Toby!

  12. Someone dressed up as the vending machine w/Dwight’s stuff in it?!?! I am in love with Office fans. Too brilliant.

  13. Did Ed Helms pick up a bass guitar for the finale? Because if he did, I officially have a crush on him.

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