Office Convention: Link-o-Rama

This post links to photos, videos, and audio from October’s glorious Office Convention.


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Sat. Oct 27: Ribbon cutting

Sat. Oct 27: Office Olympics

  • Best Week Ever video (includes ribbon cutting)

Sat. Oct 27: Cast Q&A

Sat. Oct 27: Scrantones afternoon concert

Sat. Oct 27: Lookalike contest

Sat. Oct 27: Scrantones evening concert

Sun. Oct 28: Bloggers’ Breakfast

Sun. Oct 28: Writers’ Block

Other Activities

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you.
    The convention was a blast and for those unaware who weren’t able to attend the bassist from the band Weezer was also there playing with the scrantones.
    Casino Night was my favorite of the weekend and if you do a search for office convention on youyube you can find craig doing a song to the music of creep by radiohead.
    I paid 250 bucks for a vip corporate pass and it was worth every penny.
    Oh and the Girlfriend says hello to the broncos fan

  2. OMG! Those videos and photos are amazing!!! Great job…
    Andrea and my “stuff” will upload as soon as we get back from traveling because how could we not travel the route a la Ryan/Jan/Michael/Jim/Dwight,etc to NYC. We have an appointment at DM corporate.

  3. Thanks Tanster! It was a thrill to meet you and thank you so much for the amazing work you do. Awesome awesome awesome conference ya’ll.

  4. Bless your heart, Jennie Tam, for opening my eyes to the world of Office blogging. I traveled three miles from Dunmore to be at the convention and the Bloggers’ Breakfast and really enjoyed it. Thanks for helping to keep this great show alive when it was on life support & thanks to all who came to the conference!

  5. Hey!

    I have a little recap of my experience at the convention on my blog. Just click on my name!
    I’ll spare you my pics since they are not the best, but i’ll try to find some from my camera.

  6. Just got back from the convention myself. I had a great time, but my only complaint was that I should have gotten the Assistant to the Regional Manager pass, because I got the Regional Manager one and we didn’t get anything that Assistants didn’t get. Next year I’m going to spring for the Corporate pass (if there is a convention next year). Other than that I had a wonderful time! Everyone was so nice and I can’t believe it’s already over :-(

  7. The Convention was amazing! I had no clue that I was going to be able to meet so many cast members.

    I was in the front row for blogger breakfast too :)

  8. I was also in the front row of the bloggers breakfast, all the way on the right side of the room. It was really, really great!

  9. I actually think it was great that John, Jenna, Steve, or Rainn didn’t go, because everyone else got to really be in the spotlight and they probably would have had to take a backseat to the big 4 had any of them shown up.

  10. I had a great time also this weekend. It was great to be around so many Office Fans. I do agree that there was no difference between the Asst. to the Regional Manager and the Regional Manager Pass. I was kind of annoyed that I spent $100.00 when I could of only spent $50 and got the same stuff.

  11. Craig singing Radiohead was amazing… probably the single best video from the convention, thus far.

  12. I wonder if the main four are as jealous of their castmates as I am of all you that got to go to the convention. Any word on why they couldn’t? I assume Steve couldn’t because of his movie, and maybe Jenna was concerned about her back still, but what about the boys? Did anyone who went hear anything?

    And I thought Paul Lieberstein was going to be there, but I haven’t seen him in any photos. I would have been heart-broken without my Toby!

  13. Someone dressed up as the vending machine w/Dwight’s stuff in it?!?! I am in love with Office fans. Too brilliant.

  14. Did Ed Helms pick up a bass guitar for the finale? Because if he did, I officially have a crush on him.

  15. Tanster any news on whether they will do this again next year? I’m so going if they do, I don’t care who I know that’s getting married. I’m going!

    [from tanster: i am pretty sure they’re going to do this again next year. :) i am in contact with the convention planners and will definitely keep you posted!]

  16. I totally agree with you #13! I think it was great that no one was overshadowed, though of course it would have been nice to meet Jenna, John, Rainn, or Steve. I think the lack of John and Jenna cut down on the JAM discussion, which was also a plus. Did anyone else notice that?
    It was so awesome to meet so many cast members and writers (and you too, tanster)! The corporate pass did not disappoint! I just wish Paul had been able to come.
    I took some videos that weren’t great quality, but I’ll post Ed Helms’ impressions of Tom Brokaw and “gay Al Gore” from the cast Q&A if they don’t show up on youtube. So funny!

  17. RE: #16

    I heard that John couldn’t be there because George Clooney called him to NYC to do some reshoots for his movie.

  18. Thanks to Tanster and the fellow Tallyheads for sharing all the photos and vids from the convention! I loved the Scrantones concert footage – and of course Ed Helms singing is the best! I’m so sorry I missed it all but I’m glad we at least got to see some of the fun you all had this weekend! I definitely hope they can do this again next year too -the Chicago OTCR contingent will be there! :)

  19. Yeah the wife and I came up on Sunday. Next time, hopefully a next time, we’ll make a whole weekend of it. Also I’ll be taking the pics, cause my wife is like 1 minute late on every pic. So we have the back of Andy’s head, The back of Mindy’s head, Meredith’s shoulder, you see where I’m going with this!

  20. I can’t even put into words how amazing this weekend was. The Corporate Pass was completely worth it. It was just incredible.

    It’s surreal in a way though too. People were walking in a daze around my hometown and taking pictures of places I visit daily. There was excitement over Farley’s and Cooper’s and the Steamtown Mall; I couldn’t believe it.

    But I loved it.

    I loved Kate’s comment at the Blogger’s Breakfast too. She mentioned that this was the first time that all of the cast and crew have hit this level of success. It gave me chills. They were just as excited to see us as we were to see them. What an awesome feeling!

    According to my sources, Convention ’08 promises to be bigger and better than this year. And I say, “Light it up, Phyllis.” Which basically means, “YES! DO IT!”

  21. 16 | kelley

    I heard John was busy doing reshoots for Clooney and Jenna’s cat is sick (this might have been where the idea for Sprinkles’ demise came from…)

    Not sure if those are true, but a few people have said that.

    Personally, I was absolutely thrilled with the cast and crew that did come. Meeting Angela & Ed Helms made my year!

  22. The Office Convention summed up in one word: fun.
    The cast/crew seemed to be enjoying it as much as the fans. I loved seeing them take pictures of everything going on. I was completely content with the cast/crew who were present. What a great turn out on their part.
    Tanster-I wish I could’ve met you! I was scanning the crowds at times to see if you were around to give you an officetally shout out. No such luck.

  23. Office Con was a great success! I got to meet so many cast members :)

    #27, did you really hear from sources that there will indeed be an even larger/better convention next year?

  24. Re: #12

    So you’re the winning Andy, huh? You were definitely the best singer up there. You really went for it :)

  25. was paul [toby] not there?

    i don’t see any pictures of him!
    i’m pretty sure i saw his name on the list of attendees. I so wish i was there anyways, it looked like amazing fun. All you Scranton people are so lucky!

  26. AMAZING!!! I too am kind of glad that the “Big Five” weren’t there. (Actually getting a bit disinterested in Pam & Jim. Miss the tension.) Love watching all these other characters shine, both on TV and in the flesh. The convention really was incredible. They’re so talented too. The music was fantastic! (Can we hear it for Jan/Melora singing with The Scrantones, who, by the way, were awesome!) The weekend CRUSHED it!!!

  27. It gives me such a warm feeling (TWSS) to not only see the excitement and love for the show because of the convention and same for the convention because of the show, but ALSO the love that’s going on between all of the fans now having met the cast, writers and most importantly, each other. Only a great show like this can do something like that.

  28. Tanster, I saw you there! I was with the blonde kid who got your autograph at the Blogger’s Breakfast.

  29. The Office Convention was awesome! I didn’t know until the 24th that I would be able to attend, so it was a spontaneous and wonderful trip. I was able to meet many of the cast members, who are all amazingly nice!! I cannot wait until next year’s convention!!!

  30. Thise videos are great! Did you happen to get the video at the beginning of the writer’s block that the writers had created? (the one that Brent Forrester is narrating?)

  31. Re: #33

    Paul couldn’t come. We weren’t given a reason why, but BJ showed up in his place as a surprise :)

  32. Andy Buckley is pretty darn cute!

    [from tanster: yes he is. i talked to him quite a bit, he’s a sweetheart.]

  33. Lucky gal!! I read somewhere that he’s a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch and a registered nurse. Wow, is that true?!

  34. Haha, Andy Buckley was so cute. He must have been astonished at all the fans’ “CFO” chants…he even giggled (@ Blogger’s Breakfast) about being on the show, being grateful for being on it, and hoping to be a some future ones as well. I love that guy now :-p

  35. It was so amazing this weekend, and to get to meet so many fellow Office Fans, wow. Amazing. Especially those of you at the Blogger’s Breakfast. How fun was that! :)

  36. Could someone label a pic of the writers please? (Or just tell me who was at the table, L-R). I watched the videos but except for the writer/actors I didn’t know who was talking.
    I was glad someone asked if Jim or Pam was there first. I really liked the deleted talking head in which Jim talked about his best and worst first date too, so I’m happy with that version.
    Thanks to everyone for posting their pictures and videos so quickly! It made me feel a little bit less left out. Next year!

  37. Rock Star!!! So, what did you get as a present? Those of us listening to the podcast are dying to know :)

  38. Thanks Jennie for all this info!!

    How sweet was Robert for mentioning my visit! I just wanted to say that I didn’t take anything…too important from the set ha ha

    It was great to hear from all the bloggers but so you know you are the queen blogging bee ;)

  39. #34

    Yep I won for Andy Bernard. When I got on stage I was nervous but my nervousness turned into anxiety when I heard the crowd go nuts and see Ed running on stage and standing next to me. But I buckled down and sang Drift Away… (Andy sings to Jim in the car on the way to Dunmore High School, Product Recall, Beer Me Episode).

    P.S. To anyone that was there: Did I get some cheers after I was done? I was so nervous I was pretty much zoned out. Thanks!

  40. Great videos everyone! Thanks for posting.

    For the writer’s block video, is NBC going to publish the entire event online? The fans are doing a great job with the postings, but hopefully NBC will support the show and put FULL videos online, any ideas tanster?

    Aside: Who are the two people sitting next to BJ Novak in the writer’s block segment?

    Thanks again for the great Convention coverage tanster and Tallyheads!

  41. I just listened to the Blogger’s Breakfast and I got all giddy when your part came up, Tanster :) It is so cool to hear all that appreciation for all the hard work you do on this site. Also…I’m with GMMR. What was your gift?

  42. Man, after watching all that footage I got so melancholy this weekend that I didn’t get to go. Just couldn’t afford the airfare….or the ticket for that matter, but it looks like everyone had a blast and I’m so happy for all of you.

    Maybe next year.

  43. Until the convention, I had never blogged nor did I know much about blogging. Thanks to the Blogger’s breakfast, I have now entered the Blogosphere & I like it. Thanks to all who attended the breakfast & showed me the light!

  44. Thanks so much for posting all of this great material! It’s great to get all the benefits of being there even thought I couldn’t afford it, so THANK YOU!
    side note: on the TWSS audio of the cast Q&A, did anyone notice that the guy who lead the talk sounded a lot like Steve Carell? I kind of thought he did.

  45. Bah! I was quoted by the Scranton times. Not quite what I said, but the gist is right. I do think it would have been an insane mob if JK or JF had been there. When I got a chance to meet Mindy, there was a cop around yelling “get BACK people! Give her some AIR!!”. Yikes.

    So much fun though. The six hour international drive was worth it. The border guards on both sides commented on the show, and I think it made them let us through much quicker. Heh.

  46. 48: I wasn’t there, but from what I can tell, this is the panel L-R:

    Greg Daniels, Lee Eisenberg, Mike Schur, Jen Celotta, Justin Spitzer, Ryan Koh, Gene Stupnitsky, Jason Kessler, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Lester Lewis, Anthony Farrell, Kent Zbornak.

  47. I presented a custom made “Dunder-Mifflin” parking sign to Jennie at the Blogger’s Breakfast for all the hard work and time she puts into That was definitely one of the highlights for me at the convention. The convention as a whole was just fantastic. I have pictures posted on flickr and MySpace and will be adding more over the next few days:

    If anyone has a good picture of me giving the sign to Tanster, please post it to my MySpace page!

    [from tanster: thank you thank you thank Adam! the sign is BEAUTIFUL. i was showing it off at work yesterday.]

  48. #51:

    Speaking of Dunmore High School (Class of ’86 BTW), did you (or anyone else for that matter) have a chance to get into Dunmore over the weekend? I know Cugino’s was open Friday night (something they never do).

    Congrats on your contest victory as well. I was at the convention all weekend but due to a prior commitment, I missed the costume party.

  49. #56: I agree! But actually he reminded me more of Michael Scott.

    Did anyone post video of the S4 bloopers shown before the cast Q&A? I loved the scene where everyone freaked out over Pizza by Alfredo.

    As a native Scrantonian, I’m so thrilled the convention was a success! See you all next year!

  50. That was an amazing weekend…on of the best of my life! I saw Jennie several times throughout the event, but I was too nervous to say anything…she’s a celebrity in her own right! Thank you for this site and your love for the show and its fans!

    PS…the writers rock. Very down to earth and willing to talk. The cast was great too!

    [from tanster: rachel, you should have said something! :) ]

  51. #58:


    The sign was very cool. I had a 3rd row seat & had a good view but my picture didn’t come out. I wish I had it for you.

  52. 56 | Rachel

    I totally thought he sounded like Steve! I commented to my friend about that when we were there. If we couldn’t see where the guy was, I kept almost thinking, wait! Is Steve here?!

  53. Tanster, you cannot deny your awesomeness (or dawesomeness)! :) The Blogger’s Breakfast sounded great as does that fun gift from Adam. And Andy Buckley does sound like a true sweetheart. He seemed truly overwhelmed and grateful for all the appreciation from the fans (which is much deserved). He’s great as David Wallace and it’s so amazing that he’s not even a full-time actor.

  54. Aww, Matt from TWSS gave Tanster and us Tallyheads a shoutout on his TWSS page. How nice!

    [from tanster: Matt was so sweet to do that! I’m going to go comment there right now … ]

  55. Thanks for the linkage, Tanster.

    I still have some more audio from the press-only conference held right before the Q&A, so there should be another episode in the TWSS coverage. I also had the chance to talk to several people who worked on/for’s THE OFFICE page (including one woman who was in charge of the DMI game), so I’ll most likely include that in there as well.

    I hope people can live with the audio quality– I’m a perfectionist, and it kind of bugs me, but YMMV. :)

    It was nice to talk to/meet Tanster at the event. She’s definitely a class act.

    Hope to see some of you add the TWSS podcast to your weekly listening experience.

  56. re: Writer’s strike

    I asked Greg Daniels this exact question at the press conference. They kind of hemmed and hawed about it, but essentially what it boiled down to was that every month of the strike will remove 3 eps from the season. Greg also said he wasn’t even sure if they could edit/use the scripts they had already if the strike took place.

  57. 51 | Andy (Bernard)

    Yep, you got the most cheers! You were doing all of Ed’s little voice things. Wow, that was descriptive… You know what I mean :) You were great!

    You might be in some of my other pictures from the look-alike contest (I’m the “Shannon” whose pix and video are posted) so if I do I’ll add them to my flickr page.

  58. I def agree that it would have been chaos if the main four had come, I was just curious if anyone knew why. But there wouldn’t have been nearly as much cast-access I’m sure if they had been there and finally the supporting actors really got to shine!

    Sounds like Craig created quite a following there! He seems like an amazing guy. I’m still sooo jealous of you all that got to go. Thanks for posting all your vids and photos so I can live vicariously through you! See you there next year, for sure!!

  59. I’ve noticed that for this, and for Paley, there’s no video of the blooper reel before the cast Q&A. Is there a rule against filming that? I’ve seen video of pretty much everything else, including the video intro to the writers block. Anybody know why?

  60. Re: 72

    Andy, here is the link to my photobucket videos:

    I don’t have any more pix of you, but I do have a video of contest #3 singing, followed by Ed Helms singing and announcing you as the winner :)

    I have a bunch of other videos from the concert I’m putting up there right now, along with one of Angela judging the Angela look-alikes!

  61. Thank You! If anyone else has a video of me actually singing that would be DAWsome!

  62. RE: My other Post.

    I meant to say Other Convention videos, not “Other videos”, like I was plugging the non – Office videos.

  63. So sad I couldn’t be there this weekend, but thanks to everyone for sharing their fantastic pics and videos! Count me in for next year…I’ll request the time off now!

  64. Wow! What an amazing weekend. My friend, Krista, and I traveled from Virginia along with my 3-month-old son (who may just have been the youngest conference attendee). Scranton was beautiful despite the rain and all the events and random cast sightings were a blast. I especially loved seeing how genuinely excited all the cast members were – as Kate said at the Bloggers’ Breakfast, this is new to all of them. And you could tell they were loving every minute, as were we, their adoring fans :)

    Anyway, here are some pictures – be sure to check out the ones from the funeral home (seriously).

    ps. See – just like I promised, no more lurking!

  65. Wow, tanster! Best Week Ever linked to you on their blog! You are Ms. Bigshot!

    “For more Office Convention info, check out Officetally!”

  66. #73

    There’s probably some sort of copyright issue, but I didn’t tape the bloopers, because I honestly couldn’t see it well. The room was too bright, since the sun was finally coming up. I didn’t think it would show up on a video, though I guess it could have been fun just listening to the cast laugh.

    Also, I just wanted to watch it as closely as I could, and not worry about my camera. Hopefully all of it will turn up on the dvd, especially the long Alfredo’s blooper!

  67. Please let NBC rock the house and post the writer’s block in video intervals like they did the cast Q&A. That would be beyond dawsome! That would blow my mind! PLease please please!!!!

  68. OMG! they mentioned you and office tally in the Scranton time-tribune article!YAY!…

    “But the biggest ovation was for Jennie Tan, whose blog is credited with saving the show.”

    That is SO AWESOME!!! congratulations!

    [from tanster: thanks, cynthia! :) ]

  69. #78 Elaine your pictures are amazing! I can’t believe your son dressed up in “Here Comes Treble”. That is too cute!

    Also the funeral pictures are hilarious! Scranton has an awesome sense of humor!

  70. Did Jen Celotta’s mic cut off when she was talking about the episode she was proud of writing? Does anybody know what episode did she mention? Thanks.

  71. To everyone who posted convention stuff: THANK YOU!
    And especially to Tanster: REALLY BIG THANK YOU!

  72. Re: Cappy #85

    I was in the room, and everyone was sort of cheering over her. I doubt if anyone present heard which episode she said. Sorry!

  73. My friends and I are in Adam’s photos of Phyllis & Bob… it’s really weird to just be browsing through some photos and suddenly see yourself. :-/

    Thanks for the great coverage, Tanster! I’m looking forward to next year’s (there will be a next year, right?)

  74. Jennifer Celotta’s mic didn’t cut out… she just didn’t wait for the applause to die down :) I was there, and I have no idea what she said either.

  75. The last of the Best Week Ever Office Convention videos. Aw, sad…

    (Video at the bottom of the article)

  76. Wow! That’s me in my Lackwanna County Volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy costume right down to the gray campaign hat, Schrute brass name plate, and blue uniform shirt and tie. Remember “Drug Testing”? One of my favorite episodes. Rainn is the bomb as Dwight Schrute. He does some pretty crazy stuff on the show. Had tons of fun dressing in the uniform at the Convention. It was way fun. Can’t wait till next year!

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