Happy Office Halloween!

Okay, I’m a loser.

I’ve been so preoccupied with getting Office Convention coverage up, I’ve completely neglected one of the most favorite events for Tallyheads — Halloween.

Please post links to your costumes and pumpkins here.

And you guys, please remind me next year to get my act together earlier …


  1. Another Tallyhead called me during my class to tell me that she saw someone dressed as three-hole-punched Jim as she was driving in her car. This information was *much* more interesting than my professor’s lecture.

    My friend hosted a Halloween party last weekend and went as Dwight. One other person showed up as Dwight and one as Darryl!

    I was lame and was nothing for Halloween this year.

  2. I saw a few three-hole-punched people when I was out this past weekend. Today I was just a Fun Run participant.

  3. I saw two people dressed as dwight this year. I told them I was a fan and gave them a quiz- what is dwight’s middle name? Both of them said they couldn’t remember, but they did know it started with a K. For shame.

    One guy was forgiven though, because he carried around schrute bucks.

  4. I dressed my work computer up as Harvey, and of course no one got it. …sigh… for me too.

  5. my college celebrates Halloween on the weekends and this year we did it the weekend before Halloween

    i saw a Dwight and a 3-hole-punched Jim

  6. I was going to be Pam but I never got the costume together in time. I just ended up finding stuff in my closet and being something un-identified ;]

  7. I’ve got the Season 2 DVD and am watching ‘Halloween’! After getting a total of 4 trick or treaters tonight.

  8. I dressed up as a flower fairy witch this year (with random stuff I found, namely a witch hat, a purple star wand and a flower head wreath thing from Ren Fest)…though I really should have dressed up as Pam. Oh well…there’s always next year! Hope everyone had a great Halloween and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome costumes.

  9. I went to a halloween party the other night as Pam

    Complete with my “I Heart Jim” mug from Target! =]

  10. I was Three Hole Punch Jim complete with rolled up sleeves. Everyone I knew who watched The Office got it, some people thought I was “Dice”. Sadly I have no camera with me at school so pictures.

  11. I went trick or treating as 3 Hole Punch Jim with my friends who went as Toby as Hugh Hefner and Angela the cat! :D Sadly, not ONE person got it. Shame.

    And today at school there was a costume contest, and this guy went as Dwight and won. It was awesome, he had a nametag that said Dwight: Assistant to the Regional Manager, and then carried around a sign that said Dwight: Determined, Worker, Intense, Good Worker, Hard Worker, Terrific. Hahaha =]

  12. I was Pam this year for Halloween…version 3.0 with hair down and better shoes. I took the phone from our kitchen and tucked the cord into the back pocket of my skirt and walked around with my “I heart Jim” coffee mug from Target.

    I also saw a couple dressed as Dwight and Angela

  13. my roommate and i went as karen and phyllis post make-over. we also did this for our office premiere party – i don’t think my hair has forgiven me yet. i brought my phyllis costume to the convention but chickened out at the last minute.

  14. I was a three whole punched version of myself to a party, and almost everyone didnt understand!
    I was ashamed. Where is our office pride??

  15. Here’s the pumpkin that greeted our trick or treaters this year

    I’m quite proud of it! :)

  16. I was Angela this year. I wore this really lacy shirt with a sweatervest and my hair was in a severe ponytail. lol. I was trying to frown all day but it made my face hurt. lol. Nobody knew who I was. Cue for head going down. (big sigh)

  17. I was a cat. I even got a picture with my cat with the caption “Two kittens out on the town”

  18. those pumpkins are amazing!
    i wish i had some artistic talent to do something like that! haha

  19. I was Three Hole Punch Stephanie in Office gear. :) I was originally going to be Three Hole Punch Jim, but none of my dad’s ties were Jim enough. ;)

    JustCari, those are AMAZING.

  20. my best friend and I dressed up as dwight and angela…pre-sprinkles. lol. we had lots of fun acting in character and spooking our friends with the “cookie” scene and just awkward glances. my hair is more curly than pams, so it took forever to straighten like angelas but it was worth it!! : )
    happy halloween!

  21. My husband was also a three-hole-punch Jim. He had exactly one person guess who he was all day… last year, he had about three. Yeah, 18-Nussy, people guessed “Dice?” but mostly people thought he was a domino. :)

  22. Okay, okay, so the shirts aren’t exactly the same. I didn’t want to spend the money and I couldn’t make a stencil that small!

  23. I saw no dunder-heads today. In fact my friends and I were WAY out in our Twin Peaks themed costumes. Maybe in 15 years we can get the Office together :(

  24. i was not dressed with office pride yesterday, but i was walking towards 7th ave in ny and spotted not only a three hole punch jim, but a lovely lady next to him dressed as pam the cat. it was amazing! i had to call somebody to share right away…

  25. I was Pam (pre-season 4), my roommate was Jim (but three-hole-punch Jim, complete with wig, because Jim doesn’t have a ponytail), my boyfriend was Andy (blue-and-orange striped tie, Stamford RIP hat), and my friend was Dwight (you can imagine. It’s fairly easy.)

  26. Three Hole Punch Jim, like about half the people on here. :) Got one “Um, domino?” and a whole lotta “What’re the dots for?” Still rocked, especially since I wear a sleeves-rolled shirt and loose tie to work anyway.

  27. I was Dwight this year. For my company costume contest one department was the whole crew. The lady who was Angela looked exactly like her. Freaky.

  28. My boyfriend/coworker came to WORK this way… awesome! :) (Many people said he really looked like Jim dressed as Dwight as opposed to just Dwight.)

  29. So, a few of from our office dressed up as Office characters (Season One/Two) for Halloween yesterday.

    Angela (with Sprinkles)


    [from tanster: SO great! kevin and toby’s expressions are perfect!]

  30. i was old Pam!! it came out so good because i have pretty much the same hair to begin with…i didn’t get any pictures though, guess i’ll just have to dress up again this weekend!!!

  31. Didn’t dress up, but didn’t need to. Saw the real three-hole punch Jim driving.

  32. I dressed up as Pam of course.
    But I’m actually doing it today for our weekly Office viewing party. But I did sport the Pam hair-do yesterday as well!

    1 | 2 | 3

  33. 48, Sasha-

    Umm, disqualified. It doesn’t count when Brian Baumgartner actually shows up for your picture.

  34. My boyfriend and I went as Jim and Pam (of course!). One night my boyfriend went as three-hole punch Jim and the next night he was season 3 Jim. A LOT of people recognised us actually, it was awesome. Aparently there are a lot of Office fans at Indiana University! Check out my pictures!

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  35. I came to work with all black on, a tail ears and whiskers and a nose painted on my face. Only one co-worker got that I was in Pam’s cat costume. Oh well. It was fun….. I wish I had been as creative as some of these other costumes I’m seeing though! Wow!

  36. A bunch of friends and I were michael klump, kevin, pam and dwight. I was Michael Klump. We took pix in the main office at our high school, so they came out really well.

    Michael Klump answering the phone
    Michael Klump and Dwight 1 | 2
    Michael Klump instructing a bored Pam
    Talking-head Michael Klump
    “Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pam”
    Champion of “how many M&M’s can you fit in your mouth?”
    My favorite (look out the window)
    Most loyal employee
    A group shot (Michael Klump, Kevin, Pam, Dwight)
    Can’t reach it…
    Backview of Klump
    Having fun :]

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