Office Convention: Today Show

The Office Convention

Brian, Angela, and Craig with Al (note the stylish U of S scarves)

The first event of the convention, and it was cuh-razy! The Office cast was treated like ROCK STARS at the University of Scranton. I was lucky enough to enter with Brian, Angela, and Craig, and got to meet Al Roker in the backstage area.

The crowd went especially crazy for Craig, who celebrated his birthday last night with a group dinner and karaoke. Craig told me he wrote the music for the jingles from last night’s episode, ‘Local Ad,’ but not the words.

Tipsters: Denise, Lauren

A few photos after the jump. (If YOU took pictures, post a comment with a link!)

The Office Convention

Backstage with Al Roker

The Office Convention

Angela whipping the crowd into a frenzy!

The Office Convention

Bobblehead hats. So cute!

The Office Convention

Splendid signage!


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