Dunder Mifflin ad

The Office Dunder Mifflin ad

Here is the copy from the ad that Michael Scott produces in The Office Season 4 episode Local Ad.

It all starts with an idea.
But you can never tell where an idea will end up.
Because ideas spread.
They change, grow.
They connect us with the world.
(Kelly unfolds a sheet of paper that says “I LOVE YOU”)
And in a fast-moving world,
Where good news moves at the speed of time,
And bad news isn’t always what it seems.
(Dwight hands Phyllis a piece of paper that says “YOU HAVE A SON, AND IT’S ME.”)
Because when push comes to shove,
(Stanley reads a sheet of paper that says “Turn your life around. Now hiring at Dunder Mifflin”)
We all deserve a second chance
To score.
(Michael attaches a piece of paper to the wall that says “WORLD’S MOST CREATIVE BOSS”)
Dunder Mifflin. Limitless paper in a paperless world.

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