Office wins SAG best comedy ensemble award

The Office

The Office has just won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Comedy Ensemble!

Congratulations to the best comedy ensemble on TV. Hands down. WOO!

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The Office


  1. they won!
    i was so happy.
    i was worried about ugly betty winning.
    but alas! they didn’t.

  2. Yes!! I was totally and completely expecting Ugly Betty to win, so I was thrilled to see The Office take it. I love seeing them all dressed up and celebrating.

    Angela looked AMAZING! Love that red :)

    yay Office!

  3. The more I think about this, I think The Office is really all about the ensemble and how it just all clicks and it wouldn’t if they all weren’t a part of this. :)

  4. Thank God!

    Carell was robbed yet again by Baldwin but The Office winning this kind of made up for it.

  5. I’m so excited!!! I was a little nervous after Alec Baldwin’s win, but it all came together! Congrats “Office” cast!!

  6. I’m so happy them!!! They deserved it and Steve gave a great speech as usual. Congrats to the cast and crew :)

  7. OMG This is incredible!!! I was watching it in my kitchen and i started jumping up and down like a 3 year old!!! YAY OFFICE!!

  8. WE WON!! Thank you Jesus..Oprah…Tom Cruise!

    I was worried that Ugly Betty would take it and that I would end up trashing my own living room. But! The SAG awards did the right thing and actually picked the RIGHT winner this time.

    My evening just got a whole lot happier.

    PS: JK is looking mighty fine.. :]

  9. The casting folks responsible for The Office should be elected to some sort of hall of fame. Wish I could see this on the ‘ol TV – I am elsewhere this fine night.

  10. My mom and I were literally jumping up and down when they won;
    My dad appropriately replied “I live with a bunch of nerds.” :]

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