OfficeTally Tagline Contest, 2010

The quote randomizer is that thing you see at the top of this page, right below the “OfficeTally” title. It normally shows random quotes from the current episode; right now it shows entries from last year’s tagline contest.

Let’s freshen up the quote randomizer with new taglines — submit one and you may win a goodie bag courtesy of the NBC Office Store!

UPDATE: new taglines are now in rotation, and prizewinners have been chosen!

Taglines in rotation

The only thing better than Quad Desk. – Jaime
More hardcore than parkour. – Laura
Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At OfficeTally, you will. – Samuel L Chang
Knowing way too much about Andy’s scrotum. – Roy’s Mugshot
We give an `F’ about everything! – Zach
The fansite you most medium suspect. – Anna
Where friends become lovers, and lovers become sexually interactive. – Sayid M
Where every day is an Ultra Feast! – Meg
Where your mind will go a mile an hour. – Derek
You’ll appreciate the crap out of it. – Ham
No parts of this website have been censored due to inappropriosity. – Tim Mo
The odds of you not loving it are insurmountainable. – Michelle
Just bloggin’ you know how I be. – littlefishinthebigapple
Where the name of the IT guy just doesn’t matter. – Sam O
It rocks. It rocks my ass off. – Yolanda
Internet sensation of 2004. – Colleen Kelly
Hereafter referred to as “Morpheus.” – ItsOnlyMeredith
Our boudoir is always open! – ChilisWaitress
Co-manager of your butt. – Liz
It’s boner-ific! – JMiller
Better than finding a good set of twins. – JM
Where 25 push-ups and one girl push-up is perfectly acceptable. – Lauren
A place that gets like eight emails a day. – Maddie
Meemaw approved. – Ashley
Where we’ll always pick you first for Poopball! – Rhonda
You can’t handle our undivided attention. – Teresa
It’s a total mind-effer! – AbsolutelyIDo
Where one word is worth a thousand mental pictures. – Ken Clark
It’s AS interesting as a morgue. – Gina B
A ‘9′ on the scale of one to Giselle. – Michael Scotch
Distracting you from your distractions. – kreidy
Part of the Woof social network. – Nick T


Congratulations to Samuel L Chang (Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At OfficeTally, you will.), Anna (The fansite you most medium suspect.), and Gina B (It’s AS interesting as a morgue.). You have each won a goodie bag containing The Office Sign Ornament, Dunder Mifflin Logo Pen, and Dunder Mifflin shot glass! Winners, please watch your inbox for an email from me.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to such a lovely collection of quotes. I love them. :)

Original contest details are on the next page.


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