Prism DuroSport, anybody?

Maybe this is old news to all of you, but this was the first time I had heard about it …

Remember in the episode The Injury, when Dwight sees Pam playing with her new MP3 player, the Prism DuroSport? He remarks, ” … they’re like an iPod, only they’re better. ‘Cause they’re chunkier and more solid.”

Well, now you can order your very own!

Er … just ignore the scathing review from Medialoper (no longer available), the potential bleeding from the nose and eyes, and the fact it doesn’t actually play music in MP3 format. (Because “nothing kills an artist’s career faster than large amounts of people having access to their music.”)

And yeah, don’t be alarmed that it has its own hate site, (no longer available).

Thanks to flotsette for the tip!

(And flotsette says, “Apparently it was done by the show writers. Be sure to click ALL the links, it goes on forever, and it is HILARIOUS.”)