Casino Night to re-air July 6th

NBC has just announced that the Season 2 finale, Casino Night, will re-air on Thursday, July 6th, from 9:30-10pm.

Since this episode runs 40 minutes long, I’m wondering how NBC will squeeze it into a 30-minute slot; no commercials maybe? (Heaven forbid that they cut scenes out to make it fit 30 minutes!)

I’ll add this to the Calendar when I get home from work …


  1. Upon re-airing, NBC trimmed down the supersized episode of “My Name is Earl”, so it’s a pretty good assumption they’d do the same with Casino Night.

  2. OMG what could they cut…let’s think.

    > Creed winning the refrigerator
    > Jan and Carol getting drinks at the bar

    ..but even then the ep wouldn’t be the same. Maybe they will supersize it again?

  3. Geez, why not show those two supersized episodes again in the same night? Makes it easy. There isn’t a part in that episode I could do without.

  4. They can’t cut Creed winning the refrigerator! That’s the best part besides Jam…”Thanks, I’ve never owned a refrigerator.” Haha…makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  5. it’ll be interesting to see what sort of cut we would of gotten if they hadn’t supersized it. i wouldn’t cut ANY of it out. it was a perfect episode!

  6. I thought in the summer reruns usually go in order and then lead up to the reairing of the finale right before the season premiere.

    Since the finale is airing so soon do you think they may not show any more Office reruns after that?

  7. Becky, I had thought the exact same thing — that they would re-run Casino Night right before the Season 3 premier.

    Looking at the OT Calendar, I see that they will replay Casino Night on the same day that the Emmy nominations are announced. Intentional?

  8. Looks like NBC had a change of heart — Drug Testing and Conflict Resolution are now scheduled to air July 6th.

    I’ll update the Calendar when I get home tonight …

  9. Hey! They have Drug Testing, Conflict Resolution, AND CASiN0 NiGHT* ALL IN ONE NIGHT!! YESS!! I heard from a little birdie that NBC won’t be showing any commercials during CN. Because CN is 28:32 (iTunes), they can’t show any commercials passing the 1:28 mark. So I wonder what will really happen. They wouldn’t cut out the kiss and/or confession. The 2 BIGGEST MOMENTS better be there on July 6th!! Thanks tanster.

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