1. Awesome to the max! Pam wearing an FNS (fancy new shirt!) and Jim wearing NO shirt. This is going to be AMAZING. I need it to be Thursday right now, thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for posting the awesome Office promo! I’m so excited! I haven’t laughed that hard all day! Now that’s the way to do a promo!

  3. No Shirt Jim!

    Can we be expecting to see more of that, because that would be absolutely wonderful!! :D

    I can’t wait to find out the reasoning behind Michael being pantsless. I am intrigued…

  4. I saw the commercial thinking it was just footage from last season, but then Pam walked into Michaels office…great stuff. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  5. Wow, those 20 seconds whipped me into a frenzy- what a great promo!!
    I’m also pretty excited to see why Jim has no shirt on… not that the reason matters ;) hehe.

  6. My take on why Jim doesnt have a shirt on:

    Pam tells Jim that she walked in on Mike…thus, being sarcastic and witty..and to spite Mike, he decides to sound off about the situation without his top on…

    Great stuff overall!

  7. Oh my gosh. Jim doesn’t have his shirt on. I’m worried that the Office just went down the tubes. I sure hope that it’s done for laughs, and not for the ladies.

  8. I was washing dishes in another room and heard this promo on TV and literally ran to catch the end of it. It’s about time we saw some new clips from the premiere! Thursday needs to come quickly.

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