‘Fun Run’ preview clips and cast interviews

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

IESB.net has six preview clips of this week’s Season 4 premiere, ‘Fun Run.’

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Update: IESB.net now has posted interviews with the cast. Kinda spoilerish, but not too bad. I’m erring on the side of caution here.

Steve | B.J. | Rainn | Jenna | John

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  1. 6 clips! I will try my hardest to not watch them, and just wait till Thursday. It’s gonna be really hard though!

  2. My new season resolution: no more spoilers for me. :p im glad i saw this on my blackberry..i cant access the videos. Hopefully i’ll have enough will power to stay away when i get to my pc. :p

  3. I thought about not watching these…it was way too hard. So I only watched the first 4 seconds of each… I’m going crazy waiting for the premiere!

  4. Oy. I don’t want to watch them. I hope someone updates their LJ soon so this entry doesn’t stay at the top of my friends list! Too tempting.

  5. Yeah, I’m not going to watch them either… No matter how much I might want to, NO spoilers for me! I’ve already seen too much. :)

  6. Jan: So, I heard you were peeping on Michael.
    Pam: What?! No. It was not-
    Jan: Look, I don’t know what your deal is, but he is mine, okay? So, hands off.

    LMAO. I had to watch.

  7. I think I need a sponsor. Someone I can call when I feel weak and am tempted to view these.

    Lord, beer me strength.

  8. i can do it…..no spoilers…..well, no clips anyways ;P

    only 3 more days guys we can do it.

  9. I couldn’t resist watching these. I guess I’ll rationalize it with the fact that the episode is an hour long so there’s still a lot more I won’t have seen yet! But I definitely should not have watched them at work – what’s with the guys being half dressed? (Too funny!) Not that I mind of course! ;) I cannot wait for Thursday!

  10. I can’t? I’m sorry if you misinterpreted my love for spoilers…it’s probably my fault.

    I want to watch with every bone in my body but I’m going to resist – at least this week.

  11. I long ago decided to screw the “no spoilers” lifestyle…mostly because I have no willpower.

    Anyways, why not fall off my chair laughing on Monday in addition to falling off it on Thursday?

  12. LOL….I watched them. And all I will say is that #4 is a nice little snack to tide you over till thursday! ;)

  13. well it does seem like Jim’s shirtless TH fits right into Pam walking in on Michael, which makes it funny and a little sweet (him defending her in his own way), ha ha ha.

    Jan freaking out on Pam? that is GOLD.

  14. This is one time that I’m really happy that my connection speed sucks. It would take me an hour to watch them all……

  15. That was pure gold. I cannot wait for Thursday. My 11 year old son was cracking up right along side of me. Thank you so much for posting these!!!

  16. I’m sorry, but I am the only one who was slightly disappointed? Maybe my expectations are just too high but I didn’t think the clips were THAT funny.

  17. ok so i checked the titles and picked one to watch, i sooo made the right choice – love a man with chest hair!

  18. Watch the nipples Kevin!!

    I know Ryanthelion already posted that but, that is soo funny!!

    Oh, and Jan’s:

    I don’t what your deal is but hands off, okay he’s mine!!

  19. Possessive Jan?!?! Watch out world!

    That is so great. And I LOVE Jim’s smile at the end of that talking head…not to mention the chest hair.

    (did I type that one out loud??)

  20. That scene with Andy in the bathroom was just horrifying and funny all at the same time. Nipple chaffing??? Who thinks up these things?

  21. I just started getting really excited for the premiere this weekend — now, I am officially like a kid on Christmas Eve!

  22. Yes, Jim is at his old desk… but more importantly- did anyone notice in the first clip that Andy is at Karen’s?

  23. I caved and I’m not even ashamed. I can’t wait for Thursday. And Pam is so so pretty with her new shirts and her hair down. EEEEEE

  24. This episode looks like it could either be really good, or really boring. I’m not sure. I do like the clip with Pam and Jan though…easily my favorite. I’m not sure that the 1-hour format is going to be good for the first four episodes. I feel like it will be a stretch, and that the pacing might be a little poor. Hopefully my worries will soon be calmed. 8 )

  25. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to The Office- and I love it ;)

    This episode looks fantastic!!

  26. Pale shirtless Jim! T-shirt tan Andy! It appears that the writers’ committment to reality is intact. Not a waxed chest in sight.

  27. i watched…i have no willpower. oops.

    re: heather (#35) –i, too, was a bit disappointed –but i’m thinking that they would save the “laugh out loud” parts for the actual episode, right? althought michael de-pantsing toby made me giggle for some reason. just b/c it’s something an 8 year old (or michael scott) would do. cannot wait till thursday!

  28. @57:

    What old episodes are you referring to? Kevin mentioning his cancer scare? I hardly consider that replacing a joke with a reference to an old episode.

    Also, there were conference room meetings in the first and second seasons as well, so I don’t think they’re referencing just the third season.

    And I believe it was Creed, Stanley, and Oscar who get in the car.

  29. You know that feeling you have when you finish the pint of Haagen-Dazs all by yourself? That it was great during, but bad after? Yeah. That’s how I feel.

    I’m so weak.

  30. @47

    When Steve Carell was on the Daily Show, he had this “Slimming Down With Steve” segment. In one of them, he runs a marathon or something, and gets the nipple bleeding/chafing. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the promo picture of Andy with the bloody nipples. It truly would be the perfect complement to this episode, but I haven’t found the clip on the net anywhere, unfortunately.

  31. Wasn’t going to watch, but then I realized the world could end tonight, so….Jan is too funny! I can’t wait until Thursday.

  32. I don’t know why, but a completely-off-her-rocker Jan makes me laugh like nothing else! I am counting down the hours until 9pm Thursday.

  33. I couldn’t help myself.. But it was sooo worth it.


  34. I think referencing old episodes is a good thing. It shows how great the continuity is and how real it feels. If anything.. It’d be cool if they bring back the Dundies =)

  35. Amen tem(74)!! I totally agree with your logic ;)

    I had no qualms about diving right in. All these little glimpse of awesomeness are making it easier to get to Thursday.

    I know several people have already mentioned it, but Pam is so pretty!! Wow!!

    And I think it’s hilarious that Michael says ‘Come in’ to Pam and them starts yelling ‘What!? What are you doing??’ LMAO

  36. UGH!!! my internet connection is so slow!!! i can’t seem to get the full download…what was number 5? the whole thing with Jan and Pam? it loaded only 10 secs…i NEED to know! i DO know that she says, “i don’t know what your deal is, but..” that’s all i know…what was the rest of the clip? She looks absolutley georgeous there by the way, with her hair all pulled back

  37. Oh my goodness! Those interviews were awesome! Thanks so much for posting them. I am so excited right now I feel like I’m going to explode. Is that gross? No, but really, I’m jumping up and down with excitement.

    Also, my prediction for this season: Angela will get pregnant. Just you wait people.

  38. It’s going to be so hard to wait every week for each new episode! Season 4 looks like it’s gonna be amazing!!!

  39. I love Jan jumping on Pam! and 57: I like the references to older episodes. I think they makes jokes funnier a lot of times: Michael making up a charity run for no real cause is even funnier when you know that when there actually was a real cause, he pushed it aside for his birthday. Of the top of my head, “Product Recall” also has a couple good ones: Michael proclaiming “Threat Level: Midnight” and the paper mill employee having an emergency dentist appointment.

  40. Oh Mani (#77) I agree!! I don’t care that it’s been done already, I am ready for another round of Dundies! (Although, maybe Michael is so depressed about not being able to have the Dundies at Chili’s anymore, (lol Pam!) he might not have them at all)

  41. Omg! I can’t stop laughing at those last two clips. I so can’t wait for thursday! I love this show so much.

  42. can you just imagine seeing the cast of the office running down the street? oh man, van nuys is one lucky town.

  43. thanks for the interview clips as well. I think the writers do a great job of referencing older episodes. Can’t wait for the halloween, christmas episodes this year as well.

  44. Me and my sister started laughing soooooooo (yes, that many “o”s) hard when Andy said, “Ah, my nipples… It’s starting…” So hilarious.

  45. Thank you 74|tem for giving me the justification I need for watching the clips. I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I’m so weak!

    I have to admit, I have been fighting having a crush on Jim since I started watching the show (I figure I’m 27 – isn’t that a little old to be crushing on a TV character?), but after seeing all this goodness – bring it on!!! I

  46. I’m right there with ya “LEW”. I’m 27, married, and have a major crush on Jim…(and you’re NEVER too old to have a crush on a TV star…especially charismatic sweethearts like John Krasinski). ;)

    Anyhow, I’m so GLAD that it was IESB that posted these b/c they’re the only media site that my office hasn’t blocked. So I got to secretly watch all these goodies. Thanks for posting, Tanster!

  47. I’ve been mentally rocking in the corner of this thread mumbling, “Click it. No! Don’t! Just a peek. Wait! Two days. Oh, God…”

  48. I don’t wonder where Karen is….JAM aside (for real) she was really boring.

    I wish she had been more like Rachel (from the UK series).

  49. I think Karen probably moved to the annex. I hope she has because she needs to form an anti-man coven with Kelly. Hell hath no fury! Poor Toby!

  50. NBC now has four of those preview clips up on the Office site!

    I agree that Dundies should be brought back this season. Dun-dies! Dun-dies!

  51. Spoiler whore, party of 1, here. I tried to stay away, but I figure that I went through spoiler withdrawal just as much as episode withdrawal over the summer. Only two days left…yay!

  52. In John’s interview, I really liked his explanation of the Jim-Pam storyline so far – that they liked each other, but had trouble getting together for so long because they’re just a couple of dorks, and of course they fumbled it.

  53. Even though I have no sound on my work computer, these clips made me laugh hysterically. Plus, the lack of knowing the actual dialogue makes me feel better about watching them. Not a spoiler if I can’t hear them, right?


  54. Okay…I’m a huge Andy fan, but is that clip freaking anyone else out as much as it is me? I’ve seen the pictures to the outcome of that scene and it ain’t pretty. Yikes.

  55. OH MY GOD!!!! I LOVE these videos, they explain so much! More shirtless Jim is always a plus and jealous Jan, it’s so great; and OH MY GOD no Karen. Jim is at his old desk and Andy took Karen’s. Bloody Nipples!!!!

  56. #111, yeppers – I completely agree with you about John’s interview! He hit the nail on the head when he said that they’re both dorks and are not sure what to do about it. It’s reality, and that’s what makes the show so amazing!

  57. I have been so good. I’m usually a spoiler whore also, but I REALLY want this to be the best premiere ever, so I’m holding back. I am reading all these comments though, so does that make me any better?
    Also, I’m getting so office-deprived that it is a huge possibility i might stab someone in the next two days getting so anxious in anticipation.

  58. I watched the interviews but am trying to exercise the little self control I have to hit those preview links… oh, oh, oh. Two days. Twoooooooo days.

  59. I wish I could see Pam the same way we see Jim. Is that an obscene comment? I can’t wait for Thursday night.

  60. Can someone help me with a problem….

    I’m headed to a wedding this weekend and will be at a dinner during the premiere. The bride and groom are big fans too and we’d love to watch afterwards. Does anyone know what time the episode becomes available for viewing at NBC’s website?

  61. You can’t view on NBC’s website, but you CAN but it on iTunes. I believe it posts sometime that night.

  62. is itunes still going to have it for availability. I thought nbc ended their contract with itunes? anyone know?

  63. Emily-
    Because NBC is part of Universal and Universal pulled their catalog from iTunes, the episodes won’t be on iTunes any longer. However, NBC.com is supposed to be posting full episodes on their webiste now, so if you miss a week, you can watch it.

  64. Argh! I watched all of these under the excuse that because I am living abroad for the time being I will not be able to see The Office now that they have pulled it from iTunes :( Bad idea; it just made me even MORE excited for the show! Does anyone know if there will be *any* way for us living outside the US to see the new episodes?

  65. NBC makes me angry!!!!

    They should come up with a way for Mac users to download episodes…..

    That was a really crappy thing to do just to earn more money!!

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