The Weekend Tally

A rather short Tally today …

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  1. woo, i’m a tipster!

    DIRL looks awesome. i’m really excited for this one…carell and la binoche on one screen! i’m there!

  2. I spotted on fanpop that Kate Flannery is back doing her TV Guide blog on Season 4 and sure enough, there’s an entry about the opener. I don’t have the link but I’m pretty sure it’s on the links page here.
    I love it when they blog!

  3. I loved the blogs! They’re really enjoyable to read!

    “…cat-that-ate-the-large-pizza grin…”
    I also adored this line from The Slate that was used to describe Kevin’s smile. It’s perfection.

    And it’s fantastic to see that Officetally has a reputation of being the go-to site for Office related materials. Go-go, Tanster!

  4. That girlish scream that Steve Carell lets out at the Emmy’s when he “wins” the award? Oh man, that’s hilarious. I’m just now getting to see all this stuff b/c my office blocks YouTube. I had a guest over on Emmy night and missed it. Thanks Tanster!

  5. Ooooh… I live in Vancouver… I wonder if there are still tickets to Paul’s talk. Also, would it be inappropriate to have an “OMGZ I LOVE YOU TOBY” shirt made, and then wear it? hmmm…. ;)

  6. Angela’s mentioned: “And I don’t have all of the details yet but I am headed to San Francisco to do some press for NBC and I am going to stop by and see the folks over at Officetally!” Sounds like fun. :)

  7. Read through the blogs of the various cast members (love them all!). That was a really sweet tribute Jenna gave to Greg…he really is the mastermind of “The Office” and deserves the Emmy.

    I really hope “The Office” folks don’t feel too down by the Emmys. Even as someone who’s not working on the show, I still feel disappointed now, so I can only imagine what they must be feeling. However, the sad fact is that for the Emmys, shows end up not winning most of the awards they are nominated for. “Cheers”, the all-time nominations leader for comedies, has 117 nominations but only 28 wins (“Frasier” has the most wins with 37). For dramas, “ER” leads with 120 nominations, but only 22 wins (“The West Wing” has the most wins with 27). I guess if there’s anything to feel optimistic about, it’s that all four record-holders are NBC shows, and “The Office” is (hopefully) likely to continue being a significant presence at the Emmys (at least nominations-wise) for the immediate foreseeable future. Let’s hope the Emmys will be kinder to “The Office” folks in years to come. I think they deserve more than 1 award each year.

  8. And of course, my addled mind forgot that “The Office” actually won *two* Emmys this year. Doh!

  9. This Weekend Tally might be short but it’s packed with some great entries. Loved all of the blogs but the best one was “Bob Vance.” Bobby, I absolutely agree with your review of the Emmys and Ryan Seacrest — hilarious! The Slate and E!Online articles, Steve’s and Angela’s interviews, Creed’s summer vacation — good stuff!

  10. Read Jenna’s blog

    “You will know everything you want to know after this first episode.”

    That makes me very, very happy.

    Also read Creed’s Summer Vacation thing. That was kind of funny, but some of the other people’s were even funnier, For example, Kaitlin Olson from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” had a funnier one. Bengals? Lol!

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