1. OMG! This gave me chills. I’m so excited. I’m prancing around my room like a little school girl!

  2. Awesome to the max! Pam wearing an FNS (fancy new shirt!) and Jim wearing NO shirt. This is going to be AMAZING. I need it to be Thursday right now, thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the awesome Office promo! I’m so excited! I haven’t laughed that hard all day! Now that’s the way to do a promo!

  4. No Shirt Jim!

    Can we be expecting to see more of that, because that would be absolutely wonderful!! :D

    I can’t wait to find out the reasoning behind Michael being pantsless. I am intrigued…

  5. I saw the commercial thinking it was just footage from last season, but then Pam walked into Michaels office…great stuff. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  6. Wow, those 20 seconds whipped me into a frenzy- what a great promo!!
    I’m also pretty excited to see why Jim has no shirt on… not that the reason matters ;) hehe.

  7. My take on why Jim doesnt have a shirt on:

    Pam tells Jim that she walked in on Mike…thus, being sarcastic and witty..and to spite Mike, he decides to sound off about the situation without his top on…

    Great stuff overall!

  8. Oh my gosh. Jim doesn’t have his shirt on. I’m worried that the Office just went down the tubes. I sure hope that it’s done for laughs, and not for the ladies.

  9. I was washing dishes in another room and heard this promo on TV and literally ran to catch the end of it. It’s about time we saw some new clips from the premiere! Thursday needs to come quickly.

  10. I don’t know if I’m re-stating the obvious, but presumably Mike and Jim are changing into their running clothes as per the season opener title. :)

  11. I loved that promo. I hope NBC does what Greg says and makes their promos funny instead of the dramatic scenes and sappy music they put with Jim/Pam stuff like they used last season, that way they can lure in more people to watch.

  12. I love the return of sarcastic Jim — and without a shirt! Plus, Pam looks really pretty, but in still such a Pam way. Kudos to the wardrobe crew!

  13. I literally screamed when i saw John.
    And it’s twelve thirty in the morning…

    Is it Thursday yet?

  14. Thank goodness for that clip! It totally justified the $14 (and I had to stop myself) I spent last night for “I (heart) Jim” office supplies at Target.

    Maybe I’ll go back for more today.

    MICHAEL! You nitwit. If you tell someone they can come in but are changing your clothes…not cool, not cool.

  15. A shirtless Jim: “Oh, I’m sorry, is this a working office?”

    LOLOLOL! That made my Monday!! I need Thursday to get here NOW!

  16. I’m so glad NBC isn’t overusing the last 5 seconds of the season 3 finale to promote season 4’s premiere by using it for every single commercial about the Office, ’cause that would start to get old after awhile…

  17. LOVED IT!! :) It’s gonna be an dawesome season this year! I hope they have a longer preview soon.

  18. I was in the middle of having a towel fight with my husband when that clip came on last night…(don’t ask) but I’ll tell you that fight came to an adrupt stop when shirtless Jim popped up!!!

  19. *screams* YES!!! They’re FINALLY giving us what we want!!! (And I’m not talking about the JAM…)

  20. Youtube is blocked here too. How about a new OfficeTally contest??….submit your entries on “Why youtube should be considered ‘relevant to work’ for Tito’s employer”. Winner gets a …..genuine Seyko timepiece!!! Can’t put a price on that!

  21. Ha! I was in the computer lab in AP (and Hispanic Culture) and I SCREAMED when I saw this post. Thankfully the teacher wasn’t in the room.

  22. Thank you OT, you are an angel! I’m so stressed out, I would of probably killed myself/and or dropped out of school if it wasn’t for this. Bless your soul! This made my day!

  23. Wow…… totally didnt expect to see shirtless Jim…. but my week is now made… cant wait till thursday!

  24. Shirtless Jim is much appreciated, but I find it hilarious-er that Michael says “Come in!” and is then yelling “What are you doing? What are you doing?”

  25. HAHAHAHA I TOTALLY agree with you Molly- that was so funny and definitely “hilarious-er”! Maybe he thought it was Jan? lol

    Okay, I am going to EXPLODE if it is not Thursday NOW.

  26. I havent even seen the clip, but from reading all of your comments, it kinda sounds like The Office s going down hill. I hope im wrong!

  27. So I watched the promo, and apparently Pam’s new hair also comes with a more current wardrobe. Unless she was just wearing that because it was the day of the run.

    See, these are the things I notice as a guy, I don’t notice the whole shirtless Jim thing so much. :)

  28. It is taking literally every ounce of will power I have not to watch this, but I want to see the premiere episode with all new footage for me. Hence, I’m holding out.

  29. Love Pam’s new wardrobe and ‘do. The scene with Jim cracks me up as it just seems like a snark at Grey’s Anatomy. Just over 48 hours…

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