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The Office

Tallyhead Caitie files this report from Rainn Wilson’s fundraiser show at the Kelso Theatre Pub in Longview, Washington.

Saturday, November 17: It’s a typical rainy Washington evening and I’m huddled inside a tiny cafe attached to the local theatre pub, anxiously awaiting the night’s guest of honor. Surrounded by about fifty fellow Office fanatics, I can feel my pulse begin to race when the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives: Dwight Schrute himself pulls up in a silver Volvo, flanked by theatre staff and security.

That’s right, I’m proud to announce that I was one of the lucky few to attend Rainn Wilson’s fundraiser event, “An Evening with Rainn Wilson,” in Kelso, WA, benefiting local theatre company, Longview Stageworks. Rainn, a Washington native, has ties to this southern Washington area through his wife, whose parents still reside in the area.

During the pre-show meet and greet in the Backstage Cafe, Rainn graciously signed bobblehead after bobblehead and posed for countless photos with his adoring fans. He even chatted on the phone to one of my friends in Texas who couldn’t be there for a good two minutes!

Directly after the meet and greet, my fellow partygoers and I joined 300 other Rainn-loving North westerners for his over two-hour show where dazzled us with his comedic genius and down-to-earth personality.

I worked my way to the front row where I asked a lovely couple if the seat next to them was saved. They gladly offered the seat to me, but warned that it may actually end up being taken by an acquaintance. The seat was indeed reserved, by none other than Rainn’s wife, Holiday Reinhorn.

Little did I know that the couple I had been chatting with were close family friends of the Wilson’s’ and had been designated babysitters for their son Walter, who had been sitting right next to me the whole time. I found a new seat in the same row next to another wonderful couple who were also friends of Rainn’s in-laws.

As I waited for the show to begin I quickly realized that I was surrounded by friends and family on all sides; the woman who owns the cabin where Rainn and Holiday were married was seated directly behind me, Holiday and her mother Mary to my left, etc.

Rainn himself was spectacular. He charmed the audience by poking fun at the locals, showing the episode ‘Branch Wars’ in its entirety (he was going to show an unaired episode, but due to the strike, there aren’t any), offering a sneak peak at the never before seen season four gag reel, and an extensive Q&A session where he gave his thoughts on everything from the writers strike to which bear he thinks is best. (The black bear, of course.)

After the show, Rainn made himself available for photos and autographs, all for a price benefiting Longview Stageworks. Meeting Rainn has made my love for The Office and its cast skyrocket even higher (if that’s possible) and I’m so pleased to be a supporter of anything Rainn is involved in; he is truly a delight!

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