Rainn Wilson visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Rainn Wilson Chat

We were thrilled that Rainn Wilson came to chat with us earlier tonight.

This may be the first time in the history of OfficeTally Chat that I’ve wanted to copy some of the transcript into the ol’ quote randomizer. ;)

Rainn discusses his public feud with Sockington, his favorite TV shows, and what he still gets nervous about.

Thank you, Rainn!

Here is the full chat transcript.

tanster: Rainn Wilson will be joining us shortly. The chat room is now in moderated mode. If you have a question for Rainn, please enter it to add it to the queue
Rainn Wilson: hi
tanster: Hello Rainn!
tanster: Right on time :)
Rainn Wilson: what’s up tallyheads
tanster: Please welcome THE OFFICE’s Rainn Wilson to our chat room!
Kenna: hi rainn!
Bill Buttlicker: hi rainn!
Siress: Welcome rainn!
Rainn Wilson: buttlicker!
MNFan: Thanks for being here!
Michael (OM): Rainn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rainn Wilson: sure thing
Denise (ddker): Hi Rainn!!!
Rainn Wilson: what’s going on?
tanster: Are you ready for some hard-hitting questions?
Rainn Wilson: hit me
tanster: Alrighty. Here we go

Siress: How much of your own personality do you channel into Dwight?
Rainn Wilson: hmmm…. the ever-asked question for actors
Rainn Wilson: a bunch and yet none at all is my yoda answer
Rainn Wilson: i can certainly be officious, annoying, odd and nerdy
Rainn Wilson: but not in the same way dwight is
Bill Buttlicker: we can tell
Rainn Wilson: buttlicker!
Bill Buttlicker: haha

MNFan: “Spin Move” – scripted or ad-libbed? And how many takes to get it just right?
Rainn Wilson: spin move was scripted
Rainn Wilson: got a big laugh in the read thru
Michael (OM): so modest
Rainn Wilson: did like 5 spin moves and once i did a sumersault
tanster: no way!
Rainn Wilson: i thought I was being all nimble and quick but nooooo i watch it and it looks like a manatee doing ballet at sea world
jims_penguin: lol manatee
Denise (ddker): i would love to see the somersault take on a dvd extra!
MNFan: It was the perfect scene. Thank you for answering!

Kenna: Do you have any special rituals or routines that you do to help get into character before filming?
Rainn Wilson: i’m a lot looser than dwight is
Rainn Wilson: i try to just see the world through dwight’s rigid, self-serious mind-set

Bill Buttlicker: What is going to happen between Michael and Dwight? Their bromance seems to be heading through rough waters.
Rainn Wilson: more and more through the seasons dwight takes michael on and questions him
Rainn Wilson: it’s not the same acolyte ass kissing as season 2
tanster: lol
Rainn Wilson: i like the way they let characters grow and change on the show
Rainn Wilson: dwight is more confident than he was years ago and that’s ok
Bill Buttlicker: it adds realism
jims_penguin: yah i heard its unusual for tv characters to grow

ChillisBannedMe: How do you see Dwight and Angela ending up?
Rainn Wilson: in bed
Ryans’ Hobbit: <snort>
Rainn Wilson: with birkenstocks
Goldenface: lol :)
Tare_Bear: sexiest of all footwear