‘Real Life Michael Scott’ Contest finalists

Here are the ten Real Life Michael Scott’ Contest finalists! Please pick your favorite in the poll below by Wednesday, Aug. 20 — the top vote-getter will receive ‘The Office’ Season 4 DVD, courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment!

These stories prove that real life is sometimes more inappropriate than fiction.

UPDATE: the votes have been totaled, and the winner of ‘The Office’ Season 4 DVD is Andrea — congratulations!

Thanks to all who participated and voted!

The poll is now closed.


  1. Ew! JB’s story is completely disgusting and horrifying. And while I sympathize, I have to go for Pu’u’s story…still horrifying, but funny. Does that make any sense, even? Horrifying, but funny?

  2. they are all pretty good, but Andrea’s sounded the most like Michael to me. I nearly choked on my juice when i read the ‘are you okay – cause you look jaundiced’ line. i can so see Michael saying that!

  3. I had to vote for Andrea too cause it reminded me the most of Michael Scott. Good luck contestants!

  4. I think maybe some of these bosses watch The Office solely to get inspiration from Michael Scott..

    It’s hard to choose on this one!

  5. props to lauren. “my pants are like burger king. home of the whopper.” that sounds an awful lot like michael gary scott. i could see him saying that followed by his uncomfortable michael scott laugh!

  6. These are hysterical! I’ve gotta give it to Bozagaz though. The wife on the motorcycle? Completely Michael! But I’ve gotta congratulate all 10 of the finalists. I mean, you survived a real life Michael Scott!

  7. I feel so bad for you all. Especially JB. It’s a tough call but I have to give it to Andrea. A replica of the Office.

  8. that was actually relatively easy…all i had to do was look at andrea’s a 2nd time. hers was utterly perfect!

    the others that i thought came close were #s 5, 9, and 10. (though the one with the dirty shirt could never happen to michael-he always comes to work looking as close to perfect as possible!)

  9. While I was hoping my tale of Michael Scott-like horrendousness would be a finalist (trust me, I could have used it…I’m still working for the guy), I’ve got to say these stories are great, and any one of them is a deserving winner. I voted for Angelo because I just had the clearest picture of Michael saying that to Oscar!!

  10. I voted for Brandi. “Quotation marks don’t mean what you think they mean.” Heheh. Too funny.

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