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What new pranks would you like to see Jim pull on Dwight in Season 3?

You have until July 16 at 5pm Pacific Time to add a comment. Please follow the rules!


  1. I’d like to see im trick Dwight into doing something to Michael, like egging his car or something like that. I don’t have time to make up something right now! I;’ve got to go to the movies!

  2. put a lot of thought into this one…

    jim paints no parking zone on dwights parking space so that dwight can no longer park there and is forced to park in another spot (maybe angelas????)


  3. Jim should progressively put office supplies in Dwight’s jacket and frame him for stealing.

    At the end of the day as Dwight puts on his coat he will discover all these office supplies in his jacket and take them out one by one. Of course Michael will be standing nearby and will be furious and accuse Dwight of stealing. While Jim and Pam stand off to the side laughing hysterically, the other office members walk by nonchalantly except for Creed who walks by with a large, bulky coat full of…office supplies of course!

  4. Jim pretends he is talking on the phone with customers with “street” lingo to get sales. When Jim tells Dwight he’s been gaining sales, Dwight tries doing it for real and fails miserably.

  5. Jim will require Pam’s assistance with this one. Dwight needs relationship advice, and Jim offers “helpful” suggestions that will certainly annoy Angela. (Think along the lines of leather pants, body piercings, a tattoo perhaps?) Pam would be a second opinion — and since her advice worked so well on Valentine’s Day, Dwight would trust her. But maybe Jim and Pam don’t know Angela as well as they think, and the plan completely backfires…

  6. Pranking on Dwight continues to provide Jim some degree of mental engagement at Dunder Mifflin in Season 3.

    First, he puts Dwight on a variety of magazine subscription lists, including GQ, Men’s Health, Newsweek and Forbes. Dwight is incensed at receiving such “junk mail”.

    Then Jim goes to Dwight’s Word program and instructs AutoCorrect to change every “Dwight” typed to “Dwigt.” Jim relishes the irony of this prank.

    One rainy day, Jim fills Dwight’s umbrella with paintballs. On the way to a sales meeting, Dwight opens the umbrella and is viciously surprise-attacked by an unseen enemy. Umbrella – 87; Schrute – 0.

    Next: Jim kidnaps Dwight’s bobblehead and emails Dwight photos of Little Dwight in precarious situations. The sight of his beloved mini-likeness strapped to a crossbow target is particularly upsetting, as Schrute knows well the damage a well-placed crossbow can inflict.

    For his fifth act, Jim opens a Shrute email account, and sends co-worker Kelly friendly emails, asking her (as Dwight) to be his “special, secret friend.” Halpert bares “Dwight’s” soul in embarrassing ways, yet Kelly is intrigued. Against “Dwight’s” explicit instructions of maintaining secrecy, she corners him and plants another wet one on her oblivious and horrified co-worker.

    (And Floating Head responses from Jim Halpert)

    My bobbleheads won’t bobble, and all of them look like Hitler. I suspect Jim Halpert.
    JIM: [holds up a bottle of Elmer’s glue and a permanant marker]

    I turned on my computer and my desktop picture was a picture of me shaking hands with Saddam Hussien. I have never even met Saddam Hussien.
    JIM: Did you know that I have excellent photoshop skills?

    Today, I received 17 phonecalls from men seeking male lovers. Apparently, I am the perfect candidate.
    JIM: Thank you,!

    My neck is green.
    JIM: I just taped an uncapped marker to his back collar and asked him to demonstrate some neck exercises.

    I do not like Jim Halpert.
    JIM: And I love you, too, Dwight.

  8. Jim should enlist others in the office to start hiding random places and pop out to scare Dwight. There would be nothing better than having Dwight’s paranoia level hit an all time high.

  9. Jim has a fake phone conversation with someone who just found out they are pregnant. He goes over the symptoms with them while making sure Dwight is looking over. “Wow, this can happen anytime, can’t it? Birth control is always helpful. Oh, you DID use birth control?” Dwight gets afraid that Angela could possibly get pregnant anytime and he begins following her around, helping her lift things. Jim pushes the notion by mentioning things like “Angela doesn’t look too well today.” and “Aw, aren’t these online baby stores so fun to browse?” Dwight basically freaks out and Angela gets pissed off that he won’t stop supporting her weight. Things that would normally be miniscule with her, he thinks has to be from her being “pregnant” (like maybe she eats a lot that day or has a baggy shirt on). Boom baby BOOM!!!!

  10. Dwight: “What are you whispering about?”
    Jim: “Oh nothing. Just some office gossip. Wouldn’t interest you.”
    Dwight: “Tell me now.”
    Jim: “I don’t think–”
    Dwight: “Tell me now or you will be fired effective immediately.”
    Jim: “Well don’t tell anyone ’cause it’s a secret, but… I saw Angela playing footsie under the desk with Kevin.”
    Dwight: “That’s impossible.”
    Jim: “And apparently they’re going to dinner at Chili’s tonight.”

    Dwight: “Question: How soon can I get Jim fired?”
    Toby: “What did he do now?”
    Dwight: “He switched my phone cord with Phyllis’ phone, so she has been receiving my calls all day long and stealing my sales. And I haven’t received any calls because everyone knows no one calls Phyllis except for her stupid boyfriend.”

    Dwight: “Jim!!!!”
    Jim: “Yes, Dwight.”
    Dwight: “You did this!”
    Jim: “Did what?”
    Dwight: “My screensaver.”
    Jim: (reading screen) “Beets suck.”
    Dwight: “Why, Jim?”
    Jim: “Wow, I thought you loved beets, Dwight.”
    Dwight: “You have caused me to blaspheme against the entire life’s work of the Schrute brothers. You are so fired.”
    Jim: “Can’t fire me.”
    Dwight: “Yes, Jim, I can.”
    Jim: “Nope.”

    Jim: “Dwight, don’t forget we’re closed tomorrow for National Senpei Day.”

  11. On an uninspired day, Dwight would come in to find his desk wrapped in tin foil. Everything. The stapler in the drawer, the bobble head [but the head wrapped separately so it will still bobble], and each pen and pencil individually wrapped.

    On an inspired day, well, you know those little zen gardens for your desk with the sand, a tiny rake and the little stones? Dwight would find that his desk drawers have been turned into zen gardens. With sand. Lots of it. Not only will he have to dig through all of it to get scissors, his phone receiver, and his hanging file folders, but he’ll also have to deal with the little rakes Jim left on top for him as well as inspirational stones that will taunt him with words on them like Believe, Stregth, Love, Courage, and Calm. Dwight will be anything but calm. He’ll be finding sand in places he never knew existed for weeks.

  12. Opening scene:

    Pam aproaches Dwight’s desk, Jim is sitting at his desk looking busy.

    Pam: Hey Dwight, your MySpace page is really cool.
    Dwight: I don’t have a MySpace page.
    Pam: Then who invited me to be on your friends list?
    Dwight: (agitated, frantically typing at his keyboard) Jim!!!

    Cut to interview with Pam: Last week Jim set up a MySpace page for Dwight. It was a slow week.

    Interview with Jim: Yeah, it was real simple, added a lot of real personal information about Dwight, pictures, hobbies, dreams…

    Cuts back to Dwight reading his page, with a beet red face…

    Dwight: (reading) …enjoy snuggling with my cat…favorite sport…dancing…Errrgghh!

    Cut to interview with Dwight: I know it was Jim that did this. He will not get away with it…how could he possibly know my favorite musician is Ani DiFranco???

    Opening credits

  13. Jim takes the bobblehead that Angela gave Dwight and replaces with a bobblehead that looks somewhat similar and burnt. Jim also takes the other bobbleheads on Dwight’s desk and hides them in the office. Dwight becomes furious at Jim because he loves the bobblehead. Jim puts the bobblehead in his car and Dwight finds it once work is over.

    Also, Jim fixes Dwight’s chair so that the chair lowers each time he sits down. Everyone makes fun of him the whole day and he finally gets Jim to agree to fix it. Jim doesn’t fix it. The chair falls apart the next time Dwight sits down. Dwight gets a new chair since he doesn’t trust Jim anymore with his chair.

  14. Jim (pretending to be some nameless Dunder-Mifflin representative) writes a fake letter to Dwight about a study that is being conducted by their insurance company on the effects of computer monitor radiation on men’s sperm count with all the males in the office. The letter asks Dwight to bring a sample into work the next day and drop it off with a nurse who will be in the conference room.

    Dwight shows up the next day with a container asking Jim where the nurse is. Jim has no idea what he is talking about. Jim asks Dwight what he’s holding in his hand and Dwight says, “My sperm. Didn’t you get the letter about the computer moniter radiation study?”

  15. I’d like to see Jim superglue shut all of Dwight’s desk drawers, the telephone to its base, the necks of all his bobbleheads (so they no longer can bobble), and any writing utensils in his pencil cup.

    OR, Jim takes Scotch tape(or clear packing tape) and completely wraps Dwight’s desk.

  16. Jim takes a picture of Dwight at work, explaining that he’s helping Pam put together a scrapbook.

    DWIGHT: So how come you aren’t taking anyone else’s pictures?
    JIM: I don’t want to waste film on those guys. This is all about you, Dwight.

    Jim later takes it to a store that prints pictures on fake magazine covers, and–you guessed it–Dwight is suddenly on the cover of Playgirl. Jim shows it to Dwight, who he expects to become angry and/or relish in the fact that other people finally see him as a sex symbol.

    But instead, Dwight sees it and inadvertently reveals his relationship with Angela to the entire office when he yells to her, “You sold them our pictures?!” The entire office is stunned, not to mention sick to their stomachs.

  17. Jim would have to get someone like his roommate to help out on this so that Dwight wouldn’t recognize the voice. Dwight receives a call one morning from the a producer of the Montel Williams show saying that someone from his past would like to confront him or reunite with him on the show. They arrange airline tickets and hotel reservations. When Dwight asks who it is, the producer responds that he can’t give out any more information, and he’ll just have to wait until the show. Dwight responds with, “I knew this would happen someday” to Jim’s utter surprise and amusement.

    One that Pam could help pull off is to leave a phone message for Dwight saying that Mr. Lyon would like him to return his call. The phone number is to the Scranton Zoo.

  18. Jim hires a Dwight look a like to come and sit at his(Jims)desk all day to shadow the real Dwight. Everytime Dwight says something the fake one will repeat it.
    Or Jim can replace the head of Dwights bobblehead with a doll head.

  19. Okay, here’s a nice one. All you do is wait for the person’s birthday and then give them a birthday card with one of those fake lotto tickets in it. Dwight would think he won a lot of money, and probably make crazy threats that he was going to buy the place and fire Jim, or something of the like. You have to remember to write a birthday greeting, but not sign your name, and to send a second real card with your name signed. That way the person thinks it was someone who didn’t send them anything. I could see Dwight organizing a fake written exam to try and find handwriting that matches the card. Then, I don’t know, he would probably expect Michael or Stanley; those would be the funniest I think. That’s just off of the top of my head though.

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