Steve Carell on ‘Leno’

Steve Carell appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ tonight.

UPDATE: video of Steve’s interaction with Kathie Lee Gifford now posted. Awkward.




  1. Good thing that April fools joke wasn’t real, or else I would have no idea about this. Thanks Tanster :)

  2. I went & saw Steve on Leno today & you will FREAK OUT when you see the way Kathie Lee treats him. I hope they don’t cut anything out. It’s priceless. She is a beast.

  3. ahhhhhhh!! that was AMAZING!

    won’t spoil it for all the non-east coasters. must be torture. :)

  4. OMG! I just saw the interview and the clip they showed of Dinner Party is so funny!! I can’t wait another week, I might die!!!…Okay that was a little much. :)

  5. OMG Steve Carell was SO funny!! I love the story about how he first met his wife. =D

    And the clip form Dinner Party was so hilarious–can’t wait for April 10!! Then again, who can? =)

  6. The “Dinner Party” clip shown on Leno made me so happy! This looks like a great episode. Eight more days!

  7. New clip of the show! I won’t talk about it because it would be spoiling, but it’s hilarious :) The Office is BACK!

  8. That Dinner Party clip nearly made me forget about the awful spinoff idea.

    And again, I love the cheesy ‘welcome back’ commercial. Makes me tear up each time.

    I’m wondering if anyone else’s DVR says Dinner Party will be on at 10 pm next Thursday. I’m hoping my guide is just off, but maybe it’s moved because American Idol’s results show is that night? I know everywhere else on the internet says 9 pm right now, so maybe it’s just me…

  9. Oh wow, he interned at his college radio station — that is so cool/inspiring — since that is sorta what I’m doing now!

    Mr. Carell was absolutely hysterical tonight — can’t wait till next Thursday!

  10. I missed the first part of Steve’s interview but caught the new clip. Had kind of a rough day so seeing part of “Dinner Party” definitely brightened my night! April 10 cannot get here soon enough!

  11. I went to the taping of The Tonight Show this afternoon and Steve was so hilarious and adorable!! I loved being able to see him in person-I can see why he is so successful- so humble and gracious…not to mention down right funny! I’m hoping to run into him one day here in LA…until then this will have to do!

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