Steve Carell on ‘Leno’

Steve Carell appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ tonight.

UPDATE: video of Steve’s interaction with Kathie Lee Gifford now posted. Awkward.




  1. Good thing that April fools joke wasn’t real, or else I would have no idea about this. Thanks Tanster :)

  2. I went & saw Steve on Leno today & you will FREAK OUT when you see the way Kathie Lee treats him. I hope they don’t cut anything out. It’s priceless. She is a beast.

  3. ahhhhhhh!! that was AMAZING!

    won’t spoil it for all the non-east coasters. must be torture. :)

  4. OMG! I just saw the interview and the clip they showed of Dinner Party is so funny!! I can’t wait another week, I might die!!!…Okay that was a little much. :)

  5. OMG Steve Carell was SO funny!! I love the story about how he first met his wife. =D

    And the clip form Dinner Party was so hilarious–can’t wait for April 10!! Then again, who can? =)

  6. The “Dinner Party” clip shown on Leno made me so happy! This looks like a great episode. Eight more days!

  7. New clip of the show! I won’t talk about it because it would be spoiling, but it’s hilarious :) The Office is BACK!

  8. Steve was great as usual! And new Office clip…. gahhh! I can’t wait!

  9. That Dinner Party clip nearly made me forget about the awful spinoff idea.

    And again, I love the cheesy ‘welcome back’ commercial. Makes me tear up each time.

    I’m wondering if anyone else’s DVR says Dinner Party will be on at 10 pm next Thursday. I’m hoping my guide is just off, but maybe it’s moved because American Idol’s results show is that night? I know everywhere else on the internet says 9 pm right now, so maybe it’s just me…

  10. Oh wow, he interned at his college radio station — that is so cool/inspiring — since that is sorta what I’m doing now!

    Mr. Carell was absolutely hysterical tonight — can’t wait till next Thursday!

  11. I missed the first part of Steve’s interview but caught the new clip. Had kind of a rough day so seeing part of “Dinner Party” definitely brightened my night! April 10 cannot get here soon enough!

  12. I went to the taping of The Tonight Show this afternoon and Steve was so hilarious and adorable!! I loved being able to see him in person-I can see why he is so successful- so humble and gracious…not to mention down right funny! I’m hoping to run into him one day here in LA…until then this will have to do!

  13. Seriously…the thirty second clip they showed from “Dinner Party” made me unable to breathe correctly for two minutes. SERIOUSLY.

  14. I didn’t get to see the show, so thanks for posting these video clips!

    What happened with Kathie Lee? Does anyone have video from that?

  15. Okay, that little Dinner Party clip made me laugh like crazy. I am so excited! And Steve Carell really does give great interviews. He’s so fun to watch.

  16. Steve was hilarious as usual. Kathie Lee should be banned from TV in my opinion. Poor Steve, I felt so bad for him.

  17. Seeing a scene from a NEW episode really made my day. Thanks so much for posting.

    Steve was hilarious with Jay Leno. The $200 grilled cheese sandwich almost made me spit out my coffee from laughing.

  18. I missed the show. Could someone please elaborate on what Kathy Lee was doing to Steve?

  19. Steve was wonderful and so funny! Ridges of love–ha ha ha! After seeing that clip I’m even more excited about new episodes. I really think this might be the most anticipated episode in the history of the Office! Even more than Gay Witch Hunt or the Job. That clip is just so great and so entertaining. I’ve watched it four or five times–how embarrassing!

  20. “Tom Cruise!”

    “Beautiful ridges of love”

    Two of my favorite sound-bites from these clips!

  21. The Kathie Lee stuff is available on the NBC website (is that okay to say, Tanster?). Yeah, she’s got a problem, I think. She either doesn’t know how to joke around, or she’s just not very nice. Either way, it was hard to watch. I did notice that Steve seemed to get a kick out of Jay’s hooker joke (I know I did)!

  22. Oh wow, he is amazing. “We made love on all the black diamonds.” Hilarious. And the Dinner Party clip? One week cannot go by fast enough!

  23. Kathy Lee was acting really weird. I think she was pretending to be intimidated by Steve. She’d say something she thought was funny and no one would laugh. Then she’d look at Steve, and says something like “he’s not laughing.” He’d try to smile, but mostly just looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Steve really was funnier that her, though. I almost feel bad for her, the way she was making herself look like a fool.

  24. To elaborate on Kathie Lee – she made several remarks which came across as rude – though possibly trying to be humorous. When she first came out, she said how funny Steve was – but she did so with a tone in her voice (implying “Great, I have to follow that”). Later she said she hated that Steve talked about his kids so much – likely because she used to get flack about doing the same thing. She said it so sarcastically, though! She also noted that Steve wasn’t laughing at her “jokes” and stories.

    Steve was classy about it, but I felt bad for him.

  25. YES… more Chicago/Second City AND Denison University (“the college on the hill”) references! Love it. By the way, the Doobie (the radio station’s actual name) now broadcasts farther than Steve’s “10 watt mega blowtorch.” It now reaches a 5 mile radius. :o)

    I can’t wait for April 10th!

  26. I get “douche-chills” very easily so I won’t watch the last clip. Thanks for giving the play by play guys!

  27. Holy Moly! I cannot wait for next week’s episode. I’m tearing. That’s fantastic!

  28. Kathie Lee seems to be trying to cultivate a new public persona as Phyllis Diller. She should just be herself, although I can imagine that it’s tough to face all the hate that’s coming her way now that she’s returning to television. Doesn’t make the clips any less awkward, though.

  29. Steve never ceases to amaze me with his subtle humor and true humility. He is a genuine class act.

    Kathie Lee needs to call the ungrateful bee-yotch hotline. She is loud and obnoxious and yech. Poor Steve. I always think that it’s awkward when they make the first guest sit there like an audience member for the second one.

  30. Thanks for the Kathy summary guys and video clip Tanster. Watching that reminded me of how many times I wanted to hit the mute button during “The Deposition.” Incredible awkwardness.

  31. Oh, Steve, you’re a hilarious man. I was laughing ridiculously hard even before the clip.

  32. Wow – the interview part with Kathie Lee…I’m disgusted. What an a**! Seriously. She just comes out thinking she’s the greatest and puts down Steve left and right. He talked about his kids a lot? He answered questions Jay asked him…it’s not like he did it unprompted. And not to mention, I wouldn’t laugh at someone’s stupid jokes if they just insulted me and my family. Wow. That was really awkward.

  33. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how rude Kathie Lee was to both Steve and Jay. Jay did have a good comeback with the hooker story, and Steve handled her nasty comments really well. I loved Steve’s interview! Every time I watch an interview with him, I like him more. He knows how to talk about his family without being obnoxious like Kathie Lee. Maybe he would laugh if she were actually funny! I can’t stand the way she name drops like crazy. Way to go, Steve! Keeping it classy!

  34. I am loving Steve more and more. He is too adorable for words. Don’t you just want to hug him?

  35. She is the worst person in existence! Her career’s like a zombie. It just keeps coming back. Why can’t she just stay dead!

  36. First thing tomorrow, I am going to ask my law professor how to get an injunction on Kathie Lee Gifford’s existence.

  37. Way to restaurant-drop, Kathie Lee…the Rainbow Room, Michael’s, blah blah blah. The name dropping! GET A LIFE!

  38. Wow….
    I don’t know if there are two people in the world more different than steve carrell and kathie lee gifford.
    One is awesome.
    guess which one.

  39. I’m so glad it’s not just me! Kathie Lee was horrible. I’ve never liked her but that just was uncomfortable for all.

    Poor Steve…he looked shocked but handled the nutjob well.

    Why is she coming back to TV?

    Now, Steve was amazing…as always!

  40. Steve makes me smile! He’s so genuinely funny and real. Kathy Lee, however… man. She’s so full of herself.

  41. How rude!! And for what it’s worth, I love hearing about people’s kids. It makes celebrities seem like normal, every day people.

  42. Does this clip make anyone think that Melora is channeling Kathy Lee Gifford for many elements of the Jan Levinson character?

  43. I’d probably shanked Kathie Lee if she did that to me. That was surprising that she still thinks her name value is greater than Steve Carell’s.

  44. I never paid much attention to Kathy Lee, and now I know why. Seriously, I’ve never heard so many names dropped in under 10 minutes. She’s just lucky Steve’s such a classy guy and didn’t dignify her snide comments with a rude comeback of his own.

  45. That clip was absolutely hilarious. It reminded me so much of season 2, The Office the way it should be, and if the rest of the episode is as funny, this will be the best episode in a LONG time! Can’t wait for next week!

  46. I cannot believe that anyone could put up with that rudeness. How she got hired, I haven’t a clue.

    Way to go, Steve! He handled her poor attitude so well! I would have clocked her one. But that’s just me.

    She was even rude to the audience. So sad.

  47. AH! The clip! How amazing. I didn’t realize how much I missed Steve’s facial expressions and sounds/grunts of fury when he is Michael… and the Jim-Michael dynamic. I am so much more ready for this episode!

  48. I loved the interview with Steve! :) As far as Kathie Lee, her interview WAS awkward but funny nonetheless. The talking about the kids comment was a jab at herself as she used to always talk about her kids back in the day! Kudos to Steve though for being such a gentleman and not fueling the fire that she was trying to start! :)

  49. Wow talk about an ungrateful beeyotch! That had to be the most boring story I have ever heard. how can she tell someone to get a life?

  50. I could not stop grinning for all of part I. He’s sooooo great. Really great.

  51. My favorite part was Steve saying that he & his wife went skiing without the kids. “I just put one of my shows (like the Office) on a loop, and it’s like, hey, there’s Daddy…”
    He is so funny!

  52. Steve is a classy guy…and Kathie Lee wouldn’t know classy if it came up and bit her on the bunyans.

  53. This is one of my favorite Steve interviews!

    As for Kathy Lee, holy CRAP! She had a severe case of rude, name-dropping, verbal diarrhea. But Steve’s polite reactions made me love him all the more!

  54. Wow, Kathie Lee is even more annoying than I remember her to be.
    However, Steve is always great. :)

  55. Steve is such a class act. I can’t wait for April 10th.

    Kathie Lee however needs a Valium. But, that probably wouldn’t help

  56. I watched this in school when I was supposed to be writing a paper. MADE MY WEEK! :) So worth getting in trouble.

  57. Steve Carell is such a great guy! And I was very excited when he mentioned his days at Denison!! Go Denison!

  58. good god, talk about out of touch with reality celebrities…. (Kathie Lee, of course. Steve seems about as down to earth as any of us)

  59. I am speechless about Kathy Lee. But it certainly seems like she doesn’t like Jay or perhaps even being on TV…….or herself…….or us.

  60. Wow. Kathie Lee is a nut. She was all over the place! It’s a good thing Steve is a classy guy, he really handled that well.

  61. She is so dumb. I liked when Jay called her a hooker… that was the funniest part of her interview no wonder Steve wasn’t laughing, maybe if she was funny.

  62. Wow. Kathie Lee really sucks. Good grief she was annoying and rude. Could she be anymore into herself?
    Steve Carell was great though! He was very gentleman-like when she was being a rude…makes me like him even more.
    Her on the other hand…she needs to go away.

  63. The migraine I had this morning just got worse. Does that woman ever take a breath? It’s been 5 minutes since I saw that clip, and I still hear her voice in my head. Make it go away. I admire Steve for everything he is and everything he does, and his composure was stellar. He reacted to her like anyone who encounters a crazy person on the street, just act like they are normal and don’t say a word.

  64. Kathy Lee is such a name dropping windbag, and she is too clueless to realize that the biggest name of them all is sitting right beside her.

  65. Note to Kathie Lee: Cut the crazy pills in half! Geez.

    If I were in Steve’s shoes, I would have serisouly contemplated hitting her upside the head with my coffee mug. But Steve is a much better person than I am ;)

  66. I second that Sugahwafuhs.
    Wow, Kathy Lee only shows us how pleasantly “normal” our cast of the Office is. Thank you Steve Carell.

  67. I don’t have “employees” – I have FAMILY. I am like a father to them. They say a boss should never “fraternatize” with their underlings. I don’t see it that way. I see a connection with them. They are my peeps.

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