1. Dwight and a girl!

    Sounds like a nice premise for an episode, I wonder what Jim tries to pull to get out of work….I need these prank episodes back for more prank ideas that I can continue to do at my office!

  2. “Omg Dwight got a hooker!” Haha holy cow! I did not see that coming! Also…Jim’s look in the first picture scares me that something is going to go wrong with Jam soon! Uhoh!

  3. I miss the days of The Office happening in the office. Also, I almost bought that tan dress at Express the other day.

  4. is it just me or do some of the pics of michael and dwight make them look like theyre on an episode of Law and Order???

  5. Oooooo get some Mr. Schrute!

    Quite a lovely lady Dwight has there. Her interests must include beets, bears, and Battlestar Gallactica.

  6. Wow. Just…wow. Way to go, Dwight!

    Is it odd that I find that slightly attractive?

  7. Night Out sounds a lot like the British version’s episode called New Girl. If it is, this episode is going to be awesome!

  8. Ah! Dwight making out with some girl is enough spoiler for me… I exited the window… but now I’m tempted to go back…

  9. Wow looks like Dwight has more game than I do. Sad. But hysterical. April 10 can’t come any sooner!

  10. why is michael out with dwight looking for chicks? does something happen with michael and jan? maybe they break up, and michael is back on the market with dwight as his wingman/one-man entourage.

  11. Am I the only one to find it rather disturbing that Dwight is kissing someone?

    And look how sad Michael looks. God! Him and Jan broke up, I’m sure! :(

  12. Dwight… you animal! This picture has official made my morning! Thanks tanster and the tipster!

  13. I agree with Elisabeth, that does sound a lot like New Girl. I can’t wait.

  14. I echo the sentiment of “I miss The Office in the office.” It could be an awesome ep, and I’m holding judgement til I see it, but I really love the in-office eps the most.

  15. anyone else notice the Rubik’s Icon cube on Kevin’s desk? It’s just like a regular Rubik’s cube but it’s black, white, silver, and three shades of gray. Not easy, but FUN!

    i’m praying for a cube-related sub-plot!

  16. All the photos of the staff at their desk make me think that Jim’s prank involves a webcam and the illusion that they are at work on Saturday.

  17. Whoa, Dwight! The girl he’s kissing looks exactly like my sister. Nerds DO get all the action, dammit.

  18. Aren’t the photos of them at their desks the same ones for parking?? Anyway I can’t wait for the 10th!!!

  19. the girl dwight is kissing is a cameo by The girl who plays katerina in Chuck

  20. #39 – I think Pam is wearing the same top she wore in Chair Model. It looks like Andy’s tie is the same from last night too. I wonder what’s going on.

  21. #40- I think that whoever got the pictures mixed up. I was confused too.

  22. Does anybody know who the person under the pillow is?? IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!

  23. I don’t want to wait to watch tonight’s episode… i hate living on the west coast…

    Is Dwight drinking cranberry juice and vodka with lime? That would be so cool because that’s the only thing I drink… lol

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