Steve Carell to leave ‘The Office’ after Season 7

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 | 121 comments


The Office’s Steve Carell talks to Access Hollywood about the possibility of leaving the show next year.

April 28, 2010

BBC Radio recently interviewed Steve Carell and Tina Fey about their film Date Night.

At the end of the interview, Steve is asked about The Office:

Question: How long will you stay with The Office for? How many more series? How long does your contract run?

Steve: Contract through next season.

Question: And will you stay after that?

Steve: I don’t think so. I think that will probably be my last year.

Here is a clip of that portion of the interview:

The length of Steve’s contract with The Office has been previously reported here and here, but this is the first time Steve has actually talked about leaving.

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  1. 121. Deanie  

    Amir from Jake and Amir from would be the best replacement for michael scott that could ever be dreamed. It’s like bacon wrapped sex.

  2. 120. jkjb  

    Gervais. YES. Ferrell. NO. Sorry.

  3. 119. hase  

    Don’t leave the show! I hope to see another season!!! Please!

  4. 118. johny boy  

    The Office without Steve Carell is like Scrubs without Zac Braff (J.D), and we all know how that went.

    Better to end it on a high than fizzle out.

  5. 117. I Love The Office  

    @ Bell f
    NOBODY can replace Steve Carell, NOBODY can replace Michael Scott. Period.

  6. 116. Bell f  

    They should hire Gary shandling to replace Steve carell

  7. 115. John  

    DON’T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( please.

  8. 114. dundermifflinite  

    Probably already mentioned, but Michael’s UK counterpart was fired in the 2nd season. Possibly a connection?

  9. 113. Bill S.  

    I would hope that if Steve leaves, the show will come to an end. The show without Michael Scott just wouldn’t be “The Office”.

  10. 112. Dwigt  

    The main problem with a Scott-less Office is that his successor would have his lines written with Steve Carell in mind.

    Remember the first season of “Parks and Recreation”. The writers couldn’t find a right tone for Leslie Knope. She was mostly a female Michael Scott. And only Greg Daniels and Mike Schuhr came from The Office writing team. It took them months to differentiate them while there were two characters on two different shows.

    If the production just replaces Michael with another character, the show would suffer for a long time. You would picture Steve Carell saying the same thing and it’d likely be better. Because the writers have been used to one character for years and it’s hard for them to introduce a new tone.

  11. 111. Lionel Frankenstein  


    I’m pretty sure there are and have been many ensemble shows where cast members contracts end at different times. I doubt producers were planning on letting Steve go and continuing with a Scott-less season 8. It’s also not unusual for actors to be signed past the length of their show’s run. That said, I think they’ll end the show if Steve doesn’t resign. I hope they do, too, as sad as that makes me.

  12. 110. Joanna  

    I think when Michael goes, Darryl will be the next manager. In the last episode he said: “Maybe someday I will be sitting in Michael’s chair, imagine that”. He was talking about how he has one year left to play softball. The timing would add up.

  13. 109. Lisa  

    I have to say that I hope they close the door on The Office if Steve Carell leaves. I am one of those people who doesn’t think that the show went downhill after season 2. Each season has brought more insight and growth to the characters. I have loved them all, I have laughed at them all. But to me, it could never be the same without Michael Scott.

  14. 108. Matt  

    Since the rest of the cast is on for 8, I bet Steve signs on for the 8th which will be the last. And he’ll get a nice raise. That makes the most sense to me.

  15. 107. Megan K  

    I’ve figured this for quite some time, but it’s starting to really hit home now that’s Steve himself has mentioned it…I think the 2 options are probably either that they end it with Steve leaving next season, or they convince Steve to stay on one more year and match the contract endings with the other cast members. However, the fact they signed Steve for 7 season and the others for 8 makes me think they intended to have a Steve-less season, which is sad because it wouldn’t probably be good.
    Personally, I think next season being the last makes sense, it has run its course and it will go out with a bang.

  16. 106. tentojuan  

    I support Manager Andy Bernard, maybe david wallace. Jim should stay in sales. Dwight is a no no. Ricky Gervais would feel a little forced, but if it happens, I would prefer that he is NOT playing David Brent as it would be gimmicky.

  17. 105. Brigette  

    I third the Sunny site idea! :)

    Okay, I guess I look like a jerk if I try to tell Steve that he needs to keep working and not spend time with his kids. But how about this: Michael’s second cousin dies, leaving him to take care of his kids. And the kids are in the office all the time, running amok. And they are played by Steve’s actual kids. I know it sounds like some horrible 80’s sitcom, but give it a chance! Win, win, win.

  18. 104. Roy's Mugshot  

    I have to say that his statement to Access Hollywood seems less than definitive. He sounded surprised that his original statement got so much play.

  19. 103. isabella  

    YES…a Sunny site would be awesome and helpful. it’s super hard to find info anywhere about it and i know tanster would be friggin amazing at it.

    although i’m pretty depressed about the office and i don’t know if i’ve completely accepted it yet :(

  20. 102. MaybeNowUWillEstimateMe  

    @96 – yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking. Ricky Gervais would be the only boss I can think of that could keep The Office going. If they promote a current employee, I just don’t think it is going to work (I wasn’t a big fan of co-manager Jim).

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