1. I think it would be so hard to decide which scenes to cut, this one would have made it on air if it were up to me!

  2. #3 #8 Totally agree, I start giggling like crazy when Michael laughs like that!

    NOT DEAD – brilliant, so reminiscent of Dwights’ LIAR sign

  3. Oh my God! That little kiss on Stanley’s head was precious! And Michael laughing always gets me going.

  4. This is so good it needs two comments. For some reason I cannot get over how good the shot of the “NOT DEAD” sign is. I think it’s just a great example of the show’s unique style of humor. It’s like, even though Michael is doing something pretty outrageous, the reaction to his craziness is handled with a nice dry wit instead of just this sort of “look how crazy he is, ha ha!” thing. It’s the kind of joke that makes you smile for a while instead of perhaps howling with laughter. But the earlier parts of the scene have the punchy LOL moments taken care of. It’s a really nice balance.

  5. I for one was glad this was cut. I think that Michael was for once taking things rather seriously after Stanley’s heart attack. To see him go around and try and difibrilate Toby kind of takes away from his sudden seriousness that he got from talking to David Wallace. The “NOT DEAD” sign was brilliant though. Wish that one little bit could have been in without the rest.

  6. This was so great. I loved it when Michael was laughing so hard. Naturally, I started laughing as well.

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