1. There is absolutely nothing I love more than Michael dying laughing.

    My life is complete.

  2. I think it would be so hard to decide which scenes to cut, this one would have made it on air if it were up to me!

  3. #3 #8 Totally agree, I start giggling like crazy when Michael laughs like that!

    NOT DEAD – brilliant, so reminiscent of Dwights’ LIAR sign

  4. Oh my God! That little kiss on Stanley’s head was precious! And Michael laughing always gets me going.

  5. This is so good it needs two comments. For some reason I cannot get over how good the shot of the “NOT DEAD” sign is. I think it’s just a great example of the show’s unique style of humor. It’s like, even though Michael is doing something pretty outrageous, the reaction to his craziness is handled with a nice dry wit instead of just this sort of “look how crazy he is, ha ha!” thing. It’s the kind of joke that makes you smile for a while instead of perhaps howling with laughter. But the earlier parts of the scene have the punchy LOL moments taken care of. It’s a really nice balance.

  6. I for one was glad this was cut. I think that Michael was for once taking things rather seriously after Stanley’s heart attack. To see him go around and try and difibrilate Toby kind of takes away from his sudden seriousness that he got from talking to David Wallace. The “NOT DEAD” sign was brilliant though. Wish that one little bit could have been in without the rest.

  7. Man, I would hate being editors of this show because then I have the job of cutting great stuff.

  8. This was so great. I loved it when Michael was laughing so hard. Naturally, I started laughing as well.

  9. The whole thing with the AED was a little silly. But Michael running out of his office because he thought Stanley was dead was hilarious. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

  10. Wow. Just seeing the pictures was amazing.

    1.) The lady pulling her son away from Michael.

    2.) Michael kicking a flat basketball.

    3.) Actually an extremely touching photo: Michael with his face in his hands at the bench, with the bread. Such emotion.

    Oh, I just love this episode even more now.

  11. I can only imagine the funny that will come out of the deleted scene of Jim’s roast with the human anatomy drawing.

  12. Loved it!!! D-E-F-I-B…. NOT DEAD – so great!

    Tanster – does this mean that this is the only deleted scene to be released in advance online? Will we see more on the DVD for Season 5?

  13. I wonder if the lack of deleted scenes is due to the fact that they’re going to put them back into the episode when they eventually have to split it up into two parts for rebroadcast. Or are they planning on doing a producers’ edit like they did for Frame Toby? I’ve seen a promotional image of Jim with a chart or something at the roast, which never came up in the episode. I’d really love to know what that’s all about.

  14. That scene was great, definitely some LOL moments.

    …why keep the Jack Black over this? Some kind of cross-promotion? I didn’t really understand that. Classic S2 Office wouldn’t have made cutaways to a fake movie.

  15. With regards to the playground scene…I love the way they put melting snow on the ground to make it look realistically “cold” even though this is filmed in California. And it’s subtle – it’s not like they’re drawing attention to it, it’s just there, but it registered in my brain! This was also noticeable in the Prince Family Paper episode, when Michael and Dwight were on their recon mission. Also in that episode, they “salted” some of the cars in the immediate background shots – anyone who drives in winter weather knows how dirty your car can get. Great little touches!!

  16. I hope those were Michael’s lucky jeans.

    That plus the stylish turtleneck equals awesome.

  17. Wow, Leslie plays scared literally almost to death amazingly well! I love his expression…

    (And I agree, the Not Dead sign is priceless!)

  18. Seeing as how she doesn’t know much about her own religion, I don’t know how closely she follows the dietary guidelines. ;)

  19. According to the Office twitter, there is a second deleted scene involving Dwight collecting signatures.

  20. Wow, the Jim signature scene and the Toby signature scene especially would have been GREAT in the episode. They would have grounded Dwight’s punishment more.

  21. That was awkward. I think they could have made it really funny if they had worked Dwight’s luminescent smile more.

  22. I love how the two still preview graphics for the videos have Michael and Dwight with almost the exact same facial expression!

  23. I know man! It’s like they just WAITED for you to say there wasn’t another one!

    “I think it’s kind of dangerous to teach young girls self-esteem and leadership skills”

  24. ..”I’ll take a case of Do-Si-Do’s.” I love Dwight. And this 2nd clip should have been in the episode, it was awesome. And nearly 4 minutes long.

    Oh how I love this show and how it makes me laugh, and how incredible that NBC gives us so many deleted clips that rock.

    Michael’s face is priceless on that “still frame” that is used for the first clip when he is laughing out of control!

  25. I can’t wait for the bloopers! I bet there are some good ones in the Dwight/Phyllis scene! “DO IT. SIGN IT.”

  26. I just love the psychoticness that is Dwight so much! The awkward, creepy smile induced by Jim made my day.

  27. I howled when Toby agreed to sign Dwight’s letter in exchange for Dwight buying Girl Scout cookies. Classic “Office” and office move on Toby’s part! Parents do stuff like this all the time.

  28. “I think it’s kind of dangerous teaching young girls self-esteem and leadership skills.”


  29. What does Jim intend to do with that picture? It doesn’t seem like something you would want for a wallpaper. o.o
    Also loved the return of “3 2 1. Do it!” Ah, Dwight…

  30. Omg. Girl Scout cookies. Why did they have to make me think of those?! Do-si-dos are my favorites. :D And samoas…and tagalongs..and trefoils and thin mints. :D Ah!!!

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