The birth and transformation of Kevin Malone

The Onion’s A.V. Club has an in-depth interview with The Office’s Brian Baumgartner.

Here’s a little bit of what Brian says about his character, Kevin Malone:

The costume designer was like, “Okay, this guy would wear a really tight shirt and have stains all over him, and it would be untucked, and he would be slovenly,” and it was like, “Well, let’s wait a second. Let’s look at him as something else, someone who may wear Dockers, but he’s really trying his best.” And we began to find out other things about him. That he won a World Series Of Poker bracelet, that he was really good at basketball …

The character began to transform, quite frankly, as he got more to do, and there became this child-like impishness, this playfulness, a sense that he did have something going on outside … Nobody hates him or dismisses him. There’s evidence that he and Jim play fantasy football or whatever. He and Dwight enjoy fireworks together. He and Michael get along fine. He has become, I think, in a way, that maybe not overly intelligent everyman that exists, and you get the feeling will always exist, exactly in this place.

Link: The A.V. Club interview with Brian Baumgartner

One of my recent favorite recent Kevin moments is in Scott’s Tots — when he interrupts Dwight as he says “Hey, so Jim thought it would be ideal if we all pitched in … ” So hysterical!

What are your favorite Kevin moments?